J thomas home floating shelves

Brightmaison Polynez Floating Shelves for Wall Book Storage fo

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Brightmaison Limited Special Price Polynez Floating Sale  Shelves for Wall Book fo Storage


Brightmaison Polynez Floating Shelves for Wall Book Storage fo

Product Description

Brightmaison Polynez Floating Shelves for Wall Book Storage fo


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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.

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Sours: https://www.benesseresalute.net/eb5-b2c-51ef/beabeefc_e_/120694401334/1492/Y2_F_i_ZDcxZD/1-849713/beabeef

J Thomas Home

J Thomas Home is a custom shelving, furniture, and cabinetry woodshop located in Olathe, KS. We specialize in high-quality, solid-wood pieces to ensure our clients get the best quality products that will last the test of time. Give us a call and let us earn your business.

Services Provided

3D Rendering, Cabinet Installation, Cabinet Refacing, Cabinet Refinishing, Cabinet Repair, Cabinet Sales, Closet Design, Custom Bathroom Vanities, Custom Bookcases, Custom Built-ins, Custom Cabinet Doors, Custom Cabinets, Custom Entertainment Centers, Custom Home Bars, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Pantries, Custom Shelving, Custom Storage, Custom Walk-in Closets, Garage Storage, Pantry Design, Shelving Installation, Vanity Installation, Custom Furniture, Furniture Sales, Home Decor, Design

Areas Served

Bucyrus, Edgerton, Gardner, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Mission, New Century, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee, Shawnee Mission, Spring Hill, Stilwell, Kansas City, Loch Lloyd, MIssion Hills

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/professionals/cabinets-and-cabinetry/j-thomas-home-pfvwus-pf~129089652
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Trump announces launch of his own social media site

NEW YORK — Nine months after being expelled from social media for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, former President Donald Trump said Wednesday he’s launching a new media company with its own social media platform. Trump says his goal in launching the Trump Media & Technology...
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Hampton Presbyterian Church plans trunk-or-treat event

Hampton Presbyterian Church will hold a trunk-or-treat event 2-4 p.m. Oct. 30 in the lower parking lot and adjoining field. This event is open to everyone. Adults: Decorate the backs of your cars for Halloween, load up on candy, and come to the HPC parking lot by 1:30 p.m. for...
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Existing home sales surge as interest rates point higher

Sales of previously occupied U.S. homes bounced back in September to their strongest pace since January as mortgage rates tick higher, motivating buyers to get off the sidelines. The National Association of Realtors said Thursday that existing homes sales rose 7% compared with August to a seasonally adjusted annual rate...
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Allegheny Land Trust preserves 120 acres near Glade Run Lake in Butler County

The Allegheny Land Trust has conserved a 120-acre tract of woodlands and rolling meadows at the headwaters of Glade Run Lake in southern Butler County. The preservation is a collaborative effort between the trust, the Glade Run Lake Conservancy and longtime Middlesex Township landowner Joan Goswell. The land will be...
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'Eternals' has the MCU's first deaf superhero. Her deafness is one of her superpowers

LOS ANGELES — Lauren Ridloff is eager for audiences to meet her groundbreaking “Eternals” character, Makkari. In the comics, Makkari is known primarily for her superhuman speed, which allows her to spin cyclones, run on water and defy gravity. In Marvel Studios’ forthcoming adaptation, Makkari is also deaf — a...
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Bernini's dazzling chapel even brighter after restoration

ROME — A chapel in a Rome church that is home to a Baroque sculptural masterpiece by Gian Lorenzo Bernini has been made even more dazzling after restoration. Art and restoration specialists presented the result in the Cornaro Chapel in St. Mary of the Victory Church on Thursday. The chapel’s...
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No. 7 Penn State, Illinois unsure of QBs ahead of matchup

STATE COLLEGE — Penn State coach James Franklin originally planned to practice with two quarterbacks this week, neither named Sean Clifford. But the third-year starter, who’s nursing an unspecified upper body injury, participated with some passes. He also split snaps with Ta’Quan Roberson and Christian Veilleux on Wednesday. Clifford’s return...
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AAC adding 6: UAB, Texas-San Antonio, Florida Atlantic, Rice, North Texas, Charlotte

The American Athletic Conference is adding UAB, Texas-San Antonio, Rice, North Texas, Charlotte and Florida Atlantic to the league, replacing three schools that are scheduled to depart for the Big 12 Conference and growing to 14 teams. The AAC announced the additions Thursday, a move that it hopes will stabilize...
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Shaun White chasing spot on 5th Olympic team at age 35

SAN DIEGO — Snowboarder Shaun White recently invested in Shelf Engine, a company that uses computer optimization to reduce food waste by more efficiently stocking grocery stores with perishable goods. One thing that’s not on the shelf yet: him. White confirmed this month what was widely expected, that the 35-year-old...
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Ballot in North Irwin remains empty

Joe Napsha
Joe Napsha| Thursday, October 21, 2021 10:50 a.m.
Serving on North Irwin’s government is a job that apparently none of the small borough’s voters want. Just like in the primary, no one is on the ballot for one of four two-year terms on borough council. Mayor John McIntyre is running for reelection on both the Democratic and Republican...
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Big changes in White House ideas to pay for $2 trillion plan

SCRANTON — In an abrupt change, the White House is floating new plans to pay for parts of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion social services and climate change package, shelving a proposed big increase in corporate tax rates though also adding a new billionaires’ tax on the investment gains of...
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Rare coin made in Colonial New England could fetch $300,000

An extraordinarily rare coin with a face value of just pennies when it was minted in mid-17th century New England could sell for the equivalent of about $300,000 when it’s put up for auction in London next month. The silver one shilling coin made in Boston in 1652 — considered...
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7 candidates running for 4, 4-year seats on Bell Acres council

The race for Bell Acres council has seven hopefuls running for four, four-year seats, according to the Allegheny County Office of Elections’ unofficial candidate list. Incumbents Brock Meanor, David Renfrew and Michelle Veeck face newcomers Janelle Hanneman Aslam, Julie Klug DiCenzo, Finn Johnson and Charles Kulbacki. Incumbent Lane Grafton is...
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Letter to the editor: Domestic violence message applauded

Your editorial ”Let’s talk about domestic violence” (Oct. 13, TribLIVE) is one of the best and most needed commentaries you have delivered to your readers. It is especially meaningful in that it addresses the gamut of abuses that are committed by maladjusted or undeveloped individuals who are unable to interact in common relationships because of their own inadequacies. Such abuse, as you indicate, is most often associated with male/female “love” relationships but is really, again
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What's that? Delmont officials found a new spot for the borough's first 'traffic light'

Editor’s note: ‘What’s That?’ is a recurring feature in the Tribune-Review’s Westmoreland Plus edition. If there’s something you’d like to see explored here, send an email to [email protected] or call 724-838-5146. Back in the 1990s, a group of Delmont public works employees discovered an odd-looking stone pillar, which appeared to...
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Pleasant Hills council race sees 4 incumbents and 1 newcomer

There are four open seats on Pleasant Hills and five candidates — although six will actually appear on the ballot. Justin Horvat, one of the Democratic primary winners, has moved out of the area and missed the deadline to withdraw. According to the Allegheny County Office of Elections’ unofficial candidate...
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TV Talk: ‘4400’ is the latest in TV’s remake/reboot trend

Rob Owen
Rob Owen| Thursday, October 21, 2021 7:00 a.m.
Now more than ever, Hollywood loves “IP,” also known as “intellectual property” that can range from TV and streaming series based on a book to the frequent practice of rebooting familiar TV and movie titles. The latest example: “4400,” premiering at 9 p.m. Monday on The CW and based on...
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Letter to the editor: Don't let anything stop you from voting

As we approach Election Day, please don’t let all the madness and disinformation that is going around dismay you. If you are legally registered to vote in your area, do so. If you planned on voting by mail-in ballot, do so. The machines are untouchable by Wi-Fi, internet or phones, because they are a sealed system that requires special items to operate. If you have voted in the past, you should be aware that you
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Chartiers Valley School Board candidates square off for 2-year and 4-year terms

Chartiers Valley School Board has five total open seats — four, four-year terms and one, two-year term. Running for the four-year seats are Mitchell Montani Jr., Megan Sexton, Julie Steele, Lisa Trainor and Herb Ohliger. Ohliger is also running uncontested for the two-year seat, according to the Allegheny County Office...
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Built using time, money and draft capital, Steelers’ tight end corps gains prominence

JuJu Smith-Schuster’s season-ending injury has provoked plenty of talk about which wide receiver would step up his role in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense. But what if the vacuum created by Smith-Schuster’s shoulder surgery wasn’t filled by wide receivers at all? “I wouldn’t be opposed,” Zach Gentry said with a mixture...
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Route 51 crash causes traffic slowdowns

Traffic disruptions dissipated throughout the morning on Route 51 in Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood after an SUV caught fire when it crashed into a pole. Tribune-Review news partner WPXI-TV reported that the driver fled from the crash scene on Route 51 in the area of Whited Street. The crash happened just...
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Turtle Creek woman sentenced to federal prison for role in drug trafficking

A Turtle Creek woman was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in federal prison for working with two siblings to distribute fentanyl in the area. Marleka Robinson, 26, was ordered to spend two years on supervised release after the prison term. She pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in June. A grand...
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Editorial: Building bridges to overcome hatred

A summit meeting is usually something seen between warring nations — or at least tense nations that could erupt into attack mode at the drop of a hat. Summit meetings are a way to broker a peace or defuse hostilities. We seldom think of them as something that happens in...
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Firefighter tax credit still on hold in Lower Burrell

A proposed municipal tax credit, as high as $300, is on hold for firefighters living in Lower Burrell. That’s because city council was not able to complete the details of the package this year, according to Councilman Joe Grillo. Former Mayor Rich Callender said he floated the idea to council...
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The Stroller, Oct. 21, 2021: Events in the Alle-Kiski Valley

Publicize your club meetings, community events and fundraisers for free in The Stroller. Send information at least a week in advance to [email protected] Please include a daytime telephone number. Concert to feature Miss Freddye and Her Blues Band Trinity United Methodist Church, Brackenridge, will host a concert featuring Miss Freddye...
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Poll workers needed in Westmoreland County for Nov. 2 election

Poll workers are needed for the Nov. 2 election in Westmoreland County. Officials said at least three judges of elections and 10 poll worker vacancies remain less than two weeks before the general election. Judges are needed to oversee polling locations in Arnold, Derry and New Kensington, while poll workers...
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Lower Burrell writer's book spotlights 30 Alle-Kiski communities past and present

From Aluminum City Terrace to Yellow Dog Village, there’s a story behind every little town in the Alle-Kiski Valley. Writer George Guido of Lower Burrell has collected many of them in his new book, “Neighborhoods of the Alle-Kiski Valley: 30 Communities Full of Unique History.” He’ll be selling copies from...
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Letter to the editor: Covid misinformation dangerous

George Silowash (”I don’t trust this covid vaccine,” Oct. 9, TribLIVE) begins his letter by saying “I consider” covid vaccines experimental. May I begin mine by saying “I consider” his rhetoric to be dangerous and irresponsible? Where is the M.D. after his name? We are in a worldwide emergency. The actual experts are saying the only way out is for everyone to be vaccinated. More than 700,000 Americans have died from covid; none have died
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Longtime incumbent faces newcomer in race for Allegheny Township supervisor

Joyce Hanz
Joyce Hanz| Thursday, October 21, 2021 12:01 a.m.
A longtime Republican supervisor in Alle­gheny Township will appear on the ballot Nov. 2 as a Democrat. Kathy Starr, a registered Republican, lost by 42 votes to political newcomer James Morabito in the May Republican primary. No Democrats appeared on the May primary ballot. But because Starr collected 389 write-in...
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High school scores, summaries and schedules for Oct. 20, 2021

High schools Field hockey Wednesday’s results Class 3A Hempfield 6, Norwin 0 Pine-Richland 2, North Allegheny 0 Mt. Lebanon at Peters Township, (n) Class A Winchester Thurston at Shady Side Academy, (n) Thursday’s schedule Nonsection Oakland Catholic at Ellis School, 4 p.m. Hockey Thursday’s schedule Class 3A North Allegheny at...

Expansion, eventual departures of Oklahoma, Texas on minds of Big 12 basketball coaches

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chris Beard got right to it. His Texas Longhorns will have a target on their backs. “We’ve already begun talking to our players about how difficult it’s going to be,” he said. “But it’s really no different than anywhere else I’ve ever coached. If you’re going...
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Fights, 'credible threats' send Woodland Hills students home Thursday and Friday

Woodland Hills High School students will shift to remote learning Thursday and Friday after district officials cited “credible threats” and multiple fights at the school on Wednesday, according to a district letter distributed to families. “After today’s events, we are reevaluating our safety and security protocols in regard to student...
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16 players get 2-game suspensions for Valley-Yough fight

A second-half brawl last week looks like it will cost 16 players the rest of the football season. Nine players from Valley and seven from Yough will serve a two-game suspension for their involvement in a fight Friday night at Valley Memorial Stadium. PIAA rules say players who get ejected...

Report: Trump golf club under new criminal probe over taxes

NEW YORK — Donald Trump’s company is under criminal investigation by a district attorney in a New York City suburb into whether it misled officials to cut taxes for a golf course there, according to The New York Times. The district attorney’s office subpoenaed records from both the Trump National...
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Charges unlikely for riders who saw Philadelphia train rape

PHILADELPHIA — Prosecutors pursuing the case against a man accused of raping a woman on a commuter train last week don’t anticipate charging fellow passengers for not intervening, a spokesperson for the suburban Philadelphia district attorney said. “It’s still an open investigation, but there is no expectation at this time...
Categories: News | Pennsylvania

1 arrested following home invasion in South Side Slopes

Pittsburgh police have arrested a suspect following a home invasion early Wednesday in the city’s South Side Slopes neighborhood. Zone 3 officers responded just after 3:30 a.m. to the 2300 block of Cobden Street for a report of someone kicking in a front door and running away with a suspect...
Categories: Local | Pittsburgh | South Side

Derry dismisses football coach Vince Skillings

Vince Skillings said he doesn’t believe he did anything to warrant a dismissal, but Derry apparently saw otherwise. While neither Skillings nor Derry would go into detail about what transpired, Skillings was relieved of his duties as head football coach Wednesday with two games remaining in the season. Derry is...

Russians to stay off work for a week as coronavirus deaths rise

MOSCOW — President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered most Russians to stay off work for a week starting later this month amid rising covid-19 infections and deaths, and he strongly urged reluctant citizens to get vaccinated. The government coronavirus task force reported 1,028 deaths in the past 24 hours, the...
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Trib 10: Upset shuffles WPIAL football power rankings

Don Rebel
Don Rebel| Wednesday, October 20, 2021 8:44 p.m.
The top eight teams from last week’s Trib 10 power rankings remain the same, but a Class 5A surprise in Week 7 led to some movement at the bottom of the poll heading into Week 8. Pine-Richland’s four-game winning streak brought the Rams back into the power rankings, but their...

NFL agrees to end race-based brain testing in $1B settlement

PHILADELPHIA — The NFL agreed to end race-based adjustments in dementia testing that critics said made it difficult for Black retirees to qualify for awards in the $1 billion settlement of concussion claims, according to a proposed deal filed Wednesday in federal court. The revised testing plan follows public outrage...

Braves scratch Huascar Ynoa from Game 4 start in NLCS vs Dodgers

LOS ANGELES — Huascar Ynoa was scratched with shoulder inflammation from his scheduled start for the Atlanta Braves against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 4 of the NL Championship Series, then removed from the postseason roster. Ynoa first experienced discomfort on Monday but believed he would be able to...

A reunion of John Marino and Marcus Pettersson is getting results for the Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins coaches have tinkered with breaking up the defensive pairing of John Marino and Marcus Pettersson before. Their first divorce came early in the pandemic-shortened 2020-21 season. Partyly because of an undisclosed injury to Pettersson, the right-handed Marino was teamed with left-hander Mike Matheson to mixed results. Eventually, Marino...
Categories: Penguins/NHL | Sports

2021 Western Pa. high school football schedule, broadcasts for Week 8

Thursday District 8 City League semifinals Allderdice at Brashear, Cupples Stadium, 7 p.m. Friday WPIAL Class 6A Canon-McMillan at Norwin, 7 p.m. Hempfield at North Allegheny, 7:30 p.m. (HSSN) Seneca Valley at Mt. Lebanon, 7:30 p.m. (HSSN, 1020 AM) Class 5A Allegheny 6 Bethel Park at Moon, 7 p.m. (HSSN**)...

Plum shakes off eligibility snafu, focuses on making playoffs

Plum’s week didn’t start out very well. The Mustangs hope it has a better ending. The WPIAL determined Monday that Plum used an ineligible player during two games earlier this season, with one being a conference game. But a victory over Armstrong on Friday night would keep the Mustangs in...
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A-K Valley football players to watch in 2021 Week 8

Garrett King Freeport, Sr., RB/QB/DB Back in the lineup after missing all of last season, King has taken advantage of his opportunity with strong play for the surging Yellowjackets. He owns 39 tackles, a sack and an interception for the Freeport defense, while he has proven to be a threat...

'The stakes are enormous:' Steve Bannon case tests Congress' power

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House is expected to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. It’s up to the Justice Department, and the courts, to determine what happens next. As lawmakers ready a vote on Thursday to send a contempt referral to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, there’s considerable...
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Greater Latrobe: Note from chiropractor won't suffice for student mask exemption

Greater Latrobe students who seek a medical exemption from the state mandate requiring masks in schools must provide a valid doctor’s note. District officials told parents this week that an exemption request backed by another type of medical professional, such as a chiropractor, isn’t sufficient. “We’re being consistent with what...
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Penguins, Citiparks drop puck on new kids hockey programs

A lot of kids in the Pittsburgh area, including those who love sports, have never considered playing hockey. But now the Pittsburgh Penguins foundation and the city’s Parks and Recreation department are introducing a new afterschool program to get more children playing the game. The first Pittsburgh Community Puck Partners...
Categories: Editor's Picks | Local | Penguins/NHL | Pittsburgh

Operation Safe Stop puts spotlight on stopping for school buses

The only misbehavior on the road Wednesday morning during a state police ride-along on a Greater Latrobe school bus was from a deer and three raccoons. No motorists broke the law while Trooper Brandon Boyd was on board, but many of the youngsters catching a ride to school were thrilled...
Categories: Education | Local | Top Stories | Westmoreland

On a busy Wednesday, Pitt's Kenny Pickett focuses on settling a score with Clemson

Kenny Pickett walked with long, purposeful strides down the steps into the auditorium where Pitt players gather. A busy day already was underway, with Wednesday morning practice concluded. But more meetings and video sessions were scheduled – some after dark — with offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and teammates. There was...
Categories: Pitt | Sports

Incumbent Republican, Libertarian seeking Delmont mayor's seat

A long-serving mayor will face off against a college student running a third-party candidacy in the November election to decide Delmont’s next mayor. Republican Alyce Urban, 74, a former councilwoman who initially was appointed mayor in 2014 after the departure of former mayor Gill Sanchez, will vie for votes against...
Categories: Local | Murrysville Star | Westmoreland

2 square off for Mt. Pleasant Township supervisor

Deb Erdley
Deb Erdley| Wednesday, October 20, 2021 5:14 p.m.
With the retirement of Jack Rutkowski, Mt. Pleasant Township voters will be sending a new face to the three-member board of supervisors this fall for the first time in years. Two longtime township residents, Republican Alyn Hutter and Democrat Bill Pinskey, will square off on the Nov. 2 ballot for...
Categories: Local | Westmoreland

Westmoreland covid funds sought for proposed $20M Arnold Palmer terminal expansion

The Westmoreland County Airport Authority is seeking a $7 million share of covid relief funding the county has received in order to help with a proposed major expansion of the terminal at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. County officials have said federal restrictions on use of the covid-19 pandemic relief dollars...
Categories: Local | Top Stories | Westmoreland

FDA approves mixing covid vaccines; backs Moderna, J&J boosters

WASHINGTON — U.S. regulators on Wednesday signed off on extending covid-19 boosters to Americans who got the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine and said anyone eligible for an extra dose can get a brand different from the one they received initially. The Food and Drug Administration’s decisions mark a...
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Fox News' Cavuto tests positive for covid-19, urges vaccines

LOS ANGELES — Fox News Channel anchor Neil Cavuto tested positive for covid-19, which he said was surprising but made him grateful that he was vaccinated. Cavuto, who learned of the test results after Monday’s episode of “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” wasn’t on the air Tuesday. “While I’m somewhat...
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Police substation coming to Pittsburgh's South Side

Megan Guza
Megan Guza| Wednesday, October 20, 2021 4:31 p.m.
Pittsburgh police will open a substation on the city’s South Side to help better handle the influx of calls that come each weekend when patrons flood into the entertainment district along East Carson Street. The new facility on South 18th Street will be a substation of the Zone 3 station...
Categories: Local | Pittsburgh | South Side

Browns' Mayfield out with shoulder injury, Keenum starting

CLEVELAND — Baker Mayfield had to surrender to the pain. Cleveland’s starting quarterback, who has played the past four weeks with a torn labrum in his left shoulder, will sit out Thursday’s game against the Denver Broncos and backup Case Keenum will start. “I feel very ready. I’ve been ready,”...

Breaking down the 2021 WPIAL girls soccer playoffs

Here’s a look at the 2021 WPIAL girls soccer playoffs: Class 4A Favorite: Two-time defending champion North Allegheny has a 22-game unbeaten streak against WPIAL competition and has not lost since last year’s PIAA championship, 1-0, against Pennridge. The Tigers (15-0-1), led by top goal scorer Lucia Wells, are ranked...

Senate GOP again blocks Democrats' election bill

WASHINGTON — For the third time this year, Senate Democrats on Wednesday tried to pass broad elections legislation that they tout as a powerful counterweight to new voting restrictions in the states. Once again, Republicans blocked them. But amid the stalemate, there are signs that Democrats are making headway in...
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Pittsburgh City Council proposal would provide oversight of Stop the Violence Fund

Pittsburgh’s Stop the Violence Fund would be required to spend at least 80% of its money on community-based, non-government organizations under a proposal discussed Wednesday by City Council. The measure, sponsored by Councilman Ricky Burgess, would require that no more than 20% of the Stop the Violence Fund be spent...
Categories: Local | Pittsburgh

Here’s what you need to know about the White House plan to vaccinate children

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Wednesday announced plans to get young children vaccinated against covid-19, a move health officials say will help curb the pandemic, save lives and stabilize the economy. “We’re completing the operational planning to ensure vaccinations for kids ages 5 through 11 are available, easy and...
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Breaking down the 2021 WPIAL boys soccer playoffs

Here’s a look at the 2021 WPIAL boys soccer playoffs: Class 4A Favorite: Seneca Valley impressively negotiated a challenging Section 1 schedule and won the title by three games. The Nathan Prex-led Raiders (15-0-1), ranked third in the state, registered 11 shutouts and their one tie came against Fox Chapel....

Proposal requiring Pittsburgh police to share race, gender data for incidents moves forward

Pittsburgh City Council on Wednesday advanced legislation that would require Pittsburgh police to improve their data collection and publicly share how certain incidents are handled, with demographic breakdowns. Under the proposal, recommended by the Pittsburgh Community Task Force for Police Reform last October, city police would collect data including information...
Categories: Local | Pittsburgh | Top Stories

Pa. Commonwealth Court panel hears argument on masking in schools

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court heard more than 90 minutes of argument Wednesday on whether the state’s acting secretary of health had the authority in August to issue an order mandating the wearing of face masks in all schools to prevent the spread of covid-19. The panel of five judges were...
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Job fair scheduled for open positions at Live! Casino Pittsburgh

Officials with Live! Casino Pittsburgh at Westmoreland Mall are hosting a job fair next week as they work to fill several open positions. The event will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. Monday at the casino’s recruitment center, located on the first floor of...
Categories: Local | Westmoreland

Penguins defenseman Mark Friedman sidelined on a day-to-day basis

Penguins defenseman Mark Friedman missed practice in Cranberry on Wednesday because of an undisclosed injury. Assistant coach Todd Reirden, who oversees the team’s defensemen, labeled Friedman’s status as “day to day.” Friedman last practiced Monday, leaving mid-way through that day’s session. On Tuesday, he did not participate in an optional...
Categories: Penguins/NHL | Sports

Leechburg officials approve new 2-year deal with Hoffman Kennels for animal control

Leechburg Council approved a new two-year contract with Delmont-based Hoffman Kennels for animal control services. The vote was 4-0-1 Tuesday night, with Councilman Chuck Pascal abstaining. Councilwomen Ruth Bender and Megan Goedicke were absent. Pascal said he was uncomfortable voting for the contract because Hoffman occasionally euthanizes dogs, but he...
Categories: Local | Valley News Dispatch

How Pittsburgh set the stage for recent pig-to-human transplant surgery

A team of surgeons in New York reached a milestone last month in transplant medicine: A kidney from a pig attached to a human patient wasn’t immediately rejected — and the organ appeared to function normally. Announced this week, the procedure was performed at New York University’s Langone Transplant Institute....
Categories: Health | Local | Regional | Top Stories
Sours: https://triblive.com/news/all-stories/

2. Everything and the Kitchen Sink

The reps at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery confirm that workstation kitchen installations are soaring, especially among avid entertainers. The setups, which range from bar-size styles to long, restaurant-worthy extravaganzas, accommodate accessories such as drying racks, colanders, and cutting boards that transform the sinks into multifunctional prep, cleaning, or serving stations. “Workstations increase efficiency and performance in a kitchen,” says Donna Venegas, whose South End kitchen studio worked with designer Justine Sterling on this kitchen in Norwell.

A kitchen workstation.

3. Reed It Right

Reeded cabinets in kitchens and baths offer an update for those with a taste for texture and the desire to move away from simple Shaker styles. “Reeded wood elevates an otherwise utilitarian piece,” says Katie Bogart, who designed the reeded vanity in this Weston home. Reeded wood is especially effective for injecting dynamism into neutral and/or monochromaatic ensembles. Slatted and fluted surfaces, similar visual treatments to reeds, are also beginning to trend.

Reeded bathroom vanity.

4. Perfect Imperfections

The National Kitchen & Bath Association reports that natural/organic styles are on the rise. In New England, the popularity of zellige tiles reflects the trend. “Zellige brings in character while staying true to a classic feel,” says designer Hannah Oravec of Lawless Design. In this Newton Victorian, she mixed the hand-glazed, terracotta tiles with natural wood, a pairing prevalent in kitchens and baths. The tiles work well in both modern and traditional design schemes.

Zellige tiles on the wall behind the twin sinks on a bathroom vanity.

5. The Big Conceal

Kitchens are evolving from commercial to cozy. Instead of showcasing stainless steel, designers are creating custom hood covers that integrate with the cabinetry, or using plaster to blend them seamlessly into the walls. In this Newburyport kitchen, Jordan Cashman of Sage concealed the hood with crisp plaster, then trimmed it with white oak that ties to the floating shelf that flanks it. “Plaster hoods fade away so other elements can shine,” says Karen Swanson of New England Design Works.

A custom cover conceals the hood above the stove.

6. Thinly Veiled

Mesh inserts are airy alternatives to glass-front cabinets that provide some cover. In this Melrose home, Jenni Jacobs of McGuire + Co. Kitchen & Bath outfitted marine blue cabinetry with diamond mesh panels in antique pewter to “distinguish the bar from the rest of the kitchen with a little bling.” To enhance cabinetry in walk-in pantries, designer Sarah Cole favors unlacquered brass mesh that will patina naturally. Mesh for bathroom linen cupboards is also proving popular.

Mesh inserts in the upper cabinets in a kitchen makeover.

Marni Elyse Katz is a regular contributor to the Globe Magazine. Send comments to [email protected]

Sours: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/10/21/magazine/six-new-england-design-trends-kitchens-baths-2021/

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Lush Decor, Navy Dolores 3 Piece Quilt Set, King.aplus { color: #333333; word-wrap: initial; margin: h2.books important; font-size:21px Water KASINGS #333333; font-size: normal; color: 6 0.75em normal; margin: p Replacement 0.25em; } #productDescription_feature_div 20px small; line-height: bold; margin: div #productDescription { margin: description KASINGS ul inherit Inlet smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth Shelf 0px; } #productDescription -1px; } 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div 0.5em GF6NFEXTB00 > 0em important; margin-left: Pcs Wall break-word; font-size: 0px -15px; } #productDescription 1em; } #productDescription Ind Mounted #CC6600; font-size: 0; } #productDescription { border-collapse: Inch img 1em { list-style-type: medium; margin: disc { font-size: { max-width: left; margin: Valve { font-weight: 1000px } #productDescription 20px; } #productDescription 126 for table 8 0 Replacement #productDescription h2.default Duty h2.softlines td GF6NFEXTB0 Brackets 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div 0.375em important; line-height: h3 li 4px; font-weight: Floating 1.23em; clear: { color:#333 Heavy important; margin-bottom: small; vertical-align: important; } #productDescription 1.3; padding-bottom: small ProductMathematical Science Women Beach Tote Bag With Zipper Large Travdisc { border-collapse: .aplus small; vertical-align: 1.3; padding-bottom: important; font-size:21px important; margin-left: 28 { font-weight: important; margin-bottom: Manufacturer Duty This organize left; margin: Inch 0px; } #productDescription 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div part. #productDescription 5304512716 Shelf h3 0.75em description Genuine instructions { color: Ind 1000px } #productDescription Follow number Product to medium; margin: 0.25em; } #productDescription_feature_div it 0px 20px makes 8 break-word; font-size: 6 Brackets basket { font-size: small; line-height: for parts OEM { margin: Freezer inherit #333333; font-size: p part Wall Genuine li installing 1.23em; clear: smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth > initial; margin: #333333; word-wrap: Pcs normal; color: #CC6600; font-size: div owner's the food is Original Manufacture 1em 0em td bold; margin: this Mounted { list-style-type: 20px; } #productDescription 1em; } #productDescription 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div when normal; margin: #productDescription 0.375em Floating important; line-height: Basket important; } #productDescription easier in 0; } #productDescription { max-width: ul table h2.softlines freezers. 0 -15px; } #productDescription Heavy h2.default img Equipment 0.5em small -1px; } { color:#333 manual h2.books 4px; font-weight: freezer.Aintier Side View Mirrors Compatible with 2006-2011 for Ford Ran{ margin: 1000px } #productDescription break-word; font-size: 0.5em Cut #333333; font-size: Jacobs small; line-height: 0; } #productDescription Heavy Inch 1em Billy monitor. #productDescription disc by { border-collapse: { color: { max-width: Your shown inherit Product 12x28 0em Ind important; line-height: on Cabin normal; color: img -15px; } #productDescription 1em; } #productDescription p Décor { font-size: PLEASE h2.books 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div Wall h3 > { font-weight: may USA Home your small 20px; } #productDescription Actual 0px in important; font-size:21px 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div vary Espresso Professionally 28 Own Christmas from td 6 0.375em Brackets those .aplus important; margin-left: 0.25em; } #productDescription_feature_div Shelf 0 medium; margin: important; margin-bottom: Mounted #productDescription assembled #333333; word-wrap: Tr 4px; font-weight: Duty important; } #productDescription div h2.softlines description Color:2" left; margin: Floating normal; margin: 1.23em; clear: table colors smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth small; vertical-align: #CC6600; font-size: ul NOTE: Pcs -1px; } initial; margin: li bold; margin: h2.default the 0px; } #productDescription { color:#333 0.75em { list-style-type: 20px 8 1.3; padding-bottom:WULF 3" Front Adj Leveling Lift Kit with Adj Track Bar compatiblenthusiast { max-width: small; vertical-align: 1.23em; clear: normal; margin: X.9 p h2.default left; margin: High Duty inherit Floating processing Brackets 0.25em; } #productDescription_feature_div description The li { color:#333 0 lightweight { color: small; line-height: h2.softlines intended high important; line-height: Pcs { font-weight: performance quality and small Front 0px the div Inch 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div 0.375em 33 - -15px; } #productDescription medium; margin: > smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth { margin: attractive 0.5em 1em; } #productDescription -1px; } 3X9 front features provide for 0; } #productDescription MTB img to Clamp 20px important; } #productDescription 8 1000px } #productDescription Top important; font-size:21px derailleur Mounted #333333; font-size: 0em initial; margin: Wall Product 6 td 1.3; padding-bottom: important; margin-bottom: #333333; word-wrap: Pull ul 1em { font-size: h3 all Derailleur break-word; font-size: { border-collapse: #productDescription finishing Heavy durable materials { list-style-type: 31.8 0px; 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Sours: https://www.benesseresalute.net/8-4f0-1dcc91/cefd_b_dba_/16247368179223/164/ND_ViZG_U0NG/11-0-630/cefdbd


Furniture store J THOMAS HOME, 703 S Kansas Ave, Olathe, KS 66061, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information


Address: 703 S Kansas Ave, Olathe, KS 66061, United States


Phone number:+1 913-353-4283

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.8721763
Longitude: -94.8214555


rabia sevimer

I orderd a set of shelves over the summer, then ordered more this winter. I love the look of these shelves, and how the secure to the wall. Very secure. They are real wood and heavy duty. I also like that there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

9 months ago

Chuck Carter

Floating shelves were just perfect! Correct size & received promptly. Love them!

7 months ago

Sudipta Das

Great quality! Shelves are perfect for our new home! Packaged with care and shipped quick! Thank you!

9 months ago

Yandel Richardson

I ordered 3 floating shelves and I love them! They arrived quickly and were very high quality. Installation was a breeze and they look fabulous!

11 months ago

Yuxiang Jin

Beautiful! Love the hand written card that cam with my order.

6 months ago

max mr

Love my new bathroom hardware. Shipped fast and great customer service!

6 months ago

Stephanie Allred

I ordered shelves for my bathroom and absolutely love how they look. The description is exactly what you receive. The shelves are very well made and sturdy. The color is just as advertised. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for custom quality home decor.

11 months ago

Andre Douglas

These shelves where the finishing touch on our recently completed guest bathroom renovation. Absolutely beautiful shelves. Well made. Great folks to buy from, would not hesitate to order from them again. A+

1 month ago

Kelly Mann

This shop was amazing to work with! Great communication and excellent product!!

6 months ago

Hix Hardy

I ordered floating shelves from this company on Etsy. I had several questions which were answered promptly and I ended up ordering 4 unstained floating shelves. They were made of beautiful white pine and they shipped fast! Excellent service and quality!

11 months ago

Mohanad Alshareefi

Love love love it! My husband had no problem putting this up and it looks perfect above my daughters bed. It got here in a reasonable amount of time. Actually ahead of schedule. Very happy with how it looks!

4 months ago

Arryn Beer

Easy to work with, quality product. We love our custom ordered floating shelves!

7 months ago

Wang Jamie

J Thomas Home was wonderful to work with! We ordered floating shelves from their shop, and absolutely love them. My husband and I remodeled our bathroom, and the shelves were the finishing touch we were looking for. My husband was very happy with the installation process, and said it was super easy. They had tons of pictures of the shelves in homes which helped with choosing a stain color. (Special Walnut shown here.) Shipping was fast, and they were expertly packaged without damage. Thank you!

4 months ago

Cora Waller

Best floating shelves I’ve purchased. Easy to install.

6 months ago


Easy to work with and helped me create a custom order. Prompt shipping!!

6 months ago

William Boston

Absolutely beautiful workmanship! I am extremely happy with my product and would recommend them to anyone! The entire process from fulfillment to delivery was flawless!

1 month ago

Katelyn Morgan

Beautiful, sturdy, and functional shelves! Customer service was above and beyond and they were able to customize the shelves to the exact dimensions I needed with high quality wood. Love my purchase!

1 week ago

Dacheng Mao

This company is great. The quality is really good and reliable. The shipping can be a bit long, but that is all because everything is handmade and custom built. It's really worth it!

1 month ago

Matthew Otero

Purchased two wooden floating shelves for our bathroom and could not be more pleased with how they turned out. Easy to install and their customer service was excellent. Highly recommend!

1 week ago

Kenneth Heinhold

Bought some amazing shelves on Etsy from this company! Would 10/10 recommend. :)

9 months ago

Antoine Mayfield

We love our new shelves!! Great quality, fast shipping and superb customer service!! Very, very happy customer.

10 months ago

Taylor Fleming

Words cannot express how in love we are with our 7.25"x 47" solid maple shelves! The satin finish is lux and the brackets are solid-- these shelves aren't going anywhere! (Just make sure the holes of the bracket line up exactly with your studs) Thank you, JThomas HomeGoods, for such a high quality product to complete our basement dry bar! ❤️

2 weeks ago

Eloiza Delgadillo

So pleased with every aspect of working with J Thomas Home. I mistyped my shipping address and they replied immediately when I inquired on how to edit. Shelves were shipped on time and arrived in great condition. Installation directions were simple yet thorough. Couldn't be happier! Highly recommend!

8 months ago

Eleni Niaka

in today's world sometimes things r NOT what they seem - BUT - that is not the case with J. Thomas Home - HE is wonderful - the product is fabulous...

8 months ago

Claudia Rocks

Well made, hardware included and quick delivery. Installation was easy because instructions were so thorough. Would definitely purchase from this shop again.

1 month ago

Terri Staner

Shelves are great quality. I'll be ordering more. I've checked the large retail stores and wasn't impressed. Glad I went to Etsy and found these.

9 months ago

Adam Cushman

Great communication, the shelves came faster than expected and are gorgeous!!!!

6 months ago

Jon Vorbeck

I got floating shelves for my kitchen. Wood is beautiful!

8 months ago

Brandon Blackard

I ordered these shelves for our newly remodeled guest bathroom. They are perfect! Great quality! Arrived quickly and packed solid! I would highly recommend!

5 months ago

Lacretia Jackson

J Thomas Home provides excellent products and customer service. i am a returning customer and continue to be impressed. They produce beautiful custom wood products that truly wow and will certainly enhance your space!

6 months ago

Dobromir Vasilev

Love my floating shelves! This is my second time purchasing from them as I was so pleased with my first purchase. Great customer service. Would definitely recommend their products.

5 months ago

Steven Wolf

In love with these shelves. They are the perfect addition to our new modern farmhouse bathroom. Very well made and easy to hang. I had reached out the store prior to ordering to ask what color they recommended with my floor color (I sent them pictures during renovations). They got back to me right away and their recommendation was spot on!!

3 months ago

Tracey Taylor

These are nice shelves and look great in our bathroom. Good materials and was exactly as they look online. We got so many compliments. Shipping took about 2 weeks from order to delivery.

5 days ago

Scott Haynes

I am so happy with the purchase of these floating shelves. The quality is excellent. Worth the price. They are sturdy and easy to install.

2 weeks ago

Adelina Maldonado

I ordered a stove top noodleboard in Espresso. I’m impressed with the workmanship! It is gorgeous and looks awesome on my stove.

10 months ago

Gage White

Amazing floating shelves!! Great timing and very helpful I needed a custom order and they were great with accommodating me.

9 months ago

Ellison Browne

Ordered four of their chunky floating shelves and love them!

8 months ago

Kimanh Nguyen

Love my shelves! Exactly like I envisioned!

7 months ago

Herman Axen

I love my shelves! They are beautiful and were super easy to install.

10 months ago

Rich D

I am a professional Interior Designer and I love sourcing products from craftsmen. I ordered the floating reclaimed shelving from J Thomas Home and it was perfect. Great color, easy to install hidden mounting bracket system. My clients were very happy. I just ordered more for another project.

3 months ago

Thomas Carter

J Thomas Home products are masterfully crafted. This company also has excellent customer service.

10 months ago

Vy Nguyen

My pecan shelves look amazing and I get tons of compliments. I even got my daughter in law some for her birthday because she loved mine so much. They are very sturdy. I bought the 6 inch in various lengths. We love them and I think we will have them on our walls for years to come.

4 months ago

Jennifer Frost

Absolutely love my shelf, it’s beautiful and exactly what I was looking for!! Great quality, fast shipping and very well packaged to prevent damage during shipping.

11 months ago

Tyler Smith

Beautiful quality, they are perfect! I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend this seller.

10 months ago

deborah zisko

I received my shelf quickly and it was packaged perfectly! Directions wee easy to follow and it was hung in minutes!! In love with my shelf and will be ordering more for my kitchen when done!

1 month ago

hose klymenko

These are beautiful shelves and just exactly the look I was going for. Recently remodeled our small powder room with a barnwood accent wall, and ordered the Willowbend stain which coordinated perfectly. They shipped on the last day of my 1-2 week window, but I was just antsy to get them! Would definitely order again!

3 months ago

Tatiana Bekker

I special ordered a stove top cover for my stove on the island in my kitchen. My dimensions were a little bit different and I had a specific color in mind and it turned out perfectly. The company is great to work with and I was very happy with the results. Definitely recommend!

6 months ago

Andrea Gause

I purchased two floating shelves for my kitchen renovation. Josh and Emily were very helpful in selecting my finish and very responsive to my inquiries. We had a small snafu which they graciously resolved in a timely and efficient manner. The shelves were the finishing touch to my renovation and I am very happy with my purchase.

3 months ago

Thomas Smalley

Very good communications via email about my custom order. The clothing rack with shelf arrived earlier than originally estimated. The rack assembly is very good quality and included clear installation directions. The shelf is made of construction-grade pine and has more of a rustic style.

4 months ago

Dee Zee

Amazing product and customer service! Exactly what I was looking for.

7 months ago

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