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Are you trying to update Discord? But you are stuck on the Discord stuck on checking for updates error? If yes, read on.

Discord update failed is one of the common errors that we often face. In this case, we get to see a Discord updated failed loop. As a result, you cannot access Discord or update it anymore.

However, the good part is that fixing Discord not updating error is extremely easy, and there are a bunch of methods that you can try out.

To help you out, I am going to mention all the fixes to fix discord update loop one by one. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Why is Discord stuck on “Checking for updates”?

discord checking for updates loop

There are quite a lot of reasons why Discord is stuck on checking for updates. Some of the key reasons are mentioned over here:

  • Your Discord PC client does not have administrator privileges. That’s why the Discord client is facing issues while updating because Windows is not allowing it.
  • It can also be a network glitch that is not letting Discord download the necessary update files. As a result, it is stuck on the update screen only and trying to download the necessary update files.
  • In case if you have an antivirus program installed or it is Windows defender who is not allowing Discord to update itself. So if you white list Discord, then the issue might get resolved.
  • Discord cache files build up on your computer is another reason why Discord is stuck on checking for updates. In this case, delete all the Discord cache files and reinstall Discord to fix the issue.
  • Most unlikely, Discord servers are down for a temporary time.

Anyway, let me just go ahead and talk about the possible solutions to fix Discord won’t update error:

How To Fix Discord Stuck On Checking For Updates?

There are a number of methods that you can try out to resolve the discord stuck downloading update issue. In this article, I will be having a look at the following methods:

  • Check Discord servers
  • Run Discord As Administrator
  • Reboot Your Computer & Router
  • Delete AppData and Reinstall Discord
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Antivirus Protection
  • Contact Discord Support

Now let’s just go ahead and talk about all of these methods individually:

1. Check Discord servers

First thing first, you need to make sure that Discord servers aren’t down. As a result, you are failing to update your Discord client.

However, it is a rare issue. But yes, sometimes Discord servers go down, or they are not available for a temporary time. There are a few different reasons why this happens. Maybe, Discord servers are facing power outage issues or going through maintenance.

However, checking discord servers are down or not is extremely straightforward. Discord has provided a website where you can check the server status.

So go to Discordstatus.com, and over there, you will get to see the real-time status of Discord servers. If discord servers are up and running, then move to the second fixes.

discord won't stop checking for updates

2. Run Discord As Administrator

One of the first things that you can do is run Discord as administrator. There is a high chance that Discord is lacking admin access to run the update and install it by itself.

So if you do give Discord all the required access, Discord stuck on checking updates error might get fixed.

For this, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Windows search bar and type down Discord.
  • Then right click on Discord and select “Run as administrator”.
discord checking for updates loop
  • Next, click on the Yes button, and Discord will start looking for updates, and if there is any update, it will install them.

However, even after granting administrator privileges if Discord is constantly checking for updates. Then follow the below steps:

  • At first, press Windows key + R at the same time to launch Run.
  • Type down %localappdata% and press enter.
run localappdata
  • Then open up Discord folder and look for update.exe.
  • Right-click on update.exe and select “Run as administrator”.
  • That’s it. This will now force Discord to update itself and possibly fix the issue for you.

3. Reboot Your Computer & Router

Another basic troubleshooting that you can perform is to reboot your computer and router. By rebooting your PC, you will get a fresh start, and the chances of errors are less likely to appear.

Also, by rebooting your router, you will be able to clean out the device’s short term memory or cache. So it can run smoothly.

So go ahead and reboot your PC by going to Windows > Power Button and select restart.

discord checking for update loop

To restart your router, you will need to remove the power cable and let it rest for a minute or so. Then reconnect the cable and power up your router.

discord downloading update 1 of 1 stuck

Once all the router lights start to blink, launch Discord and check if it is getting updated or not. If not, move to the other fixes.

4. Delete AppData and Reinstall Discord

The second method that you can try out is to delete existing AppData and then reinstall Discord.

This way, the older files of Discord will get completely removed from your computer, and you will be able to perform a fresh install. So, you will be able to switch to the latest version of Discord without any issues.

For this, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, go to Task Manager and end all Tasks related to Discord.
  • Next, go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
discord infinite update
  • Now over here, look for Discord app and click on the Uninstall button to remove the app from your computer.
discord update failed
  • Once uninstalled, press Windows Key + R button to launch the RUN dialog box.
  • Over here, type down %appdata% and hit the enter button. This will open up a new window, which will contain not required cache and data files.
discord update failed loop
  • Use CTRL + A button to select all the files, and delete them. Also, in the end, one file would not get deleted, so leave it as it is.
  • Now go to the Discord download page and download the latest version of Discord from there.
discord update download
  • Finally, run the discord installer and follow all the screen instructions to install Discord on your computer.

5. Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender often blocks different applications on your computer from updating themselves. So to fix Discord stuck on checking for updates error, you can try disabling Windows defender for a while and try to update Discord.

To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • At first, click on the Windows icon from the bottom right corner.
discord stuck at checking for updates
  • Then go to Settings > Update and Security.
discord constantly updating
  • Next, from the sidebar, click on Windows Defender.
  • Finally, you have to toggle off real time protection, and you are good to go.
discord checking for updates forever
  • Once, Windows defender is disabled, launch Discord as administrator and see if you are being able to update Discord or not.

6. Disable Antivirus Protection

Are you using an Antivirus program on Windows computer? If yes, then it could be the reason why you are facing discord update failed loop error.

So you can consider disabling antivirus protection for a while and see if it has helped you to fix the issue or not.

For example, I am using Avast Antivirus, and to disable it, I have to right click on the Avast Shield Controls and disable it from there.

discord stuck downloading update

This is quite similar to other Antivirus applications too. So do disable your antivirus at first and then try to update Discord and see if it fixes your issue or not.

7. Contact Discord Support

In the end, if none of the above methods helped you to fix Discord stuck on checking for updates error. Then the best you can do is contact Discord support, and they will help you out.

There are a bunch of ways to contact Discord support. You can go to their Discord Support page and submit a ticket related to your issue.

Or you can tweet to Discord at @Discord, and they will help you out instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why is Discord not updating?

If Discord is not updating on your PC, then there is a high chance that Discord files are corrupted. In such a case, consider reinstalling the Discord client.

How do I force Discord to update?

Launch Run and then type %localappdata% and press enter. Then go to the Discord folder and search for update.exe. Right-click on it and select Run ad administrator to force Discord to update itself.

Does Discord update automatically?

Yes, Discord updates itself automatically on desktops. It checks for updates from time to time and installs them in the background. However, you will manually have to update Discord on your Android and iOS devices if you have disabled automatic app updates.

Final Words

So that how can you fix Discord stuck on checking for updates error. Now it is your turn to go ahead and check these methods one by one and see if they are working out for you or not.

Also, if you have any more questions to ask related to the discord update failed loop, do feel free to let me know through the comments below.

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Discord App is by far the popular instant chatting and digital distribution platform. It is mostly for gamers and developers. Its user-friendliness, strong community, and robust yet straightforward UI. It’s the best choice available. The developers are well aware of the difficulties. They’ll encounter in staying on top of their game.

how to update discord

They deliver new features through software upgrades to keep their competitors at bay. It’s best to use the latest version. It usually includes bug fixes, security improvements, new features.

How Do I Fix Discord Infinite Update?

When you update Discord, your computer may become stuck in an endless updating loop. Discord is a complicated app that necessitates a multitude of permissions to update it. It may be a problem with your computer’s settings.

You may do a few things to assist in the system’s resolution and restore Discord’s functionality. The first option is to run your Discord server as an administrator. It may help in jolting the system and enable you to try updating it again. 

You might also try disabling some of your computer’s settings, such as the Firewall or Windows Defender. It may be why your Discord update isn’t installed correctly.

Why does my Discord keep asking me to check for updates?

The most common reason Discord appears to be stuck on checking for updates is that it is slow. It will take some time to scan for any system upgrades thoroughly.

Discord’s downloads range in size from small to large. It is determined by a variety of factors, including your internet connection. It could indicate that Discord is temporarily sluggish. It may affect the speed with which it can scan for updates and then download them to your device. You have a few options for resolving the problem:

  • Discord should be reinstalled and then reinstalled again.
  • As an admin, start Discord.
  • Log out and then back into Discord.

How to update Discord App on Windows?

An automatic Discord update is the quickest and most straightforward way to update Discord. It is a simple task. You can use this guide to help you:

  • Open and update Discord on PC.
  • If you’ve made a Discord shortcut, you may just double-click it to access it.
  • You can also type Discord into the Windows search icon or bar. The Discord application can be found in the search results. You may open the Discord window by clicking it.
Discord Window
  • If there are any available updates, Discord will begin the update process automatically. It starts by checking for updates. 
 update Discord on Windows
  • Then it starts downloading and installing the updates automatically. You should wait until the entire procedure is completed.
  • When the update is finished, there will be presented with an interface that displays the new software updates. You can close the interface and go straight to the software.

How to update Discord App on Mac?

When it comes to updating Discord, both Mac and Windows follow the same procedure. Because the interface is the same, you won’t see the ‘Update’ button here either. To check for an update, you can either relaunch or reload the application, much like Windows.

  • The Discord app window is pinned to your Dock on your Mac.
  • To access the settings menu, click on the application.
  • Simply shut down Discord. It would completely stop the process.
  • Relaunch the application by clicking it, and it will automatically check for updates.
  • On the Mac, relaunching is also an option. You may just enlarge the Discord window and press “Command + R” if you don’t want to exit the app.

It will ensure that your app is reloaded. It would seek any new updates and install them if they were detected after reloading.

How to Update Discord App on iPhone?

When it comes to Discord software updates, iPhone users only have one option.

  • Open the App Store, find the app, and hit the ‘Update’ button.
  • When the download is complete, iOS will automatically install the update for you.
  • You can also look for the Discord software in the Apple App Store by hand. All you need to perform now is go to the app’s page and tap the ‘Update’ button.

How to Update Discord App on Android Device?

Discord is also available on mobile devices, such as Android. It also lacks an ‘Update’ button, just like the desktop clients. You have enough battery to carry a version that is ready to install. You’ll need to go to the Google Play Store to download the app. Install the most recent version of the program.

  • Access the Discord app on the Play Store.
  • Then simply press the update button.

Additional method

  • Manually go to the Discord app page in the Play Store (⇐click here).
Update Discord  Play Store
  • On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store app.
  • After that, look for Discord. Tap update after opening the Discord app listing.

How to Update Discord App on Chromebook?

Chromebooks can run Android apps. You can get the Discord app from the Google Play Store with ease. Updating is equally simple, as you only need to search for the app on the Play Store and then tap the green ‘Update’ button.

  • On the Play Store, there is direct access to Discord.
  • If installing the app isn’t an option, you may always use Discord.com to complete the task. 
  • You won’t have to bother about web client updates. The server-side updates are applied. It works without the need for active user participation.

Discord App Update errors

Here are a few fixes that you can use if you find Discord not updating.

1. Launch Discord App As Admin

When a program isn’t working, there’s a simple approach that many computer users are aware of. Give that nudge to disharmony. Run the software as an administrator if possible. It may appear harsh, but it isn’t, and it could be the key to getting you back into the game.

  • When you right-click on the Discord icon on your desktop, you’ll have the option to “Run as administrator.”
Run as administrator
  • When you choose “Run as administrator,” a box will appear asking if you agree to the app making changes to your device. Click “Yes” when you see this new window.
  • Discord App will start operating, and the upgrade should be finished soon.

2. Disable Windows Defender

Windows includes a built-in antivirus system called Windows Defender. It defends the system from harmful software. It can be a stumbling block when it comes to updating Discord. So, disable Windows Defender by following the steps below and see if the problem is resolved.

  • To open the Settings window, type ‘settings’ in the Windows search box and hit Enter.
  • To expand the ‘Update and Security’ area, click it and select ‘Windows Security.’
Windows Security
  • Select ‘Manage Settings’ from the ‘Virus and Threat’ protection link.
Virus and Threat
  • To disable this feature, swipe the toggle for the ‘Turn on real-time protection’ link.
Turn off real-time protection
  • Exit the Settings window by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

3. Reinstall Discord.

Running as an administrator fails. You’re still having problems with Discord not updating. Try to reinstall Discord software.

  • To open the Task Manager window, concurrently press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys.
  • Select the Discord process and click the ‘End Task’ button if it is available.
  • To open the Run dialogue box, hold down the Windows key and click ‘R.’
  • To access a list of applications installed on your computer, type ‘appwiz.cpl‘ in the Run dialogue box and hit Enter.
  • Discord may be located by searching for it, selecting it, and tapping the ‘Uninstall’ button.
Uninstall Discord
  • Then, following the Discord screen prompts, complete the process.
  • Open a new Run program and type in “%appdata%.”
  • Locate the Discord folder, right-click it, and choose ‘Delete.’
  • If any more prompts occur, accept the action by clicking ‘OK’ or ‘Yes.’
  • Double-click the local folder displayed on the computer screen by using the backspace key on the keyboard.
  • After eliminating Discord-related files, go to the internet and download the Discord installer.
  • Then double-click the Discord to launch the installer. Follow the on-screen directions to install Discord.


Just like any other software, Discord is also a constant development software. I hope you learned how to update the Discord app by following the above methods. 


How To Update Discord Application? 

On your keyboard, press Ctrl+R. The user interface of Discord should be refreshed and reloaded. If updates are available, the app should detect them and download them. Discord will install the update when you next close and re-open the app.

Why Does Discord Fail To Update?

The most prevalent cause of Discord update failures is internet connectivity issues. This error is caused by anything that prevents the Discord app from connecting to the Discord servers. This error can be caused by anti-virus software, firewalls, and other similar programs.

How Do I Change Discord Update Settings?

The App is set up to update itself automatically, and there is no way to change that. Unless you tap the green download icon at the top, the program will not automatically update while it is open.

How Do I Fix Discord Apps Not Updating?

You’re still having trouble installing Discord. Try to remember if you installed any Windows updates recently. To avoid interfering with Discord, try uninstalling the most recent update package. You can try reinstalling Discord after you’ve deleted the Windows update package.

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[Fixed] Discord Stuck on “Checking for Updates”‍

Is Discord stuck on Checking for updates for you, every time you try to update the app? In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the issue and update Discord to the latest version in no time.

Discord is a popular VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service and chat application widely used by gamers worldwide. It can do a lot more than just send a plain text or a voice message, and it offers a host of great features that's well-suited to gaming - like custom servers, dedicated channels for low-latency voice chats, and lots of personalisation and integrations.

However, Discord does have a few niggling errors that can sometimes threaten to ruin a gamer's experience. Particularly when it comes to updating Discord to the latest version, many gamers experience an issue where Discord gets stuck on Checking for updates.

So, if you've had a similar experience, and you're wondering how to fix Discord stuck on checking for updates, you've come to the right place. This step-by-step guide will give you five fixes that you can try out to resolve the issue.


  1. Why is Discord stuck on “Checking for updates”?
  2. How to fix Discord stuck on updating

Why is Discord stuck on "Checking for updates"?

There are a number of reasons why Discord could be stuck on checking for updates, such as:

  1. The Discord client on your PC doesn't have administrator privileges, and hence, is being prevented from being able to complete the updation process.
  2. You might be facing bad or choppy internet connection, or a network glitch, due to which Discord is not able to download the update files.
  3. Windows Defender or the antivirus software installed in your PC might be preventing Discord from downloading and installing the required update files, by mistaking them for malware.
  4. Discord cache files on your computer might have gotten corrupted. If this is the case, you must uninstall Discord, delete all Discord-related files, and then download and re-install it from the official website.
  5. Discord servers are down. (Very unlikely).

How to fix Discord stuck on "Checking for updates"

These are some methods you can try to resolve the Discord app being stuck on Checking for updates. Make sure that you start with no.1, and move to the next method only if the previous one doesn't fix the issue.

1. Check Discord servers

  • Very rarely, Discord's servers might be temporarily down, or experiencing some outage issues due to maintenance or technical problems.
  • Hence, make sure that Discord isn't stuck on updating for you due to an outage - you can check if Discord is down by going to their real-time status website.


2. Run Discord as administrator

  • This is one of the most common fixes for when Discord is stuck on checking for updates. The app needs administrator privileges to install the key components of the update that it has downloaded. So, if you haven't run the Discord client as administrator, the screen can get stuck while updating.
  • Here's how you can run Discord as administrator to resolve the issue:
  • Close the Discord app, press Windows key + S to bring up the search menu, and type discord
  • Right-click on the Discord app and select "Run as administrator", and grant the required permissions

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img2

  • That's it, Discord will now be granted administrator privileges, and the update should proceed smoothly once the app opens.
  • However, if Discord isn't updating automatically, here's what you need to do:
  • Press Windows key + R to bring up Run, and type in "%localappdata%" in the input field and click OK

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img3

  • In the window that opens up, go to the Discord folder and find "Update.exe", right-click on it and click on "Run as administrator"

That's it, the Discord update client should now have administrator access, and hence, should work smoothly. If Discord is still stuck on updating, try the below solutions.

3. Reboot your computer and router

  • Restart your PC by clicking on Windows > Power button > Restart. Doing so will shut down all of your computer's processes, including the kernel.
  • Once the PC reboots, you get a totally clean start, and apps that were experiencing some freezing or network issues might fare better.
  • Switch off your router, remove the power cable, and after keeping it idle after a while, reconnect it and switch it on again.
  • Once you see the lights on your modem flashing again, launch Discord and check if it is updating properly now.

4. Disable Windows Defender and antivirus

  • Windows Defender can sometimes misidentify downloaded update files as malicious software or viruses. Hence, try turning it off temporarily and update Discord to see if the problems persist.
  • Here's how you can turn off Windows Defender:
  • Press Windows key + S to bring up the search bar, and type "settings". Click on Settings.
  • Go to "Update & Security"

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img4

  • Click on "Windows Security" > "Virus & Threat Protection"

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img5

  • Click on "Manage Settings"

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img6

  • Disable "Turn on real-time protection" by toggling it off

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img7

  • If you've installed any third-party antivirus software like McAfee or Kaspersky, make sure to turn them off as well

5. Clear Discord cache folder

  • If you run a lot of programs, chances are you'd have experienced a caching problem previously. Often, Discord stuck on checking for updates can be attributed to a similar caching issue. Hence, you can try clearing the Discord cache folder. Here's how to do it:
  • Close the Discord app, and press Windows key + R to bring up Run > Type ‘%appdata%’ in the ‘Open’ field and click on ‘OK’

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img8

  • In the ‘Roaming’ folder that opens up, subfolder named ‘discord’

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img9

  • Now, restart Discord and check if it is updating properly

6. Uninstall and re-install Discord

  • If Discord is still stuck on checking for updates despite trying out all the above methods, you can try doing a complete uninstall of Discord and re-install the latest version. Here's how to do it:
  • Press Windows key + R to bring up Run, and input ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the ‘Open’ field to bring up the Windows uninstaller.

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img10

  • Under ‘Apps and Features’, type in ‘discord’ in the search field
  • Select the ‘Discord’ application, and click on ‘Uninstall’

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img11

  • After Discord has been uninstalled, open Run > type in ‘%appdata’ > Click ‘OK’
  • Select the ‘Discord’ folder, and delete it
  • Next, open Run again > type in ‘%localappdata’ > Click ‘OK’

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img12

  • In the Local folder, select the subfolder named "Discord" and delete it

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img13

  • Next, restart Windows, go to the Discord website, and download the latest version of Discord

  • Discord-Stuck-on-CheckforUpdates-Img14

  • Download and Install Discord by following the on-screen instructions


If you've tried all the above solutions and still Discord is stuck on checking for updates, you need to contact Discord support and let them know of the issue.

You can look for potential solutions in the Discord Help Centre, or if you have any queries, you can submit a request. You can also hit them up on Twitter, by tweeting your problem to @Discord.

Sours: https://www.remote.tools/remote-work/discord-stuck-on-checking-for-updates


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