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20 Best Staves in Skyrim (Ranked)

No mage is complete without their trusty staff.

These mystical weapons, often enchanted with powerful spells, can wreak havoc or create confusion in a group of foes if used correctly. Some staffs are incredibly powerful and require a skilled magician to wield them, which means that a staff is only as good as the wielder.

But some of the staffs that you can find in Skyrim have some pretty crazy enchants, and you might be doing yourself a favor by getting your hands in one of these.

20. Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson

staff of jyrik gauldurson skyrim

This powerful staff once belonged to Jyrik Gauldurson, a draugr lord who appears during the College of Winterhold questline.

He was mainly known for his abilities with the axe, so the staff was never used for combat purposes.

However the staff itself is a very powerful piece of magical weaponry, dealing 25 points of regular damage and twice as much magicka damage.

The staff can be looted from the room where Gauldurson is located, once the player kills him during the quest that is. The damage dealt by this weapon counts as lighting damage.


19. Eye of Melka

eye of melka skyrim

The Eye of Melka is a beautiful and malevolent-looking staff that can be found in Skyrim.

It does fire damage and even though the staff simply imitates a regular fireball spell, it’s still one of the most valuable staves that a wizard can hold in the game. Especially anyone who loves fire magic.

It’s awarded once Melka is freed and Petra is murdered.

The staff itself can be sold for over 1000 septims in most locations across Skyrim, so obtaining it could be a good call even if the Dragonborn isn’t ready to learn the serious arts of magic.


18. Staff of the Flame Wall

staff flame wall skyrim

So this staff is meant to be pointed at the ground before casting, as it invokes a giant wall of flames that engulfs everything that stands near it.

As you can imagine, this belongs to the school of Destruction so the higher level the player is, the less charge it will consume.

It’s a powerful staff that emulates the Flame Wall spell but it takes charges instead of Magicka.

When cast, Wall of Flame causes 50 points of damage per second to every single entity that stands in its path. As you can imagine that’s gonna leave a serious burn.


17. Skull of Corruption

skull of corruption skyrim

The Skull of Corruption is quite a unique staff. It damages foes for 20 on a single cast, but it may cause up to 50 points of damage if the wielder charges it with dreams.

Yes, you read that right: you must charge the staff by collecting dreams from those who are asleep in order to make it more powerful.

The staff can be acquired during the Waking Nightmare quest in Dawnstar.

One of the best places in the game to collect dreams and charge the staff is in the College of Winterhold, in the mage chambers where most people are asleep during the night. Wink wink.

The staff is also quite expensive so those who aren’t mages might want to get their hands on it to make a few septims of profit.


16. Wabbajack

wabbajack skyrim

The Wabbajack is the staff of the Daedric Lord Sheogorath which makes it one of the best Daedric artifacts in the game.

The Mad God has placed a crazy enchantment on this staff so the effect that it gives to the target is unpredictable.

It may cast a helpful spell or it could cause eternal harm to the enemy. This is basically just rolling the dice in battle so it’s up to you to decide whether to take the risk.

If you do want to give this a try, the staff is granted to you after the Sheogortah’s Mind of Madness quest.


15. Staff of Hag’s Wrath

staff hags wrath skyrim

The Staff of Hag’s Wrath is almost a carbon copy of the Staff of Flame Wall.

It casts a wall of flames on the target location that engulfs everything around it, causing 50 points of damage per second. The staff can be obtained in the Dark Tower once the Repentance quest is complete.

Illia, the holder, can be pickpocketed or traded with if you want to go the more honest route.

You may also kill Illia if you wish, as she will drop the staff upon death. So that’s if you want to go the complete opposite of the honest route.


14. Dragon Priest Staff (Wall of Lighting)

dragon priest wall lightning staff

The Staff of the Storm Wall does a similar job to the Staff of Hag’s Wrath, but it casts a wall of thunder that damages everything in its path for 50 points of shock damage.

The staff is often wielded by Dragon Priests so you’ll need to kill one or two of these creatures before you find one for yourself.

Well worth giving it a try because you’ll never want to give up the power of a lightning wall.


13. Dragon Priest Staff (Wall of Fire)

dragon priest staff skyrim

Now this staff is very similar to the Staff of Hag’s Wrath and the Staff of Flame Wall, but its design is quite unique as it belongs to Dragon Priests across Skyrim.

Just like its Wall of Lighting counterpart, it can only be obtained by killing a Dragon Priest and looting its body. So you’ll need to go through one hell of a journey to get this bad boy.

As you can imagine, the best way to use this staff is to spray it on the ground to stop opponents from passing or to cause area damage to a group of foes.


12. Staff of Icy Spear

staff icy spear skyrim

The Staff of Icy Spear casts an incredibly powerful bolt of ice straight towards anything you aim at.

It causes 60 points of frost damage to the target and it damages the foe’s health as well as its stamina. So this thing is pretty beastly!

The staff itself is incredibly expensive and it can be sold for almost 3000 septims if you need the money.

Its shape resembles that of both Dragon Priest staves and it can only be found in the Inner Sanctum.


11. Staff of Incineration

staff of incineration

The Staff of Incineration is not a unique staff, but it’s still a very powerful magic utensil that can only be found after a Dragonborn surpasses level 20.

It emulates the Destruction spell of Incinerate which means that the higher level the player is in the arts of Destruction, the less charge this staff loses.

Many vendors sell this staff once the player is high enough level but its price of 2750 septims makes it unpurchaseable for non-wealthy wizards.


10. Staff of Daedric Command

staff daedric command skyrim

Here we move over into the School of Conjuration with The Staff of Daedric.

It allows the player to summon powerful Daedra creatures from the depths of Oblivion and have them fight alongside in the battlefield.

This staff can be found inside the shrine of the Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon if you’re willing to venture in there, and it’s available while the player is completing the quest Pieces of the Past.

The staff might also be found as loot dropped by certain high-level enemies, although rarely.

It can also be crafted with Heart stones in the Dragonborn DLC.


9. Staff of Soul Trapping

staff of soul trapping

Although this staff isn’t particularly powerful, it is incredibly useful.

It allows the wielder to cast a spell onto any living creature, and if the enchanted creature dies within 60 seconds of the cast their soul will be used to fill a soul gem.

As such, you might want to combine the Staff of Soul Trapping with another staff, or use it alongside a sword if you’re looking to play as a Battlemage.

In any case the staff can be purchased in the College of Winterhold, or it can be found across Skyrim inside random loot chests or dropped from enemies. It’s not exactly a rare staff so you might be better off looking for one rather than taking the time to craft it.


8. Staff of the Frost Atronach

staff frost atronach

The Staff of the Frost Atronach lets you summon a powerful Frost Atronach which can quickly join the battle and start attacking your enemies.

This imposing creature will cause frost damage to its foes and help the player for 60 seconds before vanishing. The staff belongs to the School of Conjuration and it’s not as uncommon to find as you might think.

You can steal one of these staves from the College of Winterhold and some end-dungeon chests also have them as loot.

In any case, most powerful mages in the game have the chance to drop the Staff of the Frost Atronach when killed so you will probably happen upon one eventually.


7. Staff of Dread Zombies

skyrim dread zombies

The Staff of Dread Zombies is another powerful staff that isn’t difficult to obtain, as it’s dropped as random loot as well as sold by some mages in the College of Winterhold.

The staff itself allows players to summon a powerful dead body back from the grave that will fight alongside you for a full minute before returning to its corpse state.

If you’re cool to have walking corpses join you in battle then by all means: this is the staff for you, my young wizard.


6. Staff of the Storm Atronach

skyrim staff storm atronach

Much like the Staff of the Frost Atronach, this little baby lets you conjure a powerful Storm Atronach to fight with you for 60 seconds.

It’s a great skill to have going into battle as a mage.

To craft it you’ll need access to the Atronach Forge. However, the staff is also sold by mages at the College of Winterhold and in other areas of Skyrim once you have DLC’s installed.


5. Staff of Expulsion

Staff of expulsion skyrim

The Staff of Expulsion is one of the most expensive staves in the game.

This weapon can be bought from merchants (who often sell it at a high price) or may also be found in some containers as extremely rare loot. The staff is meant to be cast towards summoned Daedra and the spell sends them back to the depths of Oblivion – where they belong!

The only way to craft this staff with the Dragonborn expansion is by using 4 Heart Stones in the Neloth’s Staff Enchanter, located in Tel Mithryn.


4. Staff of Inspiration

Staff of Inspiration

The staff of inspiration is the best non-damaging staff that Skyrim has to offer.

This powerful weapon is to be cast on friends only as it increases their stamina, health, and rallies them to fight with even more enthusiasm.

This staff also makes any target not able to flee for 60 seconds, so it’s far more likely for the target to fight until their death.

Avoid casting this spell on foes, though!

It will make them stronger and replenish their stamina while also keeping them from getting away from you until they die.


3. Sanguine Rose

Sanguine rose skyrim staff

Sanguine Rose is one of the many Daedric artifacts that can be found in Skyrim.

It belongs to the Daedric Lord Sanguine, the guide of the Dark Brotherhood.

The staff can be obtained once you reach level 14 by completing the quest A Night to Remember.

This powerful Daedric artifact is one of the best staffs in the game because it has a high chance of summoning a leveled Dremora. As you can guess this follows the same formula as others: fights alongside you for a full minute before vanishing back to Oblivion.

Keep in mind, though, that the Dremora can’t be used to fill soul gems so this is only useful in battle.


2. Staff of Magnus

Staff of magnus skyrim

The Staff of Magnus earns its name because it is said to be the only staff capable of containing Magnus, the God of Magic.

During the beginning of the game this is owned by a Dragon Priest that goes by the name of Morokei.

You basically have to eliminate Morokei in order to get your hands on this ancient and powerful relic. But once you do you’ll never turn back.

The staff absorbs 20 Magicka per second unless the target is out of Magicka, in which case the staff will drain the target’s health. Yeah it’s pretty intense.


1. Miraak’s Staff

Miraaks Staff skyrim

So if you thought the Staff of Magnus was badass, check out Miraak’s Staff. This is a unique weapon that can only be obtained if you have downloaded the Dragonborn DLC.

It is owned by Miraak and you have to kill him and loot him in order to obtain the staff.

In battle this weapon summons poisonous tentacles on the ground wherever the spell is cast, which will attack any nearby foes and prevent them from moving across the area where they spawned.

Miraak’s Staff is ideal to be used when large groups of foes surround you as it can be used to separate groups and keep them from attacking you all at once.

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Skyrim: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Daedric Artifact The Sanguine Rose

The artifact of the Daedric Prince Sanguine, the Sanguine Rose is a very powerful staff that has appeared in both Oblivion and Skyrim as the reward for players who successfully complete Sanguine's quest. As should be expected for the Daedric Prince of Debauchery, these quests are some of the more entertaining in the Elder Scrolls series and are well worth completing simply to experience them.

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The Sanguine Rose, as it appears in Skyrim, will summon a leveled Dremora when cast and is one of the more powerful Daedrci Artifacts as a result, though unlike in Oblivion, the Dremora summoned will be allied with the player rather than being a wild creature that will attack everything in sight. This isn't the only thing that has changed about the Sanguine Rose over the years and there are many things about this artifact that make it stand out among other similar items.

10 It Is Held Further Up Than Other Staves

One of the first things players may notice when wielding the Sanguine Rose is how the player character holds the staff itself. While most staves are held about halfway down and protrude quite a way out from the player, the Sanguine Rose is held much closer to the head of the staff, just under the thorns, and gives it the illusion that it is much shorter than it actually is. This isn't the only staff that is different from others, as the Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson not only uses a Restoration Staff skin for a Destruction ability but also fires much faster than other staves at the cost of having very few charges.

9 The Dremora Summoned Is Leveled To The Player

As previously stated, the Sanguine Rose will summon a Dremora that is leveled to whatever the player's level is at the time of summoning. While this means that Dremora summoned using the staff are quite weak when obtained at the lowest possible level, it also allows the staff to summon a Dremora Valkynaz that is even more powerful than the Expert level spell Conjure Dremora Lord, though only after the player has reached level 46 or higher.

8 The Staff Is Affected By Conjuration Perks

Like many other staves, the Sanguine Rose is affected by certain Mage skill perks in their respective skill trees. In the case of the Sanguine Rose, it is affected by many of the Conjuration skill perks, including the Summoner, Atromancy, and, most importantly, the Twin Souls perk that allows two Dremora to be summoned at a time.

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Unfortunately, the Dremora's damage output isn't affected by the player's chosen perks, though it can be affected by certain Illusion spells if the player has the Illusion skill perk Master of the Mind, which allows Illusion spells to be cast on undead, daedra, and automatons.

One of the stranger quests in Skyrim is The Black Star, which rewards the player with the Black Star after they have returned from inside of it. If the player uses the Sanguine Rose while inside Azura's Star, the summoned Dremora may be a mage instead of a warrior, and, if it is killed, it can sometimes be resurrected with the Dead Thrall spell to permanently have a Dremora by the player's side.

6 It Also Has Weird Interactions With The Wabbajack

Azura's Star isn't the only Daedric Artifact to have strange interactions with the Sanguine Rose, as Sheogorath's artifact, the Wabbajack, also interacts with the staff in strange ways. Specifically, if the player uses the Wabbajack on a conjured Dremora and turns it into a rabbit, once the rabbit is killed, it may yield a Daedra Heart in the process. This is one of the few times when a summoned creature will yield alchemy ingredients, as this is never usually the case to prevent the player from obtaining too many strong items with ease.

5 The Soul Cairn Negatively Affects The Sanguine Rose

The final interaction with the Sanguine Rose in Skyrim is a lot less beneficial and may result in the player wishing to not use the staff while inside the Soul Cairn. For some reason, the staff acts up inside this area of the game and will consume a charge when activated, but it won't always produce a summon in a similar way to how a Conjuration spell interacts with the Atronach Stone or the Dragonskin Breton power.

4 The Dremora May Drop A Daedric Sword After Death

If players are particularly lucky and their copy of Skyrim is feeling particularly glitchy that day, their summoned Dremora may drop its incredibly powerful Daedric Greatsword of the Inferno, something that almost never occurs with other summoned creatures, though a similar interaction can sometimes happen with the Conjure Wraithman spell.

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Unfortunately, this glitch doesn't extend to the Daedric Armor the Dremora is wearing, meaning the player can't force this glitch in order to gain incredible high-level gear at lower levels, though it is possible through the use of the Atronach Forge.

3 It Wasn't Always A Staff

While the Sanguine Rose appeared most prominently in Oblivion and Skyrim as a staff in the shape of a long-stemmed rose, its first appearance in The Elder Scrolls II:Daggerfall was a little different. In this title, instead of being a staff, it was simply a rose that had the power to summon a wild Dremora, similarly to how the Sanguine Rose worked in Oblivion, though this rose could also wilt and disappear if it was used too often.

2 It Is One Of The Few Artifacts To Have A Consistent Design

Aside from its appearance in Daggerfall, the Sanguine Rose is one of the few artifacts in the Elder Scrolls series to have a consistent design across multiple games. In fact, the Sanguine Rose in Skyrim is identical to its appearance in Oblivion, though the coloration is brighter in The Elder Scrolls V which helps it stand out a little better, as its previous counterpart looked more like a wilting rose than one in bloom.

1 Martin Septim Once Wielded The Sanguine Rose

One of the strangest interactions the player can have in Oblivion is between the Sanguine Rose and one of the main characters, Martin Septim. In the main quest Blood of the Daedra, the Hero of Kyvatch is tasked with obtaining a Daedric Artifact and presenting it to Martin in order to open a portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise. If the player gives him the Sanguine Rose, he will claim that he once wielded it a long time ago, making it one of the few artifacts that are known to be wielded by someone other than the protagonist of a respective title.

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Skyrim: The 15 Best Staves (& Where To Get Them)

Skyrim has so much to offers fans that players are still powering on their consoles to play it ten years later. With the countless amount of quests and more mods than a Dragonborn can shake a sword at, it's almost guaranteed that everyone will find something they enjoy in this titular open-world game.

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YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Wait, wrong franchise. Still, even in Skyrim, staves can make the Dragonborn a force to be reckoned with. They are a marvelous way to cast spells without having to use Magicka and some have unique powers that will decimate enemies. Wielding the best staves will bring players untold power.

Updated on August 20th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: Staves are not an incredibly popular weapon in the game. In fact, most magic-based builds will rely more on spells rather than staffs that require soul gems to charge. It's more a question of convenience when it comes to mage builds in Skyrim.

That said, some of the staves found in Skyrim are legitimate choices thanks to their unique powers and effects. Players wanting to challenge themselves to play a staff-only build should hunt down these following ones for a powerful addition to their arsenal of magical weapons.

15 Aetherial Staff

  • Location: Exclusive to Dawnguard DLC, must be crafted at the Aetherium Forge
  • Related Quest:Lost to the Ages

The Aetherial Staff is the first Dwemer staff to be introduced into the game, and is exclusive to the Dawnguard DLC. This staff has the power to summon either a Dwarven Spider or a Dwarven Sphere, both of which are mid-tier enemies with high resistances to all kinds of damage. They make for very useful allies in battle, and stick around for 60 seconds. It can also produce extra Dwemer scrap randomly, for any Smithing needs.

To craft this staff at the Aetherium Forge, the following resources are needed: an Aetherium Crest, two ebony ingots, one gold ingot and two Dwarven metal ingots.

14 Dragon Priest Staff (Fire Wall)

  • Location: Forelhost, The Rift
  • Related Quest: Siege on the Dragon Cult

Dragon priests are some of the most powerful enemies in Skyrim, and as such, they drop some of the best loot in the game. Typically, these are dragon priest masks, but various staves can also be looted off their bodies. One of them is this generic Dragon Priest Staff with a Wall of Flame Expert-level spell attached to it.

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This staff is usually found on Rahgot's corpse after his defeat in his tomb at Forelhost. The Dragonborn will naturally arrive here by following the main quest, up until the quest Siege on the Dragon Cult. The staff creates a powerful fire wall where the caster points, which damages enemies for 50 health points per second.

13 Hevnoraak's Staff

  • Location: Valthume, The Reach
  • Related Quest: Evil in Waiting

Located in the area around Markarth, Valthume is the final resting place of dragon priest Hevnoraak. He's considered among the tougher priests in the game, mainly because of his unique staff that allows him to perform a powerful Spark spell known as Wall of Storm. In essence, this is the Spark-variation of Rahgot's staff.

Just like Wall of Fire, Wall of Storm is an Expert-level spell, which can be unleashed using Hevnoraak's unique staff. It creates an area of effect made of lightning, which damages any targets who come into contact with it by 50 health points.

12 Staff Of Arcane Authority

  • Location: The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold
  • Related Quest: Some Light Theft

This staff is hidden in plain sight at the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold. Just head over to Nelacar's chambers lcoated on the right side of the inn's counter. Behind the table, on the bottom shelf, is where Nelacar's precious staff can be found. The local steward, Malur Seloth, will actually ask the Dragonborn to steal it during a small side quest.

The staff itself is quite generic, and basically contains a low-level Fear-spell. When used, all types of creatures, both humanoid and beasts, will run away for 60 seconds. The catch is, these creatures need to be level 8 or less in order for the staff to be effective. In conclusion, the staff will probably quickly become useless as the player levels up along with their enemies.

11 Halldir's Staff

  • Location: Halldir's Cairn in Falkreath Hold
  • Related Quest: Various secondary quests from the Companions, Dawnguard, Bard's College and Falkreath

Players will most likely enter Halldir's Cairn at some point during one of the many secondary fetch-quests in Skyrim. In this cave, a special spectral draugr must be defeated in order to get Halldir's Staff, a surprisingly decent weapon for those who specialize in enchanting and filling soul gems.

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Soul gems are one of the toughest resource to come by, and expensive to purchase. Being able to trap souls during combat is therefore a big advantage, and that's exactly what Halldir's Staff does. For 60 seconds, a target will become Soul Trapped, and can fill an empty soul gem. It also has the ability to make hostile targets calm for 60 seconds.

10 Staff Of Familiar

  • Location: Merchants and several random loot locations
  • Related Quest: Hitting the Books

Who doesn't want a spectral wolf friend to pal around with? The Staff of Familiar can be especially handy early on for players that could use a bit of help in fighting enemies. The summoned familiar will last for 60 seconds. There are a few easy places to find one outside of simply buying one from mages at the College of Winterhold.

At Fort Greymoor, there's a bandit in the prison there that holds one. Players can also find two of them at Fellglow Keep during the quest Hitting the Books. Finally, Lu'ah Al-Skaven sometimes carries one if players want to steal it from him or loot it off his corpse.

9 Staff Of Dread Zombies

  • Location: Random loot or from the Aspiring Mage, or merchants at the College of Winterhold
  • Related Quest: Random Encounter: Aspiring Mage

Players can bring The Walking Dead right into Skyrim with this staff. It allows players to raise very powerful dead bodies to fight at their side in battle. Minus finding it as random loot or crafting one at Neloth's Staff Enchanter, players can find an Aspiring Mage as a random encounter in the game.

Players can either convince him to give them the staff or simply kill him and loot it off his corpse, then raise him from the dead with it for a laugh. The undead bodies will fight for the Dragonborn for 60 seconds.

8 Staff Of Magnus

  • Location: Labyrinthian dungeon
  • Quest: The Staff of Magnus

The Staff of Magnus is easy to find, just complete the quest The Staff of Magnus! Cheekiness aside, it's hidden inside the Labyrinthian which can be perilous for players to get through. They will have to defeat the Dragon Priest Morokei to take the staff from him.

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What makes the staff unique is that it absorbs 20 Magicka points per second from enemies, but once Magicka runs out, it begins to absorb health from the enemy. While powerful, it needs to be recharged often which can be a pain in putting it to good use. If players can get the Fortify Destruction perk it gets much better.

7 Staff Of Hag's Wrath

  • Location: Darklight Tower, The Rift
  • Related Quest: Repentance

There are several staves that cast Wall of Flames but the Staff of Hag's Wrath is by far the coolest looking one of the bunch. It works similarly to the staff that Rahgot drops after being defeated, and casts the Expert-level Wall of Flame spell that does 50 points of fire damage.

Players can find the staff in Darklight Tower after completing the quest Repentance. Once players have helped Illia kill her literal evil witch of a mother, she'll offer them the opportunity to take the staff. Players should seriously consider bringing Illia along as a companion as well, she packs a serious magical punch!

6 Eye Of Melka

  • Location: Blind Cliff Cave, The Reach
  • Related Quest: The Affairs of Hagravens

The Eye of Melka is a fantastic staff that lets players cast Fireball, dealing 40 fire damage. It's incredibly light and deals a ton of damage, especially in the early game. As the staff is easy to obtain, it's one of the best ones available for players at the beginning of the game.

Players have to travel to the Blind Cliff Cave where they will encounter a Hagraven named Melka trapped by her sister Pelka. While players can simply kill Melka and take the staff off her corpse, it's far more rewarding to set her free and to kill her evil sister to receive it as a reward.

5 Staff Of Jyrik Gauldurson

  • Location: Saarthal, near Winterhold
  • Related Quest: Under Saarthal

Lightning Bolt isn't the strongest spell around but it gets even better when cast from the Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson. On top of its normal 25 damage rating, it also doubles Magicka damage the enemy takes. It even shoots spells faster than most other staves. It's a perfect way to leave most mages scrambling.

Players have to complete the quest Under Saarthal to get this staff where it can be found in the final boss room. The fight is likely to blast the staff around the room, so make sure to check around on the floor is the staff isn't found on the table in the last chamber.

4 Wabbajack

  • Location: The Pelagius Wing inside the Blue Palace in Solitude
  • Related Quest: Mind of Madness

The signature staff of Sheograth is one of the wackiest items in the entirety of Skyrim. It has a signature spooky look and can only be obtained from the Daedric Prince himself after completing the quest The Mind of Madness. The quest is one of the best in the game and this staff as the reward is the icing on the cake.

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So what does it do? It casts unique spells, cast most other spells in the game, and can even turn enemies into sweet rolls, cheese, chickens, mudcrabs, and rabbits. All of the effects it can take happen completely at random and players that want to try it out might be lucky enough to get a random encounter where a woman begs to have it used on her.

3 Sanguine Rose

  • Location: Sanguine's plane of Oblivion after completing the related quest
  • Related Quest: A Night to Remember

This staff is one of the most gorgeous items in the entire game and is also incredibly easy to get. All players have to do is get to level fourteen and complete a hilarious fun sidequest in A Night to Remember. The staff summons a Dremora that battles alongside the player for sixty seconds.

Plus, every time one of the Dremora that is summoned dies, there's a chance it drops a Daedric Greatsword of Scorching. This two-handed weapon is beyond powerful, especially if players are lucky enough to get the drop early in the game.

2 Skull Of Corruption

  • Location: Nightcaller Temple, the final chamber
  • Related Quest: Waking Nightmare

The Skull of Corruption looks like something that Summoned Skull would wield to perform magic. This utterly brutal Daedric staff casts a unique spell that deals direct 20 points, maximum 50 magical damage depending on its charge, to enemies. It can even damage multiple enemies at once.

Once players get it upon completing the quest Waking Nightmare they will need to collect sleeping dreams from the citizens of Skyrim to build it up to full power. Players should head to Haelga's Bunkhouse or to one of the many inns in the game at night to find plenty of dreams to harvest. Given how evil this weapon is, it's also possible to just miss it during the quest, so players should choose carefully who to side with at the end of Waking Nightmare.

1 Miraak's Staff

  • Location: Apocrypha, final fight of the Dragonborn DLC's main quest
  • Related Quest: At The Summit of Apocrypha

There's only one way to describe this staff: epic. Who doesn't want to essentially summon a magical tentacled attack straight out of the mind of an Eldritch horror? The many tentacles it summons through its unique spell, Mora's Anger, can't even be walked through by several enemies. These writhing tentacles will also poison foes so even the strongest who can pass through them become hampered by doing so.

The only way to get this staff is to defeat Miraak in combat. As he has the staff on his person, it's no simple task. There's a reason he's the antagonist of the Dragonborn DLC and why taking him down nets players such a fantastic reward, on top of his equally epic sword.

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Skyrim:Sanguine Rose

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Daedric Artifact: Sanguine Rose (0001cb36)
(lore page)
Editor IDDA14SanguineRose
Weight Weight10Value Value2087
Charge/Cost = Uses3000/215=13

Sanguine Rose is a staff received after winning a drinking contest with Sam Guevenne in A Night To Remember, or at least after you put together what happened the night before and find him again. It will summon a Dremora to aid in your fights for 60 seconds.

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  • If you kill the Dremora it will not drop a Daedra Heart.
  • If you've given the staff to a follower, they may use it. However, if you accidentally attack the summoned Dremora, it will retaliate unless you sheathe your weapon.
  • The Dremora summoned is leveled according to the chart at the right.
  • As of version 1.5, the staff now benefits fully from Conjuration perks (but only the ones that also affect conjured Dremora Lords).
  • Myrwatch's galleryCC contains a special holder for this item.


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