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Honest VICI Collection Shopping Experience Review

Over the years I’ve come to a place where I’ve ended up liking and consistently buying (mostly online) clothing to only a handful of retailers. But this Winter I’ve discovered a new brand of clothing called VICI thanks to Instagram suggestions. Whether you’re just an everyday casual girl like me or a fashionista, there’s definitely something for everyone style-wise (not fit-wise obviously). For the most part I’ve enjoyed most of the pieces I got from them, but I also have criticism about their customer service and ease of shopping experience on their website.

So why did I write this review? VICI has influencers who feature their clothing and hey, that’s totally fine, but since there aren’t any reviews or in-depth discussion that I’ve seen about this brand as a whole, I figured I’d let you all know the ins and outs of shopping with them.


Note that their range of clothing is very on-trend but generally has a higher price tag (in my opinion) if you’re buying regular price. The quality is honestly very hit or miss depending on the product and unfortunately, there’s nowhere on the site where you could read or write a review on that particular product to gain more insight. What’s also very strange to me is that they don’t list the material(s) the pieces are made out of. You would think that’s pretty important right?

I did buy the Westwood Knit turtleneck that I was excited to wear this winter, but though unused, the threads randomly came apart at the shoulder, leaving a gaping hole. (Read Customer Service section to read about how I dealt with this problem).

Which pieces didn’t work for me:

  1. Camel Peacoat $31.20 (very wide and unflattering)

  2. Polly Cargo Jacket $32 (changed my mind and returned, didn’t like the ruffles)

  3. Delta Dawn Denim Top $19.20 (A little tight around the bust area but tolerable. Cute but not stretchy at all, so not much give with arm/shoulder movements.)

  4. Westwood Knit Turtleneck $23 (Well, it ripped, gg but later got a refund).



It’s 2019 now and VICI does not have petite or plus sizes to accommodate for different body shapes/sizes, so that sucks. Come on VICI! Here is their sizing guide online. I’m 5’4” wearing S and I find that the fit perfectly for a pair of pants I’ve got and 4/6 tops . I will say from my experience that I grabbed the “Sea The World Peacoat” and it looked nothing like the picture, just a boxy no-fit peacoat. And, of course, I can’t return it because it was final sale. I have had luck fit-wise, though, with short sleeve tops, sweaters/cardigans, and one pair of pants. Less luck with VICI’s outerwear (peacoat I didn’t want to deal with and I did return a cargo jacket in the past").

2019-02-23 14_52_45-Window.png

Shopping Experience:

In-store: I’ve visited their boutique in Newport Beach once and just so you’re aware, their store is small and only carries pretty much best-selling products. Plus, their promotions are only available online, so just skip going to their boutique completely.


I’m a deal hunter, so I don’t pay full price for clothing. I’ll usually wait for free shipping and go straight to the FINAL SALE section to snag a deal. The deals are awesome for the pieces you’re getting, but my biggest complaint is that their website is so hard to navigate. They do have a search bar, but VICI does not do a good job with tagging their products. For example, if I were to search “sweater” VICI would only probably show me 50% of the actual number of sweaters they carry. I’ve even tried typing in the exact name of the product, but it’ll just tell me there’s “0 results”. Major eyeroll.

With any tab that you’re on while shopping, normally there’s super helpful filters on the top RH side looking like this:

2019-02-23 15_07_51-Window.png

However. VICI doesn’t have these filters. Instead, they’ll have filters on the LH side that looks like this. However, like I said, these aren’t very helpful because VICI doesn’t tag their products very well.

2019-02-23 15_09_16-Window.png

As a result, since it’s not helpful to search by item nor use their filters because of unrealiability, I cannot shop by price ranges and I’m stuck wasting time scrolling through 20+ pages (literally) of products, many of them being either 1) not within my budget or 2) categories of clothing I’m not looking for.


  • Shipping costs within the U.S.: $5.95

  • FINAL SALE is non-refundable except for the first time. You can call Customer Service and they’ll make a one-time exception for VICI credit. However, you’ll still need to pay for postage to mail it back.

  • Return Policy: I think VICI is working on one, but as of right now, you can return an item through mail (with no pre-paid postage) in return for VICI gift credit. It’s plain horrible.

  • UPDATE***: Vici now has a return policy where they can send you a prepaid label, but only for non-discounted items.

Customer Service:

Generally customer service through e-mail responds back within a reasonable amount of time. But when I confronted them about a defected product, I found that they didn’t really read my entire e-mail, nor did they see the photo attachment and responded with the same response 2-3 times. Naturally, I was frustrated because I felt unheard, and I wrote back repeating that I would only accept a replacement or a refund (NOT VICI credit). Only then was my complaint forwarded to the manager, who thankfully chose to gave me a full refund.

*It pays off to make your voice heard. It’s extra work, but it doesn’t do you or the company any good if you don’t make sure you’re heard. You’re stuck with a defected product that you paid for, and customer service doesn’t learn to step up their game to help and obtain loyal customers.


After the frustration with the defected product, I never wanted to order from them again. But after thinking about it, I do have to say that I will order from them again just because the pricing is great with free shipping, and the styles really are cute. In fact, I’ve been eyeing some their sweaters and jeans/jeggings on their site, and have 2 of them in my cart already. Now that I’m a pretty experienced shopper with them I’ll just be extra careful to not order anything that I might not like to avoid dealing with their customer service or getting VICI credit. I really do hope they carry petite/plus size fashion, and I really hope they come out with a more generous return policy. ASAP.

*UPDATE: 5/30/19 Picked up 2 pairs of denim and loved them both! They were final sale and I took a gamble but they were reallly comfortable and chic-looking! I’ve been eyeing the distressed styles on their site so I’m glad those were a win.

Save Some $:

Even though I’ve had bad experiences with VICI, their prices are just unbeatable if you’re buying from the FINAL SALE section PLUS FREE SHIPPING, no minimum. They don’t ever advertise the free shipping except through Instagram or e-mail so my best suggestion is to subscribe to their e-mails. They sort of spam a lot (literally everyday, sometimes 2x/day), and it can get annoying, but it’s the best way to get notified.

2019-02-23 16_25_33-Window.png
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*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info.

If you’re looking for affordable stores like Vici that sell free-flowing dresses for the boho babe, these brands are perfect for you!

While visiting the nearby mall can be an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, it just doesn’t compare to the thrill of online shopping. Instead of trying on clothes in poorly lit changing rooms, you can look up your measurements on the company’s size chart and quickly add the item, in your correct size, to your shopping cart. It’s just too easy.

If you’re a seasoned online shopper or a self-proclaimed fashionista, you’ve likely got a few favorite clothing websites that you visit on a weekly basis.

Vici Collection is a modern women’s fashion brand and its website is filled with trendy bohemian styles and hyper-feminine dresses in all cuts—maxi, midi, and mini. If you’re head over heels for the gorgeous pieces sold on their retail website, you’ll want to check out these 10 online stores like Vici Collection.

The Best Stores Like Vici:

1. Show Me Your Mumu

Best affordable stores like Vici Collection: Show Me Your MumuFlowy off-shoulder orange summer dress

The clothing that this online boutique sells is just as unique as its name. Similar to Vici Collection, Show Me Your Mumu carries plenty of bohemian-style dresses that can be worn during the day or out at night. All of the styles sold through Show Me Your Mumu are colorful, playful, and exceedingly fashion-forward.

You can find oversized graphic tees, high-cut bikini bottoms with bandeau tops, bathing suit cover-ups, dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits. Show Me Your Mumu also recently launched a chic bridesmaid dress collection.

Many of the prints used at Show Me Your Mumu are beach-inspired and perfect for summer getaways, just like the prints at Vici Collection.

2. Böhme

Best affordable stores like Vici Collection: BohmeBest affordable stores like Vici Collection: Bohme

Böhme features clothing that was specially curated by designers with current styles and trends in-mind. The online boutique is filled with airy sundresses made of linen and cotton, denim shorts, feminine blouses, lightweight button-up shirts, and bold accessories.

Similar to Vici Collection, the styles at Böhme are definitely considered bohemian-chic. If you’re needing to update your wardrobe for summer, check out Böhme’s Summer Essentials collection.

3. Red Dress Boutique

White eyelet lace dress for summerBest affordable stores like Vici Collection: Red Dress Boutique

Like its name, you can expect to find hundreds of beautiful dresses for sale at Red Dress Boutique. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to bulk up your dress collection.

You’ll definitely be heading to plenty of backyard BBQs, beach picnics, and boozy patio brunches with your best friends. Red Dress Boutique features styles created with breezy and lightweight fabrics so that you can stay cool while spending time in the sun.

Similar to Vici Collection, Red Dress Boutique offers classic styles but also statement pieces—every great wardrobe consists of a mix. On the Red Dress Boutique’s website, you’ll find floral prints and colorful patterns, accessories, chunky sneakers (best paired with a mini dress), loungewear, pajamas, swimwear, and much more.

You will also find popular brands like MINKPINK, BB Dakota, and Palms Away.

4. Hazel & Olive

Best affordable stores like Vici Collection: Hazel And OliveBest affordable stores like Vici Collection: Hazel And Olive

This charming online clothing boutique features both casual and dressy pieces for women, along with shoes, accessories, and plus-size options. Like Vici Collection, Hazel & Olivecarries tons of feminine, flouncy mini dresses that are priced around $50 each.

Their dresses feature shoulder ties, cut-outs, ruffles, pockets, and trendy necklines. Hazel & Olive also has an entire July 4th collection so that you can find a gorgeous and patriotic outfit for the massive outdoor party you’ll be attending.

5. Hello Molly

Pastel lilac summer dress with sleevesBest affordable stores like Vici Collection: Hello Molly

Hello Molly is known for its massive selection of styles for young, fashion-forward women. Since launching in 2012, the team at Hello Molly has been carefully curating collections filled with feminine dresses, rompers, two-piece sets, tops, and bottoms.

Shoppers can filter through the Hello Molly dress collection based on style and occasion. Hello Molly also carries a selection of high-quality activewear and swimwear.

6. Lulus

Dusty blue two piece maxi skirt setDusty blue boho dress for summer

We are an absolute sucker for Lulusfor many reasons. Fashion enthusiasts can find pieces that range from affordable to expensive, and they can find everything on their shopping list in one place. Like Vici Collection, you’ll find a massive selection of dresses and can filter them by color, occasion, trend, and style.

This will save you plenty of time as you won’t need to scroll through pages upon pages to find the dress you’re looking for. Just like Show Me Your Mumu and Vici Collection, Lulus also has a bridesmaid and wedding collection.

7. Pink Lily Boutique

Best affordable stores like Vici Collection: Pink Lily BoutiqueNude and white leopard print maxi dress for summer

This online boutique is filled with flouncy floral dresses and other bohemian-style pieces like skirts and two-piece sets. What sets Pink Lily Boutique apart from the other stores like Vici is its affordable Mommy and Me collection, filled with tons of comfortable and functional items so you can match your little mini.

Pink Lily Boutique also has a great Plus Size collection. If you’re looking for affordable and trendy pieces to wear on a tropical beach vacation, this is definitely the place to shop.

8. Sabo Skirt

Best affordable stores like Vici Collection: Sabo SkirtMatching flouncy white top and shorts

Don’t be fooled by its name, this clothing retailer doesn’t just sell skirts. The Australian brand has tons of exclusively designed and beachy styles that look effortless when worn. Unlike some of the other boutiques mentioned, Sabo Skirtis more focused on neutral colors like off-white and baby blue, and uses fabrics with subtle floral prints.

Sabo Skirt has a huge selection of feminine dresses that are perfect for patio dates with an aperol spritz in-hand. BRB, we have to place a quick order.

9. Magnolia Boutique

Best affordable stores like Vici Collection: Magnolia BoutiqueBest affordable stores like Vici Collection: Magnolia Boutique

When browsing through Magnolia Boutique’s website, you’ll find bold prints, neutral basics, graphic tees, lace dresses, and seasonal collections.

Just like Vici Collection, Magnolia Boutique carries tons of tiered midi dresses, crocheted maxi dresses, and printed short dresses. It also has accessories and footwear collections, making the online boutique a rather trendy one-stop shop.

10. Free People

Royal blue boho dress for summerWhite knit romper

If you deeply admire boho-style clothing like we do, you’re likely familiar with the popular brand Free People. Its price point is significantly higher than the other clothing brands on this list but the unique pieces are totally worth it.

The retail company features the latest vintage-inspired trends for women. Many items from Free People are constructed with textiles like knits and are covered in eclectic prints and bright colors. Many other websites carry Free People, like Nordstom, Lulus, and ASOS

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best stores like Vici! If you’re looking for more fashion inspiration and romantic summer dresses, check out the posts below!

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In 1904, widowed seamstress Lena Bryant began making maternity clothing out of a storefront she rented for $12.50 a month, including a stretch waistband dress that would launch her into the echelons of retail royalty. A bank officer managing her business account misspelled her name as “Lane,” hence the beginning of Lane Bryant’s longtime domination of the plus-size apparel world.

113 years later, plus-size clothing options are often still frustratingly limited, be it in terms of size, style, or in-store availability — but luckily for fashionable plus-size folks, the market is steadily becoming more competitive.

Below is our list of the best places to shop for plus-size clothing online, broken down by category, from basics that’ll come in under $50 to the upscale designers. Did we miss your favorite? Leave it in the comments, or pop by the Racked Lounge on Facebook and tell us more.


Need a whole new wardrobe? Start right here.

Rebdolls: This size-inclusive brand offers a ton of body-conscious dresses, jumpsuits, and separates in all different prints and colors, perfect for wearing with OTT accessories. They’re soft, they’re comfy, and they’re generally well under $50.

Old Navy: The affordable retailer offers cute casual pieces and workwear (including many of the same styles made in straight sizes), and even offers a “shop by shape” option, if you’re into that sort of thing.

CarmaKoma: Sleek designs in the same vein as Zara; the perfect basics for if you own an art gallery, or if you just want to look like you do.

Rue 107: This size-inclusive brand offers playful pieces (including swimwear) in bright solids and vibrant prints reflective of its Haitian and NYC-based roots.

Universal Standard: The originator of the luxury plus-size capsule wardrobe, Universal Standard offers architectural pieces in materials like cashmere, French crepe, Peruvian jersey and alpaca, and beautiful vegan leather. It even has a “starter kit” to make being fabulous even easier.

Photo: Warp + Weft

Best Under $100

Solid pieces that won’t break the bank.

Warp + Weft: Premium denim under three digits? Amazing. Premium denim under three digits up to size 24? Even better. Now if they'd just expand to include sizes 26 and up, they'd be unstoppable.

Elvi:Elvi is similar in look to Mango offshoot Violeta, but less ubiquitous and with a slightly lower price point.

GS Love: Like a Forever 21, Boohoo, or Charlotte Russe in terms of price (roughly $15 to $50) and simultaneous interpretations of every single trend you could ask for; think romantic, sporty, hippie, and goth lite, all under one roof.

S.W.A.K: Think quality weekend wear and office-appropriate duds. The company’s name, an acronym for “Sealed With A Kiss,” seems accurate — it’s the only large-ish company I’ve ever seen cast a whole campaign of people who are size 20 and above, and its pieces are reviewed well and often (along with a helpful and affirming “see this on customers like you” photo gallery).

Addition Elle: From ruffles and florals to shredded denim and biker-inspired details, this Canadian brand (that ships to the US) is a swell choice for punk rockers and princesses alike.

eShakti: This made-to-measure, direct-to-consumer brand offers an almost disconcerting amount of styles, color options, and even modifications like altered sleeves and necklines, with prices mostly in the $40-$75 range.

Multi-Brand Stores

Retailers offering a range of labels for different aesthetics.

Navabi: Think Nordstrom, only in sizes 10 to 34. In addition to carrying brands like the romantic Manon Baptiste and sculptural Zedd Plus, Navabi works with plus-size bloggers and models on special collaborative collections.

Simply Be: This online department store serves up a ton of brands and styles (including Lovedrobe, Lavish Alice, and Anna Scholz) for whatever your tastes may be.

Target: Target doesn’t have the perfect track record with plus-size customers, but it’s still one of the most affordable places to get stylish pieces above a size 12. The retailer has worked with plus-size bloggers on its Ava & Viv line, and it offers inclusively sized collections from labels like Who What Wear and Victoria Beckham.

ASOS: While pieces from ASOS’ own collections vary widely in quality, the mega-retailer is still worth visiting for hard to find/ship names like the UK’s One One Three and Monki, which is not officially plus but great for in-betweenies.

Fan Favorites

Solid standbys for when you need something, like, yesterday.

Torrid: From a beloved denim line to on-trend separates and dresses and pretty, cozy underthings, Hot Topic’s sister shop (which does still stock plenty of gear for your chosen fandom) has really grown up.

Eloquii: Like Torrid, Eloquii isn’t the absolute cheapest you’ll find — but the range of options and sizing, as well as the quality, is well worth the price (both have frequent sales, anyway). Eloquii offers beautiful pieces for work or cocktail hour and is even working to develop specific collections for different body shapes.

Kiyonna: Kiyonna’s bread and butter are its stretchy wrap dresses and tops, but the site also carry super sexy Slink jeans and a small, sweet collection for the backyard bride.

ModCloth: Retro styles, novelty prints, and more for the adorkable plus-size gal in your life. Since its acquisition by Walmart earlier this year, the site seems to have reverted to marking its plus sections as such, rather than the “extended sizes” labeling it adopted in 2015 in response to customer feedback.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7: Practical workwear, painterly prints, and skinny jeans abound in this line from everyone's actual favorite White House Press Secretary.

Indie Darlings

Small brands and shops for plus-size people, by plus-size people.

Premme: While perhaps not quite as indie as some other brands on this list, Premme (a portmanteau of "premium" and "femme") is, at its heart, a love letter from plus-size women, to plus-size women. Following their work on Target's Ava +Viv brand, bloggers Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg created their own line of playful separates and dresses up to size 30 — exactly as you'd expect from two ridiculously stylish intersectional feminists.

Chubby Cartwheels: From bralettes to fishnets to fully sheer pieces, Shawna Farmer breaks all the plus-size fashion rules (and at shockingly affordable prices for an indie maker).

Zelie for She: Some designers are notable for iterating on a signature aesthetic season after season. Not the case with master of reinvention Elann Zelie, whose several past collections bring to mind everything from Nasty Gal and Shop Jeen to Anthropologie and Lilly Pulitzer (you know, without the fat-shaming baggage).

Ready to Stare: This line by plus-size blogger Alysse Dalessandro employs influences from ’80s hip-hop to bondage gear. Think Dolls Kill, only more affordable and size-inclusive.

Re/Dress: Stocking both vintage and indie labels, Re/Dress is the multi-brand boutique for the quirky customer — like if Etsy met ModCloth.

Flaws of Couture:From bloggers Garcia Marie and Sashagai Renee Ruddock comes Flaws of Couture, which is unique both in its streetwear aesthetic (because no, not all big girls want to wear fit-and-flares) and in its brazen fat positivity — a very necessary combination.

Society+: Designer Jessica Kane of Skorch Magazine is behind this too-pretty boutique, which features sequined skirts, grown-up tutus, and everyday looks, too.

PlusBklyn: Bored with most plus-size clothing options on the market, Alexis Krase has stocked her New York City shop with novelty prints, biker babe looks, and more, including brands from Junarose to TuesdayBassen.

Upscale Designer Pieces

The perfect shops for your next special-occasion look, or simply for spending your Christmas bonus.

Courtney Noelle: Courtney Smith truly knows her way around sequins, fringe, satin, and other super opulent materials. Her gorgeous pieces are perfect for any event that demands a splurge.

JIBRI: Stunning sculptural dresses, jumpsuits, and separates in an array of colorful prints, for people who DGAF about what’s “slimming.”

Beth Ditto: A fashion icon in her own right, singer Beth Ditto makes luxe pieces in cheeky novelty prints and sparkly sheer fabrics — all the fun stuff plus-size girls aren’t supposed to wear.

Shegul: This brand doesn’t always feel as cohesive to me as I’d like it to, but at her best (which is often), designer Aysegul Ilter’s pieces are the plus-size answers to Steven Alan and Creatures of Comfort.

Mei Smith: This boutique is teeny-tiny and definitely pricey, but it does offer the kind of gorgeous minimalist clothing plus-size brands usually skip right over. If you’ve been on the hunt for a shirt dress that’s not super femme, Mei Smith could be the place to drop a pretty penny.

11 Honoré: Newcomer 11 Honoré sells high-end plus-size clothing from a small list of designers that includes Christian Siriano, Brandon Maxwell, Baja East, and Michael Kors. Expect the list of brands to grow as founders Patrick Herning and Kathryn Retzer recruit more labels.

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