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CAST: Arslan Asad Butt, Momina Iqbal, Arman Ali Pasha, Ammara Butt, Munaza Arif, Ismat Iqbal, Saima Saleem, Haseeb Khan, Iqra Qaiser, Zain Afzal

Executive Producer – M. Abid Sheikh
Written By – Dr. Atta ullah Aali
Produces By – Naveed Akbar
Directed By – M. Ashar Asghar

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Ajnabi Lage Zindagi | Episode #4 Full HD – Ajnabi Lage Zindagi is a latest drama serial by LTN FAMILY and LTN FAMILY Dramas are well-known for its quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment production.


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A tale of bitter realities

LAHORE-As much as the original soundtrack of the drama “Ajnabi Lage Zindagi”mesmerized us with its aesthetic touch and a sensational melody, the phenomenal acting skills of each character have literally got our eyes glued to the TV screens in just 6 episodes.

It would be difficult to define the drama under one subject as it touches upon several social problems and the loopholes in our moral standards that each one of us can indubitably relate to.

The story begins by showing one of the ugliest realities of our society where a woman does not have a right to take the decision of her own life. The common practice of women sacrificing their own preferences about making a choice in marriage to accept their parents’decision has become a deeply rooted issue and a prominent plight of our tradition.

These orthodoxic practices have taken the form of the sacred values and frozen norms that are meant to be kept intact only by the women of the society. The whole burden lies in the role of a woman she has to play to save her married life.

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Without having to consider the consequences of imposing the freight of responsibilities and values, many women are brainwashed to protect the honor of their family at any cost.

While as the story progressed, the untouched topic of society being the culprit is exposed in the serial, despite Tabeer being victim, Ahmer is still not depicted as a wrongdoer; he himself is portrayed as a sufferer of the society.

Through the sequence of mishaps taking place, the drama accentuates the cliched beliefs of relating every bad omen or a predicament to the presence of a newly wedded woman and her budding relationship with her husband.

Not only this, it sheds light on an important reality that money does not buy happiness and how hasty decisions can turn someone’s life into the worst nightmare.

While on one hand, Ahmer’s family leaves no stone unturned to make Tabeer’s life a living hell, she is expected to stay strong headed only to save herself from the label of divorce.

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Whereas unlike other dramas where a character a playing the antagonist, In Ajnabi Lage Zindagi, society is playing its role,Ahmer is still illustrating the victim rather than a culprit, he is compelled by the society to react in a helpless way.

The drama stabilizes the plot of the story by showing the brighter side of today’s generation that tries to normalize the concept of equality and eradicating the conventional and stereotypical culture of class difference that somewhat has secretly entrenched and has been mushrooming to the greater extent.

In every drama, a bunch of real-life incidents or a lesson is always hidden. The very reason for“Ajnabi Lage Zindagi” to gain massive popularity with a great viewership is its ability to relate with the audience through each social issue that is being addressed in this terrific storyline.


Sours: https://nation.com.pk/18-Jun-2019/ajnabi-lage-zindagi-a-tale-of-bitter-realities
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