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Save $40 on the versatile Corsair K68 Mechanical keyboard at Amazon

If you're in the market for a rock-solid gaming keyboard deal, the Corsair K68 RGB is on sale at Amazon for $79.99 ($40 off). The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard sports the ultra-reliable Cherry MX Red switches, features dedicated media controls, and comes packaged with a detachable wrist rest. Unless you're specifically looking for the feel of a  different type of switch or potentially dedicated macro keys, this keyboard checks all the boxes.

The K68 is built on a spill-resistant and durable aluminum frame, ensuring this keyboard can withstand even the most intense gaming sessions. We even tried t break it in our destruction test to no avail. Additionally, the IP32 water and dust resistance help to keep things tidy. The K68 also features dynamic, per-key RGB backlighting, customizable by Corsair's flexible iCue software and with the 8MB onboard memory, you can store macro and lighting profiles, letting you take your take your personalized keyboard wherever your gaming takes you. This keyboard also has anti-ghosting and full key rollover to ensure that every input reads true. The Corsair K68 is a rugged and reliable instrument, with some fun options, making it an attractive option for any gamer.  

It may not be as feature complete as some of Corsair's more recent models, like the K95 RGB Platinum, but if you're looking for a solid mechanical keyboard, the K68 won't let you down. But if you'd like the lowdown on our top picks, check out our guide to the best gaming keyboards. 

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Corsair Gaming K68 (Cherry MX Red)

Very good product

Very good product, solid, sober and efficient. The market lacks normal keyboards: no extra keys for macros, no RGB backlighting that inflates the price, a simple and right sized palm rest (they are often too big and too reimbursed), no super-fast USB hub, no braided wire.The red backlighting is a particular choice. Theoretically, red is less damaging to the eyes at night, and more relaxing. In practice, I would have preferred white. The IP32 certification is achieved by large rubber plates that cover the switches (almost to the top). I find this much more useful than RGB backlighting or macro keys. The keyboard is very comfortable to type on, not as comfortable as Cherry MX green or blue switches (the ones that make noise), but I expected Cherry MX red switches to be more noisy. This keyboard is still noisy. It's surprising as the switches are covered with rubber. I thought the sound of typing would be muffled. Compared to the superior model, the K70, the price-quality ratio is much better, and the problem with the sound of the metal that made me send the K70 back is much smaller.

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CORSAIR K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED, Cherry MX Red, Dust and Spill Resistant

Pros: + • Cherry MX Red switches. • Excellent key response: great for gaming & typing. • Key strokes are not overly loud, yet still maintain a nice clicky clack. • Tactile “gripy” space bar. • Solid construction and premium feel. • Key caps have a nice sturdy, smooth feel, and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. • Dedicated buttons for LED brightness and Windows Key lock. • Dedicated Multimedia and Volume and Mute buttons. • Individual per key LED lighting. • Programmable LED lighting effects: pulse, wave, rain, visor (think Cylon raider or Knight Rider) and Type Lighting: Key and Ripple. With Key the keys illuminate where your key presses are, with Ripple the keys send an outward wave from each key pressed. You can even layer the effects to make unique designs. If the effects don't suit your mood you can easily switch back to static lighting. • The K68 features a shallow frame bordering the keys, which allows for easy cleaning. • Adjustable USB polling rate. • Per key definable macros using the Corsair Utility Engine control panel.

Cons: - My only gripe is not with the keyboard, but rather the Corsair software. The software is counter-intuitive to use at first, which can easily lead to confusion with the keyboard lighting and macro features.

Overall Review: ~ The key stokes are very responsive with actuation at about a quarter way into a full key stroke thanks to the Cherry MX Red switches. The feel of the keyboard has a nice weight to the body lending to a stable typing and gaming experience on my desk. The design is refined and has an appealing understated tasteful aesthetic that doesn’t jump out and scream “look at me” (at least until you turn on the LED lighting effects). Corsair took a very tasteful approach to designing the keyboard aesthetics and layout, no extra space was wasted for unnecessary macro or “gaming” keys. This refined design will be welcomed to people that have limited desk or keyboard footprint space The keyboard lettering font has a tasteful and refined classic sans appearance, the worded keys (enter, print screen, etc.) have acceptable size and kerning for easy identification. The LED brightness, Windows key lock and Multimedia buttons are handy and a welcome addition to the keyboard. Some competitors use a special Fn + key to make brightness adjustments, or control multimedia functions, which can lead to key fumbling. I really like that Corsair added dedicated controls, they make a big difference when you need them. The LED key lighting was well thought out, with each individual key having its own LED, and a nice muted red rubber tray under the keys providing soft ambient lighting from the LEDs and liquid protection. There are four levels of LED brightness if you include off. The highest brightness level is not too bright, and doesn’t seem to distract the eye. The red LED light is not too harsh on the eyes in a dark setting, and doesn’t seem to add any fatigue or excessive strain. The Corsair CUE software is a control panel for most of the Corsair peripheral products, as such they use it to lightly market other products to you at the main menu (you can disable this in the “global settings > “show only connected devices”). The controls for the K68 are minimal aside from setting up lighting effects or macros. You can set the USB polling rate from 125 to 1000 MHz, or disable certain key combos if the Windows lock button is on such as Alt + Tab, Shift + Tab or Alt + F4. Oddly the USB polling rate isn’t even located in the keyboard settings, but rather in the CUE “global settings”. The main functionality of CUE is to enable the LED effects, and macro editor, but its set up in a counter intuitive way that may confuse some users. For example when you go into the keyboard settings and pick a lighting effect from the drop down menu, nothing happens. Worse is if you delete the default lighting effects, the LEDs go dark. For some reason the software designers made the decision to only enable macro and lighting effects on user selected keys, but give NO indication in the control panel that this is what you need to do: to make lighting effects work, Click Drag a box around the keys you want to enable for the lighting effect (drag or select individual keys for macros). To further, if you enable “advanced” mode, that mode is treated as a separate user profile and you will again have to set up the profile to your liking. And finally the macros and lighting effects will not function if the CUE software isn’t running, but will resume if the application is started again, so no on-board settings memory. Outside of using macros or running lighting effects, I have not needed to use the control panel. I was using a different mechanical keyboard previously, so I didn’t have to adjust to much. Once you become accustomed to a mechanical keyboard you probably wouldn’t want to go back to a membrane or dome switch keyboard. The level of control is much more precise than a membrane or dome switch keyboard, and is most apparent when gaming. Initially it did require a little time to make the adjustment to the speed of the Cherry MX Red switches as they actuate much faster than dome or membrane keyboards, but it wasn’t a lengthy or difficult transition. Overall I have been absolutely satisfied with the performance, look and feel of this keyboard, making it an easy choice for me to recommend. The Cherry MX Red switches provide excellent response in gaming and typing, the back lighting is bright, and evenly lit making it easy to see keys in dark settings. The dedicated multimedia, brightness and window lock controls are very welcomed features. The added bling from the LED effects and the macro functionality are a big plus and easily outshine the questionable design UI of the CUE software, which is easy to use once you learn the methodology. The keyboard gets 5 eggs, and has a seat as my go to keyboard. I am not going to rate the keyboard by the accompanying software, which in the end does work.

Corsair K68 Keyboard Review - Can it survive?

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - US Layout - Red Key Switches by Corsair

The CORSAIR K68 RGB ultra-durable mechanical keyboard combines vivid per-key RGB backlighting, up to IP32 water and dust resistance and 100% CHERRY MX keyswitches, allowing you to play on, whatever happens.

Virtually unlimited lighting customization, or use a variety of on-board pre-installed effects.

Help protect from accidents so your gameplay never has to stop with IP32 protection.

Gold-contact CHERRY MX mechanical gaming keyswitches deliver the ultimate competitive advantage.

Intuitive and powerful CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) enables sophisticated macro programming and dynamic lighting effects.

No matter how fast your in-game actions are, every keypress registers correctly.

Adjust audio on-the-fly, without interrupting your game. Stay focused and prevent accidental Windows and Context Menu key presses.

Removable palm rest for complete comfort.

DESIGN STYLEGaming / Straight
FEATURESDetachable wrist rest
Cherry MX red key switches
DIMENSIONS455 mm x 170 mm x 39 mm
WEIGHT1.41 kg
WARRANTY2 years manufacturers warranty

K68 switches corsair


Corsair K68 Keyboard Review!


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