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HP Ink and Toner Cartridges

 Shop online for the top quality and the lowest prices on HP inkjets and HP toner cartridges for virtually any HP printer directly from InkJetsClub. If you own an HP printer and you need ink that can service your printer right, you've come to the right place. InkJetsClub carries new OEM, new compatible, and remanufactured HP ink cartridges for all HP printers - no matter how new or old your HP printer is. Shop confidently at InkJetsClub and receive FREE Shipping and a lifetime warranty on all our HP printer ink.

 Did you know HP (Hewlett Packard) is the world's top-selling printer? With so many printer models come many specific inkjet and toner cartridges each printer needs specifically to print. All of our compatible and remanufactured HP products are quality-tested to perform as well as their genuine HP counterparts - yet customers receive upwards of 70% off retail HP printer cartridges when buying from our online store. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteeon all our HP inkjets and toners - with a no questions asked money back or free replacement guarantee on every single cartridge or toner we sell directly from InkJetsClub.

Customers Love InkJetsClub HP Ink Supplies Since We:
  • Offer a Completely Risk-Free Use of the Ink and Toner Cartridges
  • Free Lifetime Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee on All HP Ink
  • Provide Upwards of 70% Off Retail Store HP Genuine Ink Prices
  • Free Same-Day Shipping and Handling
  • 7 days A Week Phone, Email & Chat Support: We provide our customers support 365 days a year for all HP ink and toner cartridges

If you're tired of paying full price for genuine HP ink and toner cartridges, yet you want to keep the print quality and need a reliable cartridge replacement for your HP printer, you need to order from InkJetsClub as millions of other customers have in North America. Simply find your correct HP printer model below to find which exact inkjet or toner cartridge you need replacing for. Checking out online takes only a few minutes - and you always can give our friendly customer service representatives a call should you have questions or need help placing an order.
Order online and save 10% off your next HP printer ink purchase on subtotals over $29!

 A List of Our Popular HP Inkjet Printers Models
Find our HP ink cartridges for all HP Deskjet, HP OfficeJet, HP Envy, and HP PhotoSmart inkjet printers directly online. Shop today and receive free shipping and 10% off at checkout on orders subtotals over $29
HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 - HP Envy 4500 - HP Envy 4520 - HP OfficeJet 4650 - HP OfficeJet 6500

 Best Selling HP Ink Cartridges
Find replacement HP inkjet cartridges for all HP OfficeJet, HP Deskjet, HP Envy, and HP PhotoSmart printers. Get more out of your HP printer at a fraction of the cost as retail store prices.
HP 61 - HP 63 - HP 564 - HP 902 - HP 950

 Popular HP Toner Cartridges
Shop our online store and buy top quality HP toner cartridges for all HP LaserJet (Pro and Enterprise) and HP Color LaserJet printers. With a high yield ratio as the OEM HP toners, you’ll enjoy a more cost-efficient printing experience when you use InkJetsClubs reasonably priced compatible HP black and color toner cartridges.
HP 85A - HP Q2612A (12A) - HP 49A - HP 410X - HP 126



Why are HP printer ink cartridges so expensive?

If you have bought HP printer ink directly from HP, we can't argue that OEM brand name HP ink prices are steep. This is why InkjetsClub.com made it a company priority to provide a cheaper alternative, high quality remanufactured and compatible HP printer ink cartridges work just as good as the HP brand name inkjets, the only difference is the savings InkjetsClub.com brings to your budget! HP 564XL ink cartridges from InkjetsClub.com is a best seller, since the prices are upwards of 70% less than retail stores, we don't see why anyone should have to pay full price for printer ink!


How can I find the right ink cartridge for my HP printer?

On the InkjetsClub.com homepage, there is a tool you can use where you will select your printer brand, model number and series of your printer. This tool on the website will direct you to a page where you will see a list of all compatible ink cartridges for your printer.
InkjetsClub customer service also has technicians ready to help, available 7 days a week. Our qualified technicians can help you find the right HP printer ink or toner, and place your order over the phone as well. We are also glad to help with installation and troubleshooting issues over the phone. You can call InkjetsClub customer service at (347) 948-4771 available 24/7.


Which HP printer should I buy?

HP is a great brand that manufactures some of the most popular printers. Depending on what your printing needs are, there are various options to choose from when deciding which HP printer is best suited for you. HP All-In-One printers tend to be a favorable option for average users since it has more features aside from printing, such as scanning, copying and faxing. HP has various printer models available to choose from, here is a quick description of each one:
  • HP Officejet All-In-One Printer - Covers basic needs for home or office use, includes fax, scan and copy.
  • HP Officejet Pro Printer - Simple to use yet powerful, has the option to be connected to five users at a time, wireless connection and technology that helps save ink.
  • HP Photosmart Printer - Ideal for those looking for a basic printer that can print quality photos
  • HP Envy Printer - A compact printer that connects wirelessly, a popular choice for those who enjoy printing right from their mobile device.
  • HP Envy Photo Printer - Has all the features of a multifunctional printer with the added feature of printing professional quality photos.
  • HP Deskjet Printer - This model includes a series that only prints, with no extra features, this is preferred by people who want to simplify the printing process.


What is the difference between original OEM HP brand ink cartridges and remanufactured/ compatible HP ink cartridges?

At InkjetsClub, the only difference we see is the price! Brand name HP ink cartridges can be expensive when bought directly from the manufacturer. InkjetsClub provides remanufactured and compatible HP ink and toner that works just as good as the original HP brand name, with the added feature of saving you money on replacement ink cartridges! Order your HP remanufactured or OEM original inkjet cartridges and toners and save up to 70% off retail store ink prices!


My HP printer is showing an error message stating that remanufactured HP inkjet cartridges won’t work with my HP printer, is this true?

No, this is not true. This error message can be bypassed and you will be able to use remanufactured HP ink cartridges the same way original HP ink cartridges would work. HP printers display this error message to deter you from using non-hp inkjets since the original HP cartridges are more profitable for their business.
If you have any issues with your printer not recognizing our HP remanufactured compatible ink cartridges, a simple reset of your printer is the most you will need to do to be able to start printing. Follow the instructions in the following link: Troubleshooting Inkjet and Toner Cartridges | InkjetsClub Ink and Toner Support for an easy way to troubleshoot your HP printer.


Where can I order the best HP printer ink cartridges online?

InkjetsClub.com is the nation's leading online printer ink store for all types of printer ink and toner cartridges, no matter the brand or model, we have everything in stock for the lowest prices! Order high quality remanufactured HP printer ink from InkjetsClub.com and get the same brand name quality with savings upwards of 70% off retail store prices.


Do I need to be a member of InkjetsClub to order ink and toner for less?

InkjetsClub is all inclusive! You do not need to sign up to be a member of our club to take advantage of our great prices. Anyone can place an order on InkjetsClub.com without worrying about monthly fees or membership programs. If you would like to be notified about new promotions and coupon codes, you can always sign up for our newsletter to receive emails from us. Signing up for InkjetsClub.com’s newsletter is free, you will also get a special discount code for 15% off your order after signing up.


Is there a guarantee on your HP printer ink cartridges?

InkjetsClub provides a 1-year warranty on all orders purchased from InkjetsClub.com. If you have any issues with your HP ink cartridges, we will help you fix the problem with step by step troubleshooting instructions. If that doesn’t work, we will send you a free replacement of the item that appears to be defective. We stand behind the quality of our products and will do everything we can to ensure complete customer satisfaction on all orders.


How much does shipping and handling cost when ordering HP ink and toner from InkjetsClub.com?

Standard shipping and handling costs $4.99 for orders less than $30. InkjetsClub offers a coupon code available for orders of $30 and up which qualify for FREE SHIPPING and a DISCOUNT! (Ask us for the current coupon code)


What is the difference between regular and XL ink cartridges?

Basically, XL ink cartridges have more ink. InkjetsClub sells HP XL ink cartridges to give you even more value for what you’re paying for. Our XL cartridges have DOUBLE the amount of ink, for half the price! This means you can get more prints from a single HP cartridge from InkjetsClub. For example, our HP 61XL Black ink cartridge has a 480 page yield compared to the HP brand OEM ink cartridge which yields about 190 pages. InkjetsClub delivers MORE ink for LESS.

  • Color LaserJet Enterprise


  • LaserJet Enterprise


Sours: https://inkjetsclub.com/hp-inkjet-and-toner-cartridges.html

HP Inkjet Cartridges

When looking for a cartridge replacement for your HP printer, you do not need to search all over the place. Instead, you can find a wide array of cheap HP inks and HP cartridges right here.

You can opt for our quality remanufactured cartridges or original HP cartridges. They are guaranteed to provide high print productivity that you can experience for an economical price. In addition, we also offer cheap inks for HP Printers - HP Inkjet Cartridges like our premium cartridges and continuous ink HP inkjet cartridges which offer a higher page yield.

If you are looking for high-standard HP inkjet cartridges for your HP printer, then look no further for we offer high-quality HP inks and cartridges that you could choose from.

If you prefer a top-notch quality remanufactured HP Inkjet Cartridges, then we have it for you. Our remanufactured cartridges are scrutinized carefully to guarantee a first-rate product. Plus, if you buy in bulk, further discounts await.

We also have Continuous HP inkjet cartridges that fit perfectly for your printing needs. All of our Continuous HP inkjet cartridges have a 100% guarantee policy to ensure you quality prints in the future. That?s not all, our cartridges have undergone a series of stringent quality testing to make sure we offer a high-quality product.

We believe in high-quality printing at an affordable price. You should try our premium HP inkjet cartridges that warrant best prints at a low-cost price.

We know some of you still prefer to use OEM even with its expensive price. We have the newest and the most authentic OEM HP cartridges fit for your needs. They have a wide array of colours you could choose from.

If you opt to buy two or more HP Ink Cartridges, we?ll give you discounts of up to 3 percent.

All our HP inkjet cartridges meet the standards for superior print quality and high reliability.

Sours: https://499inks.com/cic/category.php?category=HP+Inkjet+Cartridges
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HP Ends 'Free Ink for Life' Subscription Plan

Update: HP announced on Dec. 15 that it has changed its mind, and will now allow pre-existing "free ink for life" Instant Ink subscribers to continue their 15-page-a-month free ink plan.

Users who had received a discontinuation notice should now be able to continue using their free ink subscription. All new subscribers will still have to pay, however.

"We previously notified Instant Ink customers their plans would be changing, including no longer offering the 15-page free plan. After listening to their feedback we have reinstated the no-monthly-fee plan for eligible customers," says HP spokesperson Jaclyn Montalvo.

HP's change of heart came after the company took a lot of heat from HP Instant Ink users who flocked to social media to express their anger at losing their free ink plan.

Get more details about current HP Instant Ink plans.

HP is ending its 3-year-old policy of giving Instant Ink subscribers the first 15 pages free every month, a benefit that was previously advertised as "free for life."

As of Friday, the company is charging 99 cents for the first 15 pages printed on HP printers (anything above that amount incurs additional charges). Though the charge is relatively small, it ends a promotion that was used to entice consumers to buy HP printers and the ink subscription plan.

“What a joke,” wrote Reddit user ConsuelaSaysNoNo on a discussion forum dedicated to printer issues. “I bought this printer because of the free printing feature.”

She later told Consumer Reports: “You can definitely put me down as pissed off."

When asked by Consumer Reports to explain the shift from the “free for life” terms, HP spokesperson Jaclyn Montalvo said:

“HP regularly reviews pricing and makes adjustments based on a variety of factors. Our updated Instant Ink subscription pricing plans include ending the free printing plan option while allowing for more roll-over flexibility, options, and benefits.”

Under HP's subscription service, consumers pay for the number of pages printed every month, not for ink cartridges. HP monitors the printer's output through an internet connection and sends new ink cartridges whenever the ink runs low.

To participate in the free plan, you had to put a credit card on file with HP and agree to receive promotional emails. HP would also send ads directly to your printer after every five pages printed. (These ads wouldn’t count against your 15-page quota.)

So long as you stayed within your monthly 15-page limit, you could ostensibly never pay a fee. If you needed to print more than 15 pages, of course you could do that. For an additional block of 10 pages, HP would charge a dollar to the credit card on file.

For three years, the plan seemed like a good way to avoid feeling ripped off by high ink prices.

In Consumer Reports' annual printers survey, the expense of ink or toner replacement is a frequently cited pain point—affecting the owners of 1 in 5 printers.

Instant Ink has been a global success for HP, says Adrienne Spear, a printer supplies analyst at the market research firm Gap Intelligence. The program boasts more than 8 million subscribers spanning the U.S. and at least 17 countries—a big jump from the 6 million customers the company had recorded in January, she says.

“They’ve significantly increased worldwide subscriptions to Instant Ink during the COVID pandemic,” Spear adds, “by really leaning into the message that you don’t have to run out and wait in line wearing a mask.”

Subscribers took to social media to express their annoyance at the revised deal terms.

“I actually don't think it's a good deal anymore,” wrote one user.

HP isn't the only printer-maker to offer ink subscription plans, but it is among the most aggressive in marketing them, according to the analysts.

  • Brother and Canon also offer subscription services. Theirs rely on remote monitoring software that recognizes when ink levels are low and delivers cartridges as needed.
  • Epson recently launched a service called ReadyPrint. It also remotely monitors ink levels and delivers cartridges when they’re low. Users must also sign up for a two-year commitment, essentially agreeing to lease a printer that has to be returned when the subscription ends.

Retailers offer subscriptions, too.

  • Amazon and Staples have plans that use remote ink monitoring software to detect when levels are low and deliver new cartridges before the ink runs out. The services are available only for select printer brands.
  • Office Depot has a subscription program, too, but instead of relying on monitoring software, it uses a preferred ink delivery schedule created by users.

Previously, Instant Ink was available only for inkjet-style printers. Now laser printer toner has been added to the program, with monthly tiers ranging from 50 pages for $1.99 to 1,500 pages for $25.99.

Other changes include:

  • If you print fewer pages than your monthly allotment, those unused pages get automatically rolled over to the next month, similar to how unused cell phone minutes work. Previously, you could roll over only two months' worth of unused pages. Now that's been expanded to three months.
  • Users who buy a new printer with a subscription will get six months of free ink or toner, an additional year of hardware warranty coverage (for a two-year total), and access to an app that offers some remote-operation capabilities.
  • You can subscribe to the program if you already own a printer, but benefits may vary.
  • Some monthly printing tiers are more expensive, but the 50-page tier will continue to cost $2.99.

As before, you must put a credit or debit card number and email address on file with HP, and keep your printer connected to the internet at all times.

If you go over your monthly allotment, you’re charged $1 for 10 to 15 more inkjet printer pages or 10 to 50 laser printer pages (depending on your tier level).

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but the Instant Ink cartridges in your printer will no longer work once the billing cycle ends. You have to purchase new HP ink cartridges instead (third-party ink cartridges are off-limits) and return the used Instant Ink cartridges to HP.

Ink provided through the subscription program is 50 percent cheaper than it would be in stores, says Spear, and customers can now roll over three times the number of pages in the plan.

“But customers who are already signed up might feel like they're having to pay more for the same service they were getting,” she says.

And that raises a larger question about your rights as a consumer, says Cory Doctorow, a journalist and digital-rights advocate for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

When you agree to 15 free printed pages a month for life, it’s more than reasonable to expect that you won’t have to suddenly start paying for them three years later.

“It is a trick to get you hooked on a product and a business model that can then be changed without notice in the future, with no recourse to you,” Doctorow says.

“The question is not, ‘does this serve some people well,’ but rather, ‘do you get the self-determination to draw that conclusion on your own? Can you change your mind about whether it suits you because your life circumstances have changed?’”

That has long been the crux of consumer frustration with the high cost of ink replacement.

Manufacturers have for years been selling low-priced printers with the goal of recouping costs and raising profits through ink sales. Consumers responded by turning to cheap third-party replacement ink.

To combat this, HP crafts terms and conditions contracts that lock consumers into using only proprietary ink. In fact, according to the terms of the Instant Ink subscription, members agree to be locked out of using non-HP cartridges even if they cancel the plan.

So if you benefited from the program in college but no longer need to print as many pages, you may halt your subscription. But you cannot revert to using third-party ink cartridges in your printer. You have to buy a new printer instead.

And even then, an HP printer can stop accepting third-party ink. HP uses Digital Rights Management technology to recognize and reject the cartridges. And it regularly releases firmware updates—dubbed dynamic security—to ferret out such products.

Montalvo, the HP spokesperson, says the company’s product packaging and online descriptions have clearly identified all dynamic security-enabled printers manufactured since December 2016.

For those printers, the security updates are automatic, which means users generally have no idea that they’ve happened, until a third-party cartridge causes the device to stop operating.

And that creates an adversarial relationship between the consumer and the manufacturer, Doctorow says.

“Computers should be designed to take orders from the people who own them and not from the manufacturers,” he adds. “When the manufacturers’ desires and the owners desires conflict, the owner should win. That should just be an ironclad design principle of all computerized devices, from smart speakers to cars, to smart light bulbs, to laptops, to phones, and to printers.”

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Sours: https://www.consumerreports.org/printers/hp-ends-free-ink-for-life-a3792536732/
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