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Third time's a charm, they say. Unfortunately, in the world of television, you rarely get a second chance. Typically, the studio commissions a pilot episode, and it either turns into a series or it doesn't. Star Trek is the very rare show to get a do-over. 

The executives at NBC were hardly Trekkies at first sight. They dubbed the original pilot, "The Cage," as "too cerebral," "too slow," and with "not enough action." Ouch. Fortunately, thanks to the passion of — checks notes — none other than Lucille Ball (!), Gene Roddenberry went back to the drawing board and cooked up "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Bingo. That got NBC to pick up the series.

But we digress. This is about The Love Boat, another show about a crew on a mission, albeit one with entirely different objectives. If The Love Boat can claim bragging rights over Star Trek about anything, aside from the sheer number of guest stars, its the number of pilot episodes.

The Love Boat had three pilot episodes. The first two flopped. Aaron Spelling blamed it on chemistry.

"ABC turned both down, because, I believe, the casting just wasn't right," the super-producer wrote in his memoir Aaron Spelling: A Prime-Time Life. The first failed pilot aired in September of ; the second attempt followed in January of The third and finally successful pilot, with the cast you know and love, arrived months later in May of '77, with a made-for-TV movie titled The New Love Boat, to underscore to viewers that, yes, this is a fresh crew.

The first two casts contained familiar faces. Dick Van Patten played "Your Doctor," O'Neill. Had he landed the role full-time, he might never have made Eight Is Enough. The same goes for the bartender, indeed named Isaac, as portrayed by Theodore Wilson. He was coming off a starring role in That's My Mama. After the maiden Love Boat pilot sank at sea, Wilson washed ashore with a lead role in Sanford Arms, a Sanford and Son spin-off.

Gopher was the only other crew member to carry his familiar name. Ted Hamilton, an Aussie actor who had starred in a cop show Down Under called Division 4, booked the captain's role, initially named Thomas Ford. That sounded far dryer and less exciting than "Merrill Stubing." 

The second pilot movie shifted gears, casting Quinn Redeker, an actor perhaps known at the time for The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, as "Capt. Madison." He ended up working in soap operas. 

Fred Grandy, Ted Lange and Bernie Kopell at last show up in their familiar roles as bartender, purser and doctor. However, Kopell was called Dr. O'Neill instead of Adam Bricker.

Newcomer Diane Stilwell was cast as the cruise director. Wesley Addy, who was twice a guest star on Perry Mason, was yet another doctor on board.

If the first two pilots got anything right, it was the menagerie of celebrities along for the ride as guest stars. Harvey Korman, Tom Bosley, Don Adams, Florence Henderson, Hal Linden, Cloris Leachman, Gabe Kaplan, Ken Berry, Robert Reed, Lyle Waggoner and many more cruised on the Pacific Princess in those original two trips. That's a ton of '70s sitcom comedy power.

All they needed was a captain to lead them. Lucky for Aaron Spelling, The Mary Tyler Moore show had just ended. Gavin McLeod was waiting for the call.

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Set a course for romance and adventure aboard a Princess Cruises cruise liner! While en route to mysterious and far-off lands, passengers on 'The Love Boat' become entwined in tales of comedy, romance and drama. Along with mainstay crew members Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod), "Doc" (Bernie Kopell) and "Gopher" (Fred Grandy), many famous actors of television and film guest star as passengers aboard the beautiful ship.


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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: The Captain And The Lady

Captain Stubing and his ex-wife have to face the realities of a badly resolved separation when they find themselves trapped on the same cruise.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Oh, Dale!

A jilted boyfriend desperately tries to win back the woman who left him, but the only cabin left on the ship is a double—with a woman. So he dresses in drag.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Ex Plus Y

A divorced couple takes the cruise with new mates, but can't seem to avoid one another or stop arguing. Two adolescents develop an awkward flirtation. A senior group inadvertently interferes with its director's fledgling romance with Julie.  Remind Me

Ep 4: Message For Maureen

A tennis star, temporarily confined to a wheelchair due to a back injury, rekindles an old romance with a sportswriter who had been critical of her recent performances.  Remind Me

Ep 5: Help! Murder!

"Help! Murder!" is the impassioned cry of frazzled passenger Denise Fredricks when she sees her husband Bert acting suspiciously, when in fact, Bert is merely arranging a surprise party for her birthday.  Remind Me

Ep 8: Identical Problem

Identical twins pretend to be one person in order to take the cruise on one fare. This ends up bewildering Doc because one twin likes him but the other doesn't.  Remind Me

Ep The Understudy

A boy befriends a couple that recently lost its young son, while a trainee schemes to steal Julie's job. Meanwhile, a bickering married couple takes the cruise and stays in separate cabins—next door to each other.  Remind Me

Ep Lost and Found

Gopher's aunt fears disclosures about her money; an employee leaves his son with Stubing; a marriageable woman eyes two men.  Remind Me

Ep Romance Roulette

The presence of the captain's demanding father leaves the entire crew on edge. Meanwhile, a dog traps a passenger in his cabin, and three friends reunite on board the ship and try to meet men through an unusual game.  Remind Me

Ep Dear Beverly

A famous self-help writer ignores her husband. Meanwhile, a soon-to-be-divorcee's estranged wife has a bombshell in store for him.  Remind Me

Ep Lonely at the Top

In a Christmas-themed cruise, a group of orphans and a man convicted for a crime he didn't commit are among those aboard the ship. Florence Henderson, Donna Mills and Shecky Greene guest star.  Remind Me

Ep 6: The Old Man & The Runaway

A crotchety old man and a teenage runaway form an unlikely friendship.  Remind Me

Ep 7: Joker Is Mild

An old friend of Julie's father turns to her for help reviving his sputtering stand-up comedy career.  Remind Me

Ep 9: Family Reunion

A girl is attracted to a crafty purser; mishaps disrupt a honeymoon; a couple can't understand the fuss made over them.  Remind Me

Ep Isaac's Double Standard

Isaac's possessive mother becomes jealous of her son's lady friend, while he objects to his mom sharing a cabin with her latest boyfriend. Meanwhile, a divorced comedy team is too busy making jokes to admit they miss each other, and Gopher's budding romance is nearly foiled by a jewel-stealing monkey.  Remind Me

Ep Taking Sides

Couples test their marriages; an elderly man finances the cruise by cheating at cards; a woman's suitor needs to use a lovers' manual.  Remind Me

Ep Eyes of Love: Part 1

Thieves eye a honeymooning actress's gems; a man encounters his blind childhood love; a wife meets her spouse's mistress.  Remind Me

Ep Eyes of Love: Part 2

Thieves eye a honeymooning actress's gems; a man encounters his blind childhood love; a wife meets her spouse's mistress.  Remind Me

Ep The Congressman Was Indiscreet

A congressman unjustly accused of being involved in a scandal seeks refuge aboard the Pacific Princess; Isaac and a lovely intellectual snob clash over a colorful old passenger; a beauty pageant contestant's chances of winning are jeopardized by her possessive boyfriend.  Remind Me

Ep The Last of the Stubings

Stubing's nephew comes on board to train to be a seaman, but doesn't quite excel at the job. Meanwhile, a man who just stole a million dollars reveals his secret to a woman—who turns out to be a cop. And, two sisters compete for the affections of the same man.  Remind Me

Ep The Inspector

The crew searches for an undercover inspector; a plain girl meets a shy man; a middle-aged man and a young girl cherish time together.  Remind Me

Ep Computerman

A slick computer matchmaker proceeds to pair up cruise guests while setting himself up with Julie; two American gold-diggers pretend to be French; a New York advertising executive meets up with a long-lost love.  Remind Me

Ep The Nubile Nurse

A couple takes their son on a cruise in an attempt to end his relationship with an unsuitable girl; a May-December couple rethink their romance; an ex-showgirl's glamorous past jeopardizes her new career as a registered nurse.  Remind Me

Ep Musical Cabins

A young bachelor must marry within the week in order to claim a $3 million inheritance; meanwhile, a drab widow poses as a glamorous adventuress and captures the heart of the captain. Also, a confirmed male chauvinist angers his fiancee, who finds comfort in sick bay with Doc. And, a scandal sheet reporter sets out to compile material for a sins-at-sea story.  Remind Me

Ep Crash Diet Crush

A reformed prostitute causes trouble between a one-time "John" and his wife; Captain Stubing re-encounters an old flame; a fun-loving older couple help bring two lovers back together.  Remind Me

Ep Gopher, the Rebel

Gopher's new love gets him fired; a married man traveling with his mistress sees neighbors; an executive is ordered to charm a widow.  Remind Me

Ep Man Who Loved Women

A man makes a move on three women; not knowing that they are travelling companions. Captain Stubbing's god son is taking a cruise with his wife, whom he married two years ago but his military duty kept him away. And two brothers who stage false injuries so that they can sue have targeted the cruise line.  Remind Me

Ep The Kissing Bandit

A shy young man becomes a completely different person at night; a businessman who doesn't have time for his family learns a valuable lesson; a man who believes his chances of survival are better at sea than as a witness in a gangland trial receives loving sympathy from a fellow passenger.  Remind Me

Ep 5: Marooned: Part 1

The captain, Doc, Gopher, Julie and some guests visit an uninhabited island near Cabo San Lucas, where a nutty hermit takes them prisoner with a gun. Meanwhile, a hurricane bears down on the island. Gopher drives everyone crazy as he anxiously awaits his upcoming vacation.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Marooned: Part 2

The captain, Doc, Gopher, Julie and some guests visit an uninhabited island near Cabo San Lucas, where a nutty hermit takes them prisoner with a gun. Meanwhile, a hurricane bears down on the island. Gopher drives everyone crazy as he anxiously awaits his upcoming vacation.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Rocky

Julie's parents arrive on board the Pacific Princess and announce their plans to divorce; an author of morally uplifting pamphlets and a prim censor fall in love while sharing a cabin; a young girl's tomboy image falters after she receives her first kiss.  Remind Me

Ep 1: Where Is It Written?

Captain Stubing's Uncle Cyrus uses every trick in his devious mind to get Julie alone, until her "Aunt Phoebe" intervenes; a desperate businessman uses his daughter as bait to close a deal; the neglected wife of a publisher romances a novelist, hoping it will give him the inspiration for the final chapter of his book.  Remind Me

Ep 9: Ship of Ghouls

A magician keeps his engagement secret in order to dazzle female audiences, while his neglected fiancee turns to Captain Stubing for comfort; Doc and Gopher pursue a model who is afraid to face people after a recent accident; a boy with a habit of lying can't get anyone to help during a real time of need.  Remind Me

Ep 8: Chubs

A ghost experiences jealousy as his mission to find his wife a new husband appears to be succeeding. Meanwhile, an overprotective Gopher mistakenly entrusts his kid sister to Doc to stave off the ship's wolves, not realizing that she's all grown up. And, a long-divorced couple is accidentally trapped in an isolated cabin.  Remind Me

Ep Her Own Two Feet

Crew members make a valiant effort to keep six stowaways a secret from Capt. Stubing; meanwhile, a church member disapproves of her minister's new romance, and a nearly blind woman refuses to admit her problem until Doc intercedes.  Remind Me

Ep Heads or Tails

Two passengers place a bet on who can win Julie's affections first. A son who loves his parents is shocked when he discovers his fiance doesn't. A stumbling passenger tries to work up the nerve to ask out a famous movie star, but his shyness keeps creating more problems.  Remind Me

Ep 7: The Folks From Home

Doc must perform a risky operation after an accident; one of the ship's laborers is recruited to replace a missing dignitary; a bitterly divorced man has it in for his ex-wife's attorney.  Remind Me

Ep 4: The Isosceles Triangle

A beauty can't choose between Captain Stubing and Doc; a man and his wife return to the ship with an orphaned boy; a hospital executive falls for a seemingly successful businessman.  Remind Me

Ep Julie Falls Hard

Julie falls hard for widower Jack Chenault, who lives in Alaska with his two daughters, Courtney and Amy. Julie wants to marry Jack and start a family, but not at the same time.  Remind Me

Ep Second Time Around

A psychiatrist who advocates open marriage puts his theory—and wife—to the test; a woman gets cold feet about a reunion with her former sweetheart; Doc's ex-wife tries to make him jealous by boarding with her fiance.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Home Sweet Home

Gopher quits his job to manage a new hotel; a wealthy eccentric widow books a five-year passage and begins meddling in the crew members' lives; a magician tries to avoid his assistant by sending his brother to perform in his place.  Remind Me

Ep Second Chance

A father takes too much of a liking to his son's new girlfriend. Meanwhile, a bachelor is terrified at the idea of marrying his gung-ho girlfriend, and the crew gives a troubled teen a chance at rehabilitation.  Remind Me

Ep Disco Baby: Part 1

Julie's high-school class holds its year reunion on board the Pacific Princess.  Remind Me

Ep Disco Baby: Part 2

Julie's high-school class holds its year reunion on board the Pacific Princess.  Remind Me

Ep Dream Boat

Stubing is considered for a prestigious command. Meanwhile, a woman makes a date with a friend's fiance, and an ex-surgeon criticizes Doc's practice.  Remind Me

Ep The Decision

Isaac loves a girl considering marriage. Meanwhile, a heiress thinks men just want her money, and a dog rejects its mistress' suitor.  Remind Me

Ep Funny Valentine

A fortune-teller takes a shine to Captain Stubing, Gopher helps a shy woman find romance and a couple eloping from a nursing home are pursued by their over-protective children.  Remind Me

Ep Ages of Man

Julie tries gently to discourage a teenage admirer. Meanwhile, a family feud threatens a union settlement, and Stubing's anniversary gift is wrecked.  Remind Me

Ep Murder on the High Seas

A rock singer wants to change his act after meeting a girl. Meanwhile, Doc helps a husband express his love, and the crew overhears mystery writers.  Remind Me

Ep Super Mom

A husband feels neglected; a woman meets a beau she thought was killed in battle; April returns to learn Julie's job.  Remind Me

Ep Third Wheel

Gopher unintentionally hurts his father. Meanwhile, a woman whose children are grown learns she is pregnant, while another woman wins her stepdaughters' love.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Carol & Doug's Story: Part 1

A wedding cruise to Alaska brings love and conflicts to both the guests and Julie. Lorne Greene and Mark Harmon guest star.  Remind Me

Ep 4: Carol & Doug's Story: Part 2

A wedding cruise to Alaska brings love and conflicts to both the guests and Julie. Lorne Greene and Mark Harmon guest star.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Going My Way?

A woman doctor treats flu-stricken Doc. Meanwhile, a woman sees her former ballet partner, and a jilted girl invites a cab driver to sail with her.  Remind Me

Ep 5: The Audit Couple

An auditor falls for Stubing. Meanwhile, a TV actress asks Doc's help in hiding from a reporter, and a wife's old boyfriend reappears.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Crew Confessions

Isaac shocks the crew when he writes about them in a tell-all novel; a celebrity lookalike tries to convince a newfound romance that he isn't who she thinks he is; a reunited husband and wife share a deep secret.  Remind Me

Ep 8: A New Woman

Vicki runs away; a woman rejects a suitor and falls for Doc; two people who once served on a deadlocked jury clash.  Remind Me

Ep 7: Brotherhood of the Sea

The crew distracts Julie from a planned surprise; a wife finds a romantic letter; a father pressures his athlete daughter.  Remind Me

Ep 1: They Tried to Tell Us We're Too Young

To avoid marriage, a man tells his girlfriend he's dying. Meanwhile, Stubing's old flame returns, and teenage lovers want the honeymoon suite.  Remind Me

Ep 9: The Next Step

A scientist researches romantic reactions; an out-of-work football player finds a new career; a woman nearing 40 hunts for a husband.  Remind Me

Ep Doc's 'ex' Change

Doc's ex-wife says they are still wed. Meanwhile, a man finds $2, in a borrowed jacket, and a widow meets her son's teacher.  Remind Me

Ep Happy Ending

April returns with her fiance; two writers decide to finish their marriage with their script; a girl unknowingly befriends her father.  Remind Me

Ep Rent a Romeo

Doc wants his new love's sister out of the way; a boy plans to reunite his divorced parents; a wife pampers her heart-patient husband.  Remind Me

Ep Captain's Ne'er Do Well Brother

Stubing's slick brother boards; a woman picks a father for her baby; a widow compares a man with her late spouse.  Remind Me

Ep Tres Amigos

Julie advises a shy friend; Vicki and a boy hide a stowaway; a man warns the crew to leave his wife alone.  Remind Me

Ep The High Cost of Loving

Vicki falls for a singer; a clumsy woman disrupts the ship; two girls test a wealthy man's vow never to fall in love again.  Remind Me

Ep Invisible Maniac

Isaac helps a friend make her husband jealous; a couple considers marriage; a long-married couple tries a new lifestyle.  Remind Me

Ep 4: The Promoter: Part 1

A "Marriage-A-Thon" cruise has 25 engaged couples competing for prizes before a mass wedding.  Remind Me

Ep 5: The Promoter: Part 2

A "Marriage-A-Thon" cruise has 25 engaged couples competing for prizes before a mass wedding.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Mallory Quest: Part 1

A mystery writer searches for a lost nephew; Stubing is offered a New York job; Julie becomes a jealous wife's target.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Mallory Quest: Part 2

A mystery writer searches for a lost nephew; Stubing is offered a New York job; Julie becomes a jealous wife's target.  Remind Me

Ep 1: Tell Her She's Great

Isaac tries to cheer up his aunt; families play matchmakers for their children; a baby cries when his mother meets men.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Captain's Triangle

A married old flame pursues Stubing; a model pretends to be wed; a science-fiction buff thinks a librarian is an alien.  Remind Me

Ep 9: Isaac's Teacher

Isaac hides from his high-school teacher; a man tries to please his seal; a wife who thinks she's dying wants to choose her successor.  Remind Me

Ep 7: The Trigamist

Vicki sees green when her father falls for a beautiful woman; a judge finds herself attracted to a man she placed on probation for being married to three women at the same time.  Remind Me

Ep 8: Gopher's Bride

Gopher and Doc battle for the affections of a gorgeous pen pal; a couple drift apart over work habits; a woman refuses to share quarters with her boyfriend.  Remind Me

Ep Mind My Wife

A friend's wife makes passes at Doc; a man records his friend's romances; an engaged woman meets an old school chum.  Remind Me

Ep Bugged

A girl refuses to wear clothes; a blind woman thinks a man's attention is pity; a divorced man thinks his cabin is wiretapped.  Remind Me

Ep Hometown Doc

Isaac's criminal uncle arrives; Doc worries about a doctor's career decision; a proper woman meets her daughter's beau.  Remind Me

Ep Sally's Paradise

Gopher meets a lady customs agent; a widow tries to cool her son's romance; the boutique manager deals with three fiances.  Remind Me

Ep Two for Julie

Stubing's aunt wants to take Vicki; a jealous lover targets Doc; two passengers compete for Julie.  Remind Me

Ep Love With a Skinny Stranger

Stubing's friend teaches Vicki gambling; a man's weight loss doesn't help his love life; a gang of bank robbers reunites.  Remind Me

Ep Tony and Julie

Julie falls for a veterinarian; a divorced couple must share quarters; Vicki is offered a part in a TV series.  Remind Me

Ep 5: Isaac the Marriage Counselor

A teacher moonlights as an exotic dancer; Isaac's romantic advice backfires; a jewel thief meets a like-minded woman.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Country Cousins Blues

Gopher finds a huge sum of money; a folk singer meets a politician from her past; a man tampers with his daughter's love life.  Remind Me

Ep 7: Take a Letter Vicky

A woman falls for a man's claim of a year of celibacy; a woman's bridge partners hinder her romance; Stubing makes Vicki his secretary.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Chef

Stubing's friend tries to cheer a former lover; the chef quits; an investigator (Bernie Kopell) probes a jewel theft.  Remind Me

Ep 2: The Lady From Laramie

A woman falls for a paid escort; Gopher learns about a ghost aboard; Vicki aims for sophistication to attract a boy.  Remind Me

Ep : Farnsworth's Fling / Three in a Bed / I Remember Helen / Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia / Gopher Farnsworth Smith (Part 1)

The crew is in Australia to work on one of the cruise lines ships based there. And a wealthy man named Fransworth has decided to invite his whole family for a reunion. But in actuality he wants to see who among them he should keep in his will.  Remind Me

Ep : Farnsworth's Fling / Three in a Bed / I Remember Helen / Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia / Gopher Farnsworth Smith (Part 2)

The crew is in Australia to work on one of the cruise lines ships based there. And a wealthy man named Fransworth has decided to invite his whole family for a reunion. But in actuality he wants to see who among them he should keep in his will.  Remind Me

Ep 4: Love, Honor and Obey

A widow plays matchmaker for her sister; Isaac's dental filling receives transmissions; a couple's vow stops at "obey."  Remind Me

Ep 8: Good Neighbors

Stubing fears a portrait will be too revealing; a woman won't become involved with her neighbor; a new groom sees a face from his past.  Remind Me

Ep 9: I Don't Play Anymore

Gopher thinks he recognizes a woman; a pianist debates ending his retirement; a man tries to claim workers' compensation for insanity.  Remind Me

Ep Green, But Not Jolly

A man insists a woman is his reincarnated wife; Julie's hair causes her headaches; a man discovers a secret.  Remind Me

Ep 1: The Return of the Captains Lady

Stubing hears about a former love; a man wants to leave his companion aboard; a man claims he was attacked.  Remind Me

Ep His Girls Friday

A man offers the crew $10, to find him a wife; a girl must confront her former love; a man tries to dump his assistant for a blonde.  Remind Me

Ep New York A.C.

Three men plan to avoid love; Stubing changes his behavior; a married man's mistress takes a stand.  Remind Me

Ep Isaac Gets Physical

The company doctor eyes Isaac; a mother and daughter want the same man; a man tries to pawn off his boring fiancee.  Remind Me

Ep Burl of My Dreams

Vicki is infatuated with Gopher; a publisher falls for an author's niece; two passengers try to cheat each other in a treasure hunt.  Remind Me

Ep Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine

A companion befriends a doctor's ex-girlfriend; Gopher falls for a former teacher; a father learns a lesson.  Remind Me

Ep Mothers Don't Do That

The crew thinks a bride wants her groom dead; a boy learns a secret from his past; a woman boards to meet her pen pal.  Remind Me

Ep 1: Venetian Love Song / Down for the Count / Arrividerci, Gopher / Arrangement (Part 1)

The cruise includes Rome, Venice and Capri as an Italian bride-to-be is smitten with another man and an aristocrat finds love.  Remind Me

Ep 2: Venetian Love Song / Down for the Count / Arrividerci, Gopher / Arrangement (Part 2)

The ship cruises to Rome, Capri and Venice as an aristocrat finds romance and a married couple considers separating.  Remind Me

Ep 3: Anniversary Gift / Honey Bee Mine / Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered

An woman secretly plans to have a child as a 30th anniversery gift for her husband, even though he is ecstatic over their new-found freedom in being retired and, especially, having their older children grown and out of the house; Julie sneakily sets Honey Bee, an old high school friend who always tried to steal her boyfriends, after Gopher (newly smitten with a girl ashore) so that she can concentrate on a handsome new officer; Captain Stubbing wears his hat everywhere in an attempt to keep an old high school flame from finding out he is bald, and she thinks he has a full head of hair because she saw him hatless when he was wearing a toupe for a shipboard costume party.  Remind Me

Ep 4: Same Wavelength / Winning Isn't Everything / Honeymoon for Horace

A psychic comes on board to entertain the passengers and she meets a man, who's separated from his wife and is uncertain if he wants to remain with his wife. And a friend of Stubing's comes aboard with his son, whom he doesn't see much of. And he can't help but boast of his son's accomplishments but the son later reveals to Vickie that's his accomplishments are not true. And an elderly couple, who just got married, come aboard and the guy is nervous about the honeymoon.  Remind Me

Ep 5: Command Performance / Hyde and Seek / Sketchy Love

A young girl who's infatuated with Gopher pretends to be her older sister. An artist meets a unhappily married guy. And the ship's comic runs into the wife and daughter he left years ago.  Remind Me

Ep 6: Groupies / Audition / Doc's Nephew

Doc's nephew is making a move on his girlfriend. A psychiatrist, who is on vacation is followed by four of his patients. An actor pursues the writer of a soap opera, who rejected for a role on her show.  Remind Me

Ep 7: Spoonmaker Diamond / Papa Doc / Role Model / Julie's Tycoon (Part 1)

The ship cruises to Turkey, where a diamond goes missing; a model is pursued by her ex-boyfriend; and Doc proposes to a passenger.  Remind Me

Ep 8: Spoonmaker Diamond / Papa Doc / Role Model / Julie's Tycoon (Part 2)

The ship cruises to Turkey where a diamond disappears from an Istanbul museum, Doc proposes to a passenger and a model's ex-boyfriend tries to win her back.  Remind Me

Ep 9: Best of Friends / Too Many Dads / Love Will Find a Way

On this Thanksgiving cruise, a father and his adopted son try to evade the boys biological father by escaping to Mexico; an older couple plan to travel with their daughter and her fiance who, unknown to them, is crippled; the smooth operation of the ship suffers as one by one the entire crew, after trading a bevy of insults, ends up not speaking with one another.  Remind Me

Ep Man in the Iron Shorts / Victims / Heavens to Betsy

Two women compete for the devotion of a minister; Gopher tries to impress a medieval-history teacher  Remind Me

Ep Tomorrow Lady / Father, Dear Father / Still Life

A woman with ESP is certain she's about to meet the man of her dreams; a man pretends to be the father of his friend's daughter to impress a member of a single-parents group.  Remind Me

Ep Baby Talk / My Friend, the Executrix / Programmed for Love

Connie Pierce feels left out when her husband Steve takes a liking to Jan Willis, who is to be their baby's surrogate mother. Julie's recently widowed Aunt Sylvia visits with her friend Betsy Boucher, who has been named the executrix of the estate and obsessively nags Sylvia to conserve money. Ruth Gaylor falls for inventor Franklin Trumbauer, who doesn't notice her because he's too busy attending to his ever-present creation: a robot named Bix.  Remind Me

Ep Christmas Presence, The

Mickey Rooney plays a mystical Christmas presence among a motley group of passengers.  Remind Me

Ep Paroled to Love / First Impressions / Love Finds Florence Nightingale

Two publicists impersonate celebrity clients; a Broadway star falls for a fellow who hates show folk.  Remind Me

Ep Captain's Replacement / Sly as a Fox / Here Comes the Bride – Maybe

A waitress meets her fiancé's parents, who think she's a society girl; the crew pegs a visiting skipper as a cutthroat out to replace Stubing.  Remind Me

Ep Doc's Big Case / Senior Sinners / Booming Romance

Doc feels inferior to a former classmate, now an eminent surgeon; a girl-shy genius plots to divert a woman from more dynamic competition.  Remind Me

Ep Gopher's Daisy / Our Son, the Lawyer / Salvaged Romance

A young lawyer agrees to represent both his parents in their divorce; a stowaway and a new exercise machine reduce the space in Gopher's quarters.  Remind Me

Ep Isaac's Aegean Affair / Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / Dean and the Flunkee (Part 1)

The crew are in Greece working a cruise where a College is having its graduation ceremony. The Principal is attracted to a teacher who rebuffs him because he won't give a student a make-up test so he can graduate. And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the Principal to do that. A prodigy is attracted to Julie which doesn't make the Captain happy. And the valedictorian whose education was provided by his Greek aunt whom he assumed is wealthy but upon meeting her learns she's just a woman of humble means. And when she goes on board he doesn't tell anyone he's her aunt. And Isaac meets a woman who is estranged from her husband.  Remind Me

Ep Isaac's Aegean Affair / Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / Dean and the Flunkee (Part 2)

The crew are in Greece working a cruise where a College is having its graduation ceremony. The Principal is attracted to a teacher who rebuffs him because he won't give a student a make-up test so he can graduate. And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the Principal to do that. A prodigy is attracted to Julie which doesn't make the Captain happy. And the valedictorian whose education was provided by his Greek aunt whom he assumed is wealthy but upon meeting her learns she's just a woman of humble means. And when she goes on board he doesn't tell anyone he's her aunt. And Isaac meets a woman who is estranged from her husband.  Remind Me

Ep Zinging Valentine / Very Temporary Secretary / Final Score

On this Valentine's Day cruise, a singing valentine "pussycat" falls for a stuck-up guy who has just been dumped by his girlfriend; the owner of a secretarial agency plays secretary to a writer taking a working vacation, even though he is far better at romancing her than he is at taking dictation and typing up her notes; a womanizing pro football player falls for a snooty, straight-laced college English professor.  Remind Me

Ep Captain's Crush / Out of My Hair / Off-Course Romance

A golf widow consoles herself with a former lover; the Captain is rumored to become the 10th husband of a movie star.  Remind Me

Ep I Like to Be in America / He Ain't Heavy / Abby's Maiden Voyage

A desperate year old virgin wants to spend the night with a handsome fellow she meets on board, but in the end decides she will hold off until the time is right; a bratty adopted teenager finds out that the assistant bartender that he has been harassing is actually his long lost older brother; the entire crew chips in to help April get ready to take her U.S. citizenship test despite her severe test anxiety.  Remind Me

Ep Vicki's Dilemma / Discount Romance / Looser and Still Champ

Gopher's uncle secretly opens a shop in his cabin; Vicki gets involved with a teenager who pops pills to compensate for his neglectful mother.  Remind Me

Ep So Help Me Hannah / Maid Cleans Up / C.P.R., I.O.U.

Hannah, an elderly, creative free spirit, spreads her philosophy of chasing your dreams among the crew, as well as the son of a former flame, who wants to become a pianist against his father's wishes. A maid comes on board to meet one of her clients after finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Gopher tries unsuccessfully to schedule a CPR training class for the crew, until a real emergency demands his skills.  Remind Me

Ep Professor Has Class / When the Magic Disappears / We, the Jury

A Nobel laureate delights in a chance meeting with a former student; a magician fears a competitor might do a vanishing act with his daughter.  Remind Me

Ep Hits and Missus / Return of Annabelle / Just Plain Folks Medicine / Caught in the Act / Real Thing / Do Not Disturb / Lulu and Kenny (Part 1)

A country star travelling with her "adopted" children has to choose between the kids and her boyfriend; a popular songwriter secretly writes better songs for his former lover than for his wife, both performers; Doc deals with a country folk doctor who insists on practicing medicine on board, while at the same time chasing her beautiful daughter; a married woman's affair haunts her as she claims an expensive broach is only costume jewelry; Gopher tries his best to get his picture taken with a privacy- seeking female country music star; two overweight performers who love food come to love each other.  Remind Me

Ep Hits and Missus / Return of Annabelle / Just Plain Folks Medicine / Caught in the Act / Real Thing / Do Not Disturb / Lulu and Kenny (Part 2)

A country star travelling with her "adopted" children has to choose between the kids and her boyfriend; a popular songwriter secretly writes better songs for his former lover than for his wife, both performers; Doc deals with a country folk doctor who insists on practicing medicine on board, while at the same time chasing her beautiful daughter; a married woman's affair haunts her as she claims an expensive broach is only costume jewelry; Gopher tries his best to get his picture taken with a privacy- seeking female country music star; two overweight performers who love food come to love each other.  Remind Me

Ep Fountain of Youth / Bad Luck Cabin / Uncle Daddy

An aging man meets up with an unbelievably youthful contemporary who's concocted an elixir of youth; a fatherless boy thinks Isaac would be a great dad.  Remind Me

Ep 1: Pledge / East Meets West / Dear Roberta / My Two Dumplings (Part 1)

On a cruise to the Orient, a man with a past meets a woman with an uncertain future; Doc falls for a lady from Hong Kong who hates doctors.

Sours: //
  1. Cvs wax road
  2. Woodside gas station
  3. Zillow mt hood oregon
  4. New haven dirt bikes
  5. At home insider perks coupon

List of The Love Boat episodes

overallNo. in
seasonTitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date26
2"Marooned/ The Search / Issac's Holiday: Parts 1 & 2"Paul StanleyMichael Norell (Marooned)
Lee Aronsohn (The Search)
Ben Joelson & Art Baer (Issac's Holiday)September&#;16,&#;&#;()

Part 1: Captain Stubing's deputy turns out to be incompetent in his new role. The captain, Doc, Julie, Gopher, and some of the guests visit an island near Cabo San Lucas. They are taken hostage by a nutty hermit (John Astin) and caught in a hurricane. Gopher, who is anxious about his upcoming vacation, drives everyone crazy. Isaac sails on the ship as a passenger, and hopes to impress a woman with his lies about being rich and famous. A passenger tracks down a woman who gave her up as a newborn, and also meets a soap-opera actor.

Part 2: The captain and his marooned group struggle to survive on the island during a hurricane. The woman (Donna Mills) looking for her birth mother (Laraine Day) makes a startling discovery. Isaac tries to save the ship from the storm, while trying to regain Mara's (Lola Falana) trust.

Guest Stars:Edie Adams as Maureen Buell, John Astin as David P. Crothers, Barbi Benton as Kiki Atwood, David Birney as Mike Adler, Norm Crosby as Wally the Bartender, Donna Mills as Jeannie Carter, Laraine Day as Vera Simpson, Lola Falana as Mara Carroll, Audra Lindley as Mrs. Worth, Dick Martin as Deputy Captain Cunningham, and Avery Schreiber as Everett Buell.

Other Guests:Gordon Connell as Douglas the chauffeur (credit only), and Chris Capen as Radio Officer (credit only).283"Rocky / Julie's Dilemma / Who's Who?"Allen Baron (Rocky)
Roger Duchowny (Julie's Dilemma / Who's Who?)Ann Gibbs and Joel Kimmel (Rocky)
Ben Joelson and Art Baer (Julie's Dilemma)
Bob Fraser and Rob Dames (Who's Who?)September&#;23,&#;&#;()

Julie's parents (Norman Fell and Betty Garrett) are getting divorced. An author (James Coco) and a censor (Dody Goodman) fall in love, unaware they are sharing the same cabin. A young girl (Melissa Gilbert) loses her tomboy image after receiving her first kiss.

Guest Stars:Jimmy Baio as Norman, James Coco as Marion Atkins, the Author, Norman Fell as Bill McCoy, Betty Garrett as Martha McCoy, Melissa Gilbert as Rosemary 'Rocky' Simpson, Dody Goodman as Patricia Seldon, Ellen Travolta as Norman's Mother, and Edward Winter as Rod Simpson.

Other Guests:Marla Adams as Arlene Simpson.

Others:Emmaline Henry as Love Interest for 'Billy Boy' (uncredited).294"The Man Who Loved Women / A Different Girl / Oh, My Aching Brother"Allen BaronHoward Albrecht and Sol Weinstein (The Man Who Loved Women)
Cynthia Santillo (A Different Girl)
Bruce Howard (Oh, My Aching Brother)September&#;30,&#;&#;()

A man (David Doyle) makes a move on and falls in love with three passengers (Cathryn Damon, Brett Somers, Jo Ann Pflug), whom he doesn't know are traveling together. During separate introductions, they individually refer to him as 'Cornelious,' 'McNair,' and 'Vinny,' respectively. Captain Stubing's godson (Grant Goodeve) and his wife (Bess Armstrong) are cruising together after being separated for two years by his military duties overseas. Two brothers, Harold and Joe Nash (Sonny Bono and Marty Ingels) stage false injuries so they can sue the insurance company, but Harold has a change of heart when he meets a nice lady (Judy Landers).

Guest Stars: Grant Goodeve as Captain Dave Stanton, Bess Armstrong as Laura Stanton, Sonny Bono as Harold Nash, Marty Ingels as Joe Nash, Judy Landers as Rita, David Doyle as Alvin McNair, Cathryn Damon as Charlotte, Jo Ann Pflug as Bonnie Stokes, and Brett Somers as Anita Carmichael.305"Julie's Aunt / Where Is It Written? / The Big Deal"Allen BaronBarry Blitzer (Julie's Aunt)
Lan O'Kun (Where Is It Written?)
James F. Henry (The Big Deal)October&#;14,&#;&#;()

Captain Stubing's uncle (Red Buttons) makes efforts to be alone with Julie but is thwarted by her aunt – Gopher in disguise; A businessman (Allen Ludden) tries to close a deal, using his daughter (Mackenzie Phillips) as bait; The neglected wife (Hope Lange) of a publisher (Gene Barry) hopes to find inspiration for the remaining chapter of a book by romancing a novelist (Richard Mulligan).

Guest Stars:Sam Groom, Erik Estrada316"Mike and Ike / The Witness / The Kissing Bandit"Roger Duchowny (Mike and Ike / The Witness)
Allen Baron (The Kissing Bandit)Fred Grandy and Bernie Kopell (Mike and Ike / The Kissing Bandit)
Arnold Grossman (The Witness)October&#;21,&#;&#;()

A shy young man becomes a different person at night; a businessman learns a lesson about neglecting his family; a man believes he has better chances of surviving at sea than on trial.

A shy guy (Billy Crystal) dons a mask and goes around kissing every girl on the ship. Then, he meets a girl (Laurie Walters) with whom he connects. A couple (Marilyn McCoo), Billy Davis Jr.), who are Isaac's friends and with whom they performed on the streets in their youth, are now successful and rich and have a young son (Todd Bridges). But his father spends more time on work than with his son. And a woman (Toni Tennille) follows a man (Robert Reed), whom she knows witnessed what happened to someone she cares about and urges him to come forward and tell what he saw.

Guest Stars: Billy Crystal as Newton Weems, Laurie Walters as Roberta Potter, Sharon Acker as Evelyn, Todd Bridges as Michael Jr., Marilyn McCoo as Lenore, Billy Davis Jr. as Michael Sr., Pat Carroll as Muriel, Nancy Kulp as Gert, Toni Tennille as Suzanne Henderson, and Robert Reed as Frank McLean.

Note: Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. introduced together in opening credits.

Note: Isaac, Lenore, and Michael Sr. complete a song and dance scene later credited as "Our Language of Love," words by Fred Grandy and music by Ray Jessel.327"Ship of Ghouls"Roger DuchownyMickey RoseOctober&#;28,&#;&#;()

An illusionist is in such demand that he nearly misses what is in front of him; two recently reunited parents have trouble trying to stop their son from telling tall tales; Julie's model friend, scarred physically and psychologically by a car accident, is romanced by Gopher and Doc but is suspicious of their motives.

Guest Stars:Iris Adrian as The Amazing Alonzo Groupie, Charlie Aiken as Bobby Diller, Barbara Anderson as Karen Williamson, Joan Blondell as Ramona Bevans, Gary Collins as Mr. Diller, Jane Kean as The Amazing Alonzo Groupie, Mary Ann Mobley as Mrs. Diller, Bibi Osterwald as The Amazing Alonzo Groupie, and Vincent Price as Wendell Mordan - 'The Amazing Alonzo.'

Other Guests:Maureen Reagan as Mrs. Moss and Larry Gelman as Harvey Greenswann (credited as Harvey).

Others: unknown girl (uncredited) as Lucy, daughter to Mrs. Moss and cruise ship friend to Billy Diller.338"A Time for Everything / The Song Is Ended / Accidental Cruise / Anoushka"TBATBANovember&#;4,&#;&#;()

A stuffy executive loosens up and falls in love with his secretary; a songwriter rekindles a wife's love for her husband; Captain Stubing takes charge of the orphaned child of his former love; a stern Russian cruise director gets a new image, to Doc's delight.

Sandy Beal (Jo Anne Worley) is a secretary secretly in love with her boss Victor Marshall (Soupy Sales). The two of them get drunk at an office party and wind up taking an "Accidental Cruise." In "The Song Has Ended," Charlie Godwin (Robert Goulet) is a former songwriter now unhappily married and working for an advertising agency. Once they board the ship, Charlie and his wife June (Juliet Mills) encounter his former partner Burt Buchanan (Richard Dawson), who has gone on to garner more fame than he had with Charlie. "A Time for Everything" reunites Captain Stubing with Dolores (Sandra Deel), whose sister Georgina was an old flame of Stubing's and died eight months earlier, leaving Georgina's daughter Vicki (Jill Whelan) in Dolores' care. Miss "Anoushka" Mishancov (Loretta Swit), the vodka-loving Commissar of Cruise Vessels for the Soviet Union, is on board and falls for Doc, after persuading Julie to help her become "slinky."

Guest Stars: Jo Anne Worley as Sandy Beal, Soupy Sales as Victor Marshall, Robert Goulet as Charlie Godwin, Juliet Mills as June Godwin, Richard Dawson as Bert Buchanan, Jill Whelan as Vicki Stubing, and Loretta Swit as Anoushka Mishancov.

Other Guests:Melendy Britt as Georgina and Sandra Deel as Dolores Strickland.

Others: Lawrence Moran as Jimmy (uncredited).

Note: This is the first appearance of Vicki.

Note: This is a minute episode.349"Till Death Do Us Part–Maybe / Locked Away / Chubs"Allen BaronBen Joelson and Art Baer (Till Death Do Us Part–Maybe)
Howard Albrecht and Sol Weinstein (Locked Away)
Loraine Despres (Chubs)November&#;11,&#;&#;()

A widow (Vernee Watson-Johnson) who still hasn't gotten over her husband's death is followed by her husband's ghost (Jimmie Walker), who tries to fix her up with another passenger (Greg Morris). A divorced couple (Janet Leigh, Conrad Bain) sees their daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her husband (Peter Coffield) off but get locked in one of the unused cabins. Gopher's sister (Melissa Sue Anderson) comes on board and makes a beeline for Doc.

Guest Stars: Vernee Watson-Johnson as Ellen Garner (credited as Vernee Watson), Jimmie Walker as The Late Mickey Garner, Greg Morris as Greg Elkins, Conrad Bain as Les, Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda, Janet Leigh as Gail, and Melissa Sue Anderson as Jennifer 'Chubs' Smith.

Other Guests:Peter Coffield as Wayne, Bebe Drake-Hooks as Mrs. Cory, Raymond Allen as Mr. Cory, and Deney Terrio as Floyd.

Note: Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter.

Note: Deney Terrio is better known as the choreographer and dance coach for John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Ironically, during a dance scene, Deney Terrio completes the dance moves John Travolta (dressed in a white suit) is famous for in the movie. Then Jimmie Walker's character refers to his widow's dance partner, Greg Morris, as "he ain't no Saturday Night Fever, but he ain't bad."

Note: On the last day of the cruise, Melissa Sue Anderson's character is celebrating her 18th birthday. However, in reality, she is barely 16 years old during the shooting of this episode.3510"Man of the Cloth / Her Own Two Feet / Tony's Family"TBATBANovember&#;17,&#;&#;()[1]

A minister falls for a Las Vegas exotic dancer, much to the dismay of a female parishioner, who attempts to break them up but causes a strain on her own marriage; a man tries to help his wife overcome her denial over her blindness; the crew convince the chief engineer to forgo his Thanksgiving holiday by having his entire family stow away on board the ship.

Guest Stars:June Allyson, Vivian Blaine, Peter Graves, Van Johnson, Roz Kelly, Larry Storch, Alan Young, Mitzi Hoag, Tony La Torre, Renata Vanni, Mario Bellini, Jennifer Surprenant, Kelly Greenwood3611"Heads or Tails / Mona of the Movies / The Little People"TBATBANovember&#;25,&#;&#;() A movie queen (Rhonda Fleming) intimidates a businessman (Orson Bean); two swingers (Richard Gilliland, Adam Arkin) go after Julie and make a bet as to whom she will fall for; a man (Edward Albert) treats his parents to the cruise (Billy Barty, Patty Maloney) for their 25th wedding anniversary and strikes up a romance with a lady from his work (Patty McCormack) until he finds she is uncomfortable around "little people", i.e. the man's parents.3712"The Captain's Cup / The Folks from Home / Legal Eagle"Alan RafkinBen Joelson & Art Baer (The Captain's Cup)
Fred Grandy & Bernie Kopell (The Folks from Home)
Gordon Farr (Legal Eagle)December&#;2,&#;&#;()

A woman in charge of the presentation of the Captain's Cup convinces an engineer to pose as the executive in charge so as not to disappoint Captain Stubing; Doc begins spending all of his time with an older couple from his hometown; a recently divorced man is paired up with his ex's divorce attorney.

The Captain is expecting a prestigious award but the presenter (Pat Harrington Jr.) may not be whom he expects it to be. Doc becomes attached to an elderly couple (John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan) from his hometown, only to have to perform a life-threatening operation on the woman. A recently divorced man (Bert Convy) runs into the lawyer (Leigh Taylor-Young) who represented his ex-wife in the divorce.

Guest Stars: Pat Harrington Jr. as Hank Vosnick (credited as Pat Harrington), Florence Henderson as Diane DiMarzo, John McIntire as George Hancock, Jeanette Nolan as Gloria Hancock, Bert Convy as Danny Holt, and Leigh Taylor-Young as Ann Sterling (credited as Leigh Taylor Young).

Other Guests:Cisse Cameron as Amber, George Petrie as Dr. David Barnes (credited as Dr. Barnes), and Chris Capen as Radio Officer.

Note: Actors John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan were actually married to each other for over 55 years, ending with his death in 3813"El Kid / The Last Hundred Bucks / Isosceles Triangle"TBATBADecember&#;9,&#;&#;()

A couple and their friend meet a former marketing executive who is penniless and looking for work. A couple looking to adopt a child in Puerto Vallarta get the sad news the biological parents had a change of heart but the director of the orphanage has another child in mind. A friend of Julie's is romanced by both Doc and the Captain; Isaac and Gopher take sides and even bet their last $ on the outcome.

Guest stars: Dabney Coleman, Dena Dietrich, Dave Madden, Rue McClanahan, Gabriel Melgar, Heather Menzies, Connie Stevens, Robert Urich, Victor Millan, David Clover, Keith Allison3914"Julie Falls Hard / Double Wedding / The Dummies"TBATBADecember&#;16,&#;&#;()

A double wedding is in store for identical twins; A separated couple argue through their ventriloquist act; Julie settles an argument between two adolescent girls, to the pleasure of their father, and the girls then decide to fix up him and Julie.

Julie falls in love with a man (Tony Roberts) and his daughters (Annrae Walterhouse, Melora Hardin). Will she leave the ship for Alaska? Twins (Cyb Barnstable, Trish Barnstable), unhappy with their perspective spouses (David Nelson, Fred Travalena), switch places. A separated couple (Ruth Buzzi, Sid Caesar) are assigned to the same cabin, so they and their ventriloquist dummies entertain the passengers.

Guest Stars: Tony Roberts as Jack Chenault, Priscilla Barnstable as Judy Barrett (credited as Cyb Barnstable), Patricia Barnstable as Joanie Barrett (credited as Trish Barnstable), David Nelson as Gary Gage, Fred Travalena as Ted Ashton, Ruth Buzzi as Patti Harmon, and Sid Caesar as Michael Harmon.

‘‘Other Guests:’’ Annrae Waterhouse as Ashley Chenault (credited as Ashley) and Melora Hardin as Courtney Chenault (credited as Courtney).

‘’Note:’’ The Barnstable sisters are better known as the ‘Doublemint Twins’ from the chewing gum commercials.

‘’Note:’’ A few minutes into this episode, you can clearly see ‘Pacific Princess London’ on the front of the bow of the ship. At the end when the ship arrives in LA, another logo is in that same place with the words ‘Pacific Princess’ on the side of the bow.4015"My Sister, Irene / The 'Now' Marriage / Second Time Around"Roger DuchownyTony Webster (My Sister, Irene and Second Time Around)
Ray Jessel & Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein (The 'Now' Marriage)January&#;13,&#;&#;()

A woman poses as her sister to avoid an old flame. An author tries to live up to the philosophies he espoused in his recent work. One of Doc's ex-wives hires an actor to pose as her fiancé in order to win him back.

Irene Austin (Martha Raye) agrees to meet her college classmate, Andy Hopkins (Ray Bolger), after 40 years. She then panics and tells him she's Irene's sister. Dr. Todd Gardiner (Peter Marshall) wrote a book about open marriage, but finds his own marriage to Eleanor Gardiner (Barbara Rush) in jeopardy, as he gets close to a fellow passenger (Phyllis Davis). Doc's ex-wife (Tina Louise) arrives with a new fiancé (Lyle Waggoner).

Guest Stars: Martha Raye as Irene Austin, Ray Bolger as Andy Hopkins, Peter Marshall as Dr. Todd Gardiner, Barbara Rush as Eleanor Gardiner, Phyllis Davis as Nancy Bishop, Tina Louise as Betty Bricker, and Lyle Waggoner as Lance Wilson.

Note: Lyle Waggoner made a guest appearance in this episode during production of Wonder Woman.4116"Gopher's Opportunity / The Switch / Home Sweet Home"TBATBAJanuary&#;20,&#;&#;()

Gopher's friend offers him a job at a plush hotel in Lake Havasu City, Arizona; Gopher considers it after an argument with the Captain. A magician's assistant is upset when he sends his brother to replace him in the act. A dowager is attracted to a cabin steward.

Guest Stars:Elaine Joyce as Melody Livingston, Melinda Naud as Maggie Walsh, Ron Palillo as Al Breyer, Bobby Van as Phil Livingston, Abe Vigoda as Charlie Fletcher, and Nancy Walker as Hetty Waterhouse.

‘’Other Guests:’’ Michael Gregory as Ken Breyer (credited as Ken).4217"Second Chance / Don't Push Me / Like Father, Like Son"TBATBAJanuary&#;27,&#;&#;()

Isaac worries that a young woman on probation (Debbi Morgan), working in the gift shop, has stolen some jewelry. A henpecked man (Roddy McDowall) feels he's being pressured, by his girlfriend (Tammy Grimes), into marriage, against his will. A charming widower and his son (Robert Mandan, Randolph Mantooth) fall in love with the same woman (Cathy Lee Crosby).

Guest Stars: Debbi Morgan as Stephanie Jackson, Virginia Graham as Gift Shop Customer, Roddy McDowall as Fred Beery, Tammy Grimes as Christine, Robert Mandan as Woody Billingsley, Randolph Mantooth as Alan Billingsley, and Cathy Lee Crosby as Libby Hall.43
19"Disco Baby / Alas, Poor Dwyer / After the War / Ticket to Ride / Itsy Bitsy: Parts 1 & 2"Roger DuchownyBarry Blitzer (Alas, Poor Dwyer)
Carmen Finestra (After the War)
Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein (Itsy Bitsy)
Joyce Armor & Judie Neer (Ticket to Ride)
Ray Jessel (Disco Baby)February&#;3,&#;&#;()

Julie is driving everyone crazy since she is organizing her high school reunion on board ship:

  1. Julie's high school teacher is on board but is struggling with his alcoholism.
  2. A former boyfriend of hers is on board with her high school rival.
  3. The football quarterback is reunited with former teammates.
  4. Another couple, who had moved to Canada for him to avoid the Vietnam War draft and recently returned under amnesty, meet another classmate who is in a wheelchair due to wounds received in the war.
  5. Doc romances one of Julie's classmates.
  6. Julie learns her recently divorced friend Wendy is on the cruise because unknown admirer has sent her the cruise ticket.

Guest stars: Raymond Burr, Michael Cole, Kim Darby, Bob Denver, Conchata Ferrell, Christopher George, Lisa Hartman, Michael Lembeck, Kelly Monteith, John Rubinstein, Judi West, David Landsberg.

4520"Best of Friends / Aftermath / Dream Boat"TBATBAFebruary&#;10,&#;&#;()

Doc's old mentor from Johns Hopkins disapproves of his lifestyle while dealing with the loss of an arm in a car accident, not realizing his wife has become addicted to painkillers; a series of misunderstandings strains an engaged couple and the woman's best friend. A representative from the cruise ship Lorelei evaluates the Captain as a possible commanding officer for that ship.

Guest stars: Richard Anderson, Joyce Brothers, Hans Conried, Carol Lynley, Diana Muldaur, Ben Murphy, Donna Pescow, Mary Farrell, Starr Hester4621"A Good and Faithful Servant / The Secret Life of Burl Smith / Tug of War / Designated Lover"TBATBAFebruary&#;17,&#;&#;()

A vacationing chauffeur and his wealthy employer fall in love; a famous model causes love-smitten Gopher to fantasize that he is various flamboyant heroes; a separated couple vie for their son's affection; Reggie Jackson (as himself) can't convince anyone on board that he is who he says he is. (90 minutes)

Note: John Mills, Hayley Mills, and Juliet Mills were real-life father and daughters.

Guest stars: John Mills, Hayley Mills, Juliet Mills, Telma Hopkins, David Hedison, Celeste Holm, Keith Mitchell.4722"Love Me, Love My Dog / Poor Little Rich Girl / The Decision"TBATBAFebruary&#;24,&#;&#;()

A terrier "protects" its mistress from the advances of a gentleman; a waitress inherits a fortune and finds her new life, and her former fiancé's renewed interest, a big adjustment; Isaac laments his ill-fated love affairs.

Guest stars: Debbie Allen, Dennis Cole, Fannie Flagg, Maren Jensen, Gene Rayburn, Cricket, Noah Keen.4823"A Funny Valentine / The Wallflower / Home is Not a Home"TBATBAMarch&#;3,&#;&#;()

A wallflower is secretly followed by a shy milquetoast; Stubing is charmed by a fortune-teller; two honeymooning retirees are unexpectedly joined by their overprotective children.

Guest stars: Warren Berlinger, Elinor Donahue, Patty Dworkin, Samantha Eggar, Arthur Godfrey, Minnie Pearl, Zane Lasky, Dorrie Thomson.4924"Ages of Man / Bo 'n Sam / Families"TBATBAMarch&#;10,&#;&#;()

Julie falls for an older man while an adolescent boy falls for her; two rival publishers clash while their children become romantic; the crew's plans for a present for their captain's anniversary keep hitting a huge snag.

Guest stars: Paul Burke, Arlene Dahl, Patrick Labyorteaux, Leslie Nielsen, Mark Shera, Philip Charles MacKenzie, Michael Tucci, Ellen Bry, James Dobson, James Hackett, Bill Smillie5025"Murder on the High Seas / Sounds of Silence / Cyrano de Bricker"TBATBAMarch&#;17,&#;&#;()

A rocker meets and falls in love with a deaf girl; a gambler in marital trouble gets Doc to tell his wife how he feels; Isaac mistakes a conversation by two writers about an upcoming mystery-murder novel as an actual plot to kill the captain.

Guest stars: Sonny Bono, Charlie Callas, Arte Johnson, Peter Lawford, Jill St. John, Dana Wynter, Sheila Lenham, James Dobson.5126"April's Return / Super Mom / I'll See You Again"TBATBAMay&#;5,&#;&#;()

An old war buddy of the captain's is reunited with a long-lost love from that period; a couple on their second honeymoon have their four children with them; April (Charo), now a successful singer with the cruise line, tries her hand at cruise directing, without much success.

Other Guest stars: Cyd Charisse, Anne Meara, Craig Stevens, Jerry Stiller, Katy Kurtzman, Corey Feldman, Stephen Schnetzer, Speedy Zapata, Greg Robblee.5227"Third Wheel / Grandmother's Day / Second String Mom"TBATBAMay&#;12,&#;&#;()

Gopher's parents visit but the father feels like a third wheel; a couple with five already grown children find out they will have a new addition to the family; two sisters are less than friendly to their new stepmother.

Guest stars: Ken Berry, Robert Cummings, Nanette Fabray, Beth Howland, Ethel Merman, Barry Nelson, Michele Tobin, Shelly Juttner.
MeTV Presents The Best of Bernie Kopell

R.I.P. Gavin MacLeod of The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Gavin MacLeod grew up in Pleasantville. How perfect is that? No, not the fictional town from the movie — but rather Pleasantville, New York. What an apt name for a place that produced one of the most beloved, likeable stars in TV history. 

Born Allan George See, the aspiring actor changed his name upon moving to New York City after serving in the United States Air Force. The actor told Parade in that he felt his original name, Allan See, was getting in the way of his success. He pieced together his stage name from two sources. 

MacLeod took his new last name from his drama coach at Ithaca College, Beatrice MacLeod. He took his new first name, however, from a physically handicapped victim on a TV drama. There you have it: Gavin MacLeod.

His screen career began in earnest in the late s. Early on, he often played a bad guy, popping up on hip crime shows like Peter Gunn, Mr. Lucky and The Untouchables, playing characters with names like "Bugsy," "Whitey" and "Three-Fingered Jack White."

MacLeod appeared on The Dick Van Dyke Show in in the episode "Empress Carlotta's Necklace." He played Maxwell Cooley, a wholesale jeweler who sells Rob Petrie a hideous necklace. That, obviously, would not be the last time he worked on a sitcom with Mary Tyler Moore.

Although people best remember MacLeod for his roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat, he got his big break on the sitcom McHale's Navy in MacLeod played Happy Haines for the show's first two seasons, eventually leaving to appear in the film The Sand Pebbles

MacLeod made two memorable appearances in Mayberry. He played a suspicious "television" man named Gilbert Jamel in "TV or Not TV." Later, in the color seasons, he played an actor portraying Sheriff Andy! Oddly, both plots revolved around Hollywood filming a tale titled "Sheriff Without a Gun," though MacLeod was different characters.

Can you imagine Murray Slaughter uttering the line, "You've got spunk…. I hate spunk!"? It almost happened. TV executive Grant Tinker wanted MacLeod to audition for the role of Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. However, everyone decided MacLeod was a better fit for the friendlier Slaughter character instead.

"I didn't think I was right for Lou Grant, and I didn't think I was right for Ted Baxter," MacLeod told MeTV in "I thought, though, this guy Murray, maybe I could have some fun with him, you know?"

When The Mary Tyler Moore Show wrapped its legendary run, the close-knit cast was broken up.

"It was sad!" MacLeod told us. "I remember standing there in the back next to Mary before we went on, and I said, 'You know, Mare, this has been a great seven years…' and she said, 'Oh, Gavs…' She used to call me Gavs'… She said, 'Don't start it now, I won't be able to take it!' I was sad the whole last year, waiting for the last show!"

Like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Love Boat did not set out intended to cast MacLeod in his eventual role. The Love Boat began as a TV movie with an utterly different cast. Well, there were two trial TV movies before the Pacific Princess found her crew for a series.

MacLeod, Bernie Kopell and Ted Lange would end up being the only actors to appear in every episode of the series. Only the captain, the doctor and the bartender were there throughout all episodes.

MacLeod took his role as Captain Merrill Stubing very seriously after The Love Boat wrapped in the late s. After , MacLeod served as a spokesperson for Princess Cruises, the cruise line featured in the series.

On Saturday, May 29, MacLeod passed away in his Palm Desert home, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was

Sours: //

Boat metv love


The "Marriage-A-Thon Cruise" set sail at the beginning of season four on The Love Boat. It was a voyage with so much heart, they had to split it into two parts!

They stowed a load of celebrities aboard the ship for this outing. It was the typical mix of TV legends, current stars and soon-to-be familiar names.

Bear in mind that this aired in the fall of It helps to remember who was on TV at the time. See if you can identify all these guest stars from "The Family Plan/The Promoter/May the Best Man Win/Forever Engaged/The Judges."

  1. The woman flirting with Gopher here is best known for playing which character?
  2. She could be found playing an "Aunt" on which sitcom?
  3. This man in the ascot was the title character on which '70s series?
  4. She could be found on which hit series at the time?
  5. He got a bunch of laughs on which sitcom?
  6. He was best known for playing a character named…?
  7. The fellow was the star of which show?
  8. She is best associated with which Fifties title?
  9. She played a character named "Lucy" for years on which show?
  10. She had a sitcom premiere days before this Love Boat episode. What was it called?
  11. At the time, he was playing "Deputy Birdie Hawkins" on which show?
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The Love Boat Japan Episode 1983 TV Series


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