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Aim is a fast + good looking scrollbar with zero dependencies, small size & major browsers support. So, the Browser Support is same as for , works in all modern browsers for Desktop and Mobile.

Install, via Bower or NPM

    Features & Usage

    • Small (~6KB minified), fast, vanilla JS (zero dependencies)
    • Nested scrollbars
    • Touch support
    • jQuery/Zepto/jBone plugin
    • React.js Component
    • Infinite scroll (top/bottom edge reach) callbacks

    var ids|node|string, params);

    var id =scrolly.barNode(node, params);





    React Component

    See example usage: and open /react. Or just look at in this repo.

    <Scrollyparams={ params }>

    <h1>Some test contents here</h1>

    <p>Contents to be scrolled...</p>


    jQuery/Zepto/jBone Plugin flavour





    Just open , or check the Live demo. For React Component demo check or scrolly/react.


    Data: DOM elements

    Data: numbers

    • : float . Calculated as . When no scrollbar is shown.


    1. Clone this repo.
    2. Install Node.js. Then Gulp: .
    3. Terminal, from project directory:
      • Dev dependencies: .
      • to see all available stuff.
      • to run a local dev server, open in on localhost:3001.
      • to clean & build everything.

    scrollY property (window)

    You are here: Reference > JavaScript > client-side > HTML DOM > properties > scrollY (window)

    Browser support:

    Retrieves the number of pixels by which the contents of the document are scrolled upward.


    This property is read-only.

    Possible values:

    Integer that represents the distance, in pixels.

    Default: this property has no default value.

    Example HTML code 1:

    This example shows how to get the scroll positions of the document:

    <html><head><scripttype="text/javascript">// always return 1, except at non-default zoom levels in IE before version 8 function GetZoomFactor () { var factor = 1; if (document.body.getBoundingClientRect) { // rect is only in physical pixel size in IE before version 8 var rect = document.body.getBoundingClientRect (); var physicalW = rect.right - rect.left; var logicalW = document.body.offsetWidth; // the zoom level is always an integer percent value factor = Math.round ((physicalW / logicalW) * 100) / 100; } return factor; } function GetScrollPositions () { if ('pageXOffset'inwindow) { // all browsers, except IE before version 9 var scrollLeft = window.pageXOffset; var scrollTop = window.pageYOffset; } else { // Internet Explorer before version 9 var zoomFactor = GetZoomFactor (); var scrollLeft = Math.round (document.documentElement.scrollLeft / zoomFactor); var scrollTop = Math.round (document.documentElement.scrollTop / zoomFactor); } alert ("The current horizontal scroll amount: " + scrollLeft + "px"); alert ("The current vertical scroll amount: " + scrollTop + "px"); } </script></head><body><divstyle="height:150px; width:600px; background-color:#e0a0a0;"> Please scroll the window vertically and horizontally and click on the button. </div><buttononclick="GetScrollPositions ();">Get current scroll amounts</button><divstyle="height:150px; width:600px; background-color:#e0a0a0;"> Please scroll the window vertically and horizontally and click on the button. </div></body></html>

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    Supported by objects:


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    scrollY (Mozilla Developer Center)


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    Scrolly: fast vanilla JS scrollbar plugin

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    Aim is a fast + good looking scrollbar with zero dependencies, small size & major browsers support. So, the Browser Support is same as for , works in all modern browsers for Desktop and Mobile.

    Install, via Bower or NPM

      Features & Usage

      • Small (~6KB minified), fast, vanilla JS (zero dependencies)
      • Nested scrollbars
      • Touch support
      • jQuery/Zepto/jBone plugin
      • React.js Component
      • Infinite scroll (top/bottom edge reach) callbacks

      React Component

      See example usage: and open /react. Or just look at in this repo.

      jQuery/Zepto/jBone Plugin flavour


      Just open , or check the Live demo. For React Component demo check or scrolly/react.


      Data: DOM elements

      Data: numbers

      • : float . Calculated as . When ` === 1` no scrollbar is shown.


      1. Clone this repo.
      2. Install Node.js. Then Gulp: .
      3. Terminal, from project directory:
        • Dev dependencies: .
        • to see all available stuff.
        • to run a local dev server, open in on localhost:3001.
        • to clean & build everything.
      JavaScript scrollBy \u0026 scrollTo Tutorial in Hindi / Urdu

      How to use





      Best JavaScript code snippets using builtins.Window.scrollY(Showing top 15 results out of 918)

      function getScrollOffset() { return { x: window.scrollX !== undefined ? window.scrollX : window.pageXOffset, y: window.scrollY !== undefined ? window.scrollY : window.pageYOffset } }
      setTimeout(() => { const sectionHeaderRect = sectionHeader.getBoundingClientRect(); if ( >= pageHeaderRect.bottom) { return; } window.scrollTo(0, (window.scrollY - pageHeaderRect.height - offset)); }, timeout);
      outline: none; border-width: 0; outline: none; overflow: hidden; opacity: .05; filter: alpha(opacity=5);` let oldScrollY if (webkit) oldScrollY = window.scrollYdisplay.input.focus() if (webkit) window.scrollTo(null, oldScrollY)
      handleScroll(){ if(window.scrollY>80){ = "rgb(246, 164, 22)"; }else{ = "rgba(0,0,0,0)"; } }
      const useScroll = () => { const [state, setState] = useState({ x: 0, y: 0 }); const onScroll = () => { setState({ y: window.scrollY, x: window.scrollX }); }; useEffect(() => { window.addEventListener("scroll", onScroll); return () => window.removeEventListener("scroll", onScroll); }, []); return state; }
      @autobind onScroll() { const { trigger } = this.props; const { show } = this.state; const trg = trigger || Math.ceil(window.innerHeight / 2); if (!show && window.scrollY >= trg) { this.setState({ show: true }); } if (show && window.scrollY < trg) { this.setState({ show: false }); } }
      onPageScroll() { if (window.scrollY >= this._top) { this.getDOMNode().classList.add('sticky') } else { this.getDOMNode().classList.remove('sticky'); } }
      function scrollTo(element) { window.scroll({ behavior: 'smooth', left: 0, top: element.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.scrollY - document.getElementsByClassName('navbar')[0].getBoundingClientRect().height }); setHash(element.getAttribute('id')); }
      componentDidMount() { console.log('ComponentDidMount 3'); document.addEventListener('scroll', () => { this.setState({scroll: window.scrollY}) }) }
      function GetElementTop(el) { var top = el.getBoundingClientRect().top + window.scrollY; console.log(top); return top; }
      onScroll() { this.setState({ scrollDirection: this.state.scrollTop - window.scrollY > 0 ? SCROLL_UP: SCROLL_DOWN, scrollTop: window.scrollY }); const {dispatch} = this.props; dispatch(searchBarActiveChanged(this.state.scrollDirection == SCROLL_DOWN ? false: true)); }
      function getScrollOffset() { return { x: window.scrollX !== undefined ? window.scrollX : window.pageXOffset, y: window.scrollY !== undefined ? window.scrollY : window.pageYOffset } }
      function getScrollOffset() { return { x: window.scrollX !== undefined ? window.scrollX : window.pageXOffset, y: window.scrollY !== undefined ? window.scrollY : window.pageYOffset } }
      function getScrollOffset() { return { x: window.scrollX !== undefined ? window.scrollX : window.pageXOffset, y: window.scrollY !== undefined ? window.scrollY : window.pageYOffset } }
      function getScrollOffset() { return { x: window.scrollX !== undefined ? window.scrollX : window.pageXOffset, y: window.scrollY !== undefined ? window.scrollY : window.pageYOffset } }

      Js scrolly

      Window pageXOffset and pageYOffset Properties

      ❮ Window Object


      Scroll the content by 100 pixels, and alert the pageXOffset and pageYOffset:

      window.scrollBy(100, 100);
      alert(window.pageXOffset + window.pageYOffset);

      Try it Yourself »

      More "Try it Yourself" examples below.

      Definition and Usage

      The pageXOffset and pageYOffset properties returns the pixels the current document has been scrolled from the upper left corner of the window, horizontally and vertically.

      The pageXOffset and pageYOffset properties are equal to the scrollX and scrollY properties.

      These properties are read-only.

      Browser Support

      The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.


      Note: For IE8 and earlier, you can use "document.documentElement.scrollLeft" and "document.documentElement.scrollTop" instead (See "More Examples" below).



      Technical Details

      Return Value:A Number, representing the number of pixels that the document has already been scrolled from the upper left corner of the window, horizontally and vertically

      More Examples


      A cross-browser solution (using scrollLeft and scrollTop for IE8 and earlier):

      window.scrollBy(100, 100);

      if (window.pageXOffset !== undefined) { // All browsers, except IE9 and earlier
        alert(window.pageXOffset + window.pageYOffset);
      } else { // IE9 and earlier
        alert(document.documentElement.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.scrollTop);

      Try it Yourself »


      Create a sticky navigation bar:

      // Get the navbar
      var navbar = document.getElementById("navbar");

      // Get the offset position of the navbar
      var sticky = navbar.offsetTop;

      // Add the sticky class to the navbar when you reach its scroll position. Remove the sticky class when you leave the scroll position.
      function myFunction() {
        if (window.pageYOffset  >= sticky) {
        } else {

      Try it Yourself »

      ❮ Window Object
      Sticky Navigation Bar On Scroll Using Vanilla Javascript - Fixed Navbar on Scroll

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      The read-only property of the interface returns the number of pixels that the document is currently scrolled vertically.

      This value is subpixel precise in modern browsers, meaning that it isn't necessarily a whole number. You can get the number of pixels the document is scrolled horizontally from the property.



      In practice, the returned value is a double-precision floating-point value indicating the number of pixels the document is currently scrolled vertically from the origin, where a positive value means the content is scrolled to upward. If the document is rendered on a subpixel-precise device, then the returned value is also subpixel-precise and may contain a decimal component. If the document isn't scrolled at all up or down, then is 0.

      Note: If you need an integer value, you can use to round it off.

      In more technical terms, returns the Y coordinate of the top edge of the current viewport. If there is no viewport, the returned value is 0.



      Use this property to check that the document hasn't already been scrolled when using relative scroll functions such as , , or .

      The property is an alias for the property:

      For cross-browser compatibility, use instead of . Additionally, older versions of Internet Explorer (< 9) do not support either property and must be worked around by checking other non-standard properties. A fully compatible example:


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      BCD tables only load in the browser

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