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Dynamic Lighting - Better darkvision support (e.g. D&D 5e)

Edit 2017-10-05: As Scott C. points out, the current lighting system is already additive. Two dim lights don't make a bright, but they do add to more than one dim. That's good enough for me, and this suggestion is moot. Mods, can you close out and give people their votes back? To implement 5e-like darkvision, set your token to have vision, give it a light at just above desired range and start of dim -5. So for example, 60ft darkvision ends up as a 70ft light with a dim start of -5. I am unclear whether this always worked or started working with the Advanced Fog of War update. Light and especially dim light appear to have changed a bit in appearance, but it's been so long since I first tested this that it's entirely possible I had it wrong all along and it was working all along. Old post below. The current dynamic lighting system supports a "multiplier" that allows characters to see further than they usually can. The Wiki suggests that this allows for implementing D&D 5e's darkvision feature. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I'll get into details. After discussion in this thread, and Ed S. providing some clarity, a good way to solve 5e darkvision and similar designs is additive light: - Allow additive light sources. A dim (additive) light carried by the character would cause "darkness to be dim" and would cause "dim light to be bright". This would only require the light source to be marked as "additive", maybe by a check box. - Optionally, allow a character to carry up to two light sources. This would then allow for darkvision and an actual light source such as a torch, lamp, etc. How does 5e define darkvision? Out to a range, a creature with darkvision can "see in dim light as if it were bright, and in darkness as if it were dim light." The second part is easy. Give the token a light source that only it can see, with range a bit higher than the desired range (has to do with how dim light diminishes in roll20), dim start -5, and there you have your "in darkness as if it were dim light". The first part, see in dim light as if it were bright, is currently impossible in roll20. The wiki suggests to use the vision multiplier, but that doesn't have the desired effect. The wiki says: >> For example, darkvision of 60ft would look like: Light Radius = "60" Start of Dim = "-5" All Players See Light = "Unchecked" Has Sight = "Checked" Multiplier = "2"  >> The actual range of that light source aside - this comes out to 120ft and that's easily fixed - the multiplier here doesn't allow for "dim light as if it were bright". Some examples, assuming a creature with darkvision stands next to a light source: Moonbeam has 10ft dim. To this creature, that would now be 20ft dim (not counting its own dim light source) . It should be 10ft bright. A torch has 20ft bright, another 20ft dim. To this creature, that is now 40ft bright (that sounds like success), another 40ft dim. Which means the vision range has now been extended by 40ft. That wasn't intended. It should be 40ft bright, and then darkness (illuminated as dim by creature's darkvision). A lamp has 15ft bright, and another 30ft dim. To this creature, that is now 30ft bright, and another 60ft dim. It should be 45ft bright, and then darkness (illuminated as dim by creature's darkvision). By marking the dim darkvision light source as additive, dim light would now appear bright, bright light remains bright, and darkness is illuminated by dim light.

New Darkvision Issue

I have a problem with Darkvision and colors.  In the game rules I use, Darkvision is dim, black-and-white vision in the absence of light.  The new Darkvision setting, without coloring it in, is just normal vision.  Under the old lighting, I can do this by making a token emit dim light that only its owner could see.  In order to get a similar effect with the new lighting, I have to color the Darkvision area black.  Then I run into this problem:   (picture is the GM view of two tokens with Darkvision, one colored black, one colored Transparent, to demonstrate the problem with uncolored Darkvision.) This works until you have multiple tokens on the board with Darkvision: (picture is a GM view of two tokens with black-colored Darkvision)   As you can see, everything in the overlapping area is now invisible to the GM, although perfectly visible to the players.   I see three resolutions from where I'm sitting: Get rid of the overlapping color (I'm guessing this is a lot harder than it sounds, or you'd have done it already.) Put in an option to hide a token's light from everyone but the token's owner (basically, make the new lighting system do what the old one did. Least desirable, because it negates the work Roll20 has put in on the Darkvision setting.) Add options to make Darkvision "dim light" and/or "black-and-white only"  (this is actually my preference.)    As it stands, the new Darkvision does not yet do what could be done under the old lighting system.  I  really  hope you won't retire the old system until it does!
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Legit Darkvision, separate from emitting light.

The current method for implementing darkvision is to have a token emit light to the appropriate radius, with dim light starting at 0 or -5 or whatever. This is a decent way of doing it, but not really ideal. I mostly play D&D 5e, and it'd be nice to see that style of darkvision represented. Imagine a separate darkvision option, beneath all the other lighting stuff (so a character can have darkvision and hold a torch simultaneously!) , wherein you input the radius, and all dark areas within that distance from the token are upgraded to dim light, and dim to bright. There could even be a couple of checkboxes for options such as disabling the darkvision when standing in bright light, and for having the revealed dark areas shown in grayscale. It'd be cool. Also, there might as well be an option to make it act like 4e's Low-Light Vision, instead. That is, it upgrades dim to bright, but leaves darkness alone. This one isn't really needed, on its own, but if the darkvision is implemented, it's just a quick add-on that'd be nice. Preferably as a third checkbox or as a dropdown menu (Normal, Low-Light, Darkvision). EDIT:  A thought: Just replace the "Has Sight" checkbox with a dropdown menu (labeled "Sight") with the options: None, Normal, Low-Light, and Darkvision. Then have the fields for radius and probably angle, followed by the aforementioned checkboxes. (On a related note, it'd be neat if the GM could modify the hardness of the gradient between dim light and darkness. It fades really smoothly now, which is nice looking, but sometimes I think it might be nice to have a more clearly defined edge, especially for something like this... but that's a separate issue!)


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You touch a willing creature to grant it the ability to see in the dark. For the Duration, that creature has Darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.

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Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard


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