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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - The Center for Coffee Research and Education — a program of the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture of Texas A&M AgriLife — recently announced the 12th Man Coffee project. The project involves three Texas A&M University-branded roasts. The roasts honor Aggie traditions and support small coffee farmers in Central America and the coffee center itself.

The 12th Man Coffee project coffees will be available in 9 oz. bags in select Texas retailers beginning in June. Texans can purchase the coffee at H-E-B, Brookshire Brothers, and the Stella Hotel in the Bryan-College Station area, as well as some H-E-B stores in Houston.

The Center for Coffee Research and Education focuses on research into improved coffee genetics and processing. In recent years, the program has helped disseminate a vigorous hybrid coffee plant that produces disease-resistant high-quality coffee beans with higher productivity and resistance to higher temperatures.

The 12th Man Coffee project is a partnership between the Center for Coffee Research and Education, What’s the Buzz Coffee Company in College Station, and several small coffee farmers in Guatemala. The offering includes medium roast “12th Man Coffee,” medium-dark roast “Midnight Yell” and light roast “Howdy Blend.”

The “12th Man Coffee” roast includes beans sourced from 12 different small farms to represent the spirit of the Aggie tradition of the 12th Man.

The 12th Man Coffee project includes the medium roast 12th Man Blend, the medium-dark Midnight...

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - The Texas A&M Center for Coffee Research & Education is teaming up with The Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&M, What’s the Buzz Coffee Company in College Station, and several small coffee farmers in Guatemala to help expand the farmer partnerships in coffee-producing countries.

The “12th Man Coffee” roast will come in three blends: medium roast “12th Man Coffee,” medium-dark roast “Midnight Yell,” and light roast “Howdy Blend.” 12th Man Coffee includes beans sourced from 12 small farms to represent the spirit of the Aggie tradition of the 12th Man.

Eric Brenner runs the Texas A&M Center for Coffee Research and Education. He says 12th man Coffee has a bigger purpose than satisfying coffee and caffeine cravings. Brenner says the institute wants to provide a jolt to the local economy, farmers in Central America and provide educational opportunities for students.

“Something that we want to do through the center and Borlaug Institute is to bring Texas A&M to the forefront of the coffee world. Texas A&M University will have the research component, and we want to keep helping farmers all around the world and keep helping the coffee industry, but also, to open the center to the public so they can learn more about coffee,” said Brenner. “In previous years, we have actually brought Aggies down to Central America, so they get exposure to some of these coffee projects, and they get to see how the whole process works. In addition, one of the things that we want to change how people recognize the 12th Man brand with coffee, not only from the research point of view but where we are helping coffee farmers all around the world on the research component.”

Roger Norton with the Borlaug Institute says of the 12.5 million coffee producers globally and 12.4 million are small farmers. He says the work being done in Latin America and across the world will help stabilize economies and prevent farmers from migrating to the United States for better opportunities.

“We’re interested in coffee because of the 12.5 million coffee producers in the world. Twelve-point-four million are small farmers, and of those small farmers, 50% are in poverty, although they produce 80% of the world’s coffee. So it’s a real concern for their livelihoods, their families, their nutrition levels. When they earn more income from high-value crops like coffee, they, of course, can buy more food for their families,” said Norton. “They can now get much better livelihoods with the hybrids we’ve introduced, and the training also provided also in terms of environmental, environmental management of their crops for climate change issues.”

Rodrigo Chavez owns What’s the Buzz Coffee Company in College Station. He is one of the select coffee shops that will carry the 12th Man Coffee. He says being able to sell a high-quality specialty coffee while assisting farmers is an amazing opportunity.

“We’re really proud to be able to represent the brand, to be able to roast and get that coffee out into the market. We are working with specialty coffee, so it’s a higher-end coffee,” said Chavez. “We’re hoping that part of the proceeds will be donated back to the Center for Coffee Research and Education so they can further work and research.”

The three blends of 12th Man Coffee will be sold at local HEBs, Brookshire Brothers, select coffee shops, and The Stella Hotel. For more information, click here.

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12th Man Coffee aims to support small farmers and surprise taste buds!

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Residents of the Bryan-College Station area will soon have the opportunity to purchase new blends of coffee created right here by the Aggie community.

Texas A&M's Center for Coffee Research and Education has teamed up with What's The Buzz Coffee Company to form 12th Man Coffee, which is slated to begin selling at local retailers at the beginning of June.

12th Man Coffee is a way to help support small coffee farmers in areas around the world while also providing coffee drinkers new blends of coffee.

"So these particular blends that we are preparing through whats the buzz basically you are expecting to taste something that is more on the fruity side something that we call them notes which is this intrinsic flavors that are natural to the coffee beans so you can expect some fruity notes and some dark chocolate notes." shared Eric Brenner, program coordinator at the Center for Coffee Research and Education.

12th Man Coffee will have three different roasts on sale including the 12th Man Blend, a medium-roast, Midnight Yell Blend, a medium-dark, and Howdy blend, a light roast.


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Introducing 12th Man Coffee

Texas A&M Coffee Center Launches 12th Man Coffee Line

12th Man Blend

Agriculture-loving Texas A&M University is sowing its first seeds in the coffee business, offering fresh roasts of single-origin Guatemalan beans under the name 12th Man Coffee.

With a brand name appealing to the university’s all-too-faithful sports fan base, the coffee product is financially benefiting the work of the coffee geeks down at the  Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, home of the university’s 5-year-oldCenter for Coffee Research and Education.

The coffee itself comes from about a dozen small-scale farms in Guatemala roasted by College Station’s own What’s the Buzz Specialty Coffee to one of three levels: a medium “12th Man Coffee Blend,” the medium/dark “Midnight Yell” and the light roast “Howdy Blend.”

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What’s the Buzz Owner and Roaster Rodrigo Chavez was previously the manager of the Borlaug Institute’s Resilient Coffee Project in Central America, which involved USAID funding for programming involving improving coffee crop resiliency and quality among smallholder farmers in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The project was particularly concerned with promoting disease- and pest-resistant coffee varieties among farmers who suffered during the coffee leaf rust pandemic that started in 2012.

In an announcement from the university, Chavez noted the prolonged price crisis associated with the commodities markets that have made coffee production unsustainable for many coffee producers in Central America.

“This is part of why we see a lot of migration from places like Guatemala,” Chavez said. “Farmers are leaving their coffee on the tree without being picked because the prices are so low. But by raising and selling high-quality specialty coffee, which costs a little more but is much higher quality, we are able to pay the farmers more money for their crops.”

9-ounce bags of 12th Man Coffee are currently making their way to prominent College Station/Bryan-area retailers such as H-E-B, Brookshire Brothers and the Stella Hotel, plus some Houston H-E-B locations.

Sours: https://dailycoffeenews.com/2021/05/27/texas-am-coffee-center-launches-12th-man-coffee-line/

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