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"They've done more good than harm. By most calculations."
— Grimoire description
Grimoire card for the three main City factions.

Factions are groups that Guardians can join and earn Reputation with. Most factions are based within the Last City, but some are found elsewhere, such as the Reef. Completing activities for a faction allows Guardians to increase their rank with them and earn rewards. On the other hand, there are some factions that cannot be joined because they have no Reputation stat, and furthermore, the enemy races have their own factions dedicated to their own goals.

Consensus Factions[edit]

These three factions form the City's government, the Consensus, and seek champions among the Guardians to represent them in the Crucible. Guardians may pledge themselves to a faction for a fee of 2500 Glimmer to support it and earn faction-specific rewards, such as Weapons, Armor, Emblems, and Shaders. Guardians can only change their allegiance once per week, and must pay the fee each time. Players continue to earn Vanguard or Crucible Reputation in addition to Reputation with their faction.

If players earn Level 25 Reputation with a Faction, they'll unlock a Faction quest that rewards an Exotic Class item that increases Reputation gains with that Faction.

Dead OrbitFuture War CultNew Monarchy
Dead Orbit Grimoire.jpgFuture War Cult Grimoire.jpgNew Monarchy Grimoire.jpg
Tower Rep
Arach Jalaal
Tower Rep
Tower Rep
Executor Hideo
"The Traveler is not our only salvation. Another future lies out among the light of other stars."
Dead Orbit is a survivalist faction that believes humanity's future lies not on Earth with the Traveler, but in a great diaspora throughout the universe. They hope that by colonizing as many worlds beyond the Solar System as possible, humanity will become too innumerable for another disaster like the Collapse to break it or an enemy like the Darkness to extinguish it. Dead Orbit members are currently assembling a fleet of starships to begin their interstellar journey.
"There is no future but now. No truth but war."
Future War Cult is a fatalist faction that believes conflict is the quintessential nature of the universe and the inescapable end-state of most, if not all possible realities. Known for their martial prowess as much as their secrecy and eccentricity, Cultists assert that another confrontation with the Darkness, the "coming war", is inevitable whether humanity makes its stand on Earth or attempts to flee elsewhere. In their opinion, preparing for that confrontation should be the sole, driving purpose of the Last City and the Guardians.
"Hope will be born from the collective triumphs of the king in us all."
New Monarchy is a monarchist faction that believes humanity should strive to restore the lost glory and order of the Golden Age, and that the ideal way to achieve that is by uniting the Last City under a single, benevolent ruler invested with absolute authority. New Monarchists view the Consensus as a tenuous compromise that impedes the path to true progress. They patiently await the day when the Consensus voluntarily abolishes itself and a monarch is chosen by acclamation.

Faction Rallies[edit]

In Destiny 2, the factions return to compete against one another in the Faction Rallies event, where one of the factions is declared the winner by receiving the most support from players across all available activities.

Guardian Factions[edit]

These factions give Reputation to Guardians by default.

  • Vanguard—the default faction for all Guardians. The Vanguard advise Guardians on missions and see to the City's defense. Guardians earn Reputation with the Vanguard by completing Patrol missions, Story Missions, Strikes, and Vanguard Bounties.
  • Crucible—the City's competitive arena. Guardians earn Reputation by competing and completing Crucible bounties, and Lord Shaxx's weekly bounties.
  • Iron Banner—a special tournament in the Crucible. Guardians earn Reputation by winning matches and completing Iron Banner bounties. Formerly hosted by Lady Efrideet and currently overseen by Lord Saladin.
  • Cryptarch—any Guardian who brings engrams for decoding are rewarded for their discoveries.
  • Gunsmith—field test weapons for the Tower's gunsmith, and he'll reward you with a special delivery with one of the City's Weapon Foundries.
  • Sparrow Racing League—complete and win Sparrow races to increase SRL Event Standing and earn better rewards. The Tower Shipwright hosts the event.

Quest Factions[edit]

These individuals seek the help of Guardians for their own agendas.

Other Factions[edit]

These factions are named, but cannot be joined by Guardians to date.

  • Cult of Osiris—a cult dedicated to the teachings of Osiris. Players can interact with its representative, Brother Vance, but cannot earn Reputation with them.
  • Symmetry—a minor faction that was founded on the teachings of Ulan-Tan. Barred from the Consensus for being too dangerous.
  • Concordat—a former Consensus member, ejected after its founder, Lysander, was exiled.

Enemy Factions[edit]

  • Fallen Houses:
    • House of Devils—noble House located on Earth, most commonly encountered by Guardians.
    • House of Kings—secretive yet dangerous noble House on Earth rarely seen by Guardians.
    • House of Exile—a House of outcasts from the Battle of Twilight Gap located on the Moon.
    • House of Rain—a small now extinct House that plundered Mercury in the Dark Age. Its banners were taken up by House Dusk.
    • House of Stone—an extinct House destroyed in the Whirlwind. Lead by Chelchis, Kell of Stone, a Fallen legend.
    • House of Scar—an extinct Fallen House after the events of the Whirlwind.
    • House of Winter—large Fallen House on Venus looking to secure Vex technology.
    • House of Wolves—Fallen House that was once loyal to Mara Sov but rebelled under the leadership of Skolas, Kell of Kells.
    • House of Dusk—a mysterious Fallen House that emerges during the Red War, engaging every other faction in the system.
    • House of Light—Friendly Fallen House seeking coexistence alongside the Guardians and Traveler. Lead by Mithrax, Kell of Light.
    • House of Spider—a Fallen Crime Syndicate held up in the Tangled Shore lead by The Spider.
    • Kell's Scourge—Another Fallen Crime Syndicate full of anarchists that plundered the vaults and forges of the Black Armory lead by Siviks, Lost to None.
    • House of Salvation—A massive Fallen House formed from Dusk, Wolves, Devils, and Scourge seeking the destruction of the Traveler and utiziation of the Darkness. Lead by Eramis, Kell of Darkness and her Dark Council.
  • Scorn—a rogue faction of Fallen pirates that broke out from the Prison of Elders following the Red War and were transformed into a new race.
  • Hive Sects:
    • The Hidden Swarm—the Hive's outermost line of defense on the Moon, most commonly encountered by Guardians.
    • Spawn of Crota—direct servants of Crota, Son of Oryx.
    • Cult of the Worm—a desperate brood contained in the Prison of Elders.
    • Cult of Megor—a desperate brood contained in the Prison of Elders.
    • Blood of Oryx—direct servants of Oryx, the Taken King.
    • The Silent Brood—wardens of The Sunless Cell on the Dreadnaught.
    • Venom of Oryx—seen only in The First FirewallStory mission.
    • Savathûn's Hive—servants of Savathûn, found on Titan.
    • Grasp of Nokris—servants of Nokris and Xol, found on Mars, Hellas Basin.
    • Xivu Arath's Horde— Servants of Xivu Arath, God of War.

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Emblems/Destiny 2

EmblemNameRarityAvailabilityTracker Activate ESCALATION.jpgActivate ESCALATIONLegendaryDefeat first final boss in Escalation Protocol on MarsTracks the number of final bosses defeated in the Escalation Protocol. Apparatus Belli.jpgApparatus BelliLegendaryCollect all 4 Seraph (IKELOS) weaponsTracks kills with Seraph weapons. Arcology Interface.jpgArcology InterfaceRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Arctic Arsenalist.jpgArctic ArsenalistLegendaryCollect all 5 Arctic/BrayTech Weapons
Automatically upgrades from Cold Comfort (see below) on collecting all 5Tracks kills with BrayTech or Arctic weapons. At the Vanguard.jpgAt the VanguardRareVanguard Tactician EngramN/A Ace of Spades.jpgAce of SpadesRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Against the Dark.jpgAgainst the DarkRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Arcadian Valley.jpgArcadian ValleyLegendaryRandom chance from Nessus reputation packages; Guarantee unlock after 10 packagesTracks Lost Sectors Found, Region Chests Opened, and Ghost Scans Discovered on Nessus Ballet Lover.jpgBallet LoverRareIo EngramsN/A Buried City.jpgBuried CityCommonReleased via the Mars Community Challenge by doing a Mars Nightfall between 9/3/19 and 9/10/19.N/A Cargo Bay Cross.jpgCargo Bay CrossRareArcology EngramsN/A Chasing Perfection.jpgChasing PerfectionLegendaryAchieve 7 wins on a single Trials of the Nine cardTracks Trials of the Nine match wins Cold Comfort.jpgCold ComfortRareObtain first Arctic or BrayTech weapon on MarsTracks the number of BrayTech or Arctic weapons collected. Coordinate Mathematics.jpgCoordinate MathematicsRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Crossroads Emblem.jpgCrossroads EmblemRareComplete the public heroic event at the Lighthouse on MercuryN/A CTATODL.jpgC-T-A-T-O-D-LRareFlashpoint High-Value TargetsN/A Dance the Demons Away emblem.Dance the Demons AwayLegendaryComplete and redeem the hidden Gambit triumph "In Sync".Tracks the total number of motes banked in Gambit. Data Mine.jpgData MineRareAccess first Sleeper Node on MarsTracks the number of Sleeper Nodes accessed. Dead Zone Camo.jpgDead Zone CamoRareEDZ EngramsN/A Echo Mesa.jpgEcho MesaLegendaryRandom chance from IO reputation packages; Guarantee unlock after 10 packagesTracks Lost Sectors Found, Region Chests Opened, and Ghost Scans Discovered on IO European Dead Zone.jpgEuropean Dead ZoneLegendaryRandom chance from EDZ reputation packages; Guarantee unlock after 10 packagesTracks Lost Sectors Found, Region Chests Opened, and Ghost Scans Discovered in EDZ Exodus Access.jpgExodus AccessRareNessus EngramsN/A Felwinter Frost.jpgFelwinter FrostLegendaryCollect first Iron Banner PackageTracks Iron Banner Packages collected Fields of Glass.jpgFields of GlassLegendaryRandom chance from Mercury reputation packages; Guarantee unlock after 10 packagesTracks Lost Sectors Found and Region Chests Opened on Mercury Fight Forever.jpgFight ForeverLegendaryCrucible reputation package; guaranteed unlock after 10 packagesTracks your successes in the Crucible as a function of kills plus assists, divided by deaths. Ghost Board.jpgGhost BoardRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Give Them War.jpgGive Them WarLegendaryCrucible reputation package; guaranteed unlock after 10 packagesTracks your competitive playlist PVP wins. Gone Hunting.jpgGone HuntingRareFlashpoint High-Value TargetsN/A Hakke Upgrade.jpgHakke UpgradeRareGunsmith EngramsN/A Hellas Basin.jpgHellas BasinLegendaryRandom chance from Hellas Basin reputation packages; Guarantee unlock after 10 packagesTrack Lost Sectors and Region Chests in Hellas Basin. Hero of the Infinite.jpgHero of the InfiniteRareComplete the Curse of Osiris story questN/A High Risk, High Reward.jpgHigh-Risk, High-RewardLegendaryComplete the Nightfall on Prestige difficultyTracks the number of Prestige Nightfalls cleared Holy Ground.jpgHoly GroundRareIo EngramsN/A IKELOS Imperative.jpgIKELOS ImperativeRareObtain a Seraph weaponTracks the number of Seraph weapons collected. Jacobson's Staff.jpgJacobson's StaffRareNessus EngramsN/A Jade Rabbit Redux.jpgJade Rabbit ReduxRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Legend of Saint-14.jpgLegend of Saint-14RareComplete the 'Legends Lost' questN/A Kay's Command.jpgKay's CommandRareEDZ EngramsN/A Make Us Proud.jpgMake Us ProudRareVanguard Tactician EngramsN/A Master Gardener.jpgMaster CartographerRareComplete the nightfall strike A Garden World on prestige difficulty.N/A Master Cartographer.jpgMaster GardenerRareComplete the nightfall strike Tree of Probabilities on prestige difficulty.N/A Mentor of Light.jpgMentor of LightLegendaryComplete a campaign mission or crucible match with a Destiny 2 Trial player in your fireteamTracks campaign missions and crucible matches completed with a Destiny 2 Trial player in your fireteam New Pacific Access.jpgNew Pacific AccessRareArcology EngramsN/A New Pacific Arcology.jpgNew Pacific ArcologyLegendaryRandom chance from Titan reputation packages; Guarantee unlock after 10 packagesTracks Lost Sectors Found, Region Chests Opened, and Ghost Scans Discovered on Titan Omolon Upgrade.jpgOmolon UpgradeRareGunsmith EngramsN/A One Path to Victory.jpgOne Path to VictoryLegendaryCrucible reputation package; guaranteed unlock after 10 packagesTracks your quickplay playlist PVP wins. Prophetic Arsenal.jpgProphetic ArsenalLegendaryConstruct all Prophecy weapons with Brother Vance on MercuryTracks the number of enemies eliminated with Prophecy weapons. Push Forward.jpgPush ForwardRareVanguard Tactician EngramsN/A Rally the Flag.jpgRally the FlagLegendaryComplete first Heroic Public EventTracks Heroic public events completed Red Legion Aegis.jpgRed Legion AegisRareVanguard Research EngramsN/A Red Legion Logistics.jpgRed Legion LogisticsRareVanguard Research EngramsN/A Return TYRANT++.jpgReturn TYRANT++LegendaryDefeat each of the 5 final bosses in Escalation Protocol on MarsTracks the number of final bosses defeated in the Escalation Protocol. Secrets of the Vex.jpgSecrets of the VexRareWear the complete Kairos Function set for the HunterN/A Solarium Yellow.jpgSolarium YellowRareArcology EngramsN/A Spark of the Machine.jpgSpark of the MachineRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Specter of the Gun.jpgSpecter of the GunRareComplete Data Recovery quest from Ana BrayN/A SUROS Upgrade.jpgSUROS UpgradeRareGunsmith EngramsN/A Tangled Anchor.jpgTangled AnchorRareNessus EngramsN/A Technological Singularity.jpgTechnological SingularityRareComplete Warmind story mission Will of the ThousandsN/A Transit of Mercury.jpgTransit of MercuryLegendaryComplete first Heroic Mercury adventureTracks your Heroic Mercury adventure completions. Traveler's Flight.jpgTraveler's FlightRareIo EngramsN/A The Collector emblem.The CollectorLegendaryComplete the Gambit triumph "Triumphant Collector".The Invader emblem.The InvaderLegendaryComplete the Gambit triumph "Triumphant Invader".The Reaper emblem.The ReaperLegendaryComplete the Gambit triumph "Triumphant Reaper".The Sentry emblem.The SentryLegendaryComplete the Gambit triumph "Triumphant Sentry".Trostland Terminus.jpgTrostland TerminusRareEDZ EngramsN/A Try the Special.jpgTry the SpecialRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Telstar graphics.jpgTelstar GraphicsRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Veist Upgrade.jpgVeist UpgradeRareGunsmith EngramsN/A Victorious Veteran.jpgVictorious VeteranLegendaryCrucible reputation package; guaranteed unlock after 10 packagesDisplays your lifetime Crucible kills, and how many Guardians of each class you've defeated. Vex Destroyer.jpgVex DestroyerRareWear the complete Kairos Function set for the TitanN/A Vex Scholar.jpgVex ScholarRareWear the complete Kairos Function set for the WarlockN/A WAR Vault 5.jpgWAR Vault 5RareVanguard Research EngramsN/A Warminded.jpgWarmindedLegendaryAccess all 40 Sleeper Nodes on MarsTracks the number of Sleeper Nodes accessed. Way of the Wolf.jpgWay of the WolfRareCayde-6 Treasure ChestsN/A Wormslayer.jpgWormslayerLegendaryOpen both Golden Age vaults in Hellas Basin by collecting all 45 Lost Memory Fragments.N/A You Are Worthy.jpgYou Are WorthyLegendaryAchieve a 7-0 record in Trials of the NineTracks Trials of the Nine flawless tickets Quarantine Zone emblem.Quarantine ZoneLegendaryComplete the Zero Hour hidden quest mission in under 15 minutes.N/A
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Destiny 2 Enemy Faction Symbols

Here we go again. Yet again I must say that I'm not very good at drawing these symbols. -blam!- I had to intentionally make the House of Dusk sigil look messy. [b]Fallen[/b] - Despite this symbol being used to represent the Fallen as a whole, the Ghost says it's a Judgement symbol. I call bullshit. [b]House of Dusk[/b] - Self-explanatory. [b]Hive [/b]- This is the same symbol as the last time, nothing much changed. [b]Savathun's Brood[/b] - While not the official name, it's pretty clear that this is Savathun's sect. What surprised me was that I've already seen this before. I swear it was another Hive rune, maybe door? So I just put door next to it. [b]Taken[/b] - This is Oryx's symbol reused, so I could draw it from memory. [b]Vex[/b] - Same symbol as last time. [b]Cabal[/b] - Slightly updated version of the previous collective symbol. [b]Red Legion[/b] - Self-explanatory. [b]Loyalist[/b] - I had a couple minutes to think about whether I was going to put this upside down or not. I eventually went with the right-side up version. [b]Mercenary[/b] - This is the symbol I gathered from the arms of the Green Legionaries and Bracus Zahn. I don't know if this is an actual Cabal faction though. I decorated these with the planet (or ship in the case of the Cabal) they inhabit the most and one class of each faction. Just to fill up the empty space. So, that's all.

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