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Sanctum of Domination Mythic DPS Log Rankings, Week 15: Balance Rising + A Look at the Bosses

By Starym

We're taking another look at a few of the bosses in the Sanctum this week, in addition to our usual overview where Balance seems to be doing really well across all the difficulties and brackets! Let's get right into it.
Mythic DPS Rankings
Affliction is still hanging in there after its recent surge, as it loses the second slot to Balance, but remains in the top 3. Arcane is on another one of its frequent upswings, rising 3 into 5th, while Marksmanship has the biggest drop this week, losing 4 and going down to 14th, as Assassination gains those same 4 spots and ends up in 11th.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
Windwalkers are at the top of their raid game as they hold on to the No.1 spot in both high and generalist brackets, and the first change this week comes in at No.4 where Assassination suddenly burst onto the top rank scene, jumping 3 spots as it seems to be a really good week for them! This pushed Affliction down quite a bit, as the spec loses 4 spots but holds on to the top 10, with Balance coming in hot at No.5 (up 3). The middle of the pack is solidly jumbled up from last week, with Fury rising the most and Survival doing it's now customary downwards trajectory after a very good previous week.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

Individual Bosses
We're also taking a look at a few key bosses this week, as the wall of pain seems to have a pretty set raid composition, keeping the same top 7 spots over the past 2 weeks.

All percentiles Painsmith Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
Ol' phylactery-man also has very few changes, with Elemental getting to the top spot as Affliction loses out all over the place, while Demonology and Havoc move on up a little.

All percentiles Kel'Thuzad Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
Sylvanas has some significant changes as the Druids take over, with Fury dropping down an insane amount from it's No.1 spot 2 weeks ago, settling in the middle of the pack. Survival shows up at No.3, but that doesn't seem to be a reliable stat as it never is with the (few) melee Hunters, but the following 3 specs are solid and kept their slots over the past 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Retribution rises a little and closes out the top 10.

All percentiles Sylvanas Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

Heroic DPS Rankings
There's actually a pretty big change in Heroic for once, as Balance finally breaks up the Rogue party we've had for over a month and takes the No.2 spot! Shadow and Arms swap position as well, with Fire rising into 8th.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.

As always, if you want even more info on a spec, you can check out our class guides here, for a DPS tier list you can go here, or for even more data, head on over to Warcraft Logs.


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The best Epic and Rare BoE Items in WoW Classic


The best Epic and Rare BoE Items in WoW Classic

List of all the best Bind on equip items in Classic World of Warcraft including Epics, Rares, and Magic items


There is nothing better than dropping a BoE Rare during your leveling adventures in Azeroth (maybe except dropping an Epic). Despite the fact that Rare items have very low drop chances that rarely exceed 0.02%, the number of mobs that you defeat during your journey makes finding one a matter of time. The value of BoE items that can drop for you varies greatly, and the most expensive pieces often look very inconspicuous, which means that you might sell an item for a tenth of its actual value without realizing it... This is why we have prepared a shortlist of the best BoE Items, for all level ranges, in WoW Classic. With its help, you will always recognize a very expensive BoE when it drops, and never lose Gold by selling it below its market value. The list mainly consists of the best twink items and pre-Raid BiS gear, but we have also featured some collector and roleplay pieces.


Level 10-19

Assassin's Blade
Assassin's Blade
  • Item Type: Dagger; Requires Level 19
  • Stats: 20-39 Damage, 1.90 Speed (15.5 DPS)
  • Enchantments: +4 Agility, +3 Strength
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - This inconspicuous Dagger is, in fact, the best weapon for level 10-19 bracket Twink Rogues. Thanks to slow, 1.90 Attack Speed, and bonuses to Strength and Agility, Backstabs performed with this Weapon really hurt. The fact that Rogues are among the most played level 19 Twinks makes this Item reach astronomical prices on the Auction House. If you see one for cheap, don't hesitate and snatch it immediately - you will resell it at a considerable profit very easily.
Where to find Assassin's Blade? - It is a trash drop from Shadowfang Keep. Mobs inside the instance have a ~0.02-0.04% chance of dropping it. The chance that players in your group will not know Assassin's Blade's value is minimal, so prepare for a 5x roll battle.
Feet of the Lynx
Feet of the Lynx
  • Item Type: Leather Boots; Requires level 19
  • Stats: 63 Armor
  • Enchantments: +8 Agility, +3 Strength
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - Thanks to the high Ability bonus, these are the best Twink Boots for Rogues and Hunters in the level 10-19 bracket (Rogues also benefit from +3 Strength, but it's rather minor compared to Agility). This item often gets overlooked by players (it is a low-level world drop), so don't be surprised if you see a pair for a very low price (if that happens, buy it out immediately - you will make a nice profit).
Where to find Feet of the Lynx? - Dropped by level 19-26 normal mobs and 18-26 elites in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hilsbarad Foothills, The Barrens, Redridge Mountains, Stonetalon Mountains, Wetlands, Thousand Needles, and Instances of the same level ranges.
Staff of the Blessed Seer
Staff of the Blessed Seer
  • Item Type: Staff; Requires level 18
  • Stats: 47-71 Damage, 3.00 Speed (19.67 DPS)
  • Enchantments: +2 Stamina, +3 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: +24 Healing Spells
Item Overview - This Staff is a very rare case of a low-level item that increases the player's Healing Done. This effect, almost unique at this level range, makes the item one of the greatest low-level healing weapons in the game and a BiS Healer Twink Weapon for the 10-19 level bracket. Level 19 Twinks that have this Staff equipped and properly enchanted are real juggernauts.
Where to find Staff of the Blessed Seer? - This is a Blackfathom Deeps trash drop. Elite mobs of levels 20-25 inside the instance and close to the entrance have a ~0.02-0.19% chance of dropping it. Just like with all other BoE Dungeon Rares, be prepared for the whole group to need on this item.
  • Item Type: Main-Hand Sword; Requires level 19
  • Stats: 29-55 Damage +4-8 Shadow Damage, 2.70 Speed (17.80 DPS)
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: Chance to send a Shadow Bolt at the enemy dealing 30 Shadow Damage
Item Overview - This is by far the best twink weapon for the level 10-19 bracket. All melee classes will want to get their hands on this, even Rogues that prefer Sinister Strike over Backstab. It is dropped less often than the Assassin's Blade because fewer SFK Elites have it in their drop tables. For these reasons, this level 19 Sword is, in fact, one of the most expensive rare items in WoW Classic. If you manage to win a roll on it, congratulations - you probably have your level 60 Epic Mount covered.
Where to find Shadowfang? - Where to find Assassin's Blade? - It is a trash drop from Shadowfang Keep. Mobs of levels 20-25 inside the instance have a ~0.02-0.06% chance of dropping it. As it's common with these types of items, be prepared for the whole group to need on it.
Sentry Cloak
Sentry Cloak
  • Item Type: Cloak; Requires level 19
  • Stats: 21 Armor 
  • Enchantments: +5 Stamina, +4 Agility
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - All Level 19 melee and Hunter Twinks adore this cloak because bonuses to Stamina and Agility are just perfect for them. It also looks quite well for the level, which is nice if looks are important to you. There are some bind-on-pickup alternatives, but they provide fewer stats which means that Sentry Cloak is always in high demand on the Auction House. Usually, it is worth a bit less than Feet of the Lynx (because of BoP Dungeon alternatives), but it should net you a considerable amount of gold nevertheless.
Where to find Sentry Cloak? - Dropped by level 21-27 normal mobs and 20-27 elites in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hilsbarad Foothills, The Barrens, Redridge Mountains, Stonetalon Mountains, Wetlands, Thousand Needles, and Instances of the same level ranges.
Redbeard Crest
Redbeard Crest
  • Item Type: Shield; Requires level 19
  • Stats: 547 Armor, 11 Block
  • Enchantments: +6 Strength, +3 Stamina
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - This is the best stat-oriented level 19 Twink Shield which means that every Shaman and Paladin from the level 10-19 bracket wants it. Thanks to a high strength bonus, this shield is also decent for level 19 Twink Warriors. The three above-mentioned Classes are quite popular in low-level Twink brackets and Redbeard Crest is quite valuable because of that. If you are leveling as a class that can use shields and you drop it, just sell it - gold will be of much more value to you as you will out level the shield very quickly.
Where to find Redbeard Crest? - Dropped by level 18-28 normal mobs and 18-28 elites in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hilsbarad Foothills, The Barrens, Redridge Mountains, Stonetalon Mountains, Wetlands, Thousand Needles, and Instances of the same level ranges.


Level 20-29

  • Item Type: Wand; Requires level 29
  • Stats: 32-60 Arcane Damage, 1.40 Speed (32.86 DPS)
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - This might look strange at first glance - a Wand without any bonuses. Looks are deceiving, however, especially when you take its other attributes into consideration, and its other attributes are very strong. This is, in fact, the best Ranged Weapon level 29 Priest and Mage Twinks can use - both of these classes have a Talent that increases Wand's Damage by 25% which makes Starfaller devastating (with it, you can dismantle other Twinks 1 vs 1 in about 14 seconds, without using ANY offensive spells). If you don't play on Twinking in the level 20-29 bracket just sell it, it should fetch you a nice amount of Gold.
Where to find Starfaller? - Dropped by level 30-38 normal mobs and 33-37 elites in Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale, Thousand Needles, The Barrens (RFD Entrance), Badlands, and Instances of the same level ranges.
Holy Shroud
Holy Shroud
  • Item Type: Cloth Helmet; Requires level 27
  • Stats: 40 Armor
  • Enchantments: +6 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: +33 Healing Spells
Item Overview - This is the best Healing helm, not only for level 29 Twink Healers but also for every leveling healer that is below level 42 (at this level, you can equip Cassandra's Grace, which is a pre-Raid BiS for Healers). Holy Shroud's high healing bonus stays competitive until level 60, in fact, and upgrading it is not worth it until you get a pre-Raid BiS healer helmet. This means that you should strongly consider keeping it if you get one as a leveling Holy Paladin, Holy Priest or Restoration Shaman and you don't need extra gold.
Where to find Holy Shroud? - Dropped by level 24-37 normal mobs and 28-38 elites in Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands, Hilsbarad Foothills, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale, Thousand Needles, Swamp of Sorrows, Dustwallow March, The Barrens (RFD Entrance), Badlands, and Instances of the same level ranges.
Cobalt Crusher
Cobalt Crusher
  • Item Type: Two-Handed Mace; Requires level 29
  • Stats: 74-111 Damage + 5-5 Frost Damage, 3.20 Speed (30.5 DPS)
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: Chance to blast a target for 110 to 121 Frost Damage
Item Overview - This Two-Handed Mace is an interesting choice for level 29 Paladin and Warrior Twinks (especially Humans, since they get +5 Weapon Skill with Maces). Although it does not increase the player's stats, it has a very powerful chance-on-hit effect that procs quite often (about 10% chance to activate). When it procs, your Damage gets almost doubled which results in sudden DPS spikes that tend to take enemy players by surprise (and its bonus Damage is Frost, which means that it ignores Armor).
Where to find Cobalt Crusher? - It is dropped by various Scarlet Crusade members within the Scarlet Monastery, with about 0.02-0.04% chance (don't count on people rolling Greed on this).
Caverndeep Trudgers
Caverndeep Trudgers
  • Item Type: Mail Boots; Requires level 27
  • Stats: 154 Armor
  • Enchantments: +4 Agility, +4 Strength, +10 Stamina
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - Mail boots packed with solid melee DPS/Tanking stats. These are great both for 20-29 bracket Warrior and Paladin Twinks and leveling characters (both DPS and Tanks). Caverndeep Trudgers will fetch a good price, especially on Horde's side as they are much rarer there because of the place that they can be found in. If you are a level 60 Horde Feral Druid and you farm Manual Crowd Pummelers, keep an eye on these, they can make you some extra Gold.
Where to find Caverndeep Trudgers? - They are dropped by various Elite Mechs that wander around the city of Gnomeregan with about 0.02-0.05% chance. These don't stand out so much, so people may not try to ninja them when they drop.
Staff of the Shade
Staff of the Shade
  • Item Type: Staff; Requires level 22
  • Stats: 46-70 Damage, 2/60 Speed (22.3 DPS)
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: +21 Shadow Damage
Item Overview - Bonuses to Spells are typically very strong for Spellcasting Twinks, but they are also quite rare in the first two brackets. This is why this level 22 Staff is the best Item level 29 Warlock or Shadow Priest Twink can have (Uncommon level 29 Staves with the "of Shadow Wrath" suffix are almost equally good, but these are often vendored by people who don't know any better, which makes them even rarer than this one). When properly enchanted, Staff of the Shade provides whopping +51 Shadow Damage, which is enough to easily outclass the competition.
Where to find Staff of the Shade? - It is dropped by various Elite Boars and Quillboars that reside inside the Razorfen Kraul with about 0.02-0.1% chance. This one might get overlooked by less experienced players, which means easy money...


Level 30-39

Pendulum of Doom
Pendulum of Doom
  • Item Type: Two-Handed Axe; Requires level 39
  • Stats: 124-187 Damage, 4.00 Speed (38.9 DPS)
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: Chance of dealing a fatal wound for 250 to 351 Damage
Item Overview - One of the rare examples of a Two-Handed Weapon with 4.00 Attack Speed. In fact, it is the slowest weapon in the game (Arcanite Reaper, famous for low Attack Speed, has 3.80 swing time!). This hard-hitting Axe is the best weapon for Fury Warrior, Enhancement Shaman (windfury procs with the Pendulum of Doom can send an enemy to graveyard very quickly indeed), and Retribution Paladin Twinks of level 30-39 bracket. Although it does not provide any stat boosts, its chance-on-hit effect is truly devastating, especially when combined with Pendulum's very high Damage range. Only 8 mobs have the Pendulum of Doom in their drop table, which makes this item very rare and very, very expensive.
Where to find Pendulum of Doom? - It is dropped by various Elites that dwell inside the ancient city of Uldaman with about 0.02-0.6% chance. It is one of the most famous items in the game, everyone will roll Need when they see one drop.
Underworld Band
Underworld Band
  • Item Type: Ring; Requires level 38
  • Stats: none
  • Enchantments: +10 Stamina, +6 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: + 14 Shadow Damage
Item Overview - Having one of these is a wet dream of any level 39 Twink Warlock and Shadow Priest. In fact, +14 Shadow Damage is almost good enough to make this ring a pre-Raid BiS for Classes that deal Shadow Damage (Maiden's Circle, a ring that is considered to be a great pre-Raid item gives just 4 more Shadow Damage). Equipping this if you are not a level 39 Twink is one of the biggest wastes of Gold imaginable; if you are lucky enough to drop one - sell it, it will fill your pockets with money very nicely. If you are looking for pre-Raid items and happen to have one - also sell it and then buy much cheaper, and better, Maiden's Circle.
Where to find Underworld Band? - Dropped by level 38-46 normal mobs and 39-47 elites in Feralas, The Hinterlands, Searing Gorge, Tanaris, Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Dustwallow Marsh, Alterac Mountains, and Instances of the same level ranges. It is a low-level Epic... if you are in a group while it drops, everyone and their mother will roll Need on it (who does not want an epic?!).
Jaina's Firestarter
Jaina's Firestarter
  • Item Type: Wand; Requires level 37
  • Stats: 44-82 Fire Damage, 1.60 Speed (39.4 DPS)
  • Enchantments: +6 Intellect, +3 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - This is the Starfaller of level 30-39 Battle Ground bracket, which means that Level 39 Mage and Priest Twinks will do their best to get their hands on it. Unlike Starfaller, Firestarter also provides a nice stat boost to Intellect and Spirit (and bonus stats on Wands are rare on these kinds of levels). Moreover, Jaina's Firestarter gets bonus points for a Warcraft lore reference - most likely, it was a wand of Lady Jaina Proudmoore, which makes it a collector piece as well as a level 39 Twink Item. Thanks to all of the above, it can reach very high prices, but don't be surprised if you see one for cheap - people often don't recognize a great item when they see one.
Where to find Jaina's Firestarter? - Dropped by level 37-47 normal mobs and 38-47 elites in Badlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Arathi Highlands, Alterac Mountains, Feralas, The Hinterlands, Searing Gorge, Tanaris, Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Azshara, Blasted Lands, and Instances of the same level ranges.
Staff of Jordan
Staff of Jordan
  • Item Type: Staff; Requires level 35
  • Stats: 119-180 Damage, 3.70 Speed (40.4 DPS)
  • Enchantments: +11 Intellect, +11 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: +26 Spell Power
Item Overview - This is one of the most expensive items you will ever see on the Auction House. Why is that? Stats that Staff of Jordan provides are excellent for both level 39 spell-oriented Twinks and players that want to get an end-game item early (11 Intellect, 11 Spirit, and 26 Spell Power are great, even at level 60). Taking Classic's inflated economy into account, dropping this item should secure you enough Gold for a level 60 mount (if you are a Mage, a Warlock, or a Priest, you should consider equipping it as it will last you until you get a Raid drop).
Where to find Staff of Jordan? - Dropped by level 38-45 normal mobs and 39-44 elites in Tanaris, Swamp of Sorrows, Stranglethorn Vale, Feralas, The Hinterlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Badlands, Arathi Highlands, Desolace (Maraudon entrance), Alterac Mountains, and Instances of the same level ranges. Just like with all other Epics, everyone and their mother will roll Need on this if it drops while you are in a group.
Scarlet Chestpiece
Scarlet Chestpiece
  • Item Type: Mail Chest; Requires level 34
  • Stats: 250 Armor
  • Enchantments: +8 Strength, +19 Stamina
  • On Equip Effects: Part of the "Chain of the Scarlet Crusade" set
Item Overview - The rarest and, because of that, the most expensive part of the Scarlet Set. Thanks to its unique looks, It is valued very highly by cosplayers and collectors alike. Most often, this is the last piece players need to assemble the whole set, which means that it, most of the time, is more expensive than the rest of the set combined. Stat wise, Scarlet Chestpiece is incredibly good for leveling Warriors and Paladins but equipping it is a waste unless you plan on assembling the whole "Chain of the Scarlet Crusade" set.
Where to find Scarlet Chestpiece? - This item is dropped exclusively by Scarlet Champions - Level 39-40 Elites that reside inside Scarlet Monastery's Cathedral. The fact that there are just a few Scarlet Champion spawns adds to Scarlet Chestpiece's rarity and makes it one of the rarest BoE items in Classic.


Level 40-49

  • Item Type: Main Hand Axe; Requires level 48
  • Stats: 66-124 Damage, 2.70 Speed (35.19 DPS)
  • Enchantments: Random
  • On Equip Effects: +10 Attack Power
Item Overview - Depending on the suffix that you get, Ribsplitter's value can vary from extremely high (for suffixes like "of the Bear" - +7 Stamina, +7 Strength, "of Strength" - +11 Strength, or "of the Tiger" - +7 Agility, +7 Strength) to rather mediocre (for less useful ones like "of the Eagle" - +7 Intellect, +7 Stamina). If you are looking for a good and somewhat cheap One-Handed Rare leveling weapon, picking up a Ribsplitter with a "bad" suffix is a viable strategy. On the other hand, pieces with "good" suffixes are among the best Level 49 Warrior Twink weapons and dropping one of them can net you a small fortune on the Auction House because of that.
Where to find Ribsplitter? -  It is dropped by various Elites that reside inside Blackrock Depths with about 0.02-0.8% chance. Because of the <Random Enchantment>, this item is not as famous as other valuable Rare drops, which means that you can snatch it while in a group quite easily (if you want to risk your reputation for Gold, that is).


Freezing Band
Freezing Band
  • Item Type: Ring; Requires level 47 
  • Stats: +10 Frost Resistance
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: +21 Frost Damage, 1% chance of freezing an attacker for 5s and dealing 50 Frost Damage to him
Item Overview - Despite the fact that Freezing Band requires only level 47 to equip, it is a pre-Raid Best-in-Slot Ring for Frost Mages. Moreover, its proc effect is very strong in PvP and you can equip two of these for the double proc chance, however, a 1% chance is not very high which makes procs unreliable. Being a pre-Raid BiS for one of the most popular Classes, Freezing Band achieves very high price tags on the Auction House, so dropping one will make your gold-related problems disappear.
Where to find Freezing Band? -  Dropped by level 48-56 normal mobs and 49-55 elites in Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring, Burning Steppes, Felwood, Un'Goro Crater, Western Plaguelands, Blasted Lands, Azshara, The Hinterlands, Blasted Lands, Sunken Temple, Blackrock Spire, and Dire Maul.


Silvershell Leggings
Silvershell Leggings
  • Item Type: Plate Legs; Requires level 46
  • Stats: 470 Armor
  • Enchantments: +20 Strength, +12 Stamina, +10 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: none
Item Overview - This Item made the list because of the stats that it provides. Strength, Stamina, and Spirit are all great for leveling Warriors and Paladins, and obtaining these Leggings will make the next few level ups much easier for them. While not BiS, they are also quite good for level 49 twinks. Despite not being as flashy as most of the other items featured on our list, Silvershell Leggings should still sell for a nice amount of Gold on the Auction House.
Where to find Silvershell Leggings? - They are dropped by various Elites that can be found inside The Temple of Atal'Hakkar (Sunken Temple) with about 0.01-0.13% chance. Thanks to the fact that these leggings are not too popular, nobody should ninja them from you if you are a Warrior or a Paladin, but don't bet on that... it is an MMORPG after all.
Edgemaster's Handguards
Edgemaster's Handguards
  • Item Type: Mail Gauntlets; Requires level 44
  • Stats: 201 Armor
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: +7 Axes Skill, +7 Daggers Skill, +7 Swords Skill 
Item Overview - Extremely famous and equally expensive, Edgemaster's Handguards are the Best-in-Slot PvE Gauntlets for every Warrior, that is not an Orc or a Human (these two have Weapon Skill racials), for the whole duration of Classic - this is because Weapon Skill is the best statistic one can have on an item; it reduces Glancing Blow penalties which considerably increases DPS. As you can imagine, this makes them one of the most sought after items in the entire game. If you are in a group when they drop, you need on them, and you win, prepare for people to be VERY upset (most likely, people will be upset enough to complain on the forums and the trade chat).
Where to find Edgemaster's Handguards? - Dropped by level 46-52 normal mobs and 47-52 elites in The Hinterlands, Un'Goro Crater, Felwood, Feralas, and Sunken Temple. If you want to farm these solo, Felwood's Jadefire Satyrs and Jadefire Felsworns are your best bet as they are easy to kill by a level 60 character and they are abundant.
Warden Staff
Warden Staff
  • Item Type: Staff; Requires level 43
  • Stats: 89-134 Damage, 2.40 Speed (46.46 DPS), 260 Armor
  • Enchantments: +11 Stamina
  • On Equip Effects: +10 Defense
Item Overview - For someone who is used to seeing Staves primarily as Caster Weapons Warden Staff may look terrible, but this level 43 Epic is, in fact, the best Feral Druid Tank Weapon for the entirety of Classic (for damage mitigation, there are better weapons for threat generation, of course). Bonus Armor that it provides scales very well with the Dire Bear form and 10 extra Defense is of great value to any Tank. Because of this, Warden Staff will be sought after for the whole duration of the game and every Tank Druid will want to get his hands on one.
Where to find Warden Staff? - Dropped by level 46-52 normal mobs and 44-51 elites in The Hinterlands, Un'Goro Crater, Felwood, Blasted Lands, Tanaris, Searing Gorge Zul'Farrak, Maraudon, and Sunken Temple. This is one of those items that will be ninjad by everyone if it drops for a group because it is n low-level epic, but people will, most likely, not know its true value (this means that you can try to buy it off them immediately).

Level 50-60

Random Affix Uncommons(56-60)
Random Suffix Uncommons(56-60)
  • Item Type: various
  • Stats: various
  • Enchantments: for the best ones - none
  • On Equip Effects: Spell Damage, Frost Damage,  Nature Damage, Shadow Damage, Bonus Healing
Item Overview - These items get overlooked by people very, very often by people, but they are one of the best pre-Raid Items in Classic. Because of the specific way statistics work of Classic, effects that increase Spell Damage are much more valuable for casters than any other stat. This is why Uncommon items, like Master's Hat of Frozen Wrath, are BiS (for a Mage, in this case) not only pre-Raid but also for the whole Phases 1 and 2. If you drop a level 56-60 Uncommon item with one of the following Suffixes, chances are that it will turn out to be a pre-Raid BiS item for Casters: of Frozen Wrath, of Nature's Wrath, of Shadow Wrath, of Healing.
Where to find Random Suffix Uncommons(56-60)? - Normal mobs and Elites in pretty much every High-Level zone, Instance, and Raid. There are very many of these items, so you don't know what and where you might get.
Alcor's Sunrazor
Alcor's Sunrazor
  • Item Type: Dagger; Requires level 58
  • Stats: 41-77 Damage, 1.30 Speed (45.4 DPS), +10 Fire Resistance
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: Chance to blast a target for 75 to 106 Fire Damage
Item Overview - Very powerful BoE Epic Dagger that is a pre-Raid BiS off-hand weapon for Combat Rogues and also finds its place as a Tanking Weapon for Warriors during some specific encounters. Its 1.30 Attack Speed (the fastest in the game) makes it great for applying poisons and generating Rage. The fact that the most popular Tank spec and the most popular pure DPS spec needs one of these makes Alcor's Sunrazor very expensive and sought after.
Where to find Alcor's Sunrazor? - Dropped by level 57-60 normal mobs and 55-63 elites in the following Zones, Raids, and Instances: Zul'Gurub, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia's Lair, Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, Blackrock Spire, Scholomance,  Stratcholme, Dire Maul, Silithus, Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, Alterac Valley, Deadwind Pass, and The Hinterlands.
Sash of Mercy
Sash of Mercy
  • Item Type: Leather Belt; Requires level 56
  • Stats: 105 Armor
  • Enchantments: +14 Stamina, +10 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: +53 Healing Spells
Item Overview - This is one of the most powerful BoE Healing-oriented items in the entire game. The fact that it's made out of leather makes it unusable by Priests, but Restoration Shamans, Restoration Druids, and Holy Paladins dream of having one of those as a part of their pre-Raid Gear. +53 to Healing done by Spells is so high, that Sash of Mercy easily competes for the slot with Raid drops from Phase 1.
Where to find Sash of Mercy? -  Dropped by level 57-59 normal mobs and 58-62 elites in the following Zones, Raids, and Instances: Molten Core, Blackrock Spire, Stratcholme, Scholomance, Eastern Plaguelands, and Winterspring.
Maiden's Circle
Maiden's Circle
  • Item Type: Ring; Requires level 55
  • Stats: none
  • Enchantments: +7 Intellect, +6 Spirit
  • On Equip Effects: +18 Spell Power
Item Overview - This little, level 55, Rare Ring is a pre-Raid BiS for Mages, Warlocks, Shadow Priests, and Holy Priests, which makes it one of the most widely used and sought-after BoE Rares in the game. If you get your hands on one, you shouldn't have any problems selling it for a good price (Mages, Warlocks, and Priests are all in the top 5 most played Classes in the game after all).
Where to find Maiden's Circle? - Dropped by level 57-60 normal mobs and 57-63 elites in the following Zones, Raids, and Instances: Onyxia's Lair, Molten Core, Blackrock Spire, Stratcholme, Scholomance, Dire Maul, and Winterspring, 
Dwarven Hand Cannon
Dwarven Hand Cannon
  • Item Type: Gun; Requires level 53
  • Stats: 66-124 Damage, 2.90 Speed (32.76 DPS)
  • Enchantments: none
  • On Equip Effects: Chance on hit to deal 33 to 49  additional Fire Damage
Item Overview - Infamous because of a certain Deeprun Tram Incident, the Dwarven Hand Cannon is a pre-Raid BiS Ranged Weapon for Hunters. Its low Attack Speed makes it perfect for landing hard-hitting Aimed Shots and prevents you from clipping into your Auto Shots too often. If you are playing on an RP server, this Gun should sell for even more than usual, because a rumor has it that Dwarven Hand Cannon is perfect for interrupting intimate moments between Night Elves...
Where to find Dwarven Hand Cannon? - Dropped by level 55-60 normal mobs and 55-61 elites in Silithus, Winterspring, Western Plaguelands, Deadwind Pass, Stratcholme, Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Blackrock Spire.



We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative.  If we have missed an item that is worth mentioning, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

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Buying and selling recipes for gold-making

Tailoring Recipes:

Welcome to my comprehensive list of BoE Tailoring Recipes. I have categorized the recipes into two categories, Obtainable and Unobtainable. The Obtainable recipes are those that still drop from mobs. The Unobtainable lists recipes that no longer have a source, or more importantly, are available from a profession trainer instead. I collected this data using Wowhead.

I’ve sorted the lists alphabetically, and the drop rate added is the highest percentage available. However, it’s essential to understand that the difficult to obtain recipes should hold the most significant value. Check The Undermine Journal (TUJ) for the recipe’s valuation.

I’ve also added helpful links to Wowhead if you’d wish to view the recipe(s) in greater detail.


I’ve compiled a list of 89 BoE Tailoring Recipes that are still obtainable in-game from killing mobs. Ignore the Buyout Price in the Quick Facts box on Wowhead, as these prices are incorrect. Instead, check The Undermine Journal (TUJ) for a precise valuation.


There are 25 BoE Tailoring Recipes in this category, which I’ve separated into two parts. Purchase and Don’t Purchase. Unavailable recipes found in-game that have no source, or alternative method, should be Purchased.

However, unavailable recipes that you can learn from a Profession Trainer, or purchase from the Time-Lost Trader, Do not Purchase these from the Auction House under any circumstance! These recipes have no value whatsoever! Therefore, I have also added these recipes to my TSM to prevent accidentally purchasing them. Make sure you remove all purchase operations for this category!


Do Not Purchase:

Can be learned via a Profession Trainer:
The alternative recipe is available via Time-Lost Trader:
Alternative Recipe Available:

Smart Loot:

6 BoE Tailoring Recipes in this category should be carefully considered before purchasing. These recipes have a greater drop rate than shown on Wowhead. This is because players that have the Tailoring Profession and don’t currently have the recipe, have a greater chance of looting these recipes.

Lumberjack Shirts:
Workman’s Shirts:

Recipes via Quest Rewards:

3 BoE Tailoring Recipes are available from handing in Encrypted Twilight Text. With the text extremely cheap, it’s easy to farm these recipes. Consider the prices of these recipes before purchasing.

Faction Specific Recipes:

Take extra care when purchasing these 8 BoE Tailoring Recipes, as they’re faction-specific.

Buying and Selling Your Recipes:

When valuing your BoE Tailoring recipe(s), I advise you to use The Undermine Journal (TUJ) and check the prices based on your realm. If you’d prefer an average price based on the region, I’d recommend using the EU or NA Median Price.


I have taken the liberty of adding a Pastebin, which holds a TSM Group with the BoE Tailoring Recipes. I’ve separated the subgroups as outlined above, and where possible, categorized them by their drop chance. Please remember that I do not add operations to my TSM groups to prevent any potential issues; default operations will automatically be assigned once imported successfully.

Feel free to make any adjustments you wish, but please make sure you backup your profile before importing and making any changes.

Finally, I remind you that I’m currently restructuring my whole TSM Recipe Groups and plan to share this once completed.


Be sure to subscribe to my blog, to receive updates.


A huge thank you to Wowhead, for use of their item IDs and their excellent filter system. This post would not have been achievable without their hard work!


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.

Thank you for reading.

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Bagnon BoE



Now discussing:

Flipping epic Bind on Equip gear has been one of the most profitable goldmaking methods in Legion and BfA. So let’s see how this market might work in Shadowlands.

No more warforging

One of the most impactful changes to gear in Shadowlands is the removal of randomness in item level upgrades. With no warforging all versions of the same item are mostly identical in power. The main reason I have been able to find value in the past is because there were a huge number of different ilvl and other bonus roll combinations and it was very hard to accurately price your gear.

In Shadowlands the only random effects on gear come from tertiary stats and sockets. This will most likely make it much harder to find under-priced items, but it should still be possible.

Epic gear in Shadowlands

There are two main types of epic BoE gear in Shadowlands: World rops and raid drops. For items that drop in Nathria the item level depends on which difficulty you ran Castle Nathria on. The BoEs scale from 187 for LFR to 226 for Mythic. World drops come in two varieties, one set of items with ilvl 190, and one set with item level 207. The ilvl 190 set contains all of the BoE weapons in Shadowlands, which makes it very interesting. With the slow down of gear acquisition from raids and M+ many players will likely supplement with BoEs, so sales should be strong for a long while.

Weapons are king

In BfA I made a lot of gold flipping the various world drop weapons in patch 8.0. This was the only source of easy weapon upgrades, and this is the case in SL as well. These items should have very strong sale rates, much higher than their ilvl might indicate.

For armor, ilvl is king

For all the other drops item level will be a huge factor. I doubt that normal or below raid gear will be rare enough that you can find significant flipping opportunities. I would personally stick to the ilvl 207 world drops and heroic and mythic Nathria gear.

Tertiary stats and sockets

The main way players will undervalue their items will be if it has a socket or tertiary stat that is sought after. They might post it at the same price as the base item, where players will be willing to pay more for the right set of extra value. Sockets are usually the biggest factor, and if it has both a socked and a tertiary you may hit the jackpot.

The screenshot below shows the massive price difference between a heroic BoE with and without a socket, with the 160k one having a socket.

Buying BoEs

To effectively buy BoEs I would suggest two different search strings. One to focus on the weapons and one for the higher ilvl gear. /Epic/i189/i191 will return all the ilvl 190 gear on the AH. You want to look for items where the cheapest auction is significantly below the others, and hopefully where it is below either the market value or region market value on your realm.

The claymore below has some potential, even if the margin is likely a bit too thin to be worth it.

For armor you follow the exact same approach, except you use /Epic/i207/ to look for gear.

Posting BoEs

If you are doing small volume sit can make sense to just use the base UI to post. If you are active on many realms you will want to use an auctioning operation however. I included a sample group with an operation below, but the group only contains one item as I do not use the group to search for deals. Add items to the group as you buy them and you will be good to go!

If you want to level up your gold making come join me on Patreon and get access to awesome rewards like my full TSM setups.

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