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Why does Hunter shoot Crosshair in The Bad Batch episode 15?

The Bad Batch episode 15 “Return to Kamino” was action-packed, but it was also emotional as Hunter and Crosshair finally talked about the events that have unfolded all season.

“Rescue on Ryloth” introduced the idea of the sniper working to bring Clone Force 99 in after he was granted permission by Rampart to do so. But, it wasn’t entirely clear what Crosshair’s plans would be for his former team.

Spoilers ahead of “Return to Kamino.”

Now we know he wanted to recruit them. Tired of being without the Batch and smarting from being abandoned by them, Crosshair orchestrated a situation that would bring them all together again. His plan consisted of reasoning with Hunter, his former team leader, to remind him that they’re brothers.

Crosshair’s talk with Hunter clearly affected the both of them, and the sniper’s conviction about reuniting the team only increases when he’s reunited with the rest of the Batch.

The most dialogue Crosshair has ever spoken is in “Return to Kamino” and it’s not all ruthless decision making and carrying out orders. It’s him reaching out to his brothers and giving them a chance which they never did for him.

However, after he’s killed his own TK troopers, Crosshair’s time to convince the Batch to join the Empire runs out thanks to Omega bringing the droid bots online.

She’d intended on rescuing her fellow Batchers after they were captured like Hunter. But, the young clone inadvertently set up a situation for the Batch, including Crosshair, to fight together once again.

Fighting beside each other, however, doesn’t keep Hunter from shooting Crosshair at the end of their battle with the droids.

Does Hunter shoot to kill or stun Crosshair in The Bad Batch?

Hunter’s choice to shoot Crosshair gives the Batch the opportunity to give the sniper the chance he said they never gave him. He stuns him; he doesn’t kill him. With an unconscious Crosshair, the team is working to get off Kamino.

We won’t see the aftermath of that decision until Part 2 of the finale premieres on Friday, August 13, but Hunter’s choice to try with Crosshair was a welcome sight. The leader of Clone Force 99 recognized his brother’s hurt, and also listened to him. Not about joining the Empire, the Batch would never do that, but he listened to Crosshair’s desire to reunite with the team.

Not to mention, though the sniper admitted he no longer has an inhibitor chip and has been working with the Empire anyway, it’s important to Hunter to know when that happened. It’s likely the chip was removed after “Reunion” because that’s the episode where Crosshair sustained injuries to his head.

While Crosshair doesn’t think it matters when his chip was removed, it obviously matters to Hunter, so we’ll likely hear more about what’s been going on with the sniper in the finale.

The Bad Batch episode 15 is streaming now on Disney+.


Hunter and Crosshair finally hash it all out on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Two characters have been long overdue for a rematch on Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Hunter and Crosshair, former brothers-in-arms, were quickly put on opposite sides of the escalating galactic conflict. Hunter is out for his brothers, but Crosshair is buying into whatever propaganda the Empire decides to sell him that day.

It's always a pack of lies, but he's a true believer. Now he needs his former squad to believe it all too. Hunter spends most of the latest episode with him (after being captured in the previous one) and they try, they really try, to get through to one another. The Empire, using other ways to get through to people, decides to blow stuff up.

***WARNING: From this point forward, there will be spoilers for Episode 15 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. If you haven't seen it yet, turn away now.***

Hunter, Crosshair, the Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (Michelle Ang) all return to Kamino in this episode, which is likely why it is titled "Return to Kamino." Crosshair lets them know where he's taking Hunter, and even though they know it's a trap, Omega and the Batch go anyway.

The Empire doesn't really care about what's happening here. "If his plan fails, none of them will be a problem any longer," Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) says early on. Hunter notes that there aren't any clones, droids, or Kaminoans in the hallways of Tipoca City. There are only TKs.

Who knows what Rampart thought Crosshair was really up to. It's of little consequence, because they have Kaminoan scientist Nala Se, and now they also have the entirety of the Kaminoan cloning technology in their arsenal. They don't need this rain-soaked platform city in the sea.

Crosshair gives Hunter the big sell over and over, coming dangerously close to asking him to buy into a timeshare. Hunter tries to talk sense, saying the Empire is going to phase out clones, but Crosshair's only response to that is, "Not the ones that matter."

The Batch doesn't leave their brothers behind, but Crosshair was an exception and he's not over it. Hunter reminds him that Crosshair was trying to, you know, kill them, but that doesn't compute. Crosshair maintains that he did not have a choice.

The rest of the Batch eventually gets to Nala Se's secret lab, and Omega points out that this is not only where she was created, but it was where the Batch was created as well. "Your mutations were enhanced in this room," she says. "Experimental Unit 99 began right here. I was there."

All that's left is droid AZ (Ben Diskin) who has been hiding. Eventually, they discover that Crosshair is holding Hunter in the main training room, and they decide to use the platform entrance as a surprise. Omega is left behind once again so she can get back to the ship and comm Rex in case of trouble. Of course there's trouble, and of course that's not at all what she does.

On the way to the Batch's big reunion, Hunter continues his unguided and unsupervised Crosshair therapy, enlightening him as to all of the shady kriff that the Empire is up to out in the galaxy. He's had a front-row seat for it. Crosshair says he doesn't see the bigger picture, but an exasperated Hunter tells him he's being used. This is the truth, and he starts to go into details about Crosshair's inhibitor chip when alarms cut him off.

They wind up in the training room, and the other members of the Batch come up through the floor as they'd planned. They're immediately held at blaster point by Crosshair and his "elite" squad of conscripts. Why did he go through all of the trouble to get them here? "If I wanted you dead, you would be," he says. "Not that it wouldn't be justified. You betrayed everything we stood for. And for what? The Republic?"

"We're loyal to each other, not some Empire," Hunter counters, and that's when Crosshair throws a pity party: "You weren't loyal to me. I was one of you. You may have forgotten, but I haven't. And it's why I'm going to give you what you never gave me: a chance."

As Omega ignores the orders she was given and prepares to activate droids to go up into the training room and cause havoc, Crosshair mentions that living with fugitive clones who are in constant danger maybe isn't the best life for her. He uses this as a springboard to launch into the part of his timeshare pitch that he's practiced the most.

"You want to protect the kid, then let her go," he says. "Stop pretending to be something you're not, Hunter. We're not like the regs. We never have been. We're superior. The Empire can't protect the galaxy without strength. This is what we were made for. Think of all we could do, together. We were brothers once. We can be again."

He has uncuffed Hunter, and the rest of the Batch notice Crosshair's classic blaster bolt reflective pads on the walls. Hunter asks him why they should trust him, and Crosshair orders his ES conscript team to stand down. They refuse, so he takes one shot, which bounces off of the pads that were set, and his entire ES team (save one) is dead.

"Does that answer your question?" he asks. Not really, but it was definitely a moment. "You all are meant for more than drifting through the galaxy. It's time to stop running. Join the Empire, and you will have purpose again."

It's an Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader pitch, and it's quite sad. As much kark as we give Crosshair every week, we feel for him here. We don't want to, but we do. He warns Hunter not to make the same mistake twice, to not become his enemy. Hunter's only response is, "We never were."

With either the worst or best timing ever, out come the horde of droids that Omega activated. Hunter and Crosshair almost start fighting each other, but then something beautiful happens. Crosshair works with the Batch to fight off the droids, and for one scene, Clone Force 99 is whole once more. They are in perfect sync. Their missing piece is back, their theme blasts through the score, and it is glorious.

The one remaining conscript comms Rampart and tells him that Crosshair has lost control over whatever he was trying to do. Rampart doesn't care. They have everything they need, and on one of three destroyers in the air above the city, he gets Tarkin (Stephen Stanton) on the holo. He says that Rampart may fire when ready.

The Batch defeats the droids, and it's Hunter's turn to pitch Crosshair. Forget the Empire, he implores. "This isn't you. It's your inhibitor chip. We can help you."

He's wrong about that, it turns out. Crosshair has had his chip out for a while. "This is who I am," he says, before Hunter stuns him. They don't leave him behind this time, they take him along as they try to escape the base. We see shots of an empty mess hall and an empty cloning room. Rampart opens fire, the Batch is trapped, and a large section of the city goes crashing into the ocean.

The episode ends there, and it is strangely emotional. Seeing the empty halls and clone barracks in Tipoca City made us remember why we were ever attached to this place. It wasn't because of the scheming Kaminoans, it was because of the brotherhood of noble clones who grew and trained here. Now there's only empty chairs at empty tables, and by the time the destruction starts, some eyes may be teary.

This very well may be who Crosshair is, or who he thinks he is, but what is he going to think when he realizes the Empire fired on the city knowing full well that he was still inside of it? He doesn't like being left behind, and one of the Empire's unofficial mottos is, "leave everyone behind, who cares."

He believes in the Empire, but those beliefs are nothing more than a metal stilt city built on sand. There's no foundation, and there's no brotherhood. His only hope are his former brothers, who just lost the only home they've ever known.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch will stream its season finale on Disney+ next Friday, and will return in 2022 for Season 2.

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Bad Batch First Look: “Kamino Lost”

Crosshair and Hunter.

Disney+ // AUGUST 13, 2021

Images from the thrilling second part of the season finale have been revealed! Team
Byline picture featuring BB-8

Can Clone Force 99 escape from Kamino after the Empire’s aerial assault? Check out preview images from the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the season finale “Kamino Lost,” now streaming on Disney+!

Omega treads water.

Omega treads water.

Crosshair and Wrecker.

Crosshair and Wrecker.

Crosshair and Hunter.

Crosshair and Hunter.

Omega and Crosshair in the dark.

Omega and Crosshair in the dark.

A cloning lab on Kamino.

A cloning lab on Kamino.

Omega wields her energy bow.

Omega wields her energy bow.

Omega and Clone Force 99 investigate.

Omega and Clone Force 99 investigate. All Star Wars, all the time.

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Crosshair Feels Betrayed By Hunter \u0026 The Bad Batch - Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 1 Episode 15

Does Crosshair die in The Bad Batch episode 15?

The Bad Batch episode 15 “Return to Kamino” pits brother against brother in a reunion fans of the show have been waiting for since episode 8.

The last episode, “War-Mantle,” brought Crosshair and Hunter back together again after the leader of Clone Force 99 ordered his team to leave him behind.

They were in a pinch with no way to rescue Hunter without putting themselves at risk, too. Their decision to follow orders set the ground for a long-awaited confrontation between Hunter and the Batch’s former sniper.

Spoilers ahead for “Return to Kamino.”

However, Crosshair and Hunter didn’t clash physically. Hunter’s capture resulted in a much-needed talk between the two where it became clear Crosshair had been harboring hurt over the team abandoning him.

The Bad Batch has been subtly hinting at Crosshair’s desire to be reunited with his brothers throughout season 1 and finally, that paid off. But, instead of deciding to leave with the Batch when they came for Hunter, he expressed that he wants them to work for the Empire along with him.

Crosshair’s wish for the Batch to be his team again goes as far as him killing his own TK troopers to prove his point to Hunter about being able to trust his sincerity. When Omega’s one-girl rescue mission brings droids with live rounds into the fold, Crosshair fights along with the Batch to put them all down.

But, by the end, Hunter shoots Crosshair when he won’t leave the Empire. Did he kill him? Here’s what we know!

Is Crosshair dead at the end of The Bad Batch episode 15?

The short answer is no. Hunter stunned Crosshair.

“Return to Kamino” spends much of its 26-minute runtime showcasing the sniper’s emotions. He misses his brothers. Capturing Hunter and luring the Batch back to Kamino was his way of getting them all together again so he could try to reason with them.

He tells Hunter that he’s giving them the chance they never gave him. Their whole talk obviously means a lot to both of them and allows Hunter insight into Crosshair’s feelings on being abandoned.

Even when Crosshair admits that his inhibitor chip was removed, and he’s been working with the Empire by choice, it’s clear that there’s more to that story, more that Hunter wants to hear.

Though Crosshair says that it doesn’t matter when his inhibitor chip was removed, it actually does. It’s likely that the sniper getting blasted in the face in “Reunion” necessitated surgery in which his chip was removed and not replaced.

If that’s the case, Crosshair would have been dealing with the reality of his compulsory decision-making on his own surrounded by the Empire’s forces and without his brothers to help him. Those are circumstances that Hunter can likely sympathize with.

We’ll have to wait until Part 2 of the finale to know more but for now, Crosshair has been reunited with his brothers and it looks like Hunter is going to try to bring him around to their side. But first, they’ll need to escape Kamino.

Part 2 of The Bad Batch finale premieres Friday, August 13 on Disney+.


Crosshair hunter

The Bad Batch: Why Crosshair Won’t Kill Hunter - Theory Explained

While Hunter is captured by the Empire in Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 14, Crosshair likely won't kill him despite using lethal force in the past.

After Hunter is captured by the Empire at the end of Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 14, Crosshair visits him in his cell at the Imperial military base on Daro, but it may not have been with the intent to kill. While Crosshair has used lethal force in the past to make Clone Force 99 answer for deserting the Empire, such as when he almost burned the Bad Batch alive inside a functioning Jedi cruiser engine in episode 8, one theory suggests that Crosshair likely won’t kill Hunter during the last two episodes of season 1 of The Bad Batch in order to give himself a strategic advantage.

Ever since Nala Se amplified the effect of Crosshair’s inhibitor chip in episode 1, Crosshair has wanted to hunt down Clone Force 99 for defecting from the Empire. In episode 14 “War-Mantle,” Crosshair gets one step closer to achieving that goal when Hunter is apprehended by the Empire during a mission to save Clone Commando Gregor from his imprisonment in an Imperial military base on Daro. Made evident through his brief encounters with the Bad Batch, Crosshair clearly has no qualms harming his former squad members, since he attempted to eliminate them with his marksmanship skills on both Bracca and Ryloth. While Crosshair and Hunter’s encounter on Daro marks the first time the two have met one-on-one since Crosshair deserted Clone Force 99, essentially setting up the showdown fans have been anticipating since the beginning of the series, the end result likely won’t include Hunter’s death for a few reasons.

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Crosshair likely won’t kill Hunterbecause he wants to capture the entirety of Clone Force 99. Throughout season 1, Crosshair’s number one priority has been following the Empire’s orders ever since his inhibitor chip was activated in episode 1. Despite considering Clone Force 99 to be traitors to the Empire, Crosshair doesn’t actively attempt to hunt them down until after he receives orders to do so from Admiral Rampart in Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 12. The first words that Crosshair speaks to Hunter in episode 14 show that his priorities haven’t changed when he states, “I was hoping for the whole squad, but you’ll do.” While Clone Force 99’s leader may have been captured, Crosshair's directive to arrest all of Clone Force 99 still hasn’t been completed. With this in mind, Crosshair will probably use Hunter as bait and set a trap to catch the entire squad when they inevitably try to rescue Hunter from Imperial custody.

Based on the arc developed throughout season 1, Crosshair’s possible plan to use Hunter as bait to capture Clone Force 99 likely won’t result in the showdown fans expected. Many of the earlier episodes of The Bad Batch showed the squad embarking on odd jobs commissioned through Cid’s business unrelated to the series’ main conflict; while the episodes initially appeared as filler, they may have actually been developing Clone Force 99’s ranks. At the end of each mission, Hunter usually makes a friendly gesture toward their new allies, such as when he provides Rafa with the data rod containing the tactical droid’s intel or refuses to accept payment from Hera Syndulla’s parents. Once they learn of Hunter’s capture through their mutual contacts Cid and Rex, all of the new friends the Bad Batch has made since Crosshair left Clone Force 99 will likely unite to save Hunter, creating a strategy Crosshair won’t be able to predict.

Additionally, Crosshair likely can’t kill Hunter because he still feels a kinship with him as his former squad member. After Wrecker’s inhibitor chip is temporarily activated in episode 7, he confesses to Omega that he tried to fight the urge that caused him to attack his friends. Using Wrecker’s Star Wars experience as a template, Crosshair is likely having a similar experience. Throughout Star Wars: The Bad Batch, there are small registers on Crosshair’s face that suggest he’s conflicted by his actions, such as when he asks Rampart's permission to hunt Clone Force 99 down. While Crosshair's genetic mutation makes him an exceptional marksman, he often misses whenever he shoots at the Bad Batch, which could be further evidence that he’s fighting the impulse.

More: Why The Bad Batch Episode 13 Felt So Underwhelming

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