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I never would have pegged myself as a Souls fan a few years back. I don't really dig on sadistic gaming challenges and because my job requires me to be fairly gaming literate, I rarely have time to sink dozens of hours into hard games to learn their intricacies.

So it came as quite the surprise to me when I had a lot of fun with Dark Souls, got more than a little obsessed with Dark Souls 2 and consider Bloodborne to be in the running as my favorite game of the year.

It's especially irritating, considering the enthusiasm of that last sentence, that I have purchased a $20 Bloodborne DLC pack The Old Hunters that I am fairly certain I will never play. As I discovered after I started trying to find the content I had just purchased, the new stuff has been gated in such a way that those who've beat the game will have the hardest time accessing it. For those players, the price to play The Old Hunters is quite a bit more dear than twenty bucks, and that may be more than I'm willing to pay.

If you don't keep up with Bloodborne and the obtuse route to its DLC (something of a Souls tradition) I beg a few moments of your time so I can lay it out.

So: The Old Hunters is not an option you can activate from the main menu. It is not behind a hidden door you're suddenly able to unlock. No, the route to it goes a little like this:

  1. Fight your way to and defeat Vicar Amelia, one of the earlier bosses in the game.

  2. Examine an altar behind Amelia after she goes down.

  3. Return to the Hunter's Dream (something of a "home base" in Bloodborne)

  4. Receive the "Eye of the Blood-drunk Hunter" from a messenger

  5. Return to the Oedon Chapel and leave via a certain exit outside which a weird brain demon will pick you up and whisk you away to your new content

To all but the most diehard of Souls diehards, that surely seems like the fever-dream scribbles of a demon-possessed toddler. I mean, let's call it what it is: It's a spell. It is an incantation you have to perform to get the $20 expansion you already bought.

That said, I'm a little ashamed to admit that it initially wouldn't have put me off that much. You know that part in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest where in order to progress you have to inexplicably kneel with a Red Crystal to summon a tornado? Imagine someone played that and thought "Yes! Absolutely! This is how all games should work!" and you have a pretty good entryway to the psyche of the Souls series. I kind of love it.

Unfortunately, there's a big problem with this particular incantation.

The issue is that I, like a lot of people who played Bloodborne when it was first released, I imagine, have finished the game and been automatically kicked into the beginning of a New Game Plus run. I personally have no interest in playing NG+ of Bloodborne or pretty much any game, so this is where I checked out. But now, in order to get the DLC I paid for I'm faced with two equally unappealing options.

  1. I keep churning through NG+ Bloodborne for four or five hours until I can beat Vicar Amelia again at which point I'll play the NG+ (read: more difficult) version of the DLC which I've heard is already pretty tough.

  2. Start a brand new character with none of the dozens of hours of work I've put into leveling equipment etc. and still have to play through content I've played before as I work towards not only Vicar Amelia but leveling enough to actually be able to enjoy the DLC, which could be an extremely long process.

As I've said, I like the Souls games. I think they've got a lovely, distinctive aesthetic, I think they've got some really cool combat encounters and I think they've almost perfected their blend of punishing but fair difficulty. So yes, I want to experience the Souls games, but I feel no compulsion to bash myself against them at increasingly harder difficulties as though I'm honing my skills for a Bloodborne World Championship that will never arrive.

I get some people play Souls games that way, it's just not my style. And I don't think it's unreasonable for me to expect that I'll be able to play DLC I paid for, even if hours of backtracking isn't my cup of tea.

I imagine fans of Souls games are a little tired of explaining to the uninitiated that our relationship with the series isn't just Stockholm Syndrome, that there's a ton to love beyond the (frequently exaggerated) difficulty. But I would implore my fellow Souls devotees to recognize the difference between "You don't know him like I know him" and "I gave him $20 and he pushed me into an elevator shaft."

I'm all for games having their quirks. We're in dire need of more AAA releases that haven't had all their rough edges shaved off in an effort to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. But when you start forcing me to waste a ton of time just for the privilege of playing content I've already paid for? Well, that's where you lose me.

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Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters DLC (English/Chinese/Korean Ver.)

・To use this add-on, you need Bloodborne™ full game.

Experience an all new story set in the chilling world of Bloodborne™.
Long ago, the old hunters buried terrible secrets in the ruins of Byrgenwerth. But they are about to be unearthed. Explore brand new environments, including the Clock Tower and the Hunter’s Nightmare – all filled with danger, rewards and deadly bosses – and learn the harrowing tale of hunters who once made Yharnam their playground.
You’ll find multiple outfits and new transformable weapons to add to your arsenal, including Simon’s Bowblade for a new experience with ranged combat. Play with dark spells and transform yourself into a horrific beast. Welcome back to Yharnam…

In order to play with this additional content, it is necessary to first purchase game disc or full game from PlayStation®Store that is sold separately and update your game with the most recent online update.
This program or data to be applied to existing program is only compatible with Asia version (official product) which is distributed by SIE or other official distributors. Compatibility with program or data from other region is not guaranteed.

©2015 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Developed by FromSoftware, Inc.

Purchase or use of this item is subject to SEN Terms of Service and User Agreement.

Sours: https://store.playstation.com/EN-tH/product/HP9000-CUSA01363_00-SPEXPANSIONDLC03
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The Old Hunters is an expansion DLC for Bloodborne. It features all new Locations, Bosses, Weapons, and Armor.

  • A FREE patch (Patch 1.07) has added new covenant The League as well as friendly Old Hunters NPC summons for everyone.
  • Important: The physical (GOTY) bundle has the DLC on-disc, no download required. Other DLC region questions? Bundle confirmations? Read this thread
  • See The Old Hunters Trophies for a list of the new trophies added with the DLC. These trophies are not required to obtain the Platinum Trophy for the base game. (Trophy List contains spoilers)
  • Read our The Old Hunters Review


How to Access The Old Hunters DLC


  1. Defeat Vicar Amelia and activate the skull in the Cathedral to turn day into night.
  2. Go to the Hunter's Dream and receive Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger.
  3. Go to the Cathedral Ward and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square.
  4. Go to the right-hand end of the square (where the Hunter Set/Top Hat are located) and the Lesser Amygdala will grab you. This will take you to the new area: The Hunter's Nightmare
  5. Lighting the lamp in the new area will allow you to travel to and from the area via the Hunter's Nightmare Awakening Headstone in the Hunter's Dream . It can be found by the Insight Shop, where the Doll will sometimes kneel and pray.



The Old Hunters DLC News

Expansion Developer Interview! 10 New weapons confirmed!
Read our Hands-On impressions on This article



The Old Hunters Q & A

Q&A regarding the Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

Q: What kind of content is included with the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A: The Old Hunters expansion depicts a nightmare world where the old hunters are captured. It includes new areas, weapons, mysteries, items, and costumes.

Q: Can you play the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion without having the original Bloodborne game?
A: No. You will not be able to play without the original Bloodborne game.

Q: Can users who have installed the expansion interact online with other players who have not?
A: Just as it is now, all players will be able to interact online in the areas from the original game. Online interaction in the expansion's additional areas will only be possible among players who have the expansion installed.

Q: How do you access the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A: Once you have defeated Vicar Amelia and turn the world state to night, the item " Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter" appears in the Hunter's Dream. Once you have acquired this item, you will be able to access the newly added areas in the expansion by being grabbed by a lesser amygdala just outside Oedon's Chapel ( Cathedral Ward)

Q:Can you use the save data from a cleared game of Bloodborne?
A: Yes. Also, if you are replaying the game and progress to a certain point, you will be able to access the newly added areas in the expansion once you acquire the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter.

Q: Will there be trophies added in the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A:Yes, trophies will be added.

Q: Will you not be able to complete the story if you do not play the added content from the Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion?
A. You can still get to the ending(s) without playing the new content in the expansion.


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Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC - All Bosses / All Boss Fights (NG+)

8 Bloodborne: The Old Hunters tips I wish I'd known before starting

Bloodborne is not a particularly helpful game and it certainly won't offer any Bloodborne: The Old Hunters tips to help with it's new DLC. It won’t help you out with the most simple hints – Bloodborne never actually tells you how to equip your starting weapons, for example – but it will massively reward you if you have the initiative to see through its oft-convoluted UI and systems. You can tell it's cut from the same cloth as Dark Souls, in that respect. 

Starting a whole new part of your adventure away from the main game in The Old Hunters makes you remember this fact all over again. There are hidden bits of lore scattered here, vague hints about how to progress tucked away over there. It can be exhausting, hunting for all these breadcrumbs on your own. Fret not, then, as we draw upon our very own blood, sweat and tears to bring you a definitive guide to everything you need to know in The Old Hunters. 

How to start Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

In a move that should shock no one, Bloodborne doesn't directly tell you how to reach its new DLC area, the Hunter's Nightmare. Thankfully, it isn't too difficult. After you beat Vicar Amelia in the Grand Cathedral (you'll know her when you see her), you'll get access to the Grand Cathedral lamp. Return to the Hunter's Dream, and the messengers will be waiting for you on the steps of the workshop with an 'Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter'. That tucked into your inventory, head to the Cathedral Ward lamp and go out the leftmost door (the one that leads to Old Yarnham if you follow the path further). Under a tree to your right, there will be a dead body; stand next to it, and a giant purple orb will approach you. Let it touch you, and don't be afraid of what comes next - sit through the crushing pain, and you'll find yourself landing safely in the Hunter's Nightmare. 'Safely'.

Level up before you take on Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

You may get access to the Hunter's Nightmare fairly early in the game, but don't assume you're ready to tackle it right then - I personally had to double the level I was at during the Vicar Amelia fight before I felt comfortable taking on the Nightmare. The stage at which you're ready to face the beasts within obviously depends on your skill - Souls aficionados may be able to merrily traipse through the bloodbath without difficulty, but don't feel bad if you're not there yet, because you're not supposed to be. Play through the rest of the game, level up a bit, and by the time you come back, those hunters won't seem nearly as formidable.

If you start a NG+ you'll have to play a lot of the game again to get to Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

If you've already beaten Bloodborne at least once, you know that it immediately prompts you to start a New Game+ file that writes over your previous save. Unfortunately, if you went ahead with that new-game creation and then gave it a rest for a few months, you're in for a nasty surprise: you'll have to play all the way up to the Grand Cathedral to get access to the Nightmare again, and probably a lot further if you need those levels buffs to get by. That's a painful realization, and it may make you reconsider if you want to try out the DLC at all - that's your choice to make, but if you can stomach the extra few hours of play, the reward is well worth it.

Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC bosses are hard and don't really have any exploits

The Old Hunters' bosses are some of the most brutal you'll encounter in all of Bloodborne, not just because they're incredibly difficult, but also because there's no real special trick to beating them. Where many boss fights in the main game can be made easier by exploiting a certain weakness - the Blood-starved Beast will be distracted by pungent blood cocktails, and The One Reborn gets weaker if you kill the bell maidens surrounding it - The Old Hunters' bosses aren't so fragile, and you'll have to take them all on the hard way. So don't feel bad if you can't figure out the secret to taking them out - just keep at it, or better yet, use our Bloodborn The Old Hunters Bosses guide.

Save your bloodstones as there are new weapons to upgrade n Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

After you decide which weapon is your one true love and have it fully buffed, you might be tempted to spend your bloodstones on a less-enticing backup blade, or even sell them to get a few extra blood echoes. Don't do that to yourself. The new expansion holds a whole new armory of deadly gear, from a glowing moon-sword to a sloppy but beautiful sawblade-on-a-stick, so it's entirely possible you'll find a weapon that you truly adore in the Nightmare's darkest crevices. Having no bloodstones left to upgrade your new baby is heartbreaking, especially if you haven't leveled your Arcane stat enough to increase item drops significantly (side note: do that). So instead of trying to farm low-level enemies for low returns, keep a bushel of bloodstones tucked away for safekeeping. You won't lose anything but some throwaway weapons you didn't care about anyway.

Old Hunter partners can be helpful in battle, but aren't always up to the challenge

The Old Hunters introduces more than just a challenge map that'll ruin your self-esteem and new encounters that make Rom the Vacuous Spider look like a ladybug: it also distributes summon points near most of the major bosses, giving you the opportunity to summon NPC hunters to fight alongside you. However, it's worth remembering that they won't always be on par with you in combat, because their levels don't scale with yours. In fact, sometimes they'll be so far below your current level count that you're better off treating them like a distraction device than a true partner in monster-slaughter. Consider it on a case-by-case basis, and decide if it feels like summoning them (which costs one precious Insight each time) is really worth it to you.

You can use the chalice dungeons to get quick Insight

Let's say you do decide summoning those NPC partners is worth the cost, but end up calling for help so often that you run out of Insight. While progressing through the base game will usually help you get more (unexplored areas tend to have a lot of Insight-granting Madman's Knowledge, and you'll gain a few each time you encounter a boss), the Chalice Dungeons make for a quick pick-me-up when you don't have time to wait. A vast sequence of optional dungeons filled to the stalactites with beasts, it also has plenty of bosses that will grant you Insight when you first meet in battle, and even more when you make fillets out of them. If you want to make sure you have a nice stash of Insight waiting in case of emergency, don't even bother with the dungeons until you're really in need. That way you'll be strong enough to wipe the floor with early bosses, and won't have to break your back for a few extra sprigs of currency.

Don't panic

This really goes for all of Bloodborne, but bears repeating: you can do this. As difficult as the game is meant to be - especially The Old Hunters, which is effectively a set of challenge bosses when the main game isn't tough enough for you - it's not impossible, and once you figure out how to stay calm and in control of the battle, you will get there. Take your time and figure out how to take on each encounter individually, in the way that works best for you. This game is in the bag as long as you can keep your head.

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Hunters dlc old

Is Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC Worth It?

By Issy van der Velde


You've escaped the dream and ascended, but is there more to do in Yharnam?

Welcome, Good Hunter. Dare you slip back into the dream and fight the nightmares within? If, like me, you’ve completed several New Game+ runs of Bloodborne, you may be sat twiddling your thumbs and asking yourself: Is Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC worth it? The Game of the Year Edition of Bloodborne comes with the DLC already included, but if you got the free PS Plus version or just had the game already, you’ll need to part with some cash if you want to explore more of Yharnam. The Old Hunters is normally priced at around £16, but it occasionally goes on sale for as little as just £8.

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I’ve written many guides on Bloodborne and know my way around the game like the back of my hand - not the Pthumerian labyrinths, because they change, but for the rest of the game, I’m your guy. I’m going to give you a spoiler-free breakdown of what’s included in the Old Hunters DLC, and whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Bloodborne: What Is In The Old Hunters DLC

The Old Hunters DLC takes place in an even more nightmarish version of Yharnam. The Old Hunters themselves have buried their secrets, and it’s time for you to unearth them. This DLC provides you with a snapshot of the fates of some of the more prominent hunters within Bloodborne’s lore. FromSoftware is known for cryptic storytelling, and The Old Hunters DLC is no different, but it does help to enrich the lore already present in the base game.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in The Old Hunters DLC:

  • It takes place in several new locations
  • It features five new bosses
  • There are many new weapons, firearms, hunter tools, and armour sets to be found
  • Possibly the hardest bosses in the entire game are located here
  • It includes around eight hours of additional gameplay, depending on skill level

Overall, The Old Hunters DLC is fantastic value for money, adding some horrifying new bosses, incredible weapons, and fascinating lore. It’s a must-play DLC for any Bloodborne fans. It is incredibly difficult in places, however, so I’d advise you play through it on a fresh save, as opposed to going in via New Game+. If you don’t want to grind all the way back up to a decent level, just go to the cum dungeon (seriously, that’s what it’s called) and use a handy exploit found there to level up quickly.

Bloodborne: How To Access The Old Hunters DLC

As with all FromSoftware DLC, accessing The Old Hunters is almost as challenging as the bosses themselves. The Old Hunters DLC is just as cryptic as the DLC that came before. To start it, you first need to beat Vicar Amelia. This will advance the state of the world into night time. Once you’ve done this, the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter will appear in the Hunter’s Dream, on the steps where you originally got your weapons. Pick it up and head to Oedon’s Chapel in the Cathedral Ward. From here, you need to go outside to where a Lesser Amygdala can pick you up. Let it grab you with its weird, spindly arms and you’ll be transported into the world of The Old Hunters DLC.

So, is the DLC worth it? 100 percent. It doesn’t change the formula, it just adds more of what makes Bloodborne great: incredible bosses, atmospheric levels, and rich lore. There are some amazing weapons that you can use in later playthroughs and in PvP, so you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t get this. Even if you don’t care about PvP at all, the DLC is worth it for the great gameplay alone, as well as the saddest boss fight in the game - seriously, it’s a real tear-jerker.

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Bloodborne DLC ► 50 Interesting Insights

How to access Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC expansion

Knowing how to access the Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC expansion isn't as obvious as you might expect because this is From Software and they never do anything obvious or easy. Back on November 24, 2015, a big update to Bloodborne introduced a pretty significant expansion to the game: The Old Hunters. As well as adding more narrative content to the game, The Old Hunters DLC also granted players access to new areas, new enemies, and the ferocious Bloodletter and Gatling Gun weapons.

As you’ve probably come to expect from Bloodborne now, though, actually accessing all this content isn’t a simple affair. The DLC itself is locked behind a progress check, and then actually making your way into the additional content is a little convoluted. Read on below to figure out exactly how to progress from the main game into the additional content. Spoilers follow. 

First, you'll have to defeat Vicar Amelia and examine the altar inside the chapel - this is part of the story. Return to the Hunter' Dream, and you'll find a new group of Messengers next to the Doll. Talk to them to receive the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter. Sounds like a lovely gift.

With the Eye in your possession, return to the Cathedral Ward. Exit to the left, toward the circle of gravestones. Look to your right to spot a dead body by a tree behind the stones. You may have already looted this corpse on your own, and been instantly killed by some invisible creature. Stand by the body and let that creature grab you again - this time, it'll warp you to a new area.

And that's it. Welcome to the Hunter's Nightmare! For more help navigating this horrifying new area, check out our Bloodborne: The Old Hunters boss guide and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters weapons guide.

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The Old Hunters is an expansion DLC for the game, Bloodborne.


Similar to the game, players will be immersed in a new nightmare world, where the restless spirits of hunters from the past continue to linger. According to the Playstation Website, players will learn more about the history of Yharnam, and will face the Hunters who are trapped inside the nightmare, not unlike the one they reside in the main game. However, these Hunters are said to have guarded Byrgenwerth's deepest, darkest secrets.

In addition to new maps and areas to explore, players will face new enemies, bosses, as well as new obtainable weapons and attire, such as Simon's Bowblade. The Expansion DLC was released on November 22nd, 2015.


"Curse the fiends, their children too... Their children, forever true."

A world drenched in blood, lit by a possessed moon. Its light shows familiar buildings half swallowed by sludge, leaning over, distorted. It is here that hunters of old, riddled by nightmares, endlessly pursue beasts. The nightmare where the Hunters laid trapped, forever crazed by the blood of mindless beasts, is a manifestation of the misdeeds of the first Hunter's, all of whom are now trapped within this wretched world. However, secrets are secrets for a reason, as some are unsettling and horrifying when unraveled...

...and yet, it's time someone undid this charade.


Right Hand Weapons

Left Hand Weapons


Returning Enemies

New Enemies




Sours: https://bloodborne.fandom.com/wiki/The_Old_Hunters

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