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SketchUp Pro is the award-winning program that finally delivers a completely new way to design in 3D.

SketchUp Pro is a deceptively simple, amazingly powerful tool for creating, viewing, and modifying 3D ideas quickly and easily. SketchUp Pro was developed to combine the elegance and spontaneity of pencil sketching with the speed and flexibility of today's digital media. With SketchUp Pro you can create 3D surface models easily and visualise those with textures and animations. You can evaluate the shading of the sun, create landscapes, enrich your drawing with 3D objects (trees, people, cars, etc.), make sections of your model and walk through your designs.



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SketchUp Pro

There’s a reason SketchUp is synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software: it doesn’t sacrifice usability for the sake of functionality. Start by drawing lines and shapes. Push and pull surfaces to turn them into 3D forms. Stretch, copy, rotate and paint to make anything you like.



LayOut is an extra application that comes with SketchUp Pro. With this you can make professional presentations of your SketchUp Pro models in no time. With LayOut you can place SketchUp Pro models in multiple views on a template (e.g. your house style) and add graphic elements such as titles, arrows, pattern fills, logos and photos for printing or screen presentations. So you can easily create a professional presentation document or you can fascinate your customers with a nice screen presentation!



StyleBuilder is a tool that you can use to create customized sketchy-edge Styles. You can apply these Styles to your models to make them look hand-drawn. Sketchy-edge Styles can look like anything -- wavy pencil lines, quick pen strokes, marks from a fat stick of graphite -- if you can get them into your computer, you can make them into a Style.



This tool provides designers of buildings, outside spaces, and master plans with the information they need to properly factor climate insights into their initial concepts, getting designs started in the right direction before the modelling process begins.


SketchUp Pro is equipped with the following functionalities to offer you easy, but versatile 3D modeling.


    This tool provides designers of buildings, outside spaces, and master plans with the information they need to properly factor climate insights into their initial concepts, getting designs started in the right direction before the modelling process begins.


    Drawing Tools

    SketchUp is based on the old-fashioned pencil. With the pencil you are free to draw lines and forms in 2D and 3D. The smart drawing-assistant appoints you on which axe you are drawing and if you are on the mid- or endpoint of a line or surface.




    3D Extrusion

    With the Push/Pull tool you can drag a surface upwards and downwards to create 3D shapes. Or use the Follow Me tool to drag a surface into the third dimension by following the contours of a surface or a path! There is no easier way to create 3D shapes!





    BIM Classifier: Tag geometry with industry-standard object types (walls, slabs, roofs, etc.) and improve its compatibility with other BIM tools. Export an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file, wrapping up your model with 3D geometry and valuable metadata for use in another BIM application or import IFC files from other BIM application.





    With just one simple mouse click you can show shadows on your model. These shadows are dependent on place, orientation, date and time. By dragging a slide bar you can follow the shadow from moment to moment!





    With SketchUp Pro you visualize sections in a simple and beautiful way. With a simple plane you indicate where the section comes and then draw it over the model to visualize the section.





    With LayOut you can place SketchUp models in a template in different points of view. You can edit the drawing by placing text, images and other graphical elements like arrows and circles. You can make several pages to present your model on print and screen!




    Geo Modeling

    If you have a particular location for your project in mind, you can open the Google Maps window directly in SketchUp Pro, select the location and load it. Then you can model your project on the map (with an accurate 3D terrain).




    Dynamic Components

    Attach all kinds of information to your components, such as different colors and dimensions or direction of rotation. In this way you can change the properties of your component with one click.




    Report Tool

    Create tabular reports of your SketchUp model. For example, indicate the number of components used and the color, so that you know what you need to make your design reality!




    Solid Modeling

    Make a new volume out of two or more other volumes. Union, intersect, subtract, trim or split: there are several possibilities to create unique volumes that you can not create with the standard modeling tools!





    Present your design in various styles, such as a hand sketch. You can create your own styles with the included StyleBuilder application. You can also add a watermark and mist.





    Create a 3D model by tracing a 2D photo or place a 3D model into a photograph. With Photo Match you can align lines on the photo to the axes of SketchUp Pro. Photo Match calculates the right camera position and the view angle to edit it on the photo.





    You can present your SketchUp model in a movie. Simply select all the views you want to show and make scenes of these, so that the camera can fly from scene to scene (very smooth!). By exporting it to AVI (Windows) or QuickTime (Mac) your SketchUp model can be viewed on every computer!



    V-Ray (Studio only)

    With V-Ray for SketchUp, you can now take your design from idea to photorealistic render by tweaking lighting, adding shadows, touching up reflective coatings, selecting global illumination settings — and so much more.

    Scan Essentials (Studio only)

    The tools to import, view, and model directly on point cloud data in SketchUp, it serves as a blueprint for a solid 3D foundation. Whether you’re retrofitting or delivering a new build, you don’t need to start from scratch.




    • Windows 10 - 64 Bit
    • WebGL compatible web browser

    Minimum Hardware Requirements:

    • 2.1+ GHz processor
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 500 MB hard disk space
    • Video card 1+ GB 100% OpenGL*
    • 3-button mouse with scroll function

    Recommended Hardware Requirements:

    • 2.4+ GHz processor
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 1 GB hard disk space
    • Video card 2+ GB 100% OpenGL*
    • 3-button mouse with scroll function

    Note: Windows 8 and earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported!

    Video card

    * If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. We do recommend video cards with a nVidia RTX chip. These cards support OpenGL very well and have qualitative drivers. OpenGL is the heart of the 3D view for SketchUp Pro. On-board video cards (soldered chipsets) are strongly discouraged!

    System Check-Up Tool

    If you have doubts about the compatibility of your system, you can download a special check-up tool, testing your system on the correct configurations.



    • macOS 10.14 to 11+
    • WebGL compatible web browser

    Minimum Hardware Requirements:

    • 2.1+ GHz processor
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 500 MB hard disk space
    • Video card 1+ GB 100% OpenGL*
    • 3-button mouse with scroll function

    Recommended Hardware systeemeisen:

    • 2.4+ GHz processor
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 1 GB hard disk space
    • Video card 2+ GB 100% OpenGL*
    • 3-button mouse with scroll function

    Note: macOS 10.13 and earlier versions of macOS are no longer supported!

    Video card

    * If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. For Apple we recommend video cards compatible with a recent version of OpenGL. Integrated chip sets are not supported.


    At this moment, there is no Linux version of SketchUp Pro available

    Licensing Options

    SketchUp is available for commercial use in the following licensing options:

    • Annual Subscription
    • Version upgrades included
    • Technical support included
    • Desktop version
    • Browser version (1)
    • Mobile Viewer
    • AR viewer
    • XR viewers (2)
    • Unlimited 3D Warehouse Downloads
    • High-Res Geo Locations
    • PreDesign - Climate Research Tool
    • Trimble Connect Business
    • Professional Learning Material
    • V-Ray Photo Rendering
    • Trimble Scan Essentials
    • Annual Subscription
    • Version upgrades included
    • Technical support included
    • Desktop version
    • Browser version (1)
    • Mobile Viewer
    • AR viewer
    • XR viewers (2)
    • Unlimited 3D Warehouse Downloads
    • High-Res Geo Locations
    • PreDesign - Climate Research Tool
    • Trimble Connect Business
    • Professional Learning Material
    • V-Ray Photo Rendering
    • Trimble Scan Essentials

    SketchUp Pro activates via the Internet using specific ports. If your network security settings prevents this, please contact us.

    (1) Available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari
    (2) Available on Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens
    (3) Availability separately via resellers


    SketchUp Educational

    Student / Teacher

    All mentioned prices are per license/seat per year and excl. VAT!

    SketchUp Studio - Subscription - Student/Teacher

    • € 51,- excl. VAT per user
    • Including SketchUp Pro, LayOut, StyleBuilder, Sefaira, Trimble Connect, PreDesign, SketchUp for Web and SketchUp Viewers.
    • Personal license - activation via e-mail.
    • Support and version upgrades are included within the purchased timeframe.

    Please note! Note: Educational licenses can only be supplied to (students/teachers from) educational, non-commercial institutes, which are supported by the government. Institutes with a clear commercial approach can only be supplied with (a) commercial license(s). Educational prices include free Maintenance.

    Educational institutions

    All mentioned prices are per license/seat per year and excl. VAT!

    SketchUp Studio - Subscription - Education

    • Minimum order quantity of 10 users. Tiered pricing:
      • 10-50 users: € 46,- excl. VAT per user per year
      • 51-200 users: € 42,- excl. VAT per user per year
      • 201-500 users: € 37,- excl. VAT per user per year
      • 500+ users: capped at € 18.263,- excl. VAT per year
    • Most complete offer for educational institutions - including SketchUp Pro, LayOut, StyleBuilder, Sefaira, Trimble Connect, PreDesign, SketchUp for Web en SketchUp Viewers.
    • Personal license for both classroom and home use - activation via e-mail.
    • Provide large groups of users with access to the software through Bulk User Management.
    • Support and version upgrades are included within the purchased timeframe.

    SketchUp Pro Classic School Lab License

    • € 28,- excl. VAT per network license, not computer bound, activation via the internet.
    • Network licenses are floating and the number of licenses determines how many students can activate SketchUp Pro at the same time.
    • This license type does not give access to Sefaira, Trimble Connect, PreDesign, SketchUp for Web and SketchUp Viewers.
    • Support and version upgrades are included within the purchased timeframe.

    SketchUp Pro Classic School Private Server License

    • € 28,- excl. VAT per private network license, not computer bound, activation via your own network.
    • Private network licenses are also floating, but activation is via a server on your own network (useful when security measures prevent access to certain ports).
    • This license type does not give access to Sefaira, Trimble Connect, PreDesign, SketchUp for Web and SketchUp Viewers.
    • Can only be purchased for the current version of SketchUp Pro for a whole year, so upgrades are not included.

    Please note! Note: Educational licenses can only be supplied to (students/teachers from) educational, non-commercial institutes, which are supported by the government. Institutes with a clear commercial approach can only be supplied with (a) commercial license(s). Educational prices include free Maintenance.

    SketchUp Pro resellers on the map

    SketchUp Pro is sold in your region and supported by local resellers. Look for one on the map below or look in the table underneith under your country for an overview of our resellers.


    Dutch Resellers

    SketchUp Pro is sold and supported in The Netherlands by the following Resellers:

    CADkoop Nederland B.V. - Made


    Brieltjenspolder 28 B
    4921 PJ MADE (NB)
    088 494 66 80
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: CAD
    • Delivers directly
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    • Also sells RenderIN
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    VMV cad-adviseurs bv - Delft


    Nieuwe Plantage 28
    2611 XJ DELFT
    015 887 60 08
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: Architecture / BIM
    • Delivers directly
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    • Also sells RenderIN
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    MacroCad bv - Amsterdam


    ★ GOLD Reseller *

    Duivendrechtsekade 82
    020 314 44 10
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: CAD / Visualization
    • Offers Training
    • Also sells SU Podium

    EnyaCAD b.v. - Rotterdam


    Van Cittersstraat 44b
    010 213 28 41
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: Interior
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller - Amersfoort


    Van Asch van Wijckstraat 9
    033 20 221 77
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: 3D Visualization
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    • Also sells Thea Render
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    CADez - Den Bosch


    Meester van Ekartstraat 5
    073 644 27 66
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: Architecture / Interior / Hardware
    • Delivers directly
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells Enscape
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    • Also sells Skatter
    • Also sells Dibac
    • Also sells 3E Catalog
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    CADexpress bv - Den Bosch

    Mensys - Haarlem


    Crayenestersingel 65
    2012 PG HAARLEM
    085 40 19 160
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: Software
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    • Also sells RenderIN
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller - Utrecht


    Belgium Resellers

    SketchUp Pro is sold and supported in Belgium by the following Resellers: BV - Putte


    Canadadreef 26
    014 39 55 40
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: SketchUp
    • Delivers directly
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    CADkoop Belgium - Antwerpen


    CADkoop Belgium
    Noorderlaan 147 Bus 9 ANTWERPEN
    03 808 09 81
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: SketchUp
    • Delivers directly
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    C3A nv - Gent-Zwijnaarde


    Tramstraat 57
    09 220 21 01
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: Architecture / BIM
    • Offers SketchUp Authorized Training
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    Mesali - Heusden-Zolder


    Schansstraat 145
    011 53 38 54
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: Interior
    • Delivers directly
    • Also sells V-Ray for SketchUp
    • Also sells SU Podium
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    TASE Solutions - Brussel


    Luxembourg Resellers

    SketchUp Pro is sold and supported in Luxembourg by the following Resellers:

    TASE Solutions - Luxembourg


    Val Saint André, 37
    B1128 LUXEMBURG (LU)
    +352 (0)250 750 360
    [email protected]

    • Specialization: SketchUp
    • BIM
    • Architecture
    SketchUp Pro Gold Reseller

    All our resellers are evaluated by means of a points system on the following criteria:

    • Product knowledge & Support
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Training Capacities

    Resellers who score above a certain threshold value will receive the predicate Silver Reseller. The best of these can be considered a Gold Reseller.

    SketchUp History

    New in SketchUp Pro 2021


    A new look for the SketchUp brand
    After eight years, SketchUp has unveiled a new style to continue the evolution of the product and brand. The new logo is derived from the simplicity of a cube and built using advanced tools within SketchUp. So, it’s truly a shape built in 3D. Plus, the new style meshes well with the rest of the Trimble ecosystem.

    PreDesign: a new way to start SketchUpSubscription only!
    Alongside SketchUp Pro 2021, the brand-new early-stage research tool, PreDesign, is launching. This tool provides designers of buildings, outside spaces, and master plans with the information they need to properly factor climate insights into their initial concepts, getting designs started in the right direction before the modelling process begins.

    PreDesign improves design outcomes—projects will be better informed and designers will have more information to influence preliminary solutions. Knowing this, Predesign will be a new way to ‘start’ architectural design projects in SketchUp.

    Live Components
    A new type of configurable objects for SketchUp. These components will be available for all users to find, download and configure live in SketchUp!

    Users can access live components (example) by opening 3D Warehouse and navigating to the collection of models - hosted by SketchUp Labs. Simply choose an object and insert it into your SketchUp model. When you double-click to edit a Live Component, the ‘Configure Live Component’ dialog will allow you to control the components ‘parameters’. Unlike Dynamic Components, Live Components redraw themselves as you make adjustments.

    Better model organization
    Create 3D models that are simply better than anything else out there, especially large complex models. That’s exactly why SketchUp 2021 has a much better model organization:

    • Tag Folders - It will be easier for designers who maintain large and complex models with a long list of tags and scenes. With Tag Folders, you can organize and catalog tags based on attributes, building levels, or design options. This feature is also available in LayOut, allowing users to turn off/on bigger chunks of a model viewport when composing 2D drawings.
    • Tag Filtering - The new filtering option in SketchUp’s Tags panel makes it a lot easier to search for tags in your model and quickly control individual tag visibility, make tag-based selections in the modeling window, or edit tag properties and styling. If you have long tag lists organized with a particular naming hierarchy, tag filtering will rapidly speed up the creation of folders allowing you to filter down to a prefix and add the tags you're looking for.

    SketchUp Labs
    Live Components is the first feature released under a new program called “SketchUp Labs”. The SketchUp Labs program represents a change in the way SketchUp develops and releases features. Features released as part of this Beta program are still under development, but provide value to the user community.

    Releasing a Labs capability will allow SketchUp to collect feedback earlier so they can better prioritize future development. Features that are part of the Labs program may be less polished, but it figures that’s well worth providing new features to customers faster and being able to test them earlier in real workflows.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2020


    Introducing Outliner

    A BIG model organization change: Outliner. In an effort to increase model performance, you no longer have to create Layers upon Layers. Manage and organize your model straight within Outliner. Use the friendly eyeball icon to toggle between the major sections of your model, such as main floor plans and furniture.

    New grips on bounding boxes

    When you grab a point that is obscured in an object (such as a back corner or center point) and start to move it, your object will automatically go transparent when something in your model interferes with the object you are moving. This works with both the Rotate tool and Move tool. This will literally ‘transform’ your workflow. Don’t take our word for it: start positioning objects in hard to reach places to see what happens!

    Better control of hidden objects

    You’ll notice in your drop-down menu that we separated hiding objects from hiding geometry. How will this change your workflow? Well, this will give you the ability to better manage hidden geometry and hidden objects for an even easier modeling experience. For example, let’s say you want to edit hidden edges in a landscape or smoothed surface, but you still want to be able to hide objects that are nearby (like trees, bushes, or a building)...well you can do that now!

    Updates to your SketchUp dictionary

    SketchUp has a few updates to the naming conventions it uses when talking about SketchUp. This won’t change your workflow...but it makes sure you know SketchUp is saying a few things differently now.

    Here’s the run-down! Objects are now a collective term for: groups, components, and dynamic components. This just means we don’t have to say “groups (slash) components” anymore ?. Also, Layers are now referred to as “Tags”. Keep in mind that these two terms are merely naming conventions and won’t influence your workflow.

    LayOut 2020: document control

    It’s all about taking back control... document control that is! The focus for LayOut was on improving the interaction between SketchUp & LayOut to save you time and [brain] energy. This means way less back and forth in SketchUp updating scenes to ensure your drawing comes out perfectly. Now you have more editing ability, directly in LayOut.

    More power to adjust model views

    LayOut now understands a lot more about your SketchUp model and what you’ve overridden. This means you can safely change a style or camera angle directly in LayOut without accidentally losing your changes (!!).

    How do you know what’s different in your LayOut viewport versus your model? When you make changes in LayOut, parts of the menu bar will go dark gray, alerting you that you’ve made an override. Keep in mind: just because you made some changes in LayOut, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with those. You can always resync your viewports back to your SketchUp model if needed.

    Improved customization of your drawings

    Take those LayOut docs to the next level with different models and views. If you have one SketchUp model that exists across several viewports, you can now relink just one of those viewports to another SketchUp model. Previously, you had to delete that viewport, insert a new SKP model, and reset all your scale settings and viewport sizing. More efficient now? Yes!

    And that’s not all! You also have the ability to toggle Tag visibility — straight in your LayOut doc! What does this mean for your workflow? You don’t have to create extra scenes just for your LayOut files, saving you a ton of time going back and forth between LayOut and SketchUp.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2019


    SketchUp Pro - New Features

    • Welcome Screen:
      • Files tab: direct access to New, Recent and Recovered projects;
      • Learn tab: access to SketchUp's Learning Management, forum and YouTube channel;
      • Licensing tab: easily access information related to license(s).
    • Toolbar: 'My Account' icon in the top upper-right hand side of the screen, where users can manage account preferences and license(s) from the online account management portal, and sign out.
    • Line Styles: Add dashed lines to demarcate a property boundary or locate places for demolition.
    • 2018 DWG / DXF import and export
    • Tape Measure tool: The length of selected edges, areas of faces, and coordinates of guides and intersections can be viewed from an inference tip.

    LayOut - New Features

    • File Locking: If a file is opened in two separate LayOut instances, it will temporarily lock the file as “read only” preventing unintentional edits.
    • DWG support: It is now simpler to export and adjust units when importing DWGs.
    • Dashed lines: With the introduction of dashed lines in SketchUp, LayOut now has the ability to modify how those lines styles are displayed.
    • SketchUp Export: ‘Export for SketchUp’ has been added to the DWG/DXF exporter, so that SketchUp better interprets the data, groups are read as components and fills/patterns are read as faces.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2018


    • Filled Section Cuts;
    • Section planes have names and symbols, making them easy to find, organize, and edit;
    • Section planes are now an entity in SketchUp Pro: search for them in the Outliner, group them and control visibility at the Layers panel;
    • Components now feature attribute fields like price, size, URL, owner and status;
    • Aggregated Reports: 'Generate Report' now aggregates component data so you can do things like configure reports to sum parts and quantities for schedules and cutlists, or create detailed estimates by adding up prices by layer;
    • BIM: improved IFC export to collaborate even beter with other 3D applications;
    • Draw rectangles from its centre, just like polygons and circles;
    • STL import and export for 3D printing;
    • Anti-aliasing on Mac;
    • Improved upgrade: settings and preferences will be taken over from an older version.
    • LayOut 2018 contains the following enhancements:
      • Scaled vector drawings: no more recalculating, select the scale and draw 1:1 on A4 format for example;
      • Direct DWG import;
      • Editing groups works the same as in SketchUp, so the visibility of the rest fades away temporarily;
      • Accuracy until 6 digits behind the comma;
      • Multi Viewport: display a dimension between 2 views of the same design;
      • Label information will also show the new advanced attributes;
      • Lock entities for better control over the document;
      • Improved drawing tools.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2017


    • Performance Improvements: This release contains some major improvements to the graphics pipeline, resulting in faster orbiting and drawing.
    • Transparency Improvements: Transparency now renders at higher quality and faster too! SketchUp is also better at displaying multiple transparencies to provide a more realistic sense of depth across several clear faces.
    • Smart Offset: No more overlapping and self-intersecting geometry, just hit 'F' for clean offsets!
    • Perpendicular Face Inferencing: Hover a face and SketchUp will helpfully snap to its perpendicular.
    • Righteous Rectangles: The Rectangle tools now support arrow-key axis-locking.
    • High-DPI Modeling: Tuned snapping and inferencing, and smart-scaled edge weights on high definition monitors.
    • Color Blindness: Customization for the colors that display SketchUp's axes and inferencing, so that people with color blindness can tweak the color schemes to make SketchUp just work for them.
    • Easier Storage: Customizable storage paths for components, materials and templates.
    • Extension Manager: A new utility with a one-look view of your SketchUp extensions, making it more easy to toggle on and off custom tools.
    • LayOut 2017 contains the following enhancements:
      • Tables: Great documents come with important information. That's why you could now add tables to LayOut: from scratch or import a .csv or Excel. LayOut references your original spreadsheet, so updating is also easy as 'Click'.
      • High Fidelity DWG's: LayOut's DWG exporter has been overhauled and now offers: One DWG with seperate tabs with multipage documents; LayOut entities like dimensions, clipping mask and labels will now longer explode into raw geometry and behave as expected in AutoCAD; LayOut exports are now smart enough to self scale for paper size or model space;'Color-by-Layer' option, so all entities on a given layer may export as one color.
      • Easier Selecting: Select an object in LayOut without accidentally moving it.
      • Persistent ID's: Points, edges and faces now have an identifier. When making a change to a SketchUp model, any LayOut dimensions associated with the model update to reflect the edit.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2016


    • Support for Mac OS X El Capitan and Windows 10.
    • Trimble Connect is now integrated in SketchUp Pro. Connect is Trimble's platform for storing, syncing, referencing, sharing and collaborating on design and building projects. Trimble Connect will be accessible directly from the File menu and will give users the opportunity to upload, download and update SKP's from the project folders.
    • SketchUp Pro 2016 gives the user the opportunity to reload 3D Warehouse models. Every instance used in the model will be reloaded, so it is a helpful method for working with proxy models, if you break something or collaborate through the warehouse.
    • SketchUp Pro 2016 offers slicker inferencing and locking. This improvement is an entire set of smart tweaks to inferencing and locking, including off-axis inferences, expanded arrow key locking, improved arc/cicle inferencing, axes tool flexibilty and inference hidden section planes.
    • SketchUp on Windows now have customizable utility trays, which means the user will be able to group dialogs under separate tabs.
    • In SketchUp 2016, the material library has been refreshed with 40 new contemporary textures and entirely new categories.
    • High DPI toolbar icons, cursors and graphics for a much cleaner look and better display on high-res screens.
    • Extension security control system that let users control which extensions will load:
      • Off: Sketchup will load any extension;
      • Approve Mode: users will be prompted to load a non-certified extension;
      • Secure Mode: only certified extensions will be loaded.
    • Improved SketchUp C API with over 100 new classes and functions.
    • LayOut 2016 contains the following improvements:
      • LayOut has an improved layer system, including multi-layer groups, maintaining layers when copy/paste, a 'Move to' layer command, differentiating between shared and non-shared and layer visibility on new pages.
      • Say goodbye to missing references! With this release, LayOut's reference objects are now web friendly. This means that LayOut projects can reference and update files that are stored and synced with service like Dropbox, Google Drive and Trimble Connect Sync. LayOut will notify the user when there's an update for the web reference available.
      • LayOut now has small dimensions to ensure that text never interferes with arrows or lines.
      • Optimized PDF export from LayOut with up to 10x smaller documents.
      • With the LayOut API, developers can build extensions to automate the creation and customization of .layout files from SketchUp models.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2015


    • 64-Bit: Besides an overall speed increasement, this is especially an improvement when working with complex models, exporting images and animations or using a rendering plugin.
    • Friendlier licensing: licenses can now be used on a Mac or a PC. Also networked licenses has been made easier too.
    • New Arc Tools: two point arcs will be displayed as a tangent arc instead of a dotted line. A three point arc allows drawing an arc by specifying 3 points. The pie-tool contains a protractor now.
    • Rotated Rectangle tool: rectangles can be created in arbitrary orientations during creation.
    • Face Finder: this tool, which creates faces when modelling, has been improved and will make actions like 'Explode' significantly faster and even more reliable.
    • BIM-tools: IFC import is also possible now and the classifier tool has been enhanced
    • Fast Styles: special badges have been added to indicate whether the Style being used will help SketchUp’s rendering performance.
    • Improved Polygon tool: The polygon tool now allows the creation of both circumscribed and inscribed polygons via a modifier key (Ctrl on Windows, Option on Mac).
    • Materials: delete all materials in a model with one click.
    • LayOut 2015 contains the following improvements:
      • 64 Bit: LayOut is also 64 bit now, enabling speed improvements when working in large documents.
      • Two segmented labels: The new two segmented leader labels can easily be aligned with other labels to give drawings a polished and professional appearance.
      • Autotext labels: A label can display information from the model at choice now, like a BIM classification, an attribute of a dynamic component or simply the surface of a face. Because the labels are autotext, the labels will automatically update when updating the 3D model!
      • Spell Checking: The Windows version now have spell checking (only Windows 8.0 and 8.1); Mac already has this feature.
      • Multiselect: perform actions one more than one layer or page by shift-selecting multiple layers or multiple pages.
      • Dynamic vector model loading: Vector models will now load when the page is viewed instead of when the document is loaded. This offers a performance increase when documents are opened.
      • Shared connections: Possibility to make connections between entities and autotext on shared layers.
      • Infrastructure: The versions of some of the 3rd party libraries have been updated. These include the pdf exporter and the UI and text editor on Windows.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2014


    • Renewed 3D Warehouse: 3D Warehouse has been rebuilt from the ground up, which makes it easier to use. All models work with a full 3D preview and contain information like files size, number of polygons and used materials.
    • BIM Tools: Tag geometry with industry-standard object types (walls, slabs, roofs,etc.) and export it as an IFC file for use in other BIM applications.
    • New Arc tools: Create arcs in three different ways.
    • Faster Shadows: An average speed improvement of 15x when working with shadows in big, complicated models.
    • LayOut 2014 also contains some big improvements:
      • Faster vector rendering for reducing wait times with large models;
      • Auto-text tags (e.g. 'Today's Date', 'Page Number' or 'Project Title') for more accuracy and saving hours of work;
      • Smart labels with relevant information, like the surface of a face or the name of a component;
      • Long-document functionality has been much improved.

    New in SketchUp Pro 8


    • Advanced Camera Tools: All SketchUp Pro users now have full access to the Advanced Camera Tools. You can use the Advanced Camera Tools to build simulations of real-world cameras (place dolly, pedestal, truck, pan, tilt and roll cameras) in your SketchUp models. The ATCs also provide you with precise controls for settings like focal length, aspect ration and image width (NEW in M2, December 2011).
    • Ruby Script Management: New Ruby Extensions can now be installed from the 'Extensions' screen of SketchUp's 'Preferences (NEW in M2, December 2011).
    • Solid Modeling Tools: for additive and substractive modeling with volumes.
    • Improved geo-modeling: With Google Maps built right into SketchUp Pro, including more accurate 3D terrain and aerial imagery in color.
    • Back Edges: Allows you to see obscured lines as dashed lines, so you will have a detailed view on the geometry of your model.
    • Volumes: Volumes of any solid will now be displayed in Entity Info.
    • Push/Pull preselect: Works just like all the other SketchUp tools. Just select a face and then Push/Pull without changing te view.
    • Scene Thumbnails: Shows you image previews of each scene.
    • LayOut 3.0: Show angular dimensions and share your work in the DWG/DXF format.

    New in SketchUp Pro 7


    • Dynamic Components: Create components with parametric behaviors, like a stair which automatically adds more steps when resized, or a cabinet whose doors can open and close!
    • Tabular Reports: Assign your own attributes to components and generate tabular reports from your SketchUp models!
    • 2D Edges: Two lines crossing in a single plane will break into four segments at their point of intersection.
    • 3D Warehouse Browser: This browser allows you to find and download models and collections right inside SketchUp Pro.
    • LayOut 2.0: Export your presentation in the JPG or PNG format and work faster with complex models and large paper formats with Vector Rendering. Also new are dimensions and snaps for endpoints, cross points, etc.
    • StyleBuilder 1.0: Create your own sketchy-edge style for SketchUp Pro. Not as a download, but as an official feature of SketchUp Pro.
    • SpeedUp: Overhauled render engine to work more efficiently with large and complex models.

    New in SketchUp Pro 6

    • LayOut: Application for presenting your SketchUp models.
    • PhotoMatch: Your 3D model from a photo, placing your model in a photo or project a photo on your model.
    • Styles Manager: New sketchy-edge styles and easily editable library for all your styles.
    • Background images and Watermarks: Place a background behind your design or your logo as a watermark in front of it.
    • Fog: Place fog in your model to create an atmosphere or depth. You have the control over the depth, tranparency, color and transation to create your own atmosphere!
    • 3D text: Put in your text and drag it into 3D or use it as 2D with the contours of the text.

    New in SketchUp Pro 5

    • SpeedUp: SketchUp 5 is now significantly faster for many modeling operations.
    • SandBox Tools: The Sandbox is a new set of tools that allow users to create terrain and other surface forms from contours or from scratch.
    • Smoove, Stamp and Drape Tools: Draw a grid and pull points of it upwards to create landscapings.
    • Render Away: Add depth to drawings with the new Depth Cued Edges. Change the appearance of your presented work with Endpoints, Edges Off, Transparent Maps, and improved FaceMe Shadows.
    • Component Management: Organize and manage models with the Outliner, Group & Component locking, Make Unique and Replace Selected.
    • Improved import and export: SketchUp has improved the friendly 3D exports and added new import formats such as DEM and 3DS.
    • Snappy dialogs: Dialog boxes stick together, so you can organize your screen real estate more easily. New toolbars and icons have been added to give the interface a new look.
    • Getting Started Window: When you open SketchUp 5, you'll see a Getting Started window that will lend a hand in learning the basics of SketchUp 5.
    • Improved Walk Tool: Collision detection in the Walk tool.
    • Transparency in images: Transparency in images will now be supported.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2013


    • Extension Warehouse: Need a special tool? You can now explore, download and install extensions without having to leave SketchUp Pro.
    • Video Export: Export HD videos at 720p, encoded in popular formats like H.264 AVI and WebM.
    • Smarter Toolbars (Windows): Drag tool icons between toolbars and make SketchUp look the way you want it to.
    • LayOut 2013 contains more improvements, like:
      • Speedier vector rendering for reducing wait times for large models;
      • Zoom function has been increased by a factor of ten, from 1000% to 10000%;
      • Copy array for easily creating multiple copies of objects with your keyboard;
      • Pattern fills for filling shapes with hatching and other patterns;
      • Slimmer arrowheads, so your documents like nicer and arrowheads have better alignement with line segments;
      • Curved label leader lines for creating jauntily curved callout lines with a simple click-drag commando;
      • Dashes in dimensions for better readable dimensions;
      • Page Numbers in the Pages panel, which makes it easier to print and export portions of your document.

    New in SketchUp Pro 4

    • Follow Me Tool: Extrude a surface along a path, to create for example a profile list.
    • Intersect: Let volumes intersect with each other to deduct them from each other.
    • Texture Tweaking: Scale, rotate, stretch and move textures locally.
    • RUBY api: By using the RUBY script you can add more functionality to SketchUp and automate certain tasks.
    • FaceMe Components: 2D Components will now always face the camera.

    New in SketchUp Pro 3

    • Soften Edges: SketchUp's edges can be softened and smoothed to achieve a real-world appearance. Edges are automatically hidden when softened.
    • New Snaps: The snaps now also identify the equidistant chamfer of a corner and tangents.
    • Tranparent Textures: SketchUp has got tranparent textures from now on.
    • Text and Annotation: Add text and annotations to your SketchUp model.
    • Dimension Tool: Add dimensions to your drawings.
    • Animations: Export animations from the TourGuide Pages.

    New in SketchUp Pro 2

    • Offset Tool: Use the Offset tool to create copies of lines and faces at a uniform distance from the originals. You can offset edges of faces either inside or outside of the original face.
    • Section Tool: Use the Section Plane tool to create section cuts enabling you to view geometry within your model.
    • Autofold: SketchUp will Autofold faces automatically when a move or stretch operation will create non-planar faces.


    User cases, video's, manuals, tutorials and more. Everything you need to get you started with SketchUp Pro.


    Get more out of SketchUp Pro with these add-ons.

    Mortenson Construction
    De Bathyscaaf Trieste

    As a SketchUp Pro user you will find millions of 3D models created in SketchUp (Pro) on the 3D Warehouse that can be used for free and directly in this 3D design program. From world-famous buildings to well-known car models; everything you can think of is there. The existing 3D models are created by and for SketchUp Pro users.

    Take a look at the 3D Warehouse.


    See below the various applications and examples of SketchUp Pro in practice.

    Construction Companies: VolkerWessels

    VolkerWessels Construction


    The newest SketchUp Pro video tutorials to get you started.

    Skill Builder: Material Modification

    Skill Builder: Tip for Editing Components

    Skill Builder: Materials to Components

    Would you like more information about SketchUp Pro?
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    Phone +31 344 577 884
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    C-5 Galaxy SketchUp model

    3D modeling program

    SketchUp Logo 2020.svg
    Original author(s)@Last Software, Google
    Developer(s)Trimble Inc.[1]
    Initial releaseAugust 2000; 21 years ago (2000-08)
    Windows, 64-bit21.0.1
    Windows, 32-bit16.1.1450

    January 5, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-01-05)[2]

    Operating systemWindows 7 and later
    OS X 10.9 and later[3]
    Available inEnglish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
    Type3D computer graphics
    LicenseFreemium Edit this on Wikidata

    SketchUp is a 3D modelingcomputer program for drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. It is available as a web-based application, SketchUp Free,[4] and a paid version with additional functionality, SketchUp Pro.[5][6][7]

    SketchUp is owned by Trimble Inc.,[1][8] a mapping surveying and navigation equipment company.[9] The program includes drawing layout functionality, surface rendering in different "styles", enables placement of its models within Google Earth.[10]


    @Last Software[edit]

    SketchUp was developed by startup company @Last Software of Boulder, Colorado, co-founded in 1999 by Brad Schell and Joe Esch.[11][12]

    SketchUp was created in August 2000 as a 3D content creation tool and was envisioned as a software program for design professionals.[3]

    The program won a Community Choice Award at its first tradeshow in 2000.[13]


    Many different 3D and 2D exporters are available in SketchUp for uses such as rendering. This model was made in SketchUp and rendered with Kerkythea.

    Google acquired @Last Software on March 14, 2006,[14] attracted by @Last Software's work developing a plugin for Google Earth.[15][16][17]

    On January 9, 2007, Google announced Google SketchUp 6, a free downloadable version of SketchUp, including integrated tools for uploading content to Google Earth and to the Google 3D Warehouse.[18] Google SketchUp Pro 6 introduced a beta version of Google SketchUp LayOut which includes 2D vector tools and page layout tools allowing presentations to be produced without the need for a separate presentation program.[19]

    On November 17, 2008, SketchUp 7 was released with integration of SketchUp's Component Browser with Google 3D Warehouse, LayOut 2 and dynamic components that respond to scaling.[3]

    On September 1, 2010, SketchUp 8 was released with model geolocation with Google Maps and Building Maker integration.[20]Mac OS X Tiger was no longer supported.[3] SketchUp version 8 use under Wine has been rated "Gold".[21]

    Geolocation information is always stored in the KMZ file.[22] The building designs themselves are saved in SKP.


    Trimble Navigation (now Trimble Inc.) acquired SketchUp from Google on June 1, 2012 for an undisclosed sum.[23] In 2013, SketchUp 2013 was released. A new site was provided, Extension Warehouse, hosting plugins and extensions for SketchUp.[24]


    SketchUp comes in multiple editions;[25][26][27] all are proprietary software.

    Editiondesktop or webextensions


    Everything in the pro plus Building energy analysis, Daylight analysis, HVAC sizing, Thermal comfort analysis, and Carbon Emissions.


    SketchUp Pro includes the functionality of SketchUp Make plus importers and exporters to common 2D and 3D formats, access to LayOut (2D documentation software) and Style Builder (create custom edge styles for SketchUp models).[28] SketchUp Pro 2016 has native integration with Trimble Connect, treat 3D Warehouse models as references, a rebuilt Generate Report and now LayOut offers web-friendly reference objects as well as a new LayOut API.[29]

    SketchUp Pro licensing is dual-platform and works on Windows and Mac machines.


    SketchUp Shop is a version of SketchUp specifically for DIY designers, makers, and woodworkers. It has a feature set designed to meet the specific needs (e.g. interface with 3D printers, CNC routers and other shop machines) of these users. A major difference between Shop and Pro is that SketchUp Shop is a web application that runs in a browser only while connected to the Internet, whereas SketchUp Pro is a downloadable application that can be used offline.[30]


    In November 2017, SketchUp Free was released as a web-based application which replaces SketchUp Make.[31] Drawings can be saved to the cloud, saved locally as a native SKP file, or exported as an STL file. Compared to Make, SketchUp Free does not support extensions, creation and editing of materials.


    Sketchup Make (formerly SketchUp for Home and Personal Use), introduced in May 2013, is a free-of-charge version for home, personal and educational use.[32] It began with a 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro. After that time, users could agree to the Terms of Service and continue to use SketchUp Make for free. There are no further releases of Make after November 2017; users were expected to migrate to SketchUp Free.


    On June 4, 2020, Trimble announced that SketchUp is transitioning to a subscription business model. After November 4, 2020, SketchUp will no longer sell perpetual licenses and maintenance & support plans.[33][34]

    3D Warehouse[edit]

    3D Warehouse is an open library in which SketchUp users may upload and download 3D models to share.[35] The models can be downloaded right into the program without anything having to be saved onto your computer's storage. File sizes of the models can be up to 50 MB. Anyone can make, modify and re-upload content to and from the 3D warehouse free of charge.[36] All the models in 3D Warehouse are free, so anyone can download files for use in SketchUp or even other software such as AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCAD - all of which have apps allowing the retrieval of models from 3D Warehouse. Since 2014 Trimble has launched a new version of 3D Warehouse where companies may have an official page with their own 3D catalog of products. Trimble is currently investing in creating 3D developer partners in order to have more professionally modeled products available in 3D Warehouse. According to the Trimble, 3D Warehouse is the most popular 3D content site on the web. SketchUp designers may visit 3D Warehouse to discover new products or for inspiration when designing their own.


    SketchUp holds U.S. Patent 6,628,279, granted in September 2003, on its "Push/Pull" technology.

    Software extensions[edit]

    SketchUp 4 and later support software extensions written in the Ruby programming language, which add specialized functionality. Many such extensions are available to others on the Trimble Extension Warehouse[37] and many other 3rd party websites as well. SketchUp has a Ruby console, an environment which allows experimentation with Ruby.[38]

    SketchUp Free, the web-based version, does not support extensions which severely limits the functionality of the tool.

    Model viewers[edit]

    SketchUp Viewer[edit]

    SketchUp Viewer is a paid app released by Trimble.[39] It is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft HoloLens.


    Cubits for iPad and iOS is a 3D interactive model viewer/renderer.[40] It can view .kmz files from SketchUp either as attachments through e-mail or via Dropbox.

    IrisVR Prospect[edit]


    Kubity — the first mixed reality multiplex, is a system to instantly visualize 3D models on multiple devices: desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, augmented reality gear and virtual reality glasses. They also developed rvt2skp, a free plugin to export any Revit project to a .skp file.

    The Wild[edit]

    The Wild is a collaboration software program that allows architecture and design teams to experience their SketchUp models together in virtual and augmented reality.[41]


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    TurboCAD Professional

    Create, edit, and annotate in common 2D and 3D file formats.

    DWG & .DXF, SketchUp .SKP, .STL ...the Woodworking Layout Tool, allow ...create 2D layouts of 

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    SketchUp Viewer


    Preview models created with SketchUp without altering the originals.

    required. Sketchup Viewer let ...inherent to SketchUp itself, a ...version of SketchUp with 

    SketchUp 5 Architecture Library


    Complementary architectural accesories regarding library for Google Sketchup.

    available Sketchup Bonu ...with Google Sketchup. With ...Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and 

    SketchUp 5 Landscape Architecture Library


    Complementary landscape architectural accesories regarding library for Sketchup.

    available Sketchup Bonu ...Google Sketchup i ...Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and 

    V-Ray for SketchUp

    V-Ray for Sketchup helps develop Google Sketchup 3D architecture designs.

    for Google Sketchup. This software ...aliasing, Native SketchUp Materials Integrated 

    Visualizer for SketchUp


    Visualizer for SketchUp is a premiere tool for real-time design in SketchUp.

    Visualizer for SketchUp is a premiere in SketchUp. Visualizer allows 

    Maxwell for SketchUp 8

    Maxwell for Google SketchUp offers users the benefits of advanced rendering.

    Google SketchUp offers user ...for Google SketchUp is a ...integrated into SketchUp. No other 

    SketchUp 5 Transportation Library


    Complementary transportation regarding library for Google Sketchup.

    available Sketchup Bonu ...with Google Sketchup. With ...Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and 

    SketchUp 5 People Library


    Complementary people regarding library for Google Sketchup.

    available Sketchup Bonu ...with Google Sketchup. With ...Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and 

    eDrawings for SketchUp

    eDrawings for Google SketchUp provides an innovative way to share your designs.

    your Google SketchUp model ...Google SketchUp provide ...representations of SketchUp models 

    SketchUp 5 Film & Stage Library


    Complementary film and stage accesories regarding library for Google Sketchup.

    available Sketchup Bonu ...with Google Sketchup. With ...Google -> Google Sketchup 6 path, and 

    SimLab OBJ Importer for SketchUp

    It enables you to import OBJ files into Google SketchUp.

    importer for SketchUp is a ...SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2013, and SketchUp 

    SketchUp Import for AutoCAD


    It offers you two ways to get SKP files into your AutoCAD drawings.

    SketchUp Import convert a SketchUp file, stored ...and download SketchUp models directly 

    SimLab Sketchup Exporter for Max x64

    SketchUp exporter enables users to export 3ds Max models as SketchUp files.

    sketchUp files (*.skp) readable by SketchUp ...models into SketchUp. After downloading 



    SketchUpBIM is provides tools to model buildings and engineering structures.

    for Google SketchUp. It provide ...other Google SketchUp geometry and 

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