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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 9, Episode 8

CHAD: Oliver, you’ve been pretty lukewarm on this season so far, and I think you gave this episode a “C”. In your opinion, what’s wrong with Season 9?

OLIVER: Everyone is too damn nice. There’s a sisterhood of Drag Race queens, but the season 9 contestants are putting that sisterhood above the competition when they should be doing everything in their power to win. I’m not saying I want them all to be stone-cold bitches, but I want contestants that are ruthless, unapologetic, and selfish because that creates drama, and drama makes for good TV. There’s a risk in being a villain, but if you play the role well and aren’t unbearably obnoxious, you’ll be remembered and respected. I think a lot about Bianca Del Rio and how she managed to embody those villainous qualities while also being a mother figure to the other queens, and she helped them out because she wanted the competition to be fiercer.

Of the remaining queens, I think Trinity has the best chance of fitting this role, but we’re getting close to the end, and she hasn’t been as vicious as I thought she would be at the top of the season. I was at the Drag Queens Of Comedy show on Friday night, and Bob the Drag Queen pointed out that someone is apologizing to someone else in pretty much every episode. It happens after the trip to the library this week, with both Alexis and Farrah apologizing to each other for comments they made, and I’d much rather see a queen tell the offended party to deal with it and move on rather than undermine what they said in the challenge.

CHAD: I’m guessing that repeating so many challenges and runway themes hasn’t helped this season stand out, right? I remember the performances of Jinkx, Alaska, Detox, and Coco from the Season 5 Roast so vividly, and I worry that this week’s Roast won’t be remembered so fondly.

OLIVER: If it’s remembered at all. It’s hard not to compare the current queens to past contestants when they’re doing repeat challenges, and each repeat challenge this season has been inferior to what came before. I wasn’t impressed by this episode’s Reading Is Fundamental mini-challenge, and while there were some solid reads, I wanted to see the queens dig a little deeper rather than going for the obvious insults. A lot of my disappointment with this season stems from it following season 8 and All-Stars 2, which I thought were two of the show’s best seasons, and because these queens aren’t meeting the very high bar that’s been set, season 9 feels more tame and less exciting. The same goes for the roast, and of eight queens, I feel like only three of them (Shea, Sasha, and Peppermint) delivered in a substantial way. That’s not a good ratio.

CHAD: I do get a little defensive when I hear people complaining about this season because I DO think it has a lot of amazing queens. But maybe it’s the wrong mix for good TV? Certainly, there aren’t any comedy queens to steal the show like Bob and Bianca did during their respective seasons. Which Season 9 queens are the standout personalities?

OLIVER: Shea, Valentina, and Trinity have the most distinct personalities for me. Shea is the frontrunner of this season, and she’s performed well in every single challenge, dominated the talking heads, and shown really strong comic instincts throughout. She’s unflappable and clever, with a sharp fashion sense and a deep understanding of the different elements of drag performance. She also recognizes the high stakes of being on this show and is playing to win. This is an incredible opportunity for a drag queen, and Shea isn’t going to waste it.

Valentina doesn’t have the range of Shea, but she’s also been doing this for a shorter period of time and is using the Drag Race experience to grow and expand her horizons. She’s the talented little sister of this group, and even if her character is mostly being peppy, pretty and smiley, she has the exaggeration I’m looking for from a queen. Trinity is also delivering in that respect, and I like how cartoony she lets herself be. She’s not precious about her drag and realizes that sometimes you have to risk looking stupid to get a laugh. Trinity has also been really fun in Untucked, and she’s probably the shadiest queen we have this season.

CHAD: I was interested in the vulnerability Alexis showed this week, but is it fair for a queen to declare something about herself “off limits” to everyone else’s jokes?

OLIVER: I’ve been firmly anti-Alexis since the Untucked episode where she had a meltdown because the other queens didn’t tell her that her runway look was basic. Alexis is pushing the sisterhood thing harder than anyone else this season, and I’m glad she got a wake up call this week to remember that this is a competition. In regards to her complaining about the queens reading her body, I don’t think it’s an issue of fairness. If a queen is hurt by something, she’s allowed to complain about it, but it does come across as very thin-skinned when it's in the context of a challenge that is intended to point out flaws so that people can laugh about them together.

Of course the queens are going to go after Alexis’ body if they know that’s the thing she’s most sensitive about. When you’re given the opportunity to attack, why not go for the easy target? It’s not very creative, but if it can potentially throw a competitor off her game, it’s good strategy to go for what hurts. The reading challenge is actually pretty therapeutic if the queen is able to let herself laugh about her flaws, but Alexis internalizes those comments about her body in a negative way and lets them feed her insecurity rather than cut away at it. I’m really happy RuPaul and Ross Matthews call her out, because I think Alexis probably thought they were going to sympathize with her, but they know that being overly sensitive isn’t going to help in this competition. Alexis was swept up in her emotions after the library, and I think that got in the way of her preparing her roast.

CHAD: For the record, I think it was pretty clever of Alexis to come out in all green for Michelle’s Roast. And it was fun to draw!

OLIVER: But I totally agree with Ross Matthews that it was a long way to go for a single joke. I wish she had done more with the visual concept, maybe made some Wicked Witch jokes or something like that. I also think her breasts looked awful. I didn’t like this look, and I don’t know why, but the little witch hat she pulled out during the lip sync made me really angry.

CHAD: We saw a lot of queens (Valentina, Trinity, Alexis, and Nina) relying on cartoonish characters for their Roast performances-- how did that go?

OLIVER: Not well. These were all performances that I considered either underwhelming or total failures, and I think these queens put on these big characters because they weren’t all that confident with their joke writing skills. I found Valentina’s voice to be extremely grating and inconsistent, and it made it hard for me to connect with her jokes. Trinity had more trouble with creating jokes and delivering them in a way that connects with the audience. I think Nina’s character was a smart choice that shows her doing something very different from her usual look and drag persona, but she also didn’t really have strong jokes or a firm handle on the audience. (I’m also not a fan of the painted-on glasses, which look really damn sloppy.)

So much of performing for a crowd involves reading the energy of a room and finding ways to make it work for you, and I felt like the worst queens this week were so in their own heads that they weren’t able to gain that deeper awareness of the crowd. Alexis should have made her character the Wicked Witch of Jersey or the Jersey Hulk if she was going to do Jersey + green, and having a more defined character would have given that performance more focus. That said, a character is only going to take you so far, and without solid jokes, the roast is going to fall apart.

CHAD: I don’t know if it was particularly shady editing, but from what we saw, Farrah’s roast could charitably be described as a trainwreck. She seems like a perfectly lovely person, and she’s a gorgeous queen, but she just didn’t make for compelling television. Are you surprised she lasted as long as she did?

OLIVER: Definitely. The Vegas queens were both really underwhelming from the start, and I expected Farrah to go home shortly after Kimora. The judges hit the nail on the head this week when they said Farrah doesn’t have a clear drag personality. She’s a cute girl in pretty clothes, but her performance consistently leaves a lot to be desired. Out of drag, Farrah’s personality was mostly whiny, but I still liked her more than Alexis. We saw glimpses of a scrappier Farrah in Untucked, and I wish she had embraced that side of herself in the competition. She’s really young, though, and I think Drag Race could be the thing that inspires her to be more aggressive with her drag persona.

CHAD: I was SO VERY RELIEVED that Sasha did so well. Even if every single joke didn’t land, she felt exceedingly confident and self-aware, able to laugh at herself. Anyone reading this probably knows that Sasha and Shea are my Season 9 favorites-- what do you make of Sasha’s depiction on the show? Is she too often caricatured as a snooty intellectual?

OLIVER: I don’t think she’s been portrayed as particularly snooty. I don’t get the impression that she thinks her drag is somehow superior because she likes to be intellectual/philosophical/political. She recognizes that her type of drag is different from the norm for this show, and that she needs to make some adjustments in order to satisfy the demands of the challenge. Being smart is good for this competition, and you need to be able to think on your feet and make well informed choices under pressure. Sasha does that, and even though she doesn’t have the most effervescent personality, I find her really engaging and interesting.

CHAD: I wanted to take this week as an opportunity to finally draw Michelle again-- I haven’t drawn her since my first season drawing the show (Season 3, for the record), and she has made it very clear to me she that she’s noticed. (I love you, Michelle!) How do you think Michelle served as a subject for the roast?

OLIVER: There are a lot of things to make fun of Michelle about, and she hasn’t been deified like RuPaul, so it’s probably easier for the queens to roast her without feeling like they’re overstepping boundaries. I think that’s why some of the queen’s insults came off as harsh and mean-spirited, because there’s some low-hanging fruit that is easy to pluck. It’s also easier for the queens to project this plastic surgery-obsessed, venereal disease-ridden whore caricature onto Michelle that gives them more material to roast, even if it’s not really all that true to who Michelle actually is.

If I was roasting Michelle, I would have had some sort of joke about Michelle burying Merle Ginsberg in her backyard. I also would make fun of her being a health nut, which is something she talks about constantly on the What’s The T? Podcast.

CHAD: I was thrilled to see Peppermint getting more attention this week -- I don’t want to be reductive, but I feel like she’s the Jujubee of this season: she’s completely likeable, she’s gorgeous, she serves up colorful commentary, but she has a hard time standing out on the runway. Do you think that’s a fair comparison, despite their obvious differences?

OLIVER: I can see that, but for me, Peppermint screams Miss Congeniality. There are all the aforementioned qualities, but she also has a personal story that has gotten a lot of attention and sets her apart because she’s the only contestant that’s a trans woman. I’m not sure if Peppermint will make it to the finale, but finally getting a win does give her a major boost in the competition. If she’s not in the final three, I can easily see her being named Miss Congeniality because she is so charming and such a strong, confident queen. I really loved her in the roast, and after seeing three people before her fumble at the podium, she struts in there ready to blow the judges away. She knows that she’s doing her best drag, and she knows that she has material that she can sell, and I was so pleased by how relaxed she was up there.

Peppermint is so smart about her jokes. She’s never done a roast before, but she understands that a roast is about irreverent reverence and using insults as a way of paying tribute. She builds jokes around Michelle’s book and her VH1 show with RuPaul, which draws attention to the fact that Michelle wrote a book and was on a VH1 show. You can also sense the love in Peppermint’s roast, which I didn’t get from a lot of queens.

CHAD: I LOL’d when I heard the prize for winning the Roast was a 5 year membership on Squarespace! But I figured that Peppermint has been a pro for a long enough time that she probably has had a website for years -- and I think I’m right. If you scroll down to the bottom of any Squarespace site (including this one), you’ll see “Powered by Squarespace,” but not on Peppermint’s website

OLIVER: That’s actually a really helpful prize, but if you’ve already invested in a site, then it’s kind of a waste.

CHAD: Given our gripes about repeat runways and challenges, how do you hope Ru shakes things up for Season 10?

OLIVER: It’s hard coming up with new challenges for the queens, but that’s the job of the writers and producers. And this is Drag Race, so you have freedom to come up with really ridiculous challenges. But given that this season is underwhelming, there’s a better chance that next season will feel like an improvement.

CHAD: Oliver, where can readers find more of your writing??

OLIVER: You can read my RuPaul’s Drag Race recaps at The AV Club and find my other TV and comic book writing at The AV Club, NPR Books, VICE, Vox, and Vulture. I’m also onTwitter (@OliverSava).

/Chad Sell


RPDR Season 9

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, Episode 8 Recap: Michelle Vis-Ouch

Previously on Drag Race: Trinity Taylor killed the 9021-HO challenge and became the second competitor so far with two challenge wins. Nina Bo’nina Brown continued to assume everyone around her was out to get her. And Aja shot herself in the foot repeatedly – and promptly sashayed away.

The queens regroup and discuss winner tallies. Trinity and Shea Couleé are the clear frontrunners, Valentina is still glowing from being told she’s perfect (and beautiful and looks like Linda Evangelista), and Farrah Moan… sounds like that drunk bitter aunt whose husband divorced her years after convincing her to quit her modeling prospects for a family and left her with a gaggle of toddlers and a terminated career: “One day, she’ll run out of perfection,” she drawls about Valentina.


Alexis looks like she could be her forlorn drinking buddy, actually.

Starting the episode right off with the long-awaited annual homage to Paris is Burning, the queens are tasked with reading each other to filth! No one bombs terribly this year – though Nina stole a few jokes from past seasons, so, hmm.


Latrice Motherfuckin’ Royale would like her BMW joke back.

Among primary targets in the reading: Farrah’s personality, Shea’s teeth, Peppermint‘s breath (nice one!)… and, most controversial, Alexis Michelle‘s body shape. In the end, Valentina is declared the winner of the mini-challenge!


When it’s right, it’s right.

Speaking of reading, this week’s maxi-challenge marks the grand return of the RuPaul Roast – except this time, the target is Michelle Visage! The queens are tasked with roasting the shit out of Michelle – breasts, thighs, all of her.


But mostly the breasts.

Having won the mini-challenge, Valentina assigns the order queens will be going in the main challenge – but Alexis Michelle requests the floor to address how hurt she was that the queens made fun of her body in the reading. Ruh-roh. Some of the queens apologize, but a few others shrug and go “that’s the way it is!”


Including Nina, who accents her point with spectacular facial expressions.

As the contestants are starting to write their roasting material, Ru comes back in with Ross Mathews to give them some advice. First up is Alexis, who discusses the body image thing with them. Ru quickly asks why it’s okay for her to make fun of others but not to be made fun of herself.



Ross and Ru counsel Farrah Moan on how to roast people without just sounding like a complete bitch. Farrah replies with one of her signature whines, so it’s hard to tell if she got the message or not given how often she does that.



While the queens are getting ready, Trinity Taylor talks about how thirsty she’s feeling about the Pit Crew boys and makes a 9021-HO-inspired joke (“I want a dick in my mouth too!“), which sparks an impromptu song about dicks from the girls as they’re doing their makeup. Definitely check out that bonus scene on the Logo website.

It’s time for the roasting challenge, and Shea Couleé starts things off wonderfully, tackling the difficult job of opener like it’s nothing. Sasha Velour takes over and thanks Shea for her “extremely edifying humor.”


And the camera zooms in on this poor woman who is chosen, in that moment, to represent the illiterate masses who do not understand complicated words.

Next up is Valentina, who pulls out her rarely-heard banjee girl accent and calls her target “Misselle” as she makes a bunch of crass sexual jokes. It’s completely the opposite of her usual composed, classy persona and I think that’s why it works well.

What follows is a series of highly cringe-worthy reads from Trinity Taylor and Farrah Moan, who screw up 90% of their jokes. Fortunately, Peppermint saves the show with a bunch of stellar, well-introduced quips at everyone’s expense. Nina is next with this old-fashioned older woman act that’s not great, but not bad either.


I just can’t get over those painted-on glasses, though. That was a choice.

Alexis Michelle is last, and tragically, she tanks every single one of her jokes. Her entire look is based on the fact that Michelle Visage hates the color green, and while that gag fails too, it would at least be a decent look if not for those very awkward-looking breast pads.


She gets bonus points from me for representing the Jewish fish out there, though.

There’s no runway today and the queens are judged almost exclusively on their performances, so Valentina and Nina Bo’nina Brown are safe. Shea Couleé, Sasha Velour, and Peppermint are praised for their jokes. Guest judge Tamar Braxton asks Alexis Michelle why she was painted green, and Alexis’s brutal response: “Well, Tamar, have you ever watched the show?”


Ohhhh shit.

Back in the Untucked lounge, the queens discuss the challenge, and Sasha asks Nina Bo’nina Brown how she felt about her performance – to which Nina, out of nowhere, accuses Shea Couleé, among other girls, of talking smack about her. Of course, being Nina’s biggest and kindest champion in this group, Shea is rightfully furious and tears her. the fuck. apart.


“I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you, how dare you?!”

Just as amazing as Shea’s wrath in this moment are the numerous reaction shots around the room throughout the conversation. Here’s a selection of them for your entertainment.


Exhibit A: Sasha Velour’s incredibly dramatic huffy pose.


Exhibit B: Alexis Michelle slowly taking out her earphones to better listen to the ongoing drama.


And last but not least, Exhibit C: Trinity Taylor taking absolute advantage of this moment to completely steal the show.

Back on the main stage, Peppermint is the winner of the week’s challenge!


Yas. Bitch. Werk.

Trinity Taylor scores low this week, but the bottom two are our resident bitter drinking partners, Farrah Moan and Alexis Michelle. The two of them lip-sync to Baby I’m Burnin’ by Dolly Parton and they both do a pretty damn good job.


I didn’t know Glinda and Elphaba were such good lip-syncers.

Alexis Michelle pulls a running split that almost tears the stage (and her midsection) apart and that, along with her superior track record, gets her to stay. Farrah Moan is this week’s eliminated queen.

Farrah, you were a fabulous, fishy queen with some killer lewks. But the rest of you needed a little more practice to do well in this competition. Best of luck to you, mawma. I will miss your over-the-top whining most of all.

Time for the weekly rundown, girl!

Shea Couleé – As always, Ms. Couleé rules the school and is never even close to landing in the bottom. Plus, her takedown of paranoid Nina in Untucked was a spectacular display of force and badassery.

Sasha Velour – Poor Sasha keeps getting this close to winning challenges but always loses to someone who’s a tiny bit better. However, unlike Thorgy Thor, to whom this happened last season, she hasn’t let it get to her and remains a driven and optimistic contestant in the competition.

Valentina – Valentina showed a different side to her this week, but it wasn’t enough to get her in the top. Still, she remains extremely enjoyable and fun to listen to (and look at).

Trinity Taylor – Trinity didn’t do well this week, but despite her ups and downs in the competition, I sometimes find myself thinking she’s almost more deserving of the crown than Shea Couleé – just because she has more of a brand than Shea, who’s excellent at everything but is sometimes a bit lacking in the “uniqueness” department. Sue me.

Peppermint – I was ready to write off Peppermint as a very lackluster middle-of-the-pack contestant, but she emerged victorious this week, proving me completely wrong. Peppermint may yet have more to show after all.

Nina Bo’nina Brown – Nina officially succeeded in chasing off her most adamant supporter and friend this week. At this point, it’s clear she won’t last much longer – she has some pretty serious issues and needs to take care of them, stat. A drag competition can wait.

Alexis Michelle – Alexis dropped the ball this week, but I’m glad she won the lip-sync – I’m not ready to say goodbye to her yet. While her looks are never great, she’s very entertaining and makes for excellent TV, and I hope she lasts a couple more episodes at least.

This is it, guys – we’re now down to half the number of contestants the season started with, and every one of them has won a challenge and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The real competition begins next week – and I am on the very edge of my seat. See y’all then, ladies and gents!

Like this:


Sours: https://maxiweinstein.com/2017/05/14/rupauls-drag-race-season-9-episode-8-recap-michelle-vis-ouch/
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RuPaul's Drag Race recap: 'RuPaul Roast'

Well, hello racers! Let me start my engine this week by mentioning Shea Couleé, the little queen that could. I loved how she started the competition (hot dog anyone?), but then I kind of lost her in the crowd. However, she has been consistently good and is now ready to rise to the top. Good timing — she could win this thing.

On the flip side, I have to say I was a tad surprised that Nina Bo’nina Brown managed to stay in the game after that rather tame lip synch, but I’m glad she did. I was thrilled to see the book-mobile pull up to the work room for the reading mini-challenge. Yes my dears, reading is fundamental. And while I didn’t think this would be Valentina’s strong suit, she did her homework, and as usual, she slayed. I also liked Trinity. A lot.

And then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, we learned Michelle Visage is being roasted — Christmas came early! I had my popcorn ready. (Now here’s a little inside scoop, I happen to adore Michelle and she has never looked more gorge than in this episode!)

Now, roasting someone is not easy. Especially when the person you’re going to roast will help decide if you go home only two seconds later. But kweens! Have you not watched the show before? Relax. Michelle can take it. She gets it. And like she said herself, it’s a roast. Go hard or go home. Which is exactly how I feel… about shopping.

This week’s makeup application, our “the more you know moment,” became about LGBT oppression in Russia. Again, a smart and thoughtful discussion of issues that affect our community, but this time, on a global scale. The heinous acts of oppression happening today in Chechnya resonate more than ever. Take a moment to learn more about this truly horrific situation and how you can help.

Now, back to the roast. Shea continues to slay. Did I mention that I think she could win the whole shebang? Oh yes, I just did. Sasha Velour, you are smart and funny. And shockingly, this was not Trinity’s medium. I’m not sure what happened with her, other than just sheer nerves. And Farrah’s going home. Immediately.

The razzie for the most ‘unhappy ending ever’ goes to Alexis Michelle. I adore Michelle, and I’m not sure what happened. That Elpheba-green get-up (perhaps an homage to Michelle’s love of Broadway) and her jokes did not fly, making me very nervous that she would sashay away.

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul — as host, mentor, and creative inspiration — decides who's in and who's out.

stream service
Sours: https://ew.com/recap/rupauls-drag-race-recap-season-9-episode-8/
UNTUCKED: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Episode 9 \

RuPaul's Drag Race (season 9)

Season of television series

The ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race began airing on March 24, 2017, on VH1. The returning judges included RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews and Carson Kressley. Fourteen drag queens (including one returnee) competed for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar". The prizes for the winner are a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, a cash prize of $100,000, and a crown and scepter provided by Shandar. The full list of contestants was revealed on February 2, 2017.[1] This season saw the return of season eight contestant Cynthia Lee Fontaine, who finished the competition in 10th place.

The winner of the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race was Sasha Velour, with Peppermint being the runner-up and Valentina winning Miss Congeniality.

Winner of the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Sasha Velour.


See also: List of RuPaul's Drag Race contestants

Ages, names, and cities stated are at time of filming.

Sasha Velour29 Brooklyn, New YorkWinner
Peppermint[a]37 New York City, New YorkRunner-up
Shea Couleé27 Chicago, Illinois3rd/4th Place
Trinity Taylor[b]31 Orlando, Florida
Alexis Michelle32 New York City, New York 5th Place
Nina Bo'nina Brown34 Riverdale, Georgia6th Place
Valentina25 Echo Park, California7th Place[c]
Farrah Moan23 Las Vegas, Nevada8th Place
Aja22 Brooklyn, New York 9th Place
Cynthia Lee Fontaine[d]35 Austin, Texas10th Place
Eureka[e]25 Johnson City, Tennessee11th Place[f]
Charlie Hides[3]52 Boston, Massachusetts[g]12th Place
Kimora Blac27 Las Vegas, Nevada 13th Place
Jaymes Mansfield26 Milwaukee, Wisconsin14th Place
  1. ^Miss Peppermint is simply referred to as Peppermint
  2. ^Trinity 'The Tuck' Taylor is simply referred to as Trinity Taylor on this season.
  3. ^Valentina was voted Miss Congeniality.
  4. ^Cynthia originally competed on the eighth season before returning to compete this season.
  5. ^Eureka O'Hara is simply known as Eureka on the show[1][2]
  6. ^Eureka was removed from the competition due to the knee injury she sustained in the second episode.
  7. ^Charlie Hides is listed as being from both Boston, Massachusetts and London, United Kingdom on the show

Contestant progress[edit]


  Sasha Velour won RuPaul's Drag Race.

  Peppermint was the runner-up.

  Valentina was voted Miss Congeniality (Miss C) by viewers.

  WIN indicates the contestant won the challenge in that episode.

  SAFE indicates that the contestant was declared safe by the judges in that episode.

  BTM (Bottom) indicates that the contestant had to lip sync in that episode.

  ELIM (Eliminated) indicates that the contestant was eliminated in that episode.

  WDR (Withdraw) indicates that Eureka was removed from the competition in that episode.

  Guest indicates that the contestant returned as a guest in that episode.

Contestant Episode
Cynthia Lee FontaineSAFE SAFE SAFE BTMELIMGuest Guest
Charlie Hides SAFE SAFE SAFE ELIMGuest Guest
Kimora Blac SAFE BTMELIMGuest Guest
Jaymes Mansfield SAFE ELIMGuest Guest
  1. ^Cynthia Lee Fontaine entered the competition at the beginning of Episode 2.
  2. ^After an injury, Eureka was removed from the competition.

Lip syncs[edit]

  The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom two.
  The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom two.
  The contestant was eliminated after their third time in the bottom two.
  The contestant was eliminated after the first round of the finale lip-sync tournament.
  The contestant was eliminated after the second round of the finale lip-sync tournament.

Guest judges[edit]

Listed in chronological order:[18][19]

  • Lady Gaga, singer, songwriter, and actress
  • The B-52's, new wave band
  • Todrick Hall, actor and singer
  • Cheyenne Jackson, actor and singer
  • Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, actor and model
  • Naya Rivera, actress and singer
  • Meghan Trainor, singer and songwriter
  • Candis Cayne, actress
  • Denis O'Hare, actor
  • Jennie Garth, actress
  • Tori Spelling, actress and television personality
  • Fortune Feimster, writer, comedian, and actress
  • Tamar Braxton, singer and television personality
  • Lisa Robertson, television personality and former QVC host
  • Noah Galvin, actor
  • Kesha, singer and songwriter
  • Zaldy, Emmy-winning fashion designer
  • Andie MacDowell, actress
  • Joan Smalls, fashion model

Special guests[edit]

Guests who appeared in episodes, but did not judge on the main stage.

Episode 2:

Episode 12:

  • Todrick Hall, actor and singer


See also: List of RuPaul's Drag Race episodes


Future appearances[edit]

Aja competed on the third season of All Stars and placed 7th overall.[34]

Eureka O'Hara returned on the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race and ultimately placed as a runner-up.[35]

Trinity Taylor, Valentina, and Farrah Moan competed on the fourth season of All Stars. Farrah placed 9th and Valentina placed 7th overall. Trinity won the competition with season 10 contestant Monét X Change.[36]

Shea Couleé competed on the fifth season of All Stars and won the competition.[37]

Eureka O'Hara competed on the sixth season of All Stars and finished as a runner-up alongside season 7 contestant Ginger Minj and season 11 contestant Ra'Jah O'Hara.

RuPaul's Drag Race[edit]


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