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“What sets Cor-ten apart from regular steel—and one of its biggest benefits in the garden—is that it becomes harder and stronger when exposed to weather over time,” writes Meredith.

“Cor-ten is the trade name of a material manufactured by US Steel. But, like Kleenex, the copyrighted name is now commonly invoked to refer to a whole category of products. In Cor-ten’s case, that’s any steel that develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to weather,” she says.

Frost- and crack-resistant, this metal will develop an attractive surface patina but will never rust through. We’ve rounded up 10 stylish hardscape and garden elements—from planters on wheels to metal frames for raised garden beds.

A portable \16-inch Corten Steel Planter Box on wheels comes with a set of four casters; \$480.99 at All Modern.
A rust-colored Corten Steel Long Box Planter comes in three sizes; starting at \$\1\19.99 at Veradek.
A Corten Steel Planter Box designed for extra deep roots has drainage holes and comes in two sizes (\16 and \20 inches); \$\179.99 to \$\2\17.99, depending on size, at All Modern.
A \20-inch diameter Cor-ten Steel Cylinder Planter measuring \18 inches high has casters mechanically fastened to a recessed bottom, creating a \1/\2 inch- to 3/4-inch reveal between the deck and the bottom edge of the container; \$805 at Yard Art.
Corten Steel Fully Welded Cubes are available in a range of sizes and shapes. For more information and pricing, see Bespoke Planters.
A Metal Planter Trough by Plantercraft is available in six lengths, from 40 to 7\2 inches; \$449.95 to \$\1,399.95 at Amazon.
A True Square Planter Box is available in a Cor-ten steel finish in two sizes (\16 and \20 inches) is currently out of stock at Planterworkx. For more information, see Planterworkx.
See more of our favorite uses for Cor-ten steel in 10 Genius Garden Hacks with Rusted Metaland Landscaping Ideas: 8 Surprising Ways to Use Cor-ten Steel in a Garden. If you’re planning a hardscape project for spring, see:


Solid corten steel construction • Corten planters patina naturally, providing a unique appearance while protecting the metal • Corten planters are 18” tall and available in two sizes - 24” x 24” with 20” base, 28” x 28” with 24” base


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Copper / Stainless Steel planters have a single drain hole • Optional planter trays available and sold separately • Available in Square or Round shapes • Powder coat options available by special order - longer lead times apply • Copper patinas naturally • Size guide below

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Corten Steel Planter Boxes: 3 Things You Should Know About Before You Buy.

Looking to get corten steel planter boxes for your landscape project? When designing residential or commercial landscapes, it can be tricky to find the right decorative materials that’s aesthetic, functional, and sustainable. One perfect solution is to use Corten Steel Planter Boxes...

At Western States Metal Roofing, we’ve worked to supply a large selection of corten steel components to let our customers create a one-of-a-kind look. With a variety of ways to use corten steel, it’s clear why corten steel planter boxes are a popular choice amongst architects and landscape designers.

In this article, we address the most frequently questions about corten steel planter boxes: 

  1. What are corten planters?
  2. How long does corten steel last?
  3. How much do corten steel planter boxes cost?



What Are Corten Steel Planters?

Unlike other planter box materials, Corten steel is a weathering steel which means that over-time it will naturally form a beautiful rust-like protective coating. Corten steel is a good choice because it has a longer lifespan than normal steel and develops a beautiful rustic finish.

In order to understand this even further it's important to discuss, what is Corten® Steel?

This unique type of metal undergoes a natural rusting process when exposed outdoors. It starts out unrusted and over a period of time you’ll see a difference in the texture and colors. The colors will range from brown, dark orange, or a combination of both colors. Under more extreme temperature conditions, Corten steel will rust faster creating more drastic changes in it's appearance.

However, one of the downsides to Corten steel is the possibility of rust stain damage to the surrounding materials. The rust effects can often lead to brown stains especially on white concrete, paint, stucco, and stone. To lessen this issue, you can place some type of matting underneath so that the Corten steel box is not directly touching the surrounding area.


We’ve all seen some version of a planter box out in public. Maybe you’ve seen them placed around outdoor shopping areas or even in front of popular restaurants. So why are rusted planter boxes such a favorable choice for decorating residential and commercial spaces? 

Corten steel planter boxes can help achieve a modern and rustic appearance when added to any indoor or outdoor setting. Like most modern planter boxes, the shape is often long and rectangular to give off a simple yet modern and trendy style.

Rusted planters are versatile and complement well with other landscaping elements. You would think that working with a bulky, solid metal box would be very hard, but actually you’ll see that this product will allow for more creative opportunities. For instance, you can combine your planter box with accessories such as dividers, bench-tops, trellises, and casters. 

In the photo below, the rusted metal planter box includes decorative privacy screens that are excellent for patios, backyards, and open outdoor seating areas.

corten-steel-planters-decorative-privacy-screensPhoto from:



How Long Do Corten Steel Planters Last?

Corten planter boxes are made out of durable material that can last up to at least 10 years or longer, even in poor conditions. The longevity of the Corten metal planters depends upon the amount of drainage, the climate, and the thickness of the steel. Every job is different and there is no definitive answer.

The worst thing that you can do to decrease the lifespan of the metal planter box is to have inadequate drainage. Corten steel needs to go through wet and dry cycles. The steel can get wet, but must be able to dry also. If the planter box is always wet on the inside, the weathering steel will rust through at a quicker rate.

This material can withstand areas with extreme heat or cold weather conditions. However, you should avoid using Corten in coastal or salt laden environments. The salt does not allow the steel to develop a protective coating that will reduce the overall rate of rust.

Finally, thicker steel will last significantly longer than thinner steel. We recommend a minimum of 1/8" thickness (11 gauge). Heavier steel is even better, but will cost more. There is no warranty for Corten steel.

In the photo below, the Corten planters are designed to create this “desert garden.” This is located in Las Vegas, Nevada where climates are more extreme with hot and cold temperatures.

corten-steel-planters-desert-climatePhoto from:

Corten steel is easy to maintain and well-sustainable. If somehow the Corten steel is damaged or scratched, the rusting material will soon smoothen over to cover up the visible marks. A benefit of the weathering metal is that the rust serves as a protective coating with anti-corrosion properties.

The disadvantage of Corten steel is that it may require special welding techniques if you are looking to build the planter box yourself. It’s strong enough to withstand the weight of any plant and soil, but make sure the Corten steel planter box is properly welded together. 



How Much Does A Corten Steel Planter Boxes Cost?

Compared to other materials, a Corten steel planter box is significantly more expensive. To get one that is fully assembled, it can cost you anywhere from $200 to $400.

Note: If you’re looking for a Corten steel planter box but don’t want to spend that much, consider buying the metal plates individually and assembling the materials yourself. 

Depending on the type of metal panel, the cost of the Corten steel plates will range from $1.00 to $3.45 per square foot.

Most metal manufacturers allow you to request specific measurements so you can get the exact size needed for your planter box project. Contact your metal metal manufacturer to request customized Corten steel plates with your desired dimensions.


At Western States Metal Roofing, we do not produce complete Corten planter boxes, but we can provide you with the steel plate that's needed for you to build Corten planter boxes at an affordable cost. We offer a large selection of different widths, lengths, and thicknesses.

To see which sizes are available, check out our availability charts. 


Key Takeaways:

Here’s what you’ve learned about Corten steel planter boxes:

  1. Corten steel is a weathering metal that will naturally form an orange and brownish rust-like protective coating. Corten steel planter boxes easily add to the modern or rustic look of your home or business. Rusting effects may stain and damage the surface it's placed on like concrete or stone.
  2. Corten planter boxes must have adequate drainage and are suitable for all climates other than the coast.
  3. A Corten steel planter box that is full assembled can range from $200 to $400. Note: To reduce the cost and get the desired size, you can order corten steel plates individually then build the planter box yourself. Corten steel plates can range from $1 to $3.45 per square foot.

Now you're more prepared to start your landscape project with Corten steel planter boxes. 


At Western States Metal roofing, we offer Corten steel plates as well as other Corten landscaping components for any of your landscaping design projects. Request to get a quote for Corten Planter Boxes by filling out our online form.

To get more information about Corten products and other ways to improve your landscape, check out our blogs about Corten® Weathering Steel here: 

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