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Whimsical wall switch plates DEFAULT

30 Fantastic And Fun Ways To Decorate Your Switch Plate Covers

You know that one of the most boring things in the house, with regards to décor, is a switch plate cover, right? I mean, most of the time they’re just white with no real decoration at all. I was looking at mine the other day thinking that there has to be a way to make them less boring, and I found these 30 fun ways that you can decorate them! Instead of those plain white or off white covers, now you can have a cover that perfectly matches your décor or even shows off your favorite hobby or passion.

30 Fantastic And Fun Ways To Decorate Your Switch Plate CoversSwitch plate covers aren’t even that difficult to decorate and it’s perfect safe provided you know what you’re doing. Once you have the plate off, just decorate it however you want and then put it back – see, it’s really easy. The best part is, there are many, many different ways that you can bring a little excitement into the room with those covers and I’ve found everything from a fabric cover to Christmas decorated covers and even a great Dr. Who TARDIS! The great thing is, these don’t take long at all to decorate so you could do every switch plate cover in your house in a day if you wanted. You can also decorate them in your favorite theme to pair them up with other décor, like these 50 wood signs that add rustic charm to your décor.

Whether you’re looking for a favorite character from a movie or you want something a bit unique like steampunk, you’re sure to find the perfect way to dress up those boring old switch plate covers in this collection. From fabric covered to knitted covers, there is seriously something in here for every room. Kids will love helping to decorate their covers to give their bedrooms a bit of character and if you’re looking for other ways to spruce up your décor, be sure to check out these 40 DIY shelves that not only look good, but give you additional storage as well.

So, let’s take down those boring white switch plate covers and make them into something fabulous. You don’t even need a lot of materials or time to get these done and you will be really impressed with the end results. I know I am and I can’t wait to hear which ones you tried!

1. Book Lover’s Light Switch Cover

Book Lover’s Light Switch CoverWhether you’re into Harry Potter or any other book series, you can incorporate that love into your home décor easily when you decorate your light switch cover. I personally love this Harry Potter one that has Lumos for on and Nox for off. You can make these easily with your paper graphics and some Mod Podge.

Source/Tutorial: figcottage

2. Holiday themed Covers

Holiday themed CoversHow about this great Christmas themed light switch cover? You can buy these all day long at most department stores but if you want a homemade, and much cheaper, version, then just do it yourself. Some paint and Christmas decoration graphics will do wonders to get that light switch plate in the holiday spirit.

Source/Tutorial: flickr

3. Dr. Who Inspired Light Switch Cover

Dr. Who Inspired Light Switch CoverI love this Dr. Who light switch plate. It’s a TARDIS – Time And Relative Dimension In Space for you non-Whovians – and it’s a great choice for anyone who loves sci-fi. Just paint the switch plate cover blue and then add the graphics with white and black. This one may take some time but it will definitely be worth it when you have a TARDIS on your wall.

Source/Tutorial: craftster

4. DIY Fabric Covered Switch Plates

DIY Fabric Covered Switch PlatesSome fabric and Mod Podge will help you to perfectly customize those light switch covers. Just cut your fabric to the size you need, making sure that you cut out a hole for the actual light switch. Then use Mod Podge to hold it all together. This would be wonderful for nurseries – you could do blue or pink – or little ones’ rooms where you could do character inspired fabrics.

Source/Tutorial: ilovefabric

5. Lovely Framed Switch Plate Covers

Lovely Framed Switch Plate CoversThese framed light switch covers are gorgeous and will make any room instantly a bit more elegant. You can buy these all day long at home improvement stores but making them yourself is so much cheaper. You just buy frames at the store – Dollar Store has them really cheap – and then put them together. You may want to take your switch plate with you to the store so that you know you’re getting the right size.

Source/Tutorial: memyselfndiy

6. Steampunk Inspired Light Switch Plates

Steampunk Inspired Light Switch PlatesIf you are into steampunk then these metal gear light switch plates are for you. This one requires a bit of soldering and welding to keep the metal gears in place. They also use solid brass light switch covers but you could do brass plated if you wanted to make the project a bit less expensive.

Source/Tutorial: steampunkworkshop

7. Holiday Themed Gift Wrap Plate Covers

Holiday Themed Gift Wrap Plate CoversThese light switch covers get a bit of holiday cheer when you gift wrap them. You could easily do this all over the house for Christmas and really get your decorating vibe on. You’ll need Christmas wrapping paper and then any embellishments you want like ribbons or bows. I love this idea and you could do this with paper for all seasons.

Source/Tutorial: curbly.com

8. Glittery Light Switch Covers

 Glittery Light Switch CoversSome Mod Podge and glitter are all you need to make these wonderfully glittery light switch covers. I love this idea for a girls’ bedroom. Just paint the entire switch plate in Mod Podge and then add your glitter. It’s easy and perfect for kids who want to help with their bedroom décor. Just let them choose their own glitter color and do the job themselves.

Source/Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

9. Easy DIY Gold Leaf Cover

Easy DIY Gold Leaf CoverThis gold leaf cover is really elegant and gorgeous and perfect for formal dining or living rooms. Gold leaf is a beautiful look and pretty easy to apply. You can opt to do only half or even do the entire thing, which is actually a bit easier. I love this idea for formal dining rooms and you could do a geometric design – do the bottom half of one cover in gold leaf and the top half of another in gold leaf.

Source/Tutorial: sarahhearts

10. Star Wars Inspired Light Switch Cover

Star Wars Inspired Light Switch CoverHow cute is this Darth Vader light switch cover? The on switch says Light Side while the off position says Dark Side. I love it! It’s a great choice for any sci-fi fan or those who really love Star Wars and you can get it over on Etsy for just over $5.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

11. Vacation Inspired Light Plate Covers

Vacation Inspired Light Plate CoversIf you’ve always wanted to travel the world, you can turn that passion into great décor. Just add your destinations of choice to your light switch covers. You can do this by painting scenes if you want or use scrapbook paper of your favorite locations to add worldly charm to your décor. Just add the scrapbook paper with Mod Podge and then add a nice little frame around the switch plate to really make it noticeable.

Source/Tutorial: pinterest originals

12. Magnetic Switch Plate Key Holder

Magnetic Switch Plate Key HolderWhile this one isn’t really as decorative as the others, I included it because it’s just so cool. You can add a magnet to your switch plate cover that will be perfect for holding your keys. Imagine never having to wonder where you left your keys! You actually add the magnet under the switch plate and then when you replace it, there’s a magnetic area that will keep your keys perfectly in sight.

Source/Tutorial: homedit

13. DIY Knit Switch Plate Cover

DIY Knit Switch Plate CoverSo, there’s not an actual pattern for this one, but it looks easy enough to recreate. Just knit a rectangle and be sure to leave room for the actual light switch. I love the idea of having a knit switch plate cover. It looks so cozy and would be the perfect way to decorate those light switches for the colder months. It’s also a great way to practice your knitting stitches.

Source/Tutorial: pinterest originals

14. Lace Covered Switch Plate Cover

Lace Covered Switch Plate CoverUse a doily and black paint to create this beautiful lace look on your light switch covers. You could also decoupage some actual lace over the cover but I love the painted look and it really does look like actual lace. You’ll need a lace doily- or a paper one – and a can of black spray paint – or whatever color you want. This is a quick and easy way to decorate those light covers and give them a really elegant look.

Source/Tutorial: pinterest originals

15. Fabulous DIY Lego Switch Cover

Fabulous DIY Lego Switch CoverThis Lego look for your light switch cover would be perfect for a little boy’s room. You could do this with actual Legos, although it may make turning the light on and off a bit difficult. I love this one from Etsy. It’s a decoupage switch plate cover that has bright vibrant colored Legos all over it and you can get a double switch plate cover for under $10.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

16. DIY Polymer Clay Art Covers

DIY Polymer Clay Art CoversYou can turn those light switches into anything you want with polymer clay. I love the idea of creating custom light switch covers for every room and it’s much easier than you may think to work with clay. You can design whatever you want and in whatever colors you desire, making it possible to get a different cover for every room and every personality.

Source/Tutorial: 2goodclaymates

17. Music Inspired Record Light Switch Cover

Music Inspired Record Light Switch CoverI found this one on Pinterest and it links to an Etsy listing that sadly, is already sold. But, you can easily make this one yourself with just an old record. Just line it up so that the light switch is visible through the center hole in the record and then screw the record on to the switch plate cover. This would be a wonderful idea for music rooms in schools or any room where you want to show off your love of music.

18. DIY Rhinestone Covered Light Switch

DIY Rhinestone Covered Light SwitchI love this rhinestone covered light switch. It’s so elegant and sassy at the same time. You can easily create this look with rhinestones – which are less than $5 per bag at Walmart. Just use glue or Mod Podge to attach the rhinestones to the switch plate cover and that’s it. You could also frame this to make it a bit more elegant or go all out and use colored rhinestones.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

19. Scrapbook Paper Covered Light Switch

Scrapbook Paper Covered Light SwitchScrapbook paper can be so handy for so many things. Take this light switch cover for example. Scrapbook paper gives you the freedom to express yourself and make your switch cover look however you want it to look. You could do every room in the house in a different design and match everyone’s unique personality. And, all you need to do it is scrapbook paper – which is really cheap – and some Mod Podge.

Source/Tutorial: whimsicallyhomemade

20. Beach Themed Light Switch Cover

Beach Themed Light Switch CoverIf you just can’t get enough of the beach – or you’re lucky enough to actually live there – this seashell covered light switch plate is perfect. You can use those seashells that you gathered on your last vacation or if you haven’t been to the beach in a while, you can buy bags of shells at the Dollar Store for about a dollar per bag. Then use hot glue to attach them to your light switch plate and you’ll always have a bit of the coast with you.

Source/Tutorial: varietyovariety

21. Sharpie Art Light Switch Cover

Sharpie Art Light Switch CoverYou can easily create a custom light switch cover with just a few sharpies. If you want the kids to be really creative, hand them a switch plate cover and some sharpies and let them make their own designs for their bedrooms. You could also do a theme for the entire house or just about anything you want. This is an easy and really inexpensive way to decorate those switch covers.

Source/Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday

22. Old World Map Switch Cover

Old World Map Switch CoverI love old maps, so I really love this light switch plate that is covered in an old world map. You could do this in any number of maps with some Mod Podge – even create a treasure map for a little one’s room. I found this great old world map on Etsy for $7, and it’s fabulous. It really does have that old world style that I love and would be perfect for a den or living room.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

23. Painted Custom Switch Plate Covers

Painted Custom Switch Plate CoversOne easy way to get a new look from those light switch covers is to simply paint them. You can choose whatever colors you need to match your décor or whatever colors you want to create a contrast. Spray paint works well when painting switch plates and you have so many choices of colors – you could even opt for a chalkboard look and create your own little messages on your switch plates.

Source/Tutorial: kyleswitchplates

24. DIY Sparkly Duct Tape Covers

DIY Sparkly Duct Tape CoversDuct tape is available in so many wonderful colors and designs that it is really easy these days to turn something ordinary into extraordinary. Take these light switch plates for instance. You can cover those boring old plates in duct tape and instantly change how they look. I love the idea of glittery duct tape and it’s available in so many wonderfully glittery colors. Just choose the colors you want and create your own little design.

Source/Tutorial: thecraftyblogstalker

25. Starburst Decoupage Switch Plate Covers

Starburst Decoupage Switch Plate CoversIf you love Starburst – the candy, not the concept – you can create your own candy themed light switch plate cover with some candy wrappers and a little Mod Podge. I like this idea for all sorts of candy – Kit Kat themed, maybe? Anyway, you can create a starburst effect with those Starburst wrappers and then just Mod Podge them all together for a colorful and beautiful look.

26. Gorgeous Mosaic Switch Cover

Gorgeous Mosaic Switch CoverI love mosaics and I really adore this mosaic designed light switch cover. I found this one on Etsy and it is absolutely stunning with loads of color and character. The bronze and blue colors work really well together, although if you wanted to DIY it, you could use any number of color combinations. This one is very elegant and you can pick it up for under $25.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

27. Whimsical Car Covered Light Switch

Whimsical Car Covered Light SwitchI love how cute this car light switch is. This is perfect for a little boy or little girl’s room and it’s pretty easy to put together. You can paint the switch plate to resemble a road if you want or just leave it plain. I love that the car itself is what turns the light on and off. This would be great to help those little hands better grasp the light switch and learn the importance of conserving energy when they leave a room.

Source/Tutorial: biggerthanthethreeofus

28. DIY Vintage Plate Covered Light Switch

DIY Vintage Plate Covered Light SwitchI really do love the idea of using vintage plates in decorating, which is why I had to include this vintage plate light switch cover. This is done by breaking off pieces of the plate and creating a mosaic look. You could also just use a smaller plate and cut a hole in the center for the light switch itself and then screw the plate onto the cover. Either way will give you a beautiful look for a kitchen or dining room.

Source/Tutorial: sincerelypeachy

29. Washi Tape Covered Switch Plate

Washi Tape Covered Switch PlateIf you prefer Washi tape to duct tape, you can use that to cover those light switch plates as well. Just choose a tape design that you love or you could mix and match to create your own design. Washi tape is available in so many different colors and patterns so it may take you a while to zoom in on a design, but once you do, it’s an easy project.

Source/Tutorial: washitapecrafts

30. DIY Wood Light Switch Plates

DIY Wood Light Switch PlatesInstead of merely decorating those plastic plates, why not just make your own light switch plates out of wood? This is a great project for you if you’re looking to add a little rustic charm to your interior. You can make them for much less than what they cost in home improvement stores and this is a wonderful way to add a little charm throughout your home. These hardwood light switch plates are also much easier to make than you may think.

Source/Tutorial: renaissancewoodworker

Sours: https://www.diyncrafts.com/27232/decor/30-fantastic-fun-ways-decorate-switch-plate-covers

Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate/OVER SIZE Wall Plate

Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate/OVER SIZE Wall Plate - Whimsical Tree - -. MADE IN THE USA: Whimsical Tree image on a solid metal OVERSIZED / OVER SIZE two Gang toggle Switch Plate 。 Double Gang Toggle Wall Plate - Size: 5.5 x 5.5 。 Art Plates oversized switch plates are ideal for covering up uneven openings around the electrical box, chipped drywall, and marks on the wall that are left over from standard size switch plates. Art Plates over sized switch plates and outlet covers are created using a special, high resolution, ultra violet printer that prints directly on our American made, heavy duty, metal switch plates. 。 UV cured, high gloss finish, protects from abrasions and scratches. There simply are no other decorated switch plates available that can compare to the richness of color and resolution that Art Plates can achieve. Every switch plate has a final UV cured high gloss finish. This creates an extremely durable shiny finish that also helps protect it from abrasions and scratches. Every switch plate comes beautifully and professionally packaged and are great for gift giving. 。 Color matched screws are included. Free shipping when ordered from Art Plates or Amazon Prime 。 oversized switch plates are ideal for covering up uneven openings around the electrical box, chipped drywall, and marks on the wall that are left over from standard size switch plates. 。 switch plates and outlet covers are created using a special, high resolution printer that prints directly on our American made, heavy duty, metal switch plates. 。 There simply are no other decorated switch plates available that can compare to the richness of color and resolution that can achieve. 。 Every switch plate has a final UV cured high gloss finish. This creates an extremely durable shiny finish that also helps protect it from abrasions and scratches. 。 Color matched screws are included. All of our items are 00% made in the USA. 。 。 。 。

Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate//OVER SIZE Wall Plate
Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate//OVER SIZE Wall Plate
Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate//OVER SIZE Wall Plate
Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate//OVER SIZE Wall Plate

Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate/OVER SIZE Wall Plate

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Whimsical Tree Art Plates 2-Gang Toggle OVERSIZE Switch Plate/OVER SIZE Wall Plate

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Sours: https://luxuryplacement.com/contactq/Lighting-Ceiling-Fans/dcchrb-306939/Tree-Art-Plates-Gang-Toggle-OVERSIZE-Switch.php
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Can we talk switch plates?

I can get a bit obsessive over decorating details, and that includes switchplates. For outlet plates they absolutely must be painted the wall color so they blend in! (In the world according to me, I mean.) Having said that, I haven't gotten around to repainting one particular outlet cover in our living room so it's a rosey color against a gold wall... it's been that way for at least 6 months... I only notice it when I sit down to watch TV at night... so I'm guessing it's going to be at least another 6 months! ;)

But for light switch plates, I do believe in having them 'work' with whatever is going on in your room. So if you have white trim, okay, plain white covers are okay. But if you have dark trim and colored walls, I think white covers stand out. I'd either match a metal in the room -- maybe you have ORB lamps, so ORB covers would work -- or maybe a wood plate to match the trim. I do have a few "fancy" ones in my house. I think of them as jewelry in the room! I think it's important not to get carried away, though. I have my coolest ones near the front and back doors. The rest of mine are fairly basic. In my powder room, though, I managed to find a slate one that matches the floor. That, I will admit, makes me sound like I have a Problem.

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/2553989/can-we-talk-switch-plates

50 Unique Home Light Switches

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From Canine Light Switches to Whimsical Wall Plates

Although you might not pay much attention to them, your home light switches likely get a lot of use every day. Beyond just being able to flick the lights on and off, these unique light switches bring additional style and make it easier to streamline what goes on in your home.

In terms of adding decor, some of these fun light switches are like miniature art pieces, adding whimsical touches of pop culture and your personal style to walls. When it comes to some of the more high-tech light switches, one of the most impressive is Avi-on, a wireless, stick-on Bluetooth light switch that works with Bluetooth light bulbs so that you can move it anywhere around the house as needed, without having to drill into your walls.
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Sours: https://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/home-light-switches

Plates switch whimsical wall

Fun & Silly Themed Switchplates

Fun and Whimsical Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

Adding a bit of fun and amusement to the otherwise plain switch plate covers is a good idea. The corners of your room that hold the switchplate covers to control the lights and fans in room can have colorful, vibrant and even funny, silly themes. Fun and silly themed switchplates with pictures of funny characters and weird messages or one liners render a different style to your rooms.

You can also custom switch plate covers – designed with the motifs that may look the best in your house. While themes like foods and beverages work well for kitchens, the ones with pictures of bathtubs and rubber ducklings can be put in bathrooms. Custom switchplates are also designed with images of adorable cats and dogs, lovely fairies and angels, breathtaking landscapes and seascapes and various other themes.

With decorative switchplates in all your rooms you can add color and life to corners of any room. What’s more, while choosing custom switch plate covers, you can get the ones that blend and complement your room walls’ colors the best! There are decorative switch plates that look good in white colored rooms and other that complement blue colored ones better.

Wall switchplate covers with decorative themes can be purchased with a few clicks on your computer or smartphone – at Switch Plates.com we have a wide range of theme based electrical switchplate covers with vibrant motifs. From most jazzy and fancy switch plates to subtle and smart humor ones, you can purchase loads of light switch covers at most affordable rates from Switch Plates online store. Besides decorative handcrafted light switch plates, we also house night lights for home and office. To begin shopping for fun and silly themed switchplates, simply click on the link.

Sours: http://www.switchplates.com/Fun-Silly-Switchplates.html
Amerelle Decorative Wall Switch Plates and Outlet Covers


Our decorative switch plate collection is so beautiful! Available in a variety of materials ranging from plastic, metal to ...wood, wall switch plates play a prominent role to enhance the style by creating a personalized message or matching the decor of the room. So light up the boring wall space and add a little excitement to it with a decorative switch plate cover.

Ranging over 300 designs, our high quality wall switch plates can match any home decor style and can even present a variety of features. Browse our stylish yet functional wall switch plates -- Brass label switch plates, Brass switch plates, Porcelain switch plates, Steel switch plates, Decorative switch plates, Chrome switch plates, Dimmer switch plates, Country charm switch plates and much more.

Using country charm metal switch plates with antique print is a great way to bring whimsical look to your space. These series include a variety of patterns, here are a few -- country cat series, Black lab series, Street birdhouse series and Metal lighthouse series. They come in a variety of patterns and series making your decor matching a cinch!
Read more

Sours: https://www.rensup.com/hardware/switchplates-and-tags

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