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Disney’s many animated classics still resonate with fans both young and old alike. With amazing character designs and wondrous settings, the many movies released across the decade spans generations of artists creating stories with real hearts.

Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience Brand proudly continues the tradition of bringing to life snapshots of some of the most revered Disney scenes with the latest range of D-Stage dioramas. 

With the launch of the ‘Story Book’ series, fans can relive their treasured memories with a carefully designed set of dioramas capturing the essence of each movie. Using the very best in manufacturing, coloring, and design techniques, Beast Kingdom is ready to show fans the awe-inspiring worlds Disney has and continues to create.  

"Diorama Stage Story Book Series" will be available in two packaging versions to provide fans with more options for collections.

Standard version (Transparent color box): A one-piece molded product, packed into a transparent color box. The product itself cannot be disassembled.

New version (Close color box): The items are separated into various smaller parts and packed in a colorful paper box with heat-sealed bags. Collectors need to assemble the product by themselves. A simple assembling manual is included.

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Fantastic Fiction


Free the Beasts. Live the Adventure.

Battle Beasts and fight Evil with Tom and Elenna in the bestselling adventure series for boys and girls aged 7 and up!

In the land of Tangala, a new Master or Mistress of the Beasts is to be appointed, and a band of brave young adventurers is ready to take part. But when four of the candidates are magicked away to another realm, it soon becomes clear that the Evil Wizard Malvel is responsible. Tom and Elenna must venture to the Netherworld and defeat Ossiron, a terrifying skeleton jackal, in order to rescue Nolan - one of the New Adventurers - and fight back against Malvel's wicked plan.

There are FOUR thrilling adventures to collect in The New Adventurers series - don't miss out! Ossiron the Fleshless Killer; Styx the Lurking Terror; Kaptiva the Shrieking Siren and Velakro the Lightning Bird.

If you like Beast Quest, check out Adam Blade's other series: Team Hero,Sea Quest,Beast Quest: New Blood and Space Wars.

Genre: Children's Fiction

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Paperback Editions

April 2022 : UK Paperback


Title: Ossiron the Fleshless Killer: Series 28 Book 1 (Beast Quest)
Author(s): Adam Blade
ISBN: 1-4083-6536-7 / 978-1-4083-6536-6 (UK edition)
Publisher: Orchard Books
Availability: Amazon UK   

Kindle Editions

April 2022 : Australia, UK Kindle edition


Title: Ossiron the Fleshless Killer: Series 28 Book 1 (Beast Quest 1053)
Author(s): Adam Blade
Publisher: Orchard Books
Availability: Amazon UK   Amazon AU   

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What to Read After... Beast Quest

Published on: 23 April 2018 Author: Emily Drabble

Do you know children hooked on Beast Quest? Have they devoured the series and struggle to figure out what to read next? Maybe they're just looking for a new obsession. Whatever the case, we have ideas about what they might enjoy next - and share some of your recommendations too.

Beast Quest

If a child you know is hooked by the massive jaws that is Beast Quest, what to do when the fun - or the series - runs out? Admittedly, running out will take some time; there are currently 110 chapter books in 21 Beast Quest series by Adam Blade - a small collective of authors who have been writing the books for over ten years - following the adventures of Tom and Ellena and the beasts, villains and heroes of Avantia.

And then you have the Sea Quest series to devour, starring Max, Lia and the Robobeasts, plus Team Hero. In fact, Beast Quest goes beyond books - it's a whole world including collectible cards, and many primary school playgrounds ring to the sound of, 'Let's play Beast Quest!' Whisper it, but Beast Quest is now also a console game.

So what makes Beast Quest so addictive and readable? Perhaps it's a heady mixture of:

  1. Being part of a series, which is a framework that's quite controlled. Yes, it's predictable for an adult reader, but that's comforting in a beastly kind of way to a young reader - and far more interesting than most Reading Scheme books.
  2. Being something everyone in your class has heard of and can talk about or play with you.
  3. Beasts... and
  4. Fighting!

This series gets many young children who have recently learned to read totally hooked on books, so let us rejoice in Beast Quest while the sun shines. But how to keep the fire burning?

For young Beast Quest lovers who need to diversify


The Astrosaurs books by Steve Cole, illustrated by Woody Fox and starring Captain Teggs, are most excellent for Beast Quest fans, and come with free collectible cards, too. There are 22 in the series so far, including Riddle of the Raptors and The Planet of Peril.

It might also be worth giving Horrible Histories by Terry Deary a go - historical fighting and gore, and loads of books to get stuck into. Cressida Cowell's How To Train Your Dragon series could be another hit.

Elsewhere, the Spynosaurs series written by Guy Bass and illustrated by Lee Robinson has only three titles so far, but these are very good: comic-filled adventures that will suit many Beast Quest fans.

For those that are just over Beast Quest

Redwall, Supersaurs and Greta Zargo

There's lots of fighting but also much more besides in Brian Jacques' Redwall series; there are 23 titles, including sequels and prequels, to enjoy. The stories star woodland animals in a slightly Medieval-esque setting, from brave mice warriors to the horrible giant adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth.

Jay Jay Burridge's Supersaurs series, illustrated by Jay Jay and Chris West, is exciting, too. Raptors of Paradise and The Stegasorcerer are out now, and are the first two stories in a six-book series. They're all set in a world where humans and dinosaurs coexist, and the fast-paced adventure thrillingly includes an app which allows dinosaurs to come to 3D life when you scan the QR codes on a smart phone.

Taking a gentle shift a little bit sideways, try A. F. Harrold's Greta Zargo books, starting with Death Robots from Outer Space, which is out now (the second book in the series will be released in May). Illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton, it's brilliant - and very funny too.

For older Beast Quest fans who have lost their reading ways

Fighting Fantasy

The once mega-popular 'choose your own adventure' Fighting Fantasy books that gripped young readers all through the 1980s and 1990s are back! They're a perfect destination for more grown-up Beast Quest-ers. So far, five of the original titles by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone have been gloriously reissued by Scholastic, and what's more, there's a brand new title by Charlie Higson, The Gates of Death. The books set readers on a quest battling monsters in Allansia with just a pencil and dice - and each one contains over 400 mini-sections offering readers a choice or a battle.

If you're looking for something else, try David Solomon's My Brother is a Superhero and its sequels. And Taran Mathuru's The Summoner series is there for former Beast Quest-ers to fall head over heels in love with, starting with The Novice.

We also asked children's librarian Jake Hope for his recommendations on what to read after Beast Quest:

'Try Chris Mould's The Pocket Pirates: The Great Cheese Robbery for swashbuckling adventures of derring-do! This is the first in a series, so it's perfect for hooking young readers. Or Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre's Cakes in Space -  absurd humour and a story told through pictures and words makes this a highly entertaining fast-paced read. Lastly Peter Brown's The Wild Robot, a highly unusual yet heartwarming tale that is likely to remain in the hearts and minds of readers for a long time.'

Your suggestions

The Elementia Chronicles; To Wee or Not To Wee; The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

As always, you came up with some fantastic ideas about where children could head after enjoying the Beast Quest series - here are just some of the options you proposed on social media:

  • @ZoeMarkham has been through this exact quandary with her son, saying: 'I'll always be grateful to Beast Quest for showing him the beauty of reading for pleasure - but yep, there comes a point!' So what's worked for him? Zoë suggests Tui T. Sutherland's Wings of Fire series ('equally addictive and SO much better written'). And she added: 'If you've got kids who are into Minecraft, Sean Wolfe's Elementia Chronicles are great - they had my then seven-year-old HOOKED.' 
  • Just one more from Zoë - 'My son started on Spirit Animals last night and says, "It's wicked",' she tweeted. That's another one to add to the list, then!
  • Another parent with experience of Beast Quest fandom is @Mum_Reader, who shared 'the books that have held her son's attention since his 18-month Beast Quest addiction abated'. So check out the Timmy Failure books by Stephen Pastis, the Ultimate Football Heroes series by Matt and Tom Oldfield, the Joey Pigza books by Jack Gantos, and Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre's collaborations: Oliver and the SeawigsCakes in Space and Pugs of the Frozen North. As she says, 'Proof, possibly, that you can never guess what might spark their interest'.
  • Why not try some of the classics next? @amers_b suggested checking out Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, while @BristolLibrary advised Beast Quest fans looking for something 'more challenging' to try A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin and Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.
  • Elsewhere, @padstowbooks revealed that Pamela Butchart's To Wee or Not To Wee and Tom McLaughlin's The Day That Aliens Nearly Ate Our Brains are popular choices with their customers, while @writing1to6 recommended the Rover series by Roddy Doyle.
  • Finally, if your Beast Quest devotee is looking for a 'spooky, fast-paced thriller', AJ Hartley's Cold Bath Street came highly recommended by @publishingdeb. That ought to keep you going for a while...
Favorite Completed Book Series
Dear Beast
  • Length:

    2 Books

  • First:

    May 2020

  • Latest:

    February 2021

  • Rating:

Series List in Order

1Dear BeastGeneral Fiction / GFMay-20205Buy
2The Pet ParadeGeneral Fiction / GFFeb-20210Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Dear Beast

  • Dear Beast
    Dear Beast

    Book - 1

    A jealous cat really, really, REALLY wants to drive away his young owner's new dog in this playful illustrated chapter book from a two-time Geisel Honor winner.Simon has taken care of his owner, Andy, for many years. He's a good cat. Clean, responsib...

  • The Pet Parade
    The Pet Parade

    Book - 2

    A snobby cat and a good-natured dog fight over the chance to dress up with their owner in this playful illustrated chapter book series told in letters.It's time for the annual city pet parade! Only one pet can win first place . . . Simon the cat has ...


Book series beast

Beast charmer series



Welcome to lendria

The Beast Charmer series is a young adult fantasy series is full of magical creatures, undead assassins, and alluring beast charmers. And when one exiled charmer with a bounty on her head boldly strikes a deal with the dark, intoxicating leader of the assassins guild for powerful beasts in exchange for the contract on her life, she finds that the past returns with a vengeance, fate can be twisted in a curse, and ensnared hearts are harder to tame than any magical creature.

Kingdom of Exiles is the first book in this six-book series, followed by The Frozen Prince and The Shattered Crown.


Kingdom of Exiles Martineau

I will not fall. I will not flee. I will not break.

As a Charmer, Leena Edenfrell can tame the rare magical beasts that inhabit her world. When she's falsely accused of using her magic to charm a human, she's exiled and forced to sell her beloved beasts to survive. It's heartbreaking work, but if she can just make it through the next week, she'll have everything she needs to prove her innocence and return to the only home she's ever known.

That is, until she learns that the Charmer's Council has sent Noc, the realm's deadliest hunter, to find her. And Noc will stop at nothing until she'd dead.

Determined to evade capture, Leena offers the dangerous assassin a deal: four magical beasts in exchange for her life...beasts with powers strong enough to break the curse that's killed everyone he's ever loved. Noc needs Leena. Yet as these unlikely allies cross the realm in search of mythical creatures, Leena can't help but feel that Noc is hiding something―and that, no matter how hard she fights, her time may soon be running out.

Available at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | Changing Hands | IndieBound

The Frozen Prince Martineau

I will fight—for her, for all of us—until I have nothing left to give.

Noc, leader of the assassins of Cruor, may have broken the curse that’s kept him trapped for so many years, but the dark magic won’t be denied. If he doesn’t kill Leena—the girl he can’t live without—then his own life will be given as payment. To make matters worse, the truth of his past has fallen into the hands of his enemies, threatening everyone he’s ever loved.

And their time is running out. 

Leena has finally come into her own as a Charmer and would do anything to help Noc survive. When she learns of a magical creature that may be able to save him, she gathers her courage and sets out for the frozen north. But what starts as a hunt for answers quickly turns deadly, and soon Leena, Noc, and their trusted band of assassins find themselves face-to-face with an enemy more terrible, and powerful, than they could have ever imagined.

Available at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | Changing Hands | IndieBound

The Shattered Crown Martineau

Dark magic, mythical beasts, undying assassins, and forbidden love—this thrilling final installment in the epic Beast Charmer series is intense, compelling, and impossible to put down.

Leena Edenfrell never dreamed of igniting a war, and her pair bond, Noc Feyreigner, never wanted to set foot on a battlefield again. But when their enemies combine forces, they have no choice but to fight. While Noc makes moves to reclaim his throne, Leena acts as the new Crown of the Charmers Council, searching for a way to stop the enemy from raising an ancient creature destined to burn their world to ash.

But no matter how hard Noc and Leena fight, the odds are stacked against them, and soon a winged shadow reigns over Lendria. It’s then they learn the true price of victory: in order to tame the terrifying beast, Leena will have to sacrifice her own heart...and perhaps lose herself in the process.

Pre-order at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | Changing Hands | IndieBound

Special edition of Kingdom of Exiles


Kingdom of Exiles had an interesting start, first coming out as a mass market, fantasy romance edition meant for adult readers. While the series will continue with a young adult focus, the original edition is available to those who want a steamier love story between Noc and Leena!

Available at:

Amazon | Apple Books |Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | Changing Hands | Google Play Books | IndieBound


Is this book different from the young adult (trade paperback) version?

Yes and no. The plot and characters are the same, though the cast has been aged up to align with an adult audience. This edition focuses more on the romance between Noc and Leena, and as such, there is some explicit content and it’s geared toward an adult romance readership.

Does this mean we won’t get the remainder of the Beast Charmer series in the adult version?

At this time, Leena and Noc’s story will be told in its entirety in the young adult version. Stay tuned for potential additional materials geared toward the adult, romance-reader audience.

Beast Quest The Hero Series 1, 2 and 3 Collection 18 Books Box Set

Toppsta - Childrens Books – Reviews

Battle fearsome beasts and fight evil with Tom and Elenna in the bestselling adventure series!

When an evil wizard enchants the magical Beasts of Avantia, only a true hero will be able to free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. When all hope seems lost, a young boy named Tom takes up the quest for the king and sets out to save Avantia.

Packed full of adventure, strategy and fantastical creatures, this best-selling series follows Tom as he journeys through Avantia. Along the way he meets new friends and new foes and delves into the mysteries of his own past. 

All the Beast Quest books in order:

Where it all Began
Book 1: Ferno the Fire Dragon (2007)
Book 2: Sepron the Sea Serpent (2007)
Book 3: Artca the Mountain Giant (2007)
Book 4: Tagus the Horse-Man (2007)
Book 5: Nanook the Snow Monster (2007)
Book 6: Epos the Flame Bird (2007)

The Golden Armour
Book 7: Zepha the Monster Squid (2008)
Book 8: Claw the Giant Monkey (2008)
Book 9: Soltra the Stone Charmer (2008)
Book 10: Vipero the Snake Man (2008)
Book 11: Arachnid the King of Spiders (2008)
Book 12: Trillion the Three-Headed Lion (2008)

The Dark Realm
Book 13: Torgor the Minotaur (2008)
Book 14: Skor the Winged Stallion (2008)
Book 15: Narga the Sea Monster (2008)
Book 16: Kaymon the Gorgon Hound (2008)
Book 17: Tusk the Mighty Mammoth (2008)
Book 18: Sting the Scorpion Man (2008)

The Amulet of Aventia
Book 19: Nixa the Death-Bringer (2009)
Book 20: Equinus the Spirit Horse (2009)
Book 21: Rashouk the Cave Troll (2009)
Book 22: Luna the Moon Wolf (2009)
Book 23: Blaze the Ice Dragon (2009)
Book 24: Stealth the Ghost Panther (2009)

The Shade of Death
Book 25: Krabb Master of the Sea (2009)
Book 26: Hawkite Arrow of the Air (2009)
Book 27: Rokk the Walking Mountain (2009)
Book 28: Koldo the Arctic Warrior (2009)
Book 29: Trema the Earth Lord (2009)
Book 30: Amictus the Bug Queen(2009)

The World of Chaos
Book 31: Komodo the Lizard King (2010)
Book 32: Muro the Rat Monster (2010)

Book 33: Fang the Bat Fiend (2010)
Book 34: Murk the Swamp Man (2010)
Book 35: Terra Curse of the Forrest (2010)
Book 36: Vespick the Wasp Queen(2010)

The Lost World
Book 37: Convol the Cold-Blooded Brute (2010)
Book 38: Hellion the Fiery Foe (2010)
Book 39: Krestor the Crushing Terror (2010)
Book 40: Madara the Midnight Warrior (2010)
Book 41: Ellik the Lightning Horror (2010)
Book 42: Carnivora the Winged Scavenger (2010)

The Pirate King
Book 43: Balisk the Water Snake (2011)
Book 44: Koron Jaws of Death (2011)
Book 45: Hector the Body Snatcher (2011)
Book 46: Torno the Hurricane Dragon (2011)
Book 47: Kronos the Clawed Menace (2011)
Book 48: Bloodboar the Buried Doom (2011)

The Warlock’s Staff
Book 49: Ursus the Clawed Roar (2011)
Book 50: Minos the Demon Bull (2011)
Book 51: Koraka the Winged Assassin (2011)
Book 52: Silver the Wild Terror (2011)
Book 53: Spikefin the Water King (2011)
Book 54: Torpix the Twisting Serpent (2011)

Master of the Beasts
Book 55: Noctila the Death Owl (2012)
Book 56: Shamani the Raging Flame (2012)
Book 57: Lustor the Acid Dart (2012)
Book 58: Voltrex the Two-Headed Octopus (2012)
Book 59: Tecton the Armoured Giant (2012)
Book 60: Doomskull King of Fear (2012)

The New Age
Book 61: Elko Lord of the Sea (2012)
Book 62: Tarrok the Blood Spike (2012)
Book 63: Brutus the Hound of Horror (2012)
Book 64: Flaymar the Scorched Blaze (2012)
Book 65: Serpio the Slithering Shadow (2012)
Book 66: Tauron the Pounding Fury (2012)

The Darkest Hour
Book 67: Solak Scourge of the Sea (2013)
Book 68: Kajin the Beast Catcher (2013)
Book 69: Issrilla the Creeping Menace (2013)
Book 70: Vigrash the Clawed Eagle (2013)
Book 71: Mirka the Ice Horse (2013)
Book 72: Kama the Faceless Beast (2013)

The Warrior’s Road
Book 73: Skurik the Forest Demon (2013)
Book 74: Targro the Arctic Menace(2013)
Book 75: Slivka the Cold-Hearted Curse (2013)
Book 76: Linka the Sky Conqueror (2013)
Book 77: Vermok the Spiteful Scavenger (2013)
Book 78: Koba Ghoul of the Shadows (2013)

The Cursed Dragon
Book 79: Raffkor the Stampeding Brute (2014)
Book 80: Vislak the Slithering Serpent (2014)
Book 81: Tikron the Jungle Master (2014)
Book 82: Falra the Snow Phoenix (2014)

Velma’s Revenge
Book 83: Wardok the Sky Terror (2015)
Book 84: Xerik the Bone Cruncher (2015)
Book 85: Plexor the Raging Reptile (2015)
Book 86: Quagos the Armoured Beetle (2015)

The Siege of Gwildor
Book 87: Styro the Snapping Brute (2015)
Book 88: Ronak the Toxic Terror (2015) 
Book 89: Solix the Deadly Swarm(2015)
Book 90: Kanis the Shadow Hound (2015)

The Broken Star
Book 91: Gryph the Feathered Fiend (2016)
Book 92: Thoron the Living Storm (2016)
Book 93: Okko the Sand Monster (2016)
Book 94: Saurex the Silent Creeper (2016)

The Trial of Heroes 
Book 95: Krytor the Blood Bat (2016)
Book 96: Soara the Stinging Spectre (2016)
Book 97: Drogon the Jungle Menace (2016)
Book 98: Karixa the Diamond Warrior (2016)

The Kingdom of Dragons
Book 99: Quarg the Stone Dragon (2017)
Book 100: Korvax the Sea Dragon (2017)
Book 101: Vetrix the Poison Dragon (2017)
Book 102: Strytor the Skeleton Dragon (2017)

The Isle of Ghosts
Book 103: Zulok the Winged Spirit (2017)
Book 104: Skalix the Snapping Horror(2017)
Book 105: Okira the Crusher (2017)
Book 106: Rykar the Fire Hound (2017)
Book 107: Grymon the Biting Horror (2017)

The Sorcerer’s Revenge
Book 108: Skrar the Night Scavenger (2018)
Book 109: Tarantix the Bone Spider (2018)
Book 110: Lipids the Shadow Fiend (2018)

The Lost Beasts of Makai
Book 111: Menox the Sabre-Toothed Terror (2018)
Book 112: Larnak the Swarming Menace(2018)
Book 113: Jurog Hammer of the Jungle (2018)
Book 114: Nersepha the Cursed Siren(2018)

The Shattered Kingdom
Book 115: Querzol the Swamp Monster (2019)
Book 116: Krotax the Tusked Destroyer (2019)
Book 117: Torka the Sky Snatcher (2019)
Book 118: Xerkan the Shape Stealer (2019)
Book 119: Electro the Storm Bird (2019)
Book 120: Fluger the Sightless Slitherer (2019)
Book 121: Morax the Wrecking Menace(2019)
Book 122: Krokol the Father of Fear(2019)

The Prison Kingdom
Book 123: Akorta the All-Seeing Ape (2020)
Book 124: Lycaxa Hunter of the Peaks(2020)
Book 125: Glaki Spear of the Depths (2020)
Book 126: Diprox the Buzzing Terror (2020)

The Four Masters
Book 127: Teknos the Ocean Crawler (2021)
Book 128: Mallix the Silent Stalker (2021)
Book 129: Silexa the Stone Cat (2021)
Book 130: Kyron Lord of the Fire (2021)

Special Editions
Book 1: Vedra and Krimon (2008)
Book 2: Spiros the Ghost Phoenix (2008)
Book 3: Arax the Soul Stealer (2009)
Book 4: Kragos and Kildor: The Two-Headed Demon (2009)
Book 5: Creta the Winged Terror (2010)
Book 6: Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior (2010)
Book 7: Ravira Ruler of the Underworld (2011)
Book 8: Raksha the Mirror Demon (2011)
Book 9: Grashkor the Beast Guard (2012)
Book 10: Ferrok the Iron Soldier (2012)
Book 11: Viktor the Deadly Archer (2013)
Book 12: Anoret the First Beast (2013)
Book 13: Okawa the River Beast (2014)
Book 14: Skolo the Bladed Monster (2014)
Book 15: Jakara the Ghost Warrior (2015)
Book 16: Yakorix the Ice Bear (2015)
Book 17: Tempra the Time Stealer (2016)
Book 18: Falkor the Coiled Terror (2016)
Book 19: Kyrax the Metal Warrior (2017)
Book 20: Magror Ogre of the Swamps (2017)
Book 21: Verak the Storm King (2018)
Book 22: Ospira the Savage Sorceress (2018)
Book 23: Scalamanx the Fiery Fury (2019)
Book 24: Petorix the Winged Slicer (2020)
Book 25: Arkano the Stone Crawler (2020)
Book 26: Bixara the Horned Dragon (2021)

Battle of the Beasts series
Book 1: Ferno vs. Epos (2012)
Book 2: Amictus vs. Tagus (2012)
Book 3: Sepron vs. Narga (2012)

Master Your Destiny
Book 1: The Dark Cauldron (2010)
Book 2: The Dagger of Doom (2011)
Book 3: The Pirates Curse (2012)


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