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Nutone IM-4006 Intercom Replacement

Nutone IM-4006 Intercom Replacement Advice

The Nutone IM-4006 are no longer manufactured by Nutone. There is good news and great news.  The good news is, the IntraSonic Retro replacement will replace these older Nutone intercoms. The great news is with the IntraSonic Retro you will be able to use your existing wiring. Please call us if you have any questions about replacing the Nutone IM4006. We have decades of experience installing and helping our customers with their DIY intercom replacements.


  • IM-4006 (see it now)
    • Replace with Intrasonic Retro M and Intrasonic Retro MTP Update Frame (use existing brackets0
  • IR-103 Master Rough In
    • NO REPLACEMENT NECESSARY The Intrasonic Retro M includes the rough in frame



  •  IS-405 inside speaker
    • Replace with Intrasonic Retro-5R and Retro-5RV
  • IS-408 8" inside speaker
    • Replace with Intrasonic Retro-5R and Retro-8AT


  • IS-78 and IS-79 speakers (see it now)
    • These speakers can be used as is.  For further assistance and replacement advice, call us at 1-800-221-8227.
  • ISA-409
    • Retro-5P, Retro-PSB and Retro-5TP
  • ISA-77 Patio Speaker (see it now)
    • Replace with JA-T5B or JA-T5W


  • Recessed Door Speaker
    • Replace with Intrasonic Retro-D, Retro-DRB, and Retro-DAP
  • IC-31
    • Replace with Instrasonic Retro-5P and Retro-NCR

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Replace an outdated intercom system with a brand new Whole Home Replacement Intercom System. If you are looking for a new system with more features and capabilities than a simple push-to-talk station, Home Controls has what you are looking for. Replacing an intercom system can be challenging, but luckily, there are a number of intercom systems that can be retrofitted into existing installations and use the same wiring and enclosure specifications, saving you time and money. If you are unsure as what home radio intercom system is right for your home, Home Controls provides free advice and product recommendation, as well as a free quote to help you make your home more connected.

Free Intercom Design & Price Quote

If you are looking for personalized assistance to replace your outdated intercom system or to install a new house intercom system, then look no further than Home Controls. One of our dedicated residential intercom system experts can create a custom solution to replace or upgrade your home intercom system, complete with a parts list and prices.

»Request your personalized home intercom quote here.


M&S Intercom Upgrade

At BEC Integrated Solutions we offer choices of full or partial replacement intercom systems to upgrade your existing intercom system as well as REPAIRS on Older Nutone and Older M&S Master Units . Whether you desire replacing your system with the same (or similar) parts, or you prefer to consider something with more features and capabilities, we have numerous options available. Our systems can be installed using the same wiring from your previous system as long as each intercom was wired directly to the master intercom station. Upgrade your system with your choice of voice only, video, music, or Bluetooth-enabled intercom to increase security or to simply aid in communication within your home or venue. Whether commercial or residential, we have numerous choices available to suit your needs. Replace an entire intercom system or simply add to it with our various intercom system replacements available.

Compare IST RETRO-M & M&S Systems DMC3-4

Get Your Free INSTANT Quote for a Replacement Intercom

To receive a free, full replacement intercom system quote, simply start by selecting one of the three upgrade options available on the market (listed below). Our pricing is very competitive and we even offer large order discounts when replacing an entire system. Don't wait -- get your free quote today!


Replacement Intercom SystemsReplacement Intercom Systems  

IntraSonic Retro-M Intercom

  • Online Quote
  • Retrofit Upgrade / Replacement Intercom
  • Replaces most old 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 wire systems
  • Expandable to 13 zones total
  • Optional door release from indoor stations
  • Optional 8-ohm indoor & outdoor speakers
  • 4 audio options: Bluetooth, 3.5mm Jack, AM/FM radio presets, Auxiliary

M&S DMC3-4 Intercom

  • Online Quote
  • Retrofit Upgrade / Replacement Intercom
  • Replaces most old 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 wire systems
  • Supports 15 room stations & 3 door stations
  • Optional door release from indoor stations
  • Optional 45-ohm ceiling speakers
  • 4 audio options: Bluetooth, 3.5mm Jack, AM/FM radio presets, Auxiliary

Learn About Your Replacement Intercom System Options

If your existing home intercom system is giving you problems, it may be time to upgrade your system. Of course, a replacement intercom can bring a lot of questions with it. But before you start tearing wires out of the walls, let’s talk about replacing an existing intercom system. First, wiring is an important aspect to consider in this upgrade. We offer several retrofit intercom systems, meaning that these systems will replace your existing three, four, six seven or eight wire configurations. These upgrades for your home intercom system even come with custom sized adapter plates to prevent you from having patch old holes in the wall.

Having said that, there are replacements that need to be made when upgrading your intercom system. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy one piece and have a whole new system. Most systems need to be replaced in its entirety, including the master intercom station, room intercom stations, patio intercom stations, door intercoms, wall and speaker controls, and even the rough-in box or housing that your master station is mounted in.

That’s where we come in. Whether you are looking for a new intercom system or just replacing your old or out-dated system, look no further than the elite line of intercom systems offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. We offer several upgrade intercom systems that can replace existing Nutone, Broan, AudioTech and M&S Intercom Systems.

RETRO-M Replacement Intercom System by IntraSonic

Turn your home or office into an entertainment oasis with this replacement intercom system. As our leading upgrade solution, the RETRO-M intercom system allows you to stream music through multiple input sources throughout your residence. Communication is clear and direct throughout the system and is an ideal replacement for in-wall home intercom systems.

The IST RETRO-M can support up to 13 zones for a customized system of 10 room stations, 1 patio station and 2 door stations, for example. The system is compatible with three, four, six, seven or eight wire configurations. This replace intercom system also comes with 10 AM/FM presets and a USB port to charge your device. Bluetooth options are also available, allowing you to go wireless and stream your favorite tunes and audio content.

About RETRO-M Replacement Intercom

IntraSonic RETRO-M Replacement Intercom System

M&S DMC3-4 Replacement Intercom System by M&S Systems

M&S dmc3-4 upgrade music intercom

With multiple features you are sure to enjoy, the M&S DMC 3-4 or DMC 1 replacement intercom system offers the latest in home intercom technology. The DMC3-4 intercom system is retrofitted to replace three and four wire configurations and the DMC1 replaces 6-8 wire configurations. The system can support up to fifteen room stations and three door stations. Music streaming is available on the system with eight AM/FM presets and a standard 3.5mm jack when requested for Bluetooth device connection or direct plug-and-play music.

The M&S DMC upgrade home intercom system comes with door chime, doorbell intercom compatibility as well as stereo and optional power amplifier. While only using 30 watts of power, this replacement intercom system will provide the newest features while also keeping operating costs affordable.

About M&S DMC3-4 Replacement Intercom System

Free Instant Replacement Intercom System Quote

Below are answers to some of the more common questions we are asked from our customers.

  • Re-using old stations - Unless you have the M&S MC602 model you WILL have to replace ALL room intercom stations and patio intercom stations. If you are replacing a Nutone system of any type you will also have to replace doorbell stations, ceiling speakers and controls.
  • Wiring can always be re-used as long as these wires are home run straight back from each station to the master intercom. This is typically how most old M&S and Nutone systems were wired.
  • Drywall work - Drywall or patch work is not necessary since upgrade systems are designed with adapter plate options. BEC Audio also makes Custom Sized Frames for unique applications.
  • Master unit housing - The rough in box or housing that is in the wall for the existing master unit does have to be replaced when upgrading using the M&S or Nutone intercom upgrade products. If you decide to upgrade using the IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom you will be able to re-use the rough in housing in the wall as long as it is no taller than 10 inches in height. 
  • IPod's, Blue-Tooth, and CD players - We have a few different options for you here. The IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom Offers a portable music device compartment for iPods and iPhones with USB port for charging. There is also a Bluetooth device option with this system. This system does not have a CD player option. M&S Systems DMC1 & DMC3-4 offers the option to add a single disc CD player / iPod combo unit. This option also has a USB for charge. The M&S Systems also have an option for a six disc CD player (white only). The Nutone Intercom System NM100 & NM200 do not offer iPod iPhone capabilities and the CD player by Nutone has been discontinued.If keeping costs down is what you have in mind but you would still like to play your portable music through the system, we do offer master units with 3.5 mm Jack.
  • Choosing the right Stations - If you have the model number of your existing master unit most of our questions would be answered. If you have an M&S system now, the model number is typically on the bottom right-hand corner of the master units. It is hidden on the bottom of the master unit so you will need to look underneath. You can do this without removing the master unit. If you have a CD player it is likely that this unit would be blocking the model number. If you are replacing a Nutone, the model number is often on the front of the master unit and sometimes behind a closed door on the master. If you have no luck finding the model number you can remove one of the interior room intercom stations and simply count how many individual wires are connected to it. Typically you will see 3, 4 or 6 wires connected.
  • Door Stations - if you are replacing an M&S Systems Intercom with M&S Systems you can always reuse the door station. If you are replacing a Nutone Intercom System you will need to replace this regardless of which product you upgrade with.
  • Ceiling and Wall Speakers - if you have existing M&S music only ceiling or wall speakers you can reconnect these in some cases (if replacing system with M&S Systems) but not all. If you have Nutone music only ceiling or wall speakers you will not be able to read connect these two ANY new upgrade system. The IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom Is the only upgrade option that allow ceiling and wall speakers to be connected directly to any room station or patio station. The IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom does use 8 ohm speakers so you will not be able to reuse your existing M&S Systems speakers or your Nutone Intercom System speakers. However, if wiring is run from the ceiling or wall speakers directly to the room station or patio station you will be able to reuse the wire to install new speakers. You will need to check the size and of the current speakers.

Intercom nutone

What to do with old wired intercom system

Hey guys - this is the absolutely best thread on the net for this and I've followed each post and taken a bunch of notes to get a general notion of what's possible when replacing an old 4 wire intercom. So yay, thanks for all the contributions :) Here's my situation and I hope I can get some comments on specifics.

I've just moved into my new home that has an old, 1980's Mircom system.

Master station + 4 remotes in various bedrooms + 1 remote in the basement + 1 door unit.

I'd love to:

- dry wall patch over master station & basement station

- master station opening will move to the other side of the wall (which is inside my pantry, and I'll put in a box with a removable cover for easy access & code compliance - this would probably house my new transformer(s) + marine/car distribution block

- the four bedroom remotes will become 2x google home hubs & 2x google home minis (or I can patch over them & use my existing receptacle mounts)

- ideally a powered bell, leaning towards Google Nest Hello

In the above example, I see:

2 x google home hubs v1 - 14V @ 1.1A

1 x nest hello @ 16-24V @ 10+ VA

[optional] 2 x google home mini v1 - 5V @ 1.7W ea

My current transformer that's somewhere in the basement seems to send 9V through the intercom. So I'm thinking the following for the circuitry:

- upgrade the 9V transformer to ... 16V ?

- 16V line in the new master panel can go to a small block and then to the NH unit and the two Home Hubs (hopefully the 16V would satisfy them both)

- 16V is also spliced to power a 16V to 5V step down transformer, 2nd block and that can power my minis

Does that make sense at all? I'm a bit confused by the fact that each remote unit has only four wires so it seems they're serialized, not parallelized, right? In that case sending power to each remote individually would not work. Also, would I have to worry about too much current over these dinky wires or am I still mostly ok?

Finally, It looks like I've a few dual cables run to some locations - eg see on the picture how one of my remotes uses one bundle and not the other and the outside uses the separate one. Could that be of help?

Either way, I'd appreciate any and all help.



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No, we no longer offer Intercoms as of February 1, 2018. We will honor the product warranty that was in effect at the time you made the product purchase.


The standard warranty on all NuTone intercom products is (2) years from date of purchase.


There are several ways to get service. If you go to our website look for the “Service Center Locator” search  ( . All you will need to do, is select "Intercoms" and enter your “zip” code to find any service centers in your area. You may also call the toll-free Customer Service line at 888-336-3948. We will be glad to tell you if and where there are service centers near you.


For the NuTone Retrofit Compatibility Charts Click Here


Most NuTone intercoms have the model number on the front of the panel. If there is a door that opens on the front, the model will most likely be on a label affixed to the door.


Older and some current systems were designed to be installed in a “looped” or “home-run” fashion. “Looped” means that the speakers are wired from speaker to speaker to speaker. “Homerun” means that each speaker is ran back to the master, all alone and by itself.

To determine how your system is wired, a number count of cables at the master and the number of remote speakers must be done. If there are as many cables, as speakers, you have “home-run” wiring. On the other hand, if the number of speakers exceeds the number of cables at the master, your system is “looped”.


Listed below are the various models and cable recommendations.
NM200 –Category 5 (Cat 5)
NM100 - Will use the existing 3 or 4 conductor cable.


The maximum allowable number of speakers varies by model. (See below)
NM200 – 15 remotes plus 3 doors.
NM100 – 15 remotes plus 3 doors for 4 wire. 13 remotes plus 3 doors for 3 wire.


Yes. It can be updated to the NM100 series; however, you will need to change everything except the wire.


Yes. In most cases, there is an RCA type audio input “jack” on the back side of the master (inside the wall). Most any auxiliary device of this type (with the appropriate connectors) can be plugged into and played over the intercom system. The IA-30WH wall plate can be used to accomplish this task.


No. This system is designed to be installed on existing 3 or 4 wire cable. Oscillation may occur if Cat 5 is used. (NuTone IWA-3 is recommended for 3 wire updates and NuTone IW-4 is recommended for 4 wire updates.)


No. Due to impedance and other electronic differences, there is no compatibility between the two systems


Yes. There are “update” frames for many of the older remote speakers and masters, which in most cases were larger than the current units. Please see our catalog or website for specific frames required.


No. The stand-alone electronic chimes will only function with the IM/IMA series. They are incompatible with the NM series.


No. Unfortunately, due to voltage and audio reasons, the NM series components are not compatible with the IM/IMA series of intercoms.


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