Cool plant shelves

Cool plant shelves DEFAULT

1Orange Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand


A bright pop of orange will look great with all those lush green leaves.

2Yellow Plant Stand Side Table


This plant stand doubles as a side table — and if bold color isn't your thing, it also comes in white.

3Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Plant Stand


This ladder plant shelf can work inside and outdoors to display multiple plants. 

4Triple Pot Plant Stand Set


If you only have room for some small plants, this tiny triple stand is perfect for you.

5Decorative Rattan Plant Stand

6Turquoise Metal Plant Stand


You can also get this geometric framed plant stand in yellow and black, but this turquoise blue is quite the stunner.

73-Piece Modern Plant Stand Set


For something that feels more modern, this set of three rectangular plant stands will do the trick.

8Bronze Pedestal Plant Stand


The '60s silhouette and vintage bronze finish make this stand feel super cool and luxurious. 

9Multi-Tiered Plant Stand


Display multiple plants on this light, airy, decorative-but-not-too-much tiered plant stand.

10Mid-Century Plant Stand


Try to tell me these blocky, mid-century plant stands aren't super chic. 

11Gold And Ceramic Plant Stand


And for something simple that still feels a little fancy, this gold plant stand with a ceramic planter is just what you need.

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1Vesta Marble Sculpture Pedestal Large

$249 AT CB2

Display your plants like a work of art on this stone pedestal.

2EMSCO Group Greek Column Statue


Showcase your plants with a little postmodern flair. 

3Wooden Plant Stand


This hand-carved plant stand will make even the most basic of plants feel special. 

4Contemporary Marble Pedestal Accent Table Brass - Olivia & May


Sleek and contemporary, this brass and marble stand adds glamour to your greenery. 

5Fluorescent Blue Acrylic Pedestal

6Barret Side Table, Clear


This plant stands pulls double duty with a storage shelf built in, great for small spaces. 

7Set of 2 Terracotta Pedestals, Hand Sculpted, Rooms

$19,736 AT 1STDIBS

While these may cost a kidney, your plants will definitely feel more luxe living on these plinths.

8Ancient Roman Ionic Column Cement Air Planter


This adorable miniature pedestal, with air plant included, is perfect for a desktop or windowsill. 

9Ginori Italian Renaissance Style Majolica Pedestal, Provenance Celine Dion

10Marble Pedestal, Italian, 1960s

$1,422 AT 1STDIBS

Clean and sleek, this marble stand will elevate your greenery in the chicest of ways.

11Handcrafted & Stylish Mid-Century Modern Rattan Pedestal / Plant Stand / Column

$1,224 AT 1STDIBS

This midcentury rattan pedestal will blend in with any bohemian decor.

12Chairish Artist Collective


With a built-in planter, this wicker stand pulls double duty.

13Brushed Brass Bette 3 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set


This trio of gold pedestals will encourage you to buy more plants just to fill their surfaces.

14Bunny Williams Trescot Pedestal


Adding pedestals to your indoor garden gives the space more visual interest—just trust garden expert and designer extraordinaire Bunny Williams, who designed these stands, which can be used outdoors, too. 

1519th Century Carved Mahogany Plant Stands—a Pair


These hand-carved vintage stands are etched with leaves, perfectly coordinating with the plants they’ll hold.

16Concrete Column Plant Stand


This stand from Terrain is a more streamlined take on traditional garden planters.

17Pair Large White Louis XVI Pedestals

$9,600 AT 1STDIBS

Flank an entry or doorway with these perfectly paired plant pedestals.

18Robert Kleinschmidt I-Beam Display Pedestal

$6,500 AT 1STDIBS

This  simple plant stand elevates your greenery without taking up too much visual space, perfect for those of us with more minimalist sensibilities.

19Brass Clad Octagon Shape Mid-Century Modern Pedestal

$1,600 AT 1STDIBS

Showcase your plants in all the glitz and glamour they deserve with this gilded geometric stand.

20Fusto Ink Pedestal


Made from concrete, this architectural plant stand is durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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20 DIY Indoor Plant Shelves Ideas that You’d Definitely Want!

Here are the most creative and unique DIY Indoor Plant Shelves Ideasthat you will definitely want to copy to show off your favorite houseplants!

If you love plants, then you must know how to display them properly! Here are the best DIY Indoor Plant Shelves Ideas that you can use to show them off in a limited space!

Hereare the cute and small plants you can grow indoors

DIY Indoor Plant Shelves Ideas

1. Modern Plant Shelf

This smart and modern-looking plant shelf can be made easily using common wooden boards. Details are here.

2. Hanging Plant Shelf

This hanging plant shelf is easy to make and great for growing herbs and other small plants.

3. Ladder Plant Stand

This Ladder Plant Stand is a perfect example of utilizing a small place to the fullest to grow multiple plants together.

4. Easy DIY Plant Shelf

All you need is a wooden plank and metal supports for this DIY.

5. Wooden Floor Stand

Keep your pots arranged on this nifty plant stand that’s also quite easy to make!

6. Plant Cart with Wheels!

This ready-made cart is great for growing herbs and other plants as you can move them to sunlight accordingly with ease.

7. Plant Shelf with Wood Slices

Three large wood slices, small-angle brackets, copper spray paint, and few other supplies are all you need to make this one!

8. Perfect Plant Shelf in White!

Hang shelves in a bright shade of white and grow plants of your choice in matching white planters! Details are here.

9. Indoor Plant Wall

You can make this gorgeous-looking indoor plant wall with ease with the help of this DIY.

10. Wall Mounted Plant Shelves

These wall-mounted individual plant shelves are great for displaying small plants and flowers.

11. Plant Shelves in Line

These indoor plant shelves give you a great option to grow multiple plants by a window.

12. Giant Wooden Peg Board

A sheet of plywood and pegboard, along with some other supplies, are all you need to make this one.

13. Hexagon Honeycomb Shelves Made With Popsicle Sticks

Yes! You read that right! The shelf is made using popsicle sticks. Read all the details here.

14. Easy Rope Shelf

This rope shelf is straightforward to make, and you can also involve your kids in this project.

15. Floating Corner Shelves

These floating shelves are a great option to save space where you can keep pots, faux flowers, and books on them.

16. Pegboard Living Plant Wall


Get Wooden Pegboard Kits and paint them in your favorite shade to grow plants in style!

17. Floating Window Plant Shelf

This floating shelf on the window is perfect for growing sun-loving plants and herbs in a limited space.

18. Wooden Wall Planter

You can use a pre-made wooden pallet to save time doing this project, which looks super on any wall!

19. Mini Floating Shelves

These dark-colored mini floating shelves are great to put pots, books, paintings, and vases.

20. Compact Ladder Plant Stand

This space-saving compact plant ladder stand will look amazing with small and trailing plants!

DIY Plant Stand

101 Best Plant Stands for Indoors and Outdoors in 2021

The perfect plant stand is a sort of Holy Grail that has harried interior designers and homeowners for decades now. Sure, everyone loves a nice, big colorful garden, but what about those plants you’re keeping indoors?

What do you use to house them in and more importantly, on what do you place the pots?

Why, a plant stand, of course! And while this may seem like an easy enough task, it’s trickier than it sounds.

After all, you want something that will go with the room’s style and that will stand out enough (though not too much, so that it doesn’t rob the plants themselves of attention).

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of great ideas for plant stands that you can use outdoors or indoors. But first…

Why Use Plant Stands?

Each plant is special. For the dedicated gardener who spends hours caring for his plants, each and every one of them is a reason to be proud.

A plant stand helps you showcase your plants and with that, the beauty and joy they bring you every day.

When you have something you’ve cultivated from seeds, watched them sprout and grow vibrant green leaves and delicate flowers, it’s natural to want to put them on display.

After all the hours you spend caring, pruning, watering, and arranging those plants, why shouldn’t they get the attention they deserve?

Important: The right plants stand can actually compliment the space it’s set in and “vibe” with the rest of the space. Also, plant stands make plants easier to reach, so that you can better care for them.

Alternatively, you can opt for a hanging plant stand if you are low on ground space. This way, you can still have plants even if you technically don’t have the space for them.

See, there’s a myriad of reasons why you should have at least one plant stand in your home.

And if you want another reason—plant stands are gorgeous. The best ones, at least.

Best Pot Planter Stands Ideas

So we’ve given you quite a good idea why you might want to get yourself a plant stand (or ten), but you might be a little stumped for ideas.

It can be tricky, particularly if you’re not big on the whole decorating thing. Good news–we are here to help.

Plant Stands Indoor Ideas

First, let’s start by looking at some of the best ideas of what you can have indoors. Obviously, these will relate more closely to notions such as color arrangement, space, furniture size, etc.

1. Small Copper Plant Stand

This black little gem is ideal if you’re low on space (think studio or apartment) but want to add a dash of nature. It’s great ‘cause the black goes with plants of any color and, luckily for you, that’s also true for furniture!

2. Gold Planter with Metal Plant Stand

Here to add a touch of royalty to your space, this gold plant stand is a little trickier to fit into your room.

Tip: This one would go well with minimalistic, black and white (or in any case, dark shades), but would be completely drowned out in a room furnished with bright colors.

3. Tiered Plant Stand

This simplistic style stand is ideal for a corner, particularly a well-lit one, and goes well with smaller, bush-style plants. Bigger plants wouldn’t be a good fit, as they would “drown out” their smaller neighbors.

4.Minimalist Modern Metal Plant Stand

They weren’t kidding when they said minimalist! This simple style stand goes well with practically any decor. Be it a completely black room or a colorful artist’s studio, you can’t go wrong with this metal gem.

5. Black Metal Plant Stand

While pretty, this plant stand risks being a tad too simplistic, if you know what we mean. Ideally, combine it either with a brightly colored room or at the very least, a colorful plant to add some life!

6. Tall Copper Plant Stand

This copper stand is a tricky, albeit gorgeous, piece to accommodate. In the wrong setting, it can seem tacky, which is why we suggest going with a white decorum/pot/background (as in the picture) to avoid that effect.

7. Triangle Rustic Plant Stand Pedestal

A delightful stand that will prop up your plants in just the right way for them to get noticed. This stand works well on shelves, coffee tables, as well as directly on the floor—but only in minimalistic-style rooms.

Tip: These are great for Aloe Vera and most other house plants.

8. Stylish Leather Hanging Plant Stand

No space for a plant stand? No sweat, we’ve got you covered airborne style as well.

This leather hanging stand kinda makes it look like one of those old-school shoulder-bags. Both a blast from the past and a piece of decoration from the future!

9. Hanging Plant Stand

This wooden stand looks just like a swing, doesn’t it? It also doubles as a makeshift table to display your gorgeous smaller pots (never put a big, hefty plant pot on this!).

10. Geometric Modern Plant Stand

You don’t have to be an ace in math to see that this subtle, beautiful plant stand is the perfect piece for your home. If you tend toward angular furniture, then these simple stands are for you!

11. Black Metal Plant Stand

Don’t want to make a major thing out of your plants? No worries. These discreet metal stands will give your house plants the support they deserve without taking up too much space (or focus!).

12. Brass Vintage Roller Plant Stand

A subtle, yet shiny brass stand to complement both dark and light-colored plant pots in your house. This stand is a little tricky to match with furniture, so use it in hallways or rooms with either white or brown-ish furniture.

13. Corner Black Metal Plant Stand

Don’t be fooled by its name, because this leaf-themed beauty doesn’t go well just in corners but pretty much anywhere. Here’s a tip, though: you may want to align it with a coffee house of some shelves of a similar height.

14. Chicken Legs Metal Plant Stand

A fun idea for those of you who love farming, but also an excellent conversation starter at your next house party! These chicken plant stands give a whole new meaning to “lively plants”.

15. Vintage Wicker Mini Peacock Plant Stand

Kinda reminds you of the wicker chair Grandma used to sit in on the back porch, doesn’t it? Needless to say, this vintage beauty goes well with… wicker furniture, but also with minimalistic monochrome rooms.

16. Cast Iron Plant Stand

A subtle, grate-like stand, this piece shouldn’t be used on a wooden surface. However, it would look fantastic on a tiled floor—both inside and out on the patio!

17. Hairpin Metal Plant Stand

Any hair-obsessed ladies out there will tell you a hairpin is never a bad choice, and the same goes for this gorgeous plant stand.

A minimalist design to add a splotch of light to your room, and perfect for corners!

18. Desktop Mini Bicycle Plant Stand

Love cycling? Then this tiny stand is the perfect choice for you. A sleek black style that goes well with light-color furniture, this desktop stand also goes well on shelves!

19. Copper Plant Pot Stand with Moroccan Style Tiles

This understated, stair-like plant stand allows you to play with layers, which can be a wonderful way to freshen up an old room and breathe new life into it.

What’s more, the Moroccan style adds a touch of the exotic to your life.

20. Gold Plant Stand

There’s no denying that gold and green is a compelling, timeless combo, which is perhaps what makes this stand so epic.

While this stand is a little tricky to place (it won’t go well in brown/honey or brightly colored rooms), the effort is well worth it, in the end, don’t you think?

21. Spiral Air Plant Stand

You know what we just said about gold and green? Same goes here, especially with that lovely rose tint. Even better, these inexpensive stands add a touch of excitement to your room and actually work best in brown-base rooms!

Indoor Planter Pots Ideas

So we’ve talked a bit about plant stands on their own, but you must be curious about picking the right pot for the stand, which is exactly what this section is about – both the pot and the stand, already matched for you!

22. Mid Century Ceramic Planter Bowl with Acacia Wood Stand

There is something timeless about this simplistic combo that makes it go well in any setting—from wood tiled floors to glass coffee tables, like in the image. The Acacia wood adds a touch of class to an otherwise surprisingly simple design.

23. Plant Stand with Pot

This is quite similar to the one we just talked about, but the taller stature makes it more difficult to fit. Ideally, plant this one (get it?) in a room with few pieces of furniture, to highlight it.

24. Ceramic Elephant Plant Stand

Okay, we know this one’s not gonna be for everyone, but if you’re looking to furnish a bright, colorful room, this exotic elephant-themed piece may just be the perfect thing for you.

Ideally, try to pair it with a couple of other Oriental decorations and accessories, so that it doesn’t stand out too much.

25. 3D Printed Plant Pot with Characters (2 Options)

If you’re looking for something lively, and ideally, if you live with children, these adorable smiley face pots are the best choice.

Tip: They go well with a myriad of styles and can look great both on a surface and on the floor (the standing up one!).

26. Gold Rimmed Pink Marble Ceramic Vase Planter Pot With Gold Metal Stand

We’re not sayingthis would look great with a bunch of pink roses… But this is the sort of gorgeous planter that would look good regardless of what you put in it! If you want our opinion, use it in light-colored rooms.

27. Two Textured Standing Planters

There’s something wonderfully simple about these metallic planters, something that gives the impression that you’re using a pot you found to keep your plants it, while at the same time making them look incredibly poised.

28. Cubus Plant Stand

This stand is idealif you’re looking to furnish a room filled with angular pieces of furniture.

While the sleek design makes it easy to assort, make sure you don’t try to jam it into a room full of round pieces, otherwise, you’ll have a design disaster on your hands!

Plant Stands for Decks and Patios Ideas

While we did technically mention a patio earlier, here’s where we really get going. In the section, we’ll look at some of the best ideas for decorating your outdoor deck or patio with a little greenery.

29. Butterfly 4-Tier Corner Rack

If you love butterflies (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love this plant rack. Its simple design allows it to blend in well with a white backdrop but also makes it stand out against other colors.

30. Metal Potted Plant Stand

As we’ve already said, metal goes well pretty much anywhere, which means this sleek, simple stand will go well in various outdoor settings.

What’s more, the black won’t show any potential dirt or wear-and-tear that’s bound to come with prolonged exposure to the elements.

31. Helix Wrought Iron Plant Stand

Our favorite thing about this stand is that it skillfully combines both a smaller and a larger pot, creating a beautiful impression of scale and contrast. Put a flowering plant in this one to create a nice color combo.

32. Multi-Tiered Wooden Plant Holder

Okay, we’re no longer playing, this one’s for the real serious plant-lovers out there. The great thing about this holder is that, like we see in the image, it can hold various plant styles and colors and not have them clash!

33. Iron Plant Stand with Wheels

A wonderfully versatile piece as it’s got basically no color (so no risk of clashing), and can hold any pot style. It’s also good because it can be easily moved around, in case you want to re-do your patio!

Tip: This one’s a real heavy-duty trooper, so don’t be afraid to put bigger plants on it.

Outdoor Planter Stands Ideas

Sticking to the great outdoors, the plant stands you’ll see below go well both on your patio or deck, but also right on the grass in your backyard, or if you like, even in the driveway.

34. Vertical Cedar Ladder Planter

This ladder-themed plant stand is ideal if you’d like to house multiple flower beds. It’s great because it’s got space for a lot of earth so that your plants can root properly.

Thanks to the stair design, you can do as many plant styles as you like.

35. A-Frame Plant Stand

This beautiful stand for plants is great to keep smaller potted plants in, and super great for display outdoors (though the simplistic wooden design means it goes well indoors as well).

Thing is, it’s weather-resistant, so it’d be a pity not to take advantage of that!

36. Leisure Half-Round Wood Plant Stand

The cool thing about this stand is that you can create a progression—bigger plants on the bottom, then smaller and smaller as this half-round staircase goes up.

37. Stapleton Plant Stand

This sleek, beautiful antique piece goes well with any outdoor furniture, the grate-like design making it universal in many ways.

Ideally, we suggest planting a bright green plant that doesn’t flower on this one, just to create more of a contrast.

38. Malibu Three-Layered Plant Stand

The greatest beauty lies in simplicity, right? That’s true about this multi-layered plant stand. As earlier, this wooden piece is great to house different-sized plants, going from big to small as it goes up.

Garden Planters Ideas

Moving exclusively to the green part of your property, below you’ll find the best, sturdiest (and prettiest!) planters to put directly out on the grass.

They’re great if you want your potted plants to enjoy some of that delectable sunlight.

39. Square Iron Cast Plant Stand Set

You know what makes this plant stand set so beautiful? The care and skill with which the iron was crafted, which is both subtle and elegant in just the right away to adorn your garden with any and every type of plant!

40. Corner Wood Plant Stand

In spite of the name, this lovely wooden piece will look great just about anywhere in your garden. The tall structure means that you really should pair it with a small pot and plant, just to balance it out.

41. Metal Tiered Corner Plant Stand

This is like a plant emporium—expect to find anything from succulents to gardenias on this highly versatile and expansive plant stand!

What’s great is that the structure is super stable and can be placed even on uneven ground!

42. Wrought Iron Potted Stander Flower Pot

This plant stand gives the impression of motion through its design similar to wheels. The layers also serve to add extra depth and allow you to showcase plants of different heights without having them clash.

43. Victorian Kettle Plant Stand

This gorgeous, vintage piece of decorum goes well with older furniture. This is not a design that would go well in a minimalist setting, but ideal to give extra focus to one particular plant in your garden.

44. Vintage Wrought Iron Planter

This one’s a little tricky because the design allows the earth to seep through the bottom, which is a little counter-intuitive.

It’s also why we suggest you place this directly on the grass so as not to make a mess!

45. Garden Wooden Box Planter

You know how sometimes you’re planting flowers in the garden and can’t help but think it’s a bit…well, dull?

We’ve got the solution—this raised wooden box planter helps draw attention to your beautiful flowerbed.

46. Macramé Garden Hanging Plant Stand

You don’t have to be in love with macramé to see that this elegant hanging stand brings light to any space.

The macramé filters the light so that you can use this stand in any outdoor color scheme. It’s lightweight sturdy enough to provide support to your plant pots.

47. French Vintage Style Metal Planter

Okay, granted that this planter is a bit on the fancy side. But that doesn’t mean you need a fancy, vintage-style garden to fit this gorgeous stand.

On the contrary, its simple elegance allows it to blend well in any and every background.

48. Hanging Bamboo Planter

This simple, elongated planter is tricky to house because only certain plants can flourish inside its complex shape. However, once you find the right plant for it, this beauty will liven up any exterior wall.

Wooden Plant Stands Ideas

There are countless types of wooden plant stands on the market and you’ll probably have a hard time choosing one.

What you need to consider is how many plants you can fit on any particular stand and how well they would go together.

Another important factor is if they are suitable for the style your house is decorated in or if they fit in with the landscaping design of your garden.

49. Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

A large stand is an excellent choice if you want to put on display plants of a similar type so they don’t clash with each other.

You wouldn’t want one that stands out taking the spotlight, while the others are ignored, right?

50. Mid-Century Plant Stand

On the contrary, if you want to put the spotlight on the latest addition to your collection, give it a place of its own.

Tip: Set it against a stark white wall and make sure to give it ample space. Don’t squeeze it in between the couch and the side table or it will be wasted.

50. Oak Plant Stand

Naked wood is a color that goes well if your house is decorated in a modern style. The simplicity of such a plant stand makes it the perfect choice for a lush plant with big green leaves and flowers.

The stand only has a functional role and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

52. Bamboo 6 Tier 7 Potted Plant Stand

When there are so many plants that deserve a place in your house, a stand with multiple tiers allows you to create a vertical garden of sorts. A great solution for limited space.

While the pots can vary in size and shape make sure their colors don’t clash.


Shelves cool plant

No doubt you’ve hopped on the “more is more” plant trend by now, filling every living room shelf or deck ledge with potted greenery. But if you really want to make a statement in your space with your ficus, succulents, or mini palms, a plant stand—or several placed in a tight arrangement—is the way to go. Mixing it up with stands of different styles and heights is how to create a look that's polished and doesn't feel too generic, sort of like creating an accent wall. We're rounded up our favorite options available in the market, so read on for our top recommendations.

What to Consider

Shopping for plant stands is a pleasure, as they’re a lovely home accent, and choosing the best option for you is largely based on personal taste, your amount of space, and the size of the plant. The most important thing to look out for is whether the plant stand is intended for indoor or outdoor use (or both). Plant stands are generally made of metal—outdoor pieces are often powder-coated to prevent rust—or wood, sometimes treated to resist moisture. Beyond that, there’s a wide variety of sizes and styles, from midcentury-modern to contemporary to traditional.

How We Chose

All of the plant stands below have at least four stars, and the majority of the ones we feature are given average ratings of 4.5 stars and up. As mentioned above, we cover a range of styles and sizes, and offer plant stands spanning multiple price points. Our picks range from about $35 to just over $100, with plenty of options in between.

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The Midcentury Modern Stand

Fox & Fern Plant Stand
Fox &



This classic midcentury-modern-inspired plant stand recollects the iconic clean lines of the era’s furniture and decor. It’s made of solid wood with handsome grain, and the pot can be positioned at two different heights by flipping the stand over. 

The planter gets rave reviews, with an impressive average 4.9 stars from more than 200 customers. It’s available in multiple sizes and finishes, including a light bamboo and solid dark walnut, along with the acacia option shown, plus it comes in a set of three. 


The Traditional Stand

Achla Wrought Iron Plant Stand


For something more traditional, this elegant hand-forged wrought iron plant stand can be used indoors or out, with a graphite powder-coated finish to prevent rust. It features attractive scrollwork on top and legs that are slightly flared at the base to complete the look. The plant stand holds pots up to 12 inches wide and the stand is 14 inches high. It’s another customer favorite, with an average 4.8 stars from more than 400 reviewers.


The Boho-Chic Stand

Kouboo Rattan Plant Stand



This on-trend plant stand is handcrafted from natural grown rattan, and while it’s available in multiple sizes, the 28-inch-high option that’s shown is your best bet for giving greenery presence in your living space. The plant stand holds a 10-inch-wide pot and the basket is 12 inches tall, so plan ahead if you want to give your new rubber plant a home. Also, keep in mind that it’s for indoor use only and you should remove the plant for watering. 


The Modern Trio

Mercury Row Plant Stand



If you’re in the market for a chic plant stand, look no further than this attractive option from Mercury Row. The black and gold combo that’s shown has Hollywood glam vibes, but other finishes—such as the all-silver or all-white—is strictly modern in style. 

The metal plant stand is 2.5 feet high, with raised edges to catch excess water runoff and rubber feet for stability. The only catch is that each stand can only accommodate 10 pounds, so it's ideal for small succulents rather than larger potted plants.  


The Contemporary Set

Ebern Designs Plant Stands



These plant stands work well with a range of decor, and can be used indoors or out. The removable planters are metal, as are the sturdy stands, which have a black weather-resistant powder-coated finish. The large stand is roughly 2.5 feet high and can hold a 12-inch-wide pot, and its smaller counterpart is about 2 feet tall and can accommodate an 8-inch-wide pot. The set is also a great value, priced at $60 at the time of this writing.


Industrial Duo

Williston Forge Plant Stand



This eye-catching plant stand duo features galvanized metal tray tables set on distress black tubular frames for an edgy, industrial look. The larger stand has a 17-inch-wide tray and is just under 2 feet high, and the narrower stand is roughly 5 inches shorter with a 13-inch-wide tray. While the plant stands are intended for indoor use, you can use them on a covered porch or pergola—as long as they’re kept out of the rain. 


French Country

Fleur De Lis Living Plant Stand
Fleur De Lis



For something with charming country flair, this wrought-iron plant stand will showcase four of your favorite plants on its shelves. The piece is accented with decorative scrollwork, with metal fashioned in hearts and whimsical curves. The plant stand features a weather-resistant black powder-coated finish and stands just over 3 feet high. Each shelf has grilles to promote airflow beneath pots and is roughly 9 inches wide and deep. 


Cozy Farmhouse

Charlton Home Wood Plant Stand



This solid acacia wood plant stand has a cozy farmhouse style but also works well paired with contemporary decor. It’s finished in dark charcoal gray (it appears more brown in photos) and folds up flat for storage. 

It’s made for indoor-outdoor use and stands roughly 3 feet high, with three wide, slatted shelves that have raised edges. You can load them up with plants, too, as the stand has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds. Customers give it high marks, with an average 4.8 stars from more than 300 reviewers.  

9Magshion 4-Tier Plant Stand



If you lack square footage but have a collection of plants you want to display, this plant stand is an excellent choice. Made of bamboo with a warm, honey-colored finish, the stand is nearly 4 feet high but takes up less floor space than a coffee table book, featuring four tiers and angled legs. 

While bamboo is naturally water-resistant to some degree, the stand is intended for indoor use only. It also has a 20-pound capacity, so it’s best to choose a medium-sized pot for the base and fill the upper shelves with tight groupings of smaller plants, like succulents. 


For Large Rooms

cfmour Plant Stand


This large, stunning open-shelf plant stand will serve as a centerpiece for your living room or patio, made for indoor-outdoor use. Crafted of solid wood with a distressed finish, the piece has a maximum capacity of 150 pounds and features hard plastic connectors at the corners to add stability and feet to prevent the bottom from molding. 

To style it, add plants with long vines at the top and fill the shelves with a mix of pot sizes to create visual interest. More than 500 reviewers give the piece an average 4.7 stars.

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20 Awesome Plant Stand Ideas

So if you spend any time on instagram and you love plants, you’ve probably become really familiar with the #plantshelfie, right? And even if you haven’t, every good plant parent needs awesome indoor plant shelf ideas to show off their plant babies! So we are sharing our very own plant shelf ideas, along with some from our favorite plant Instagram accounts. Because we all love our plants, so let’s show them off! And none of us mind if you steal our best ideas, promise. And at the bottom of the post we’ll share, where to buy indoor plants online.



Awesome Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas

So these first few plant shelf ideas are from our very own home. We love our plants so much that they truly have become part of our family, like pets! And we use them in our decor, because what is better than a living plant in any, and every room! And if one is good… well at the moment, we have over 50 indoor plants in a 700 square foot condo. Yep, we have a problem. 😉 And we’re totally ok with that.



Ikea Plant Shelf Ideas

We used an Ikea Expedit bookcase and turned it 90 degrees away from the wall to allow light in from both sides. Then we used it to display some of our fav houseplants! This Ikea plant shelf idea also makes a major design impact… When you open the front door of our small condo, the first thing you see is this plant shelf, filtering the light and the view, and filled with bright, healthy green plants! Remember the trick about turning the shelf away from the wall… it allows so much more light to reach the plants, resulting in happier, healthier and prettier plant pets!


Wondering what these plants are?  From left to right, starting at the top…

  • Top of plant shelf – Pothos, baby Boston fern, heart leaf Philodendron
  • Second Row- English ivy, maidenhair fern, Tillandsia. (Air plant)
  • Third row- Tillandsia , Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant)
  • Fourth row – Pothos, prayer plant
  • Bottom Row – Rhipsalis, Schefflera (umbrella plant)

Find out where to buy these plants at the bottom of the post!


We made a floating plant shelf from the ones you can buy at Ikea for less than $10. Make sure you anchor it into the wall though, plants can be very heavy, especially when they are freshly watered. Here we have a spiderwort, prayer plant, a snake plant and a pothos. There is a small air plant sitting on the shelf as well, along with a glass vase I use to propagate cuttings. You can find similar shelves to make your own floating plant shelf here at Amazon.


DIY Plant Shelf Ideas from Instagram


Easy Window Plant Shelf Idea

This window plant shelf is super simple… If you don’t already have a wide window sill to place your plants on, have a board cut to fit the sill and attach with small nails. Make sure it is at least six inches wide if you plan on displaying larger plants there, like shown here! Throw in a cool corner shelf, and a couple of minimal plants stands, and you have a perfect plant display!


Cool Plant Stand

Another option is to just buy a really cool plant stand that adds to your decor, like this round stand @helloplantlover shared. These plant shelves hold all terra cotta pots, which really helps to make the display look “pulled together”. No, the clear glass vases don’t count. These are guidelines my friends, not rules. 🙂


Indoor Plant Display Idea

Another window plant shelf idea that is pretty self explanatory. Would love to get my hands on that variegated Monstera though!


NOT a Plant Shelf

So, this is NOT a plant shelf, but we couldn’t help including it. I mean, those plants!


Plant Wall Shelf

So Justina Blakely from ‘Jungalow’ helped to start the indoor plant craze. This plant wall shelf is so easy, and you can get this type of shelving at any home improvement store. This is cool because you can adjust the height of the shelves to match the height of the plants you want to display. Also, the gold supports? Pretty! I’m thinking a can of copper spray paint might be another cool way to go…


Floating Plant Shelf Idea

We are in love with this floating plant shelf idea because it isn’t just plants. As much as we love our little green flora babies, we love good design too. Mixing your plants in with other accents is a great way to create a look that accentuates the whole home by sharing your personality too, not just your plants. And if you want to DIY this look, check out our post on DIY Floating Shelves!



DIY Plant Stand Ideas

If you want some place to put your plants that has character, then consider making your own DIY plant stands. You could use thrift store finds to create the pedestal or column and simple wood rounds from the craft store for the base and top. Screw it all together well, and make sure your base is slightly larger than your top, for balance. Old lamp bases or stair balusters are great ideas for a start.


Hanging DIY Plant Shelves

These floating plant shelves are great, but sometimes you want to get a little more creative, right? Wire storage grids are a great way to hang planters on the wall. Drill holes in the back of your planter pots, then use “S” hooks to hang them on the grid.


Plant Wall

If you have a wall that gets just the right amount of light, you might just want to totally go for it and create an entire plant wall. You can customize it to fit the entire wall by DIY’ing the whole system. Check out our post on DIY Bookshelves for ideas.  We made an outdoor living plant wall over at TGG you might want to check out as well!


Plants on Stairs

Ok, maybe you might want to leave just a little room for the humans in the house, but this is a time honored idea for displaying your plants! Just make sure there is enough light before you line the stairs with every single one of your prized houseplants.


Boho Plant Shelf Ideas

If you love Boho style, (and who doesn’t?), then check out these plant shelf ideas. Rattan coffee tables, vintage desks and macrame will take you a long way towards that Boho look. And if you love Boho as much as we do, check out our Modern Boho Chic Home Reveal for more ideas!


Where To Buy Indoor Plants Online

If you’re wondering where to buy all these incredible plants for your indoor plant shelf or plant stand, look no further. We’ve got a nice list for you below.

The Sill


Costa Farms

Check out our post on Plant Subscription Boxes on our sister site, ‘The Garden Glove’!


Did you get enough plant rack and plant shelf ideas to create your own #plantshelfie? Want more plant love? Check out our posts, 13 Stunning Indoor Vertical Garden Planters, What are Air Plants,  Cool Plant Stand Ideas and Chinese Money Plant Care on our sister site ‘The Garden Glove’! And if you want to grow your own plants, learn how to build a Homemade Greenhouse!


13 Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas You’ll Want To Copy Now!

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