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Free Printable Box Envelope Template. Free Printable Box Envelope Template that can be very useful. Great for party favors, gifts or decorations for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s. Print this Box Envelope Template free using your laser or inkjet printer. To make the Box Envelope craft you only need a printer, paper, scissors and glue. Just print the template onto a heavy paper, cut using the black lines, fold all dotted lines and glue the flaps to the inside of the box. Use heavy paper or cardstock for best result. One Small Box Envelope Template per page. Includes illustration of final product. Download or print the Box Envelope Template free in PDF format.

Instructions: Click the print link to open a new window in your browser with the PDF file. Then you can print or download using your browser’s menu.

Print Box Envelope Template

Free Printable Box Envelope Template

Free Printable Box Envelope Template


Make your own cute box envelopes with our free printable template and tutorial. Let’s get crafty and have some fun with this easy DIY!

DIY Box Envelopes - Free Printable Template - Paper and Landscapes


Today we’re making some cute box envelopes. Download the free template, print it, and make your own paper boxes!

You can use them for the envelope budget system, for storing receipts or coupons, small pictures, pieces of paper that you have lying around but can’t throw away, or anything that fits inside!


Box Envelopes Template

When printing in ‘Actual size (100%)’ instead of ‘Fit’, these envelopes are the perfect size for dollar bills, but you could also use them for anything else you want to. They also have a little flap that helps them stay close.

Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes

You can print them in any 8.5″ x 11″ letter sized paper, but cardstock will help make them sturdy. If your paper is bigger than that, as is often the case with patterned paper (scrapbook paper), try cutting it down first and that way you can then print directly on it!

Box Envelopes Printable Template - Paper and Landscapes

How To Assemble

What I used:

+ Cardstock paper pad (I couldn’t find mine online, but here’s a cute one you can try)

+ Cutting mat

+ Craft knife (similar one)

+ Ruler

+ Bone folder (similar one)

+ Scissors

+ Tape runner

+ Mechanical pencil

Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes
Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes
Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes

Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes

Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes
Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes
Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes
Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes

Envelope Budget System

These work great for the envelope budget system, so that you can have a separate cash envelope for each category in your budget. I have been using them and it works great to keep my budget categories separate and organized. I kind of do my own version of the envelope system. Each person has different needs and what works for some won’t always work for others, but what I have learned is that it’s really important to stick to a budget method that works for you.

With the envelope system, what you do is separate your paychecks into categories, and assign a definite amount of money to each. That way you will always know that each month there will be enough money saved for the most important things, like rent, food, utilities, etc.

I actually do a simpler version of it. I don’t use envelopes for every category, but I do use them to save money for specific things. For example, I keep an envelope for “Car Repair”, so with each paycheck, I put some money apart for that specific purpose as a saving. This have really helped me each month!

DIY Box Envelopes - Free Printable Template - Paper and Landscapes


They look so cute and are so useful! I’ve already made a bunch to keep my desk organized and clean. If you make them, please share pictures with us. You can always tag us on Instagramto share your awesome creations with us, and we’ll be so happy to see them!

~ Note: Please remember, all of our printables and freebies are for your personal use only, so please do not copy, share, or resell them. Thank you! ~

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DIY Box Envelopes - Free Printable Template - Paper and Landscapes

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9+ Box Envelope Templates

Box envelopes are a step above the quality of the regular kind of envelope. They are made of a denser, stronger material, close to a cardboard, but are pliable enough to fold. As such, the options to upgrade its features are endless—you can create it in colors and textures that commercial envelopes have difficulty imitating.

Sometimes, a box envelope employs the stronger type of material not just to transport parcels, but letters and sophisticated invitations alike as well. To find out the versatility of the box envelope, we have prepared a slew of templates to choose from with both casual and Business Envelope Templates to cater to every need.

Gift Box Envelope Template

gift box envelope templateDownload

Pizza Box Envelope Template

pizza box envelope templateDownload

Cardboard Box Envelope Template

cardboard box envelope templateDownload

Box Packaging Envelope Template

box packaging envelope templateDownload

Wooden Box Envelope Template

wooden box envelope templateDownload

Why Envelopes Are Important

Envelopes do not just encase your important message, it also serves several practical reasons. Here are some reasons why box envelopes are important:

  • They ensure a safe transportation of your snail mail. Your envelope not only carries your design, but the information that you are trying to send out as well. Without an envelope, your content runs the risk of getting exposed to environmental factors and could get lost or, worse, could get thrown into the trash.
  • Your envelope or box could either make or break your first impression. Way before your receiver gets to open the envelope and read your message, your envelope can reveal a lot of information in itself.
  • Outstandingly designed envelopes give the assumption that its content is just as noteworthy. Our Square Box Templates for your packages ensure that it gives out the best impression you would hope for, in a printable format.

Well-made envelopes demand that the receiver take notice. The envelope entails getting the attention of your receiver. It should imply that you have some important information to share and that the receiver needs to take a few moments of their time to read it and hear you out. If your envelope does not demand its deserving attention, then you have failed in the delivery of your message all in all.

Wedding Box Envelope Template

wedding box envelope templateDownload

Graduation Box Envelope Template

graduation box envelope templateDownload

Vintage Envelope Box Template

vintage envelope box templateDownload

Free Printable Box Envelope Template

free printable box envelope templateDownload

Adressing Box Envelope Template

adressing box envelope templateDownload


Why Packaging Goods (or Letters) the Right Way Is a Necessity

With the rigid competition of goods in the market today, people use shortcuts in deciding if your product is worth their effort or even their money. Every exposure time a person gets with your product is an opportunity for you to win them over and to get them to actually pick up your product and take it home. Your packaging communicates all of this for you and making sure that they are saying the right words is highly essential.

How your packaging makes people feel is a deciding factor if it actually gets opened, purchased, or left entirely alone. The comfort level of your box in the sensory realm of your audience must be addressed. If your product ends up feeling comfortable in touch and weight, this implies that your products are easy to incorporate into your consumer’s lives and increases the chances of purchasing in the future.

If your boxes do not trigger your desired action, which is your message getting acknowledged or your product held and taken out, then something is definitely amiss. Read the content on our website to find out which details from your Printable Envelope Templates to specifically customize to entice people to consider your message of high importance.

Box Envelope Tutorial 💌 Template \u0026 Envelope Punch Board App


Envelope template box


Envelope Box Tutorial


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