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We already discussed, what grouped objects are and how to Create AutoCAD Groups. Today we are going to look at how to Edit them!

Add and Remove objects from a Group

This is one of the most commonly used tool for Groups since there is always something that we want to add or remove…

To Add objects to an existing Group we will follow these simple steps:

  1. First, we click on Group Edit button located in Home tab under Group ribbon, or simply type in GROUPEDIT
    Editing existing Groups In AutoCAD
  2. Secondly, we select the group we want to edit.
  3. Now AutoCAD will provide us three options – Add Objects, Remove Objects and REName. Here we choose Add objects.
    Learn how to add objects to an Existing group AutoCAD
  4. After choosing the Add option we just have to select the new objects we to Add and hit Enter.
    Add Objects to an Existing group!

To Remove objects from an existing Group we have to go through the same procedure. The only difference is that in step 3 we have to choose Remove Objects and then select object to be removed.

There is a second way to Add and Remove objects from an existing Group – using -GROUP command with “-” infront!

The procedure is a little bit different though. This time, when we choose Add (or Remove) Option AutoCAD asks us for the group’s name instead of selecting it from the drawing. However, once we have typed the Group’s name everything else is the same.

Rename an existing Group

As mentioned in the previous post about Groups, it is good to assign them names, in order to keep drawings well arranged and easy for editing.

Still, sometimes we might forget to type in a name for our group when we create it, or we just want to change it to something that will make more sense. To do that we are going to follow next 4 steps:

  1. First, we click on Group Edit button or type on the command line GROUPEDIT
  2. Secondly, we select the group we want to edit.
  3. This time we choose REName option.
  4. AutoCAD will prompt Select a new name for group or [?] < current group name >:
    How to Rename an Existing Group in AutoCAD
    Here we just type in the new name and hit Enter!

Renaming can again be done by -GROUP command, the procedure will be the same as in the previous section.

-GROUP Command

We already mentioned some of the functionality of this Command. Apart from Adding and Removing objects from an Existing Groups and Renaming them, we can also:
how to work with groups in AutoCAD


Order changes the numerical order of the objects in a group. This is useful when creating tool paths.
Upon starting the command it is in Position Number mode – Specifies the position number of the objects to reorder. Reordering a lot of objects is done by specifying the first object’s number.
If we choose Revise Order – AutoCAD reverses the order of all members in the group


Works the same as UNGROUP command – Deletes a group definition.

Note: If you use normal Explode command it will delete the group definition and also will explode all the objects!


Specifies if a group is selectable or not. When it is selectable, selecting one object in the group will select the whole group. (Works like PICKSTYLESystem Variable which we discussed in the previous post, but only for the selected Group). Also if you have created a huge group and you don’t want someone to be able to ungroup you can make it unselectable, that way it will be safe from ungrouping.

Note: Objects in frozen or locked layers will not be selected even if the group is selectable.


Just another way to create a Group.

Group Manager

We can find Group Manager by clicking on drop-down arrow under groups. Or using command CLASSICGROUP.

Under Group Manager we can find practically everything related to Groups – Add, Remove Objects, Turn on/off Selectability, Find, Rename, Re-Order and Highlight. It is really well organized and you can find everything related to your groups here.

Find a Specific Group

When we have a complex drawing, with a lot of stuff in it, sometimes we might need to find the group that we did a few hours ago. This can be easily achieved by Highlight function. We just choose the group we want to find and click on Highlight button, then the group we wanted will be highlighted!
Group manager for AutoCAD how to work with it!

How to to Identify Which Groups an Object belongs to?

This again is done with the help of Group Manager. After opening it, under Group Identification we click on Find Name, and then we have to select the object whose groups we want to view. The Group Manager will show us a list – Group Member List with the groups the object belongs to!


Like this:


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AutoCAD Group command

One of the most underutilised tools in AutoCAD must be the Group command.  It is not dissimilar to the Block command but has a bit more flexibility when it comes to removing and adding objects to the group.

The command can be accessed in the Home tab on the Groups Panel.

To create a group is as easy as the following:

  • Click on the Group icon pictured below.

In the command line AutoCAD will ask for the following.

  • Select objects – by clicking on your AutoCAD objects in the drawing window

  • Give your group a name – type in N and then press enter and then type in the name for your group eg furniture

  • give your group a description – type in D and then press enter and enter your description eg for the dining room

Once this has been done you press enter to accept your modifications.  To see the effect of the grouping select any of the objects that you selected when creating the Group.

You will notice that all the objects are highlighted as well as that there is a box that encompasses the objects and a blue grip (which is used to move the Group of objects) in the middle of the box.

If you try and use the explode option on the Grouped objects you will notice that it will not explode.  To unGroup simply select the unGroup button found to the right of the Group button and select what you want to ungroup.

Additionally, you can add and remove objects as well using the Group Edit command.








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Tutorial:Use groups for flexibility

Groups are a feature that help you select several objects together, without putting them into a block. You can turn the group on and off, to allow you to select individual objects in the group. Also, any one object can belong to more than one group — another advantage compared to blocks.

For AutoCAD 2011 and earlier, you use the GROUP command (command line only) to open the Object Grouping dialog box.

To create a group, you enter a name and description, click New, select the objects, and click OK.

Starting with AutoCAD 2012, choose Home tab> Groups panel> Group, then select the objects, give the group a name if you want, and press Enter to end the command.

When you need to edit the group, you can simply type g at the Select objects: prompt and enter the group name. to select it. Or, you can select the group first, by picking it. Groups highlight just like any other object (or block) when you pass the cursor over any object in the group.

For example, when I wanted to hatch the holes on the left and right, I discovered that the vertical lines weren’t exactly touching the 4 arcs; that meant that I wasn’t getting the right hatch area. To fix the problem, I used the EXTEND command and selected the group as the boundary edge. That made the extending process much quicker.

To modify a group, whether to change the selection status (on or off), add or delete objects from the group, explode it (which deletes the entire group), or rename it, start the GROUP command and choose the group from the list at the top of the dialog box. The buttons in the Change Group section become available and you can click the operation you want.

Remember that the Selectable checkbox or button turns selectability on and off. When it’s off, the group still exists, but you can select individual objects and can’t select the group as a whole. You can turn off the selectability of all group in a drawing by choosing Tools> Options, click the Selection tab, and unchecking the Object Grouping check box.

Tip:Jennifer Grande reminded me that you can press Ctrl+Shift+A to turn groups on and off.

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