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Ginny Weasley was not used to not loving Harry Potter. She had loved Harry ever since she met him back when he was a first year. She had hardly known a version of herself that wasn't in some way formed around the Boy-Who-Lived.

But when she had him, it wasn't right, and they both knew that. Harry would rather fantasize about the men in quidditch magazines and Ginny just wanted someone who was real and ordinary and adventurous all at once. She had always thought she would find that in Harry, but it wasn't the case. So only two months into her seventh and his eighth year, they broke it off.

Of course, being a mutual thing, it was easy for them to become close friends. She became his outlet for things he could never dream of telling Ron or even Hermione (mostly things revolving around Harry's gayness). And she confided in him about pretty much everything. She was happy having him as a close friend instead of a boyfriend. Her life, though some of her friends doubted her honesty, was going perfectly. She was happy. Then Headmistress McGonagall had seventh years who wanted and all eighth year  students of all houses hold weekly bonding nights (usually with butterbeer and muggle games) in the hopes of interhouse unity.

At first, she, as well as most of the others, were not keen on the idea. However, they always ended up having a lot of fun. Her and Harry had even begun to mingle with some slytherins, Hermione was still struggling to get Ron to do so as well. But it was nice.

Then came a game of truth or dare in which one Blaise Zabini (she had always found him attractive for someone who was not Harry and also a slytherin) targeted her with every chance. Then towards the end of the game he had dared her to go out to Hogsmead with him the following weekend and of course she wasn't going to back out of a dare. Everyone had been silent and shocked after Ginny said she accepted the dare date.

She hasn't expected to enjoy her date with Blaise, but she did. He was charming and honest and he made her smile brighter than she had in years. After the first date she had spent many hours ranting and raving to Harry that she doubted Blaise saw her as more than a dare, Harry told Ginny he was certain it was more. She didn't quite believe Harry until Blaise approached her about a second date.

Blaise had been shocked she kept accepting his offers, he hadn't pegged Ginny Weasley as someone who would like him. But he was never more happy to be proven wrong. He really liked the Weaslette, as he used to call her. To what extent shocked him thoroughly. Blaise was usually the player that somehow managed to keep them all coming back for more. He was so used to having any girl he wanted to fawn over him while he kept them gladly at arm's length. There was just something about Ginny that made him slowly bring his arm in a little closer, pulling her in instead of pushing her out. It was odd and unexpected but he loved it.

There relationship didn't remain known only by those at the bonding nights for long though, word spread like wildfire after some fourth year ravenclaw saw them holding hands as they roamed the streets of Hogsmead (their third date actually). Even though Blaise preferred his personal life remain personal, he was surprisingly okay with the world knowing he was dating Ginny. About a month into their endeavor they became official and he was proud to call her his girlfriend. Rumors flew on all ends of the spectrum some of his favorites were: "did you hear that Blaise is dating a blood traitor to spite his family" (No, but that is a plus), "I hear Blaise spelled her into dating him" ( his Ginny should really have a talk with those bloody Gryffindors), and "I heard he brought her into his private bedroom quarters in the dungeons to make her his sex slave" ( that is disturbing enough without mentioning it was said by a Hufflepuff). However neither he or Gin payed much mind to the rumors, they were too busy dealing with Ron.

All of the other Weasleys had accepted Blaise with limited resistance claiming they trusted Ginny, not to mention her skills with jinxes and hexes would back her up, but Ron would not stop being a stubborn git saying that Blaise was not to be trusted. Ginny professed to her brother that he didn't have to trust Blaise if Ron only trusted her enough to let Blaise attempt to prove himself. Hermione and Harry agreed with Ginny on this and were giving Blaise a chance. But he could tell it really hurt her that her brother wouldn't do the same.

Ginny was upset with Ron but she knew he'd eventually come around so she kept on pushing threw. And she was rewarded, three months after they became official Blaise surprised her with a romantic dinner and confessed that he loved her. Ginny wishes she could say she rushed to proclaim her love for him too, that is what she felt for him, but that's not what happened. No, she started CRYING and ran away. Of course she found him later on that night to tell him she loved him too and to apologize for running. Blaise just kissed her and said not to worry, he knew she felt the same.

So that's how they ended up here a year later, in the Burrow with all their friends and family on Christmas. Blaise's mom, Draco, Harry, Neville, Luna, Teddy, Hermione and all the Weasleys were spending the holidays together in the warmth of the fireplace and the love they shared for each other. Ginny was nuzzled into Blaise's side on the floor with everyone else surrounding them while Ron watched from the corner, unseen. Ron watched the way Blaise held his baby sister close and the way they looked at each other like the other hung up the moon, he knew what he had to do.

He approached the pair and awkwardly tapped on Blaise's shoulder waving him towards the corner Ron had been occupying. Blaise followed under Ginny's watchful eye, when he and Ron reached the spot he nodded at Ginny and she reluctantly turned around to start a conversation with Hermione, Harry and Draco.

With his hands buried deep in his pockets, Ron began to speak quietly to Blaise, "I reckon I owe you an apology. I know now that you truly love my sister and that as unexpected as this is you will never hurt her. And I may not like you just yet, but I trust you and more importantly Ginny loves you too. I thought you might like to know what I had to say."

"Well Weasley, I know it may be stretching things with your newfound trust a bit, but I need to ask your permission on something important," Blaise grinned, pulling a little velvet box out of his pocket," I want to marry your sister, Ron. And I respect your opinion and your relationship with your sister enough to ask for your blessing."

"This doesn't mean I like you, brother," Ron replied swinging an arm over Blaise's shoulder as they returned to the gathering.

Blaise grabbed Ginny's hand and pulled her up as all their loved ones smiled at them knowingly, Ginny fidgeting with the collar of her turtleneck. She smiled at him questioningly, giving Blaise the courage he needed to do this. He slowly got down on one knee, opened the red velvet box, and said, "Ginny Weasley, will you marry me?"

She pushed back the tears brimming her eyes and nodded furiously mouthing "yes" over and over because she was too overjoyed to speak.


Giving him a skeptical look, she stepped away and out of his arms, almost regretting it instantly but ignoring that feeling as she pushed past him. "You better not let your little girlfriend catch you holding me like that.

"Are you jealous, Hermione?"

She stopped and looked back at him. "What on earth gave you that idea?"

He was smirking, his hands in his pockets as he slowly walked towards her. "Because I'm fairly certain that Pansy Parkinson is not and never will be my girlfriend."

He stopped in front of her and she raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest as she shifted her weight to one leg, almost losing her balance before catching it again. "Then what was that display at the Black Lake the other day?"

"Were you watching me?" He grinned at her, and when she didn't respond, Draco could help but laugh. "You are jealous!"

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini are both Veelas, and they are trying to get close to their mates, Hermione and Ginny respectively. However, getting their girls will prove more difficult than they had hoped.

All characters used belong to JK Rowling; Originally posted on Wattpad under me, salty_mermaid; currently M reads on Wattpad

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Blaise stirred for a few seconds before he slowly opened his eyes. Looking around he only saw one person around and shockingly it wasn't either of his best mates. It was Ginny. When she saw he'd seen her she say up in her chair and removed her hand from his, or tried to but he wouldn't let her hand go. "Don't. Please." He whispered.

Ginny stopped struggling to remove her hand and settled back in her chair, "I was worried you wouldn't wake up for anther day. You've been out for one so why not add another right?" Ginny chuckled.

"I've been sleeping for an entire day? Have Draco and Hermione visited?"

"I think they came when we were both asleep, although the I'm not really sure."

"Did they come together?"

"Most likely. It's Draco and Hermione."

Blaise have her a questioning stare and she sighed. "You haven't picked up on the tension between them? They're so in love. But both are too stubborn to even admit it. But they're always whispering to each other and she's always grabbing her upper arm and he's always grabbing her hand."

"Uh you do realize that I'm holding your hand right now right?"

"Yes. But this is in more of aa friendly way?" The way she said it made it sound more like a question rather than a statement and she gulped too hard for it to be true.

Blaise smiled weakly, "yeah I guess. So when can I get out of here?"

"Later today I think. You've been in here since Friday and it's now Sunday."

"That's a relief."

Ginny phased for a second to examine the boy, "yeah. It is."

And exactly as she said, later that day Ginny helped Blaise he out of the hospital wing and down the the great hall. Harry and Ron were staring at her as if she were a creature and she couldn't handle it so she turned away and walked Blaise to his table. His left arm was slung around her neck and his right hand was across his body holding onto hers. "Thank you." He managed when she set him down on the seat.

She began to walk away with a slight nod but again he refused to let her go, "don't go over there. Sit with us. They were looking at you weirdly anyways."

Ginny turned to look behind her to see that Harry and Ron were still looking at her in a weird way. She sighed and turned to sit back down with the boy. "You're difficult to deal with. Let go of my hand, I need it to eat with."

Blaise chuckled and let go of the girls hand, "Hermione and Draco should be here soon." And right as he said it they walked into the great hall with Hermione gripping onto Malfoy's upper arm (as she always did) ignoring all the weird stares, even the ones from her so called best friends.

They walked together and sat across from Ginny and Blaise and began to eat.

The ending was kind of awkward. Okay but this was a Ginny and Blaise chapter but this is a dramione story so I had to add in a little bit of them. And to Clarify, no Draco and Hermione aren't dating. Hermione just holds onto his arm a lot. And Ginny and Blaise aren't dating either, they just love to tease ya know. Jk, I'm just slowly transitioning the two pairings together so that it isn't as shocking when it finally happens and I think the hospital wing was the perfect way to unite blinny, does anyone agree?

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