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Antique Wall Sconces

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Wall Light Switch

The right table lamp, outwardly sculptural chandelier or understated wall pendant can work wonders for your home. While we’re indebted to thinkers like Thomas Edison for critically important advancements in lighting and electricity, we’re still finding new ways to customize illumination to fit our personal spaces all these years later. 

Today, lighting designers like the self-taught Bec Brittain have used the flexible structure of LEDs to craft glamorous solutions by working with what is typically considered a harsh lighting source. By integrating glass and mirrors, reflection can be used to soften the glow from LEDs and warmly welcome light into any space.

Although contemporary innovators continue to impress, some of the classics can’t be beat. 

Just as gazing at the stars allows you to glimpse the universe’s past, vintage chandeliers like those designed by Gino Sarfatti and J. & L. Lobmeyr, for example, put on a similarly stunning show, each with a rich story to tell. As dazzling as it is, the Arco lamp, on the other hand, prioritizes functionality — it’s wholly mobile, no drilling required. Designed in 1962 by architect-product designers Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the piece takes the traditional form of a streetlamp and creates an elegant, arching floor fixture for at-home use. There is no shortage of modernist lighting similarly prized by collectors and casual enthusiasts alike — the Tripod floor lamp by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, Greta Magnusson-Grossman's sleek and minimalist Grasshopper lamps and, of course, the wealth of postwar experimental lighting that emerged from Italian artisans at Arredoluce, FLOS and many more are hallmarks in illumination innovation. 

With decades of design evolution behind it, home lighting is no longer just practical. Crystalline shaping by designers like Gabriel Scott turns every lighting apparatus into a luxury accessory. A new installation doesn’t merely showcase a space; carefully chosen ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps can create a mood, spotlight a favorite piece or highlight your unique personality.

The sparkle that your space has been missing is waiting for you amid the growing collection of antique, vintage and contemporary lighting on 1stDibs.

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Antique & Vintage Inspired Wall Sconces

Antique & Vintage Inspired Sconces

To give your walls the fashion-forward look of decades past, vintage inspired wall sconces are a great solution. Antique reproduction globe and dome styles can bring extra light to bathroom walls, while lantern sconces can recreate the look of an antique candle sconce for hallways, foyers and entryways. With our wide variety of traditional materials, including iron, silver, bronze, brass and wood, you can also find vintage looking wall sconces that are perfect for other spaces like dining rooms and bedrooms. To style a room that incorporates both traditional and modern elements, discover our collections of modern rugs and contemporary table lamps.

Did you know that wall sconce light fixtures have been in use for centuries, even before electric lights? Learn more about this timeless light fixture, which can pair so well with antique and vintage-inspired designs, in our wall sconce design guide! 
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Wall switch with antique sconce


Installing Wireless Accent Sconce Lights


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