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New for NAMM 2017

The Breedlove Guitars team is excited to attened the 2017 NAMM show in January.  We have a large collection of exciting new models and are eager to share them with the music industry!

Breedlove Offers Concerto Acoustic Guitar Body in New Guitar Models

Comfortable guitar body shape now available in eight models, offering the volume of a dreadnought and complex tonal resonance

Breedlove Guitars announces new guitar models featuring the Breedlove Concerto, a proprietary body shape that delivers a higher level of guitar resonance, volume and intonation. This handcrafted guitar shape was designed to elicit the volume of a classic dreadnought, but with more lush, complex tonal resonance and a comfortable form whether sitting or standing. 

  • The Breedlove Concerto body shape is now available in eight Breedlove acoustic guitar models:
  • Exotic Amazon Concerto E Adirondack Spruce – Brazilian Rosewood
  • Masterclass Brazilian Concerto E Bearclaw Sitka Spruce – Brazilian Rosewood
  • Masterclass Concerto E Adirondack Spruce – Cocobolo
  • Legacy Concerto E Adirondack Spruce – Koa
  • Premier Concerto Copper E Sitka Spruce – East Indian Rosewood
  • Frontier Concerto E Mahogany – Mahogany
  • Oregon Concerto E Sitka Spruce – Myrtlewood
  • Oregon Concerto E Myrtlewood – Myrtlewood

The Breedlove Concerto is crafted from responsibly harvested exotic tonewoods such as myrtlewood, mahogany, indian rosewood, koa, cocobolo, and Brazilian rosewood. The body shape lets each wood sing in a way not heard before, with a design that increases the interior air space and reduces the sound hole size to decrease air resistance.

Each Breedlove Concerto model surpasses the classic big body sound of a dreadnought and features a more pronounced waist, making it more comfortable to hold and play while sitting, and approachable while standing. The thinner Breedlove neck profile also invites more flexibility in finger movement across the fingerboard. Learn more about the concerto body shape.

Breedlove Guitars Unveils the Breedlove Stage Exotic Series:

New concert guitars feature all solid woods and fine details for magical sound and beauty

Breedlove Guitars proudly announces the Breedlove Stage Exotic Series. Including three stage-ready, Concert guitars, the series features all solid exotic woods, LR Baggs Stage Pro workshop-installed electronics, and fine detail throughout each guitar.

Every model in the Stage Exotic Series features the Breedlove Bridge Truss System to deliver rich tone and note-for-note clarity. Exquisite cocobolo, ziricote and myrtlewood exotic wood figures are complemented by stunning attention to detail, including: herringbone purfling, a bound fretboard with Stage diamond inlays, a bound headstock with exotic wood overlays, and gold tuners. Learn more about the Stage Exotic Series.

The Stage Exotic Series models include:

Stage Exotic Concert CE Sitka Spruce – Cocobolo

Exotic cocobolo with sap wood accents and highly figured grain patterns offers a pleasing aesthetic. Cocobolo is in the same family as Brazilian rosewood, yet significantly denser, enabling it to efficiently project bass tones while delivering Breedlove’s famous warm, embellishing tone. Side-mounted electronics and a built-in tuner simplify adjustments while performing. View instrument.

Stage Exotic Concert CE Sitka Spruce – Myrtlewood 

The myrtlewood in this Exotic Concert—sourced on Oregon’s West Coast—delivers Breedlove’s acclaimed balance in tone. Considered the ideal marriage of rosewood, mahogany and maple, myrtlewood is similar in density to mahogany, but with a broader tonal balance in both bass and treble tones. The figure in the all-solid wood back and sides gives each instrument its own unique look and beauty. View instrument.

Stage Exotic Concert CE Sitka Spruce – Ziricote

Ziricote is similar to Brazilian rosewood in density and appearance. Highly figured cross grain patterns give each instrument a unique look. Attention to detail in its design, body shape, bracing pattern and neck profile results in an extraordinary, stage-ready guitar. View instrument.

All Stage Exotic guitars are designed, engineered, and quality-controlled in Bend, Oregon, U.S.A. Each model is fully compliant with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered species) regulations.

The Breedlove Stage Exotic Series is available now starting at Sell Price $999. 

Breedlove Expands Pursuit Exotic Series

Collection includes extraordinary Concert guitars with affordable pricing.

Breedlove Guitars has expanded the Pursuit Exotic Series to include exquisite new tonewood offerings. New models include Sitka – Cocobolo, Sitka – Myrtlewood and Sitka – Koa. They join existing updated Pursuit Exotic models such as Ziricote, Bubinga, Australian Blackwood, Ebony, and more.

The Pursuit Exotic Series features extraordinary sounding and looking concert models at mid-range pricing; each carefully handcrafted with a different exotic tonewood. All guitars in the series feature the Breedlove Bridge Truss System to deliver warm, blossoming notes, a USB output for songwriting and mixing, and side-mounted Fishman electronics controls. Learn more about the Pursuit Exotic Series.

Some of the new models for 2017 include:

Pursuit Exotic Concert E Sitka Spruce – Koa 

Koa is a highly figured wood found in the Hawaiian Islands. First sought for its rich contrasting grain lines, it’s an exceptional tonewood specializing in mid-range projection. The warmth of koa’s tone is matched with solid sitka spruce tops for a well-balanced instrument. View instrument.

Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Sitka Spruce – Myrtlewood 

Myrtlewood grows along Oregon’s Pacific Coast and is Breedlove’s most popular tonewood. It’s the ideal blend of rosewood, mahogany and maple in presenting balance across the tonal spectrum. Sonically, the Pursuit Exotic Concert Sitka – Myrtlewood is one of Breedlove’s best all-around guitars. It’s ideally matched with Sitka spruce for an alive feel and presence. View instrument.

Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Sitka Spruce – Cocobolo 

Cocobolo is the densest tonewood used in any Breedlove instrument. With only 12% moisture content, it sinks in water. As a member of the same family as Brazilian rosewood, cocobolo is exceptional at reflecting bass tones while still delivering a balance of mid-range and higher tones. The solid Sitka top is ideal for driving the music in harmony with the cocobolo back. View instrument.

All Pursuit Exotic Concert guitars are designed, engineered, and quality-controlled in Bend, Oregon, U.S.A. Each model is fully compliant with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered species) regulations.

The Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Series is available now starting at Sell Price $665.


New for 2021: Updates to the Taylor Guitars Line

With another exciting Winter NAMM 2017 Show in the books, we’d like to take a brief moment to recap this year’s show. The Taylor booth was a sight to be seen –full of new acoustic guitar models, a bass guitar, awesome custom guitars, many incredible players and of course the Taylor stage.


The Academy Series

Taylor’s new, full-featured acoustic series was designed to make a great playing experience as inviting and affordable as possible. The series will inspire everyone from beginners to seasoned players looking for a high-quality guitar at a great price. Player-friendly features include a 24-7/8”
scale length and an armrest for enhanced comfort.

Back/Sides: Layered sapele
Top: Solid Sitka spruce (steel-string), Lutz spruce (nylon)
Armrest: Mahogany
Neck: Sapele, patented Taylor design, 1-11/16” nut width (steel-string) or 1-3/4” (nylon)
Fretboard: Genuine ebony
Optional Electronics: Taylor ES-B
Case: Taylor gig bag

• Dreadnought: Academy 10, Academy 10e
• Grand Concert: Academy 12, Academy 12e
• Nylon-string Grand Concert (12-fret):  Academy 12-N, Academy 12e-N

The GS Mini-e Bass

Custom nylon-core strings and Taylor-patented dual-prong bridge pins helped spawn this fun-to-play small-scale acoustic bass. The four-string addition to our popular GS Mini family features the same 23-1/2” scale length. Whether you’re a bass player craving a compact acoustic option or a guitar player who’d love to have one for writing, recording demos, or jamming with friends, this makes an accessible and inspiring bass option.

Back/Sides: Layered Sapele
Top: Solid Sitka spruce
Nut Width: 1-11/16”
Strings: Nylon-core D’Addario Custom Light w/ EXP-coated phosphor bronze wrap wire
Electronics: ES-B
Case: GS Mini Hard Bag

800 Deluxe Series

This ultra-refined rendition of our flagship 800 Series adds to the array of tone-enhancing refinements introduced in 2014 with a trio of high-performance features:

• A new radius-style armrest (rosewood/maple)
• Adirondack spruce bracing
• Gotoh 510 tuners

· 810e DLX
· 812ce 12-Fret DLX
· 814ce DLX

Taylor Artist Performances

Every Winter NAMM Show we bring out a handful of killer Taylor Artists to perform for us (and you)! This year we were lucky to have; Andy Grammer, Brian Collins, Tolan Shaw, Korbee, Smithfield, and Tim & Myles Thompson,  all stopped by to show us what they do best. We captured a few of their songs on video, check them out here.

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The best new guitars of NAMM 2017

Winner: Supro Island and Americana Series

NAMM 2017: As we’ve said many times before, it’s very hard to say what the ‘best’ guitars are - guitarists are a notoriously particular bunch, but we’re confident players of all genres will find something they like among this lot.

Here, we’ve put together a brief round-up of the guitars that will make waves in 2017, whether that’s down to their heritage, forward-thinking or both. We’ll start with this year’s winner from Anaheim: Supro’s Island and Americana Series.

We’d heard rumblings of Supro reviving its guitar line, but we didn’t expect it to be quite so comprehensive or, indeed, keenly priced, with 14 new models spanning RRPs from £649 to £1,199.

The company’s Island and Americana guitars cover a huge range of pickup and vibrato configurations, but what they all have in common is a sharp attention to detail, thanks to input from Supro's Dave Koltai, famed designer Trev Wilkinson, vintage pickup expert Ken Calvet and luthier Glenn Sweetwood.

Since the US brand’s return in 2014, it’s released a rapidly expanding line of amps, pedals and now guitars, all of which provide the perfect example of taking a company forward while staying true to its heritage.

More info: Supro revives guitar line with 14 new electrics

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Fender Exotic Wood 2017 Limited Edition Malaysian Blackwood Telecaster 90

This mash-up of styles comes courtesy of Fender’s 2017 limited-edition Exotic Wood series, which gives traditional designs a tonewood makeover.

We were particularly taken by this take on the Tele, which packs a pair of JP-90 single coils and string-through-body bridge with brass saddles, as well as that distinctive stripe - it makes us think of Fender’s past experiments with ‘Longboard’ designs.

More info: Fender announces 9 limited edition Exotic Collection guitars

Suhr Ian Thornley Signature Classic JM

Ian Thornley is one of our no 1 unsung heroes here at MR, so we were thrilled to see the longtime Suhr player receive a signature version of the company’s new Classic JM.

Featuring a slightly downsized offset alder body, Thornley’s JM is most notable for its HSH pickup configuration (SSV neck humbucker, V70 single coil, SSH+ bridge humbucker), as well as series/parallel switches, which switch each humbucker independently.

LTD Bill Kelliher Sparrowhawk

When the Mastodon guitarist switched from Gibson to ESP, little did we realise he’d produce two signature models in the space of a year, the second of which is the Sparrowhawk you see before you.

It’s a finely equipped rock and metal machine, with a set-through neck construction with 24.75” scale, mahogany body, Tone Pros locking TOM bridge and tailpiece, plus Kelliher’s Lace Sensor Divinator signature pickups.

This Military Green Sunburst Satin-finished bird will cost $1,703 when it swoops in later this year.

More info: ESP reveals a raft of new guitars and basses for 2017

Guild M-240E Troubadour

For 2017, Guild has revived the Troubadour name, and this small-body Sunburst addition is right on trend.

A Sitka spruce top is paired with an arched mahogany back, while a DeArmond ToneBoss humbucking soundhole pickup handles the electro side of things.

Great for amplified rootsy blues playing, this. The M-240E will be $640 on release.

More info: Guild expands acoustic guitar line with 4 new models

Ibanez JEM 30th Anniversary

It’s been three decades since Ibanez first partnered with Steve Vai, and in honour of this momentous anniversary, the company has reissued a trio of JEM models.

Destined to be snapped up by shred fans - after all, those Loch Ness Green, Desert Sun Yellow and Shocking Pink finishes aren’t for everyone - the guitars feature basswood bodies, ‘disappearing pyramid’ inlays and Vai’s signature DiMarzio Evolution pickups.

Engraved neck plates flag these up as limited anniversary editions. MSRP is a very precise $4,666.65.

More info: Ibanez unveils 30th Anniversary JEM777

Martin Custom 1937 D-29 Authentic Aged

Now, this guitar’s $9,999 price tag puts it outside the reach of most, but it’s important for another reason: it’s the first time Martin has implemented an ageing process to an acoustic guitar - like relic’ing on electrics.

A limited run of 50 1937 D-28 Authentics will test the waters for the technology, which each feature an adirondack top with Vintage Tone System, Madagascar rosewood back and sides, plus Authentic 1937 neck.

We’re intrigued to see if the look reaches the mainstream, but for now, it’s a fascinating experiment, expertly executed.

Gibson Johnny A/Joe Bonamassa spruce top

Although its mysterious new solidbody design was conspicuously absent from the stand, Gibson was showcasing a host of new Custom designs, most notably this horny double-cut.

Inspired by (presumably half of) Joe Bonamassa’s 1959 EMS-1235 doubleneck, not to mention Johnny A’s signature model, this spruce-topped electric promises to be lightweight and resonant.

More info: new Gibson Custom and Memphis guitars - in pictures

Taylor Academy Series

Spending time at the Taylor booth is usually a wallet-worrying affair, but this year sees the release of Academy Series acoustics, which capture the vibe of Taylor’s high-end models, but at prices hovering around the £650-£700 mark.

Solid Sitka spruce tops are paired with layered sapele back and sides, Taylor necks, mahogany armrests, matte finishes, plus ES-B electronics and a Taylor gigbag.

Three body shapes are available - the Dreadnought A10e, Grand Concert A12e and nylon-string Grand Concert A12e-N - and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

More info: Taylor launches affordable Academy Series

Boss Strandberg V-Guitar prototype

Strandberg is known for pushing the frontiers of the electric guitar, so it seems natural to pair up with Boss, who is furthering Roland's V-Guitar tech with the partnership.

The electric on show at NAMM is only a prototype, but it currently boasts 25 sounds, including synths and alternate tunings. We can expect the final version later this year.

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