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Name something better than a girls night complete with Rosé & DIY. One morning while drinking my coffee and scrolling Pinterest, I came across the cutest glasses from Forever 21 that had letters and fun rose beads across the top. So naturally, I thought to myself.. I can make that. So I did! I turned an otherwise normal game night with friends into a girls night of DIY beaded sunglasses and all of the wine. 

It is the easiest DIY I’ve ever done.

We found the glasses at Target on sale for $5.00 and bought all the beads at my local Michaels. However, I wanted to make it way easier on you and found each item on Amazon along with some fun bead options. I might have to buy the set with strawberries and lemon slices in it because it would be SO CUTE for summer!

Once you have everything you need, you can just have at it. I’m not going to put instructions because I think you guys get the point. You just need a hot glue gun, letter beads, cute spacer beads, sunglasses and a creative idea. The longest part was figuring out what saying I wanted on mine, so hopefully I can give you some ideas below! I was going for a little bit sassy, a little bit cute and a little bit funny. I also think these are fun for specific occasions, so I’ve added from Disney quotes also! 

Saying Ideas:

not ur babe

call me

not today

wknd vibes

wink wink

hey girl

dole whips (DISNEY)

World Tour (DISNEY)


hello wknd 

bring wine

cute af

I can’t even

ur cute

dream on

Minnie Mouse (DISNEY)

Mickey Mouse (DISNEY)



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DIY: Beaded Sunglasses

DIY: Beaded Sunglasses (Decora tus lentes de sol con pedrería) | Live ColorfulMy baby sister is visiting us in California. We are having so much fun touring nearby towns, especially now that days are getting sunnier and more summery.The other day, we went shopping and found a pair of sunglasses that we’re pretty awesome. They looked great, but we felt like they needed something extra, a special touch, so naturally we glued on some beads, mine were colorful, my sister went for gold, and they look amazing! Would you like to make some? It was so easy, and they are the perfect complement to your summery outfits.DIY: Beaded Sunglasses (Decora tus lentes de sol con pedrería) | Live ColorfulMATERIAL:

  • A pair of sunglasses, preferably with a medium size frame.
  • Jewelry beads
  • Super Glue
  • Tweezers (optional)

DIY: Beaded Sunglasses (Decora tus lentes de sol con pedrería) | Live ColorfulSTEPS:

  1. Clean the sunglasses using a dry cloth. We put a piece of newspaper on the table to avoid making a mess with the glue.
  2. Apply a drop of Super Glue on the sunglasses and add bead by bead.
  3. Let the glasses dry for a couple of hours and your new sunglasses are ready!

DIY: Beaded Sunglasses (Decora tus lentes de sol con pedrería) | Live ColorfulDIY: Beaded Sunglasses (Decora tus lentes de sol con pedrería) | Live ColorfulThis is such an easy DIY that will definitely make you stand out this summer!DIY: Beaded Sunglasses (Decora tus lentes de sol con pedrería) | Live Colorful

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12 Awesome DIY Sunglasses Makeovers

It happens a lot of times when we want some kind of sunglasses that we think of, in our heads only but we are never able to find them in stores. So here we provide you with some basic and easy DIY ideas for your sunglasses makeover which you will surely go to love.

The first idea that we have for you is a DIY donut sunglasses idea. You can simply color the outer frames of the glasses and then further make it look like a donut. The next are rhinestone glasses which are easy and look glamorous. You simply have to stick some of the silver-colored jewel stones at the corner of the frame. One of the most popular of these ideas has been this pearl strap idea for your sunglasses to make them look classic and contemporary.

Next are the DIY beaded sunglasses where the frames are decorated with beads of different kinds. Have a look at these embellished sunglasses where you only have to decorate the corners of the frame with some sort of flowers. Next is a pair of pearl-encrusted sunglasses easy and trendy at the same time. You can also simply paint your sunglasses with some sort of spray paints to get them a cool makeover.

Next is the floral festival sunglasses decorated beautifully with sunflowers made of clay. These are pearl channel glasses with cat-eye shades made with some a little effort and a lot of love. The next is watermelon inspired sunglasses which are funky and party type sunglasses suitable for the upcoming summers.

Do not forget to try at least one if not all of these 12 Awesome DIY Sunglasses Makeovers and impress your friends.

Donut Sunglasses:

Donut Sunglasses

Summer fashion calls for the fun and cool sunglasses and here is the idea of creating these super funky donut sunglasses. Just take the nail polish of the donut colors to glam up your sunglasses like the donut. This project is the best way to spice up your old sunglasses. Details here!

Image: studiodiy

Rhinestone Sunglasses:

DIY Sunglasses Makeovers DIY Rhinestone Sunglasses

Give your sunglasses a glamorous avatar by adding rhinestones to it. Just grab the simple rhinestones or the rhinestone charms to add them over the edges of the sunglasses. This is the best way to charm up your sunglasses simply and cheaply at home. Check out the details of this easy and cool idea here!

Image: trinketsinbloom

Pearl Sunglass Strap:

DIY: Pearl Sunglass Strap

Make your sunglasses look the sassiest and cool with a simple makeover idea just like this pearl sunglass strap. Just grab the white pearl straps and add them to both sides of the sunglasses and they are ready to rock your look for the outdoors. Follow the easy details and instructions here!

Image: apairandasparediy

Beaded Sunglasses: DIY

Beaded Sunglasses

Fruits make the summers so much fun and enjoyable and here is the idea of this beaded sunglasses DIY. Grab the lettered beads and the fruity beads to use for the styling of your sunglasses. Just glue these lettered and fruity beads over the round rims of your sunglasses and they are going to look so rocking and fun.


Colorful Beaded Sunglass:

Fun, easy, colorful sunglasses makeover

Image: mellieandlou

Embellished Sunglasses:

Easy Summer DIY, Flower Sunglasses, Fun Craft Projects, Awesome DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Give your simple sunglasses a totally cool and chic look with these colorful beaded sunglasses. There are so many things that you can use to refashion your sunglasses. From the cute embellishing flowers and the rhinestones, you have so many things to glue up on the rims of the sunglasses. Check out the tutorial here!

Image: cupcakesandcashmere

Pearl Encrusted Sunglasses:

DIY pearl encrusted sunglasses

Make your sunglasses look super funky and cool with a little crafty work on it. Just grab some flat back pearls in your favorite colors and in multiple sizes. Then get some glue and start adding these beads to the corner edges of both sides. These sunglasses are best to wear while out for a summer day wedding or party.

Image: mrkate

Painted Sunglasses:

DIY Sunglasses Makeovers - Change Your Glasses Color and Finish - Fun Ways to Decorate and

Now you can match your sunglasses with your funky summer tops and tanks with this idea of the painted sunglasses. Just grab the paint hues in multiple hues and then brush them over your sunglasses all over. The painted sunglasses are best for teenagers as they love such cool and chic stuff. Details here!

Image: instructables

Floral Festival Shades Sunglasses:

Her Tiny Teeth Joplin Sunglasses

Celebrate your summer parties and the festive in the most exciting and stylish way with these floral festival shades or sunglasses. Just grab the cute little embellishing daisy flowers in multiple sizes and glue them up over the corner edges of your sunglasses and the craft is done. These floral sunglasses are going to make you look so cool and stunning.

Image: trendhunter

Pearled Channel Glasses: Cat Eye Shades

DIY Pearled Channel Glasses

Make your cay eye shades look more exciting and fun with this pearled channel glasses project. All you need is your sunglasses and the white pearl beads with glue. The beads here have been added to the sunglasses at the outer rim only. This cute makeover is really going to add oodles of charm and beauty to the overall look. Details here!

Image: apairandasparediy

Watermelon Sunglasses:

watermelon color sunglass

Watermelon is the favorite summer fruit of everyone. So here is the pretty idea of doing the watermelon makeover to your sunglasses. Using the green and the red hues of the paint or either the nail polish you can easily work up these lovely sunglasses for the fun and fruity summer look. Check out the details here!

Image: ehow

Pearl Sunglasses – Nice Idea

DIY Pearl Sunglasses!

You can spice up your sunglasses game with the lovely pearl sunglasses idea. All you need to do is add the flat beads to the pearl sunglasses using the glue. The pink or white beads are the best things to add to the sunglasses and make them look super stylish and fashionable. You can check out the details here!

Image: mrkate

D.I.Y. Mosley Tribes Beaded Sunglasses - MTV FORA

DIY Beaded Sunglasses

A Fun & Easy DIY Craft Project For Kids To Make

If you’re looking for a few boredom busters, these DIY beaded sunglasses are perfect for older kids and teenagers to make with friends! We simply used letter beads, large colorful pony beads, plastic rhinestones and a hot glue gun to make creative words and cool designs. They’re super fun to make for gifts, selfies, summer party props, costumes and more.

I think this easy project would also be a unique activity for a small birthday party or sleepover, just keep in mind, you would probably need more than one hot glue gun to keep the girls busy. Heck, these are probably cool enough to make and sell! You could easily theme them for a sporting event, special occasion or holiday.

Fun and easy DIY crafts for teens at home when bored! These beaded sunglasses are a creative project for tweens, teens and kids! Super fun to make for parties or events. Nice enough to make and sell!

Where To Get The Supplies

My daughter found this 24 pack of sunglasses on Amazon for just $22, and the quality is way better than expected. They are advertised as party favors so I was expecting cheap, flimsy plastic, but they seem to be just right for this project. They’re also the perfect size for older kids, teens and adults.

DIY Bead Crafts For Kids To Make -- Beaded Sunglasses

  • You can find large plastic beads at most crafts stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I recommend the Pony Beads that you find in the kids section (not in the bead section).
  • Alphabet Beads are also a must for creating fun words and names!
  • I’d also recommend a variety pack of large shaped beads likes hearts, stars and butterflies. These fruit beads are super cute, too.
  • We happened to already have a pack of the little plastic rhinestones, so we used those to add a little sparkle and glam.
  • Get creative! Anything small can be glued to the edge of the glasses like buttons, small pompoms or even something silly like googly eyes.

DIY Beaded Sunglasses made with letter beads and plastic rhinestones.

How To Make DIY Beaded Sunglasses

Once you have your supplies, simply use a hot glue gun to adhere a variety of large beads to the rim of the glasses. Here are a few tips that I’d recommend after creating several of them with my daughter:

  • Make sure the glasses that you use have a wide enough rim to hold the beads in place well (we used these).
  • Plan your entire design out first before getting glue happy. We laid and moved the beads around on the counter in the general shape of the glasses until we were happy with our arrangement.
  • It helps to start in the top center of the glasses when gluing, and then move out towards the corners. There really aren’t any rules, but that seemed to help make sure the center bead was right in the middle.
  • You can choose to cover the entire rim of the glasses, or even just the top. I like the way it looks both way.
  • The plastic rhinestones are quite sharp on the edges, so it’s best to make sure they don’t hang over the sides of the glasses especially where they would rest on your nose. Keep this in mind for sharp or pointy beads, too.
  • A little bit of glue goes a long way! If you use too much you’ll end up with a stringy mess.

How To Make Beaded Sunglasses (plus word ideas) --- A super fun, easy and creative craft idea for teenagers and older kids to make at home when bored. Nice enough to even make and sell. Also a unique idea for parties and sleepovers. #kidskubby #teens #crafts #DIY #funcrafts
Beaded Sunglasses Word Ideas

Best Sister, Be Happy, Beach Babe or Beach Bum, Sunny Days, Pool Party, Make Waves, Party Mode, Wild Child, Trippy Hippy, Shady Lady, Super Star, The Boss, Be Colorful, Chill Out, Dream Big, Fairy Dust, How Lovely, Just Sayin, Let Go, Oh Snap, Shine On, Stay True, Trust Me, Keep Calm, etc.

You could also write names, favorite sports teams (with matching team colors), make holiday themes for Halloween or Christmas, or anything else creative you can think of. They are fun for any time you would dress up like parties, parades, sporting events and school functions.

A fun and easy craft for kids and teens to make at home when bored! 🙂

Fun & Easy Crafts For Teens To Make At Home When Bored -- DIY Beaded Sunglasses (plus word ideas). This simple bead project is perfect for parties, sleepovers and more. Girls especially love this easy DIY craft. Super fun for selfies and themed parties or events. Nice enough to even make and sell! #kidskubby #teens #tweens #crafts #beads

How To Make Cute DIY Beaded Sunglasses (plus word ideas) -- A super fun and easy craft project for teens to make at home when bored! A creative bead craft for parties and events, too. Cute enough to even make and sell! Older kids, tweens and teens will love this easy craft using simple supplies. #kidskubby #teens #craftsforteens #easycrafts Easy Project Ideas For Teenagers To Make -- Cool DIY Beaded Sunglasses (plus word ideas). A super simple craft idea for older kids, tweens and teens. Colorful and creative! Great for a birthday party activity, too. Cute enough to even make and sell! #kidskubby #beads #crafts #teens These DIY beaded sunglasses are so fun and easy to make with alphabet and pony beads! Design them in different fun colors. Cute idea for selfies, instagram pics and parties. Teens and older kids will love this creative boredom buster. Just use a hot glue gun to adhere the beads. You can buy a party pack of sunglasses on Amazon for super cheap. Also a fun idea for parties or small get-togethers with friends. Fun Activities For Teenagers To Do At Home Over The Summer -- #kidskubby #funideas

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Bead sunglasses diy

DIY Beaded Sunglasses

I remember flipping through a magazine a few years back and seeing a tiny picture of sunglasses that were adorned in beads. It was so small that I couldn’t exactly see all of the detail, but I remember staring at the picture for a really long time, wishing that I owned a pair.

sunglasses and beads

Taking something you already own, and adding a few extra touches here or there is the perfect way to reinvent and make it feel new again. With the peak of festival season on its way, that mental image I took of those sunglasses popped back into my head, and it made me eager to finally try and make a pair of beaded sunglasses. It took a little bit of time and a steady hand, but the result was well worth it.

Here’s how to make your own pair of beaded sunglasses…

beaded sunglass supplies

What you need:

Sunglasses (it’s best to use a pair with thicker arms)

Seed beads

Bendable wire (small enough to fit through the bead opening)

Super glue (I used this)

Before you get started, it’s good to have an idea of what kind of design you are going to do. I chose to do a chevron and stripe pattern. If you can’t decide on what to do, you can always pick out your color scheme first, and then just decided as you go along. You can always follow the design that I did as well!

beading the beads

First, take your wire and string on your first row of beads. I started out with a light blue.

beads placed on sunglasses

Take your super glue and place a thin line of glue along the arm. (I lightly blew on the glue to allow it to set a bit before placing down my beads) Take the beaded wire and place it straight down on the glue, then lightly press down on the row of beads before sliding out the wire. If all goes well, you have your first row! Sometimes there might not be enough glue, so if the beads don’t stick the first time, take them off and apply another thin layer of glue before trying again.

chevron pattern

Continue this method for each row of beads you place.

beads placed

Be careful not to press down too hard on the beads when you are placing them so the super glue doesn’t seep through to your fingers.

finished sunnies

When you are finished, give a good press over the beads with your finger and set your sunglasses aside for an hour or two to make sure the glue has completely set.

beaded sunglasses

How cool do these look?! Have fun and get creative with your design! :)

More DIY ideas from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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DIY Pinterest Beaded Sunglasses


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