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Ready-To-Use UV-C LED Modules

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Term Accounts

Same day approval of term accounts for qualifying organizations.

To apply, submit your organization name, billing address, and the name, email address & phone number of the person responsible for your accounts payable here.

Quote Service

Get a formal quote for any quantity or product that we offer within a few hours.

Simply add your products to the cart and look for the 'Instant Quote Request' button on the checkout page.

Scheduled Shipments

Scheduled shipments makes it easier to schedule the delivery of parts to meet your production timelines.

Available to all of our term account customers at no additional cost, simply submit your PO with the part numbers, quantities and required delivery dates for each shipment, and we will ensure that your order arrives just before or on your required dock date.

Dedicated LED Stock

Our Dedicated LED Stock service will ensure that your smaller, repeat orders of LED modules are built using the same LED bin number each time you order.

Use of this service requires that you initially purchase a full reel of LEDs. (Most reels contain 1000 LEDs). This reel will be reserved and only used to build your LED modules as they are ordered.

Once a consistent ordering pattern has been established, we will consider covering the cost of purchasing and holding additional reels that will be reserved for your orders.

Contact us for more details.

Custom LED Module/Arrays

Need a unique LED module design for your application? We offer a low cost LED module design and manufacturing service.

There is a one time design/setup fee of $650 (USD) and a minimum dollar order amount for your first order. (Typically around $1000 depending on your design and quantity requirements.) There are no minimum order requirements for subsequent orders.

To get a quote for your specific needs, email a drawing or sketch of your LED module design along with the Lumileds LED(s) that need to be mounted, and we will prepare a detailed quote.

Note that we are only able to produce LED modules or arrays with Lumiled LEDs, passive components, mounted optics and connectors. We currently do not offer services for the design and manufacture of light engines.

Binned LED Modules

Need LED modules that are built using a specific bin number? If you order enough LED modules that require at least one full reel of LEDs (typically 1000 LEDs), then you can also request that your order be built using a specific bin.

To request a bin for your order, simply include your preferred bin number in the comments field of your online order, or on your PO. As we cannot always guarantee that a particular bin number will be available, you also need to specify at least two alternate bin numbers when you order.

You can learn more about LED binning here.

Sours: https://www.luxeonstar.com/

Lumileds LED Cooling

LED Components

Image title

The Lumileds Luxeon COB is a new breakthrough in efficacy for LED arrays. Due to its industry leading small Light Emitting Surfaces (LES), the COB array is very easy to work with and will enable easier and less expensive designs.

MechaTronix has developed unique passive and active LED coolers to fit the whole range of Luxeon COB arrays. The fantastic asthetics and the optimal thermal performances of our ModuLED Luxeon COB coolers are a true game changer. On top of that we have designed a double mounting pattern on all our Lumileds coolers, what makes that you can choose during your design to mount the COB directly on the heat sink, or can use a LED holder for solderless mounting.

Sours: https://www.led-heatsink.com/lumileds-led-cooling/
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Lumileds logo.png
HeadquartersAmsterdam, the Netherlands

Key people

Matt Roney replaced Jonathan Rich as CEO October 1st 2020

Steve Barlow, President, Automotive BU
Leon Pikaar, SVP & GM, LED Solutions BU
Ajay Marathe, Chief Operating Officer
Cheree McAlpine, Chief Legal Officer
Jan Paul Teuwen, Chief Financial Officer
Oleg Shchekin, Chief Technology Officer

Alex Klein, Chief HR Officer
ProductsLEDs, Lighting, Automotive Lighting

Number of employees

>7000 (2021)

Lumileds is a lighting company that develops, manufactures, and distributes LEDs, light bulbs, and related products for automotive lighting, general lighting, and specialty lighting. Lumileds operates as a private company, having funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management.


Lumileds was formed in November 1999 as a joint venture between Philips Lighting and Agilent Technologies. Upon Philips' acquisition in 2005, Lumileds became a business unit within Philips Lighting and became known as Philips Lumileds Lighting Company.[1]

In March 2015, Lumileds parent company Philips agreed to sell an 80.1 percent stake in the business to the investment fund, Go Scale.[2] In October 2015, Financial Times reported that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) regulatory body may block the $2.9B deal owing to fears of Chinese subversion of the US high-tech sector.[3] The deal was cancelled in January, 2016, due to the CFIUS concerns.[4] CFIUS concerns were based on transfer of gallium nitride semiconductor technology, which is used in LEDs as well as defense applications.[5]

In December 2016, Philips announced that it has signed an agreement to sell an 80.1% interest in Lumileds to certain funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management. Philips retains the remaining 19.9% interest in Lumileds. The transaction was completed in July 2017, under customary closing conditions, including the relevant regulatory approvals.[6]

IP strategist Keaton Parekh helped separate the intellectual property portfolio after the spin off from Philips.[7]

Products and applications[edit]

The company sells products for automotive, illumination and specialty applications,[8] with automotive lighting comprising 60% of its sales in 2015.[9]

In architectural lighting they released the Luxeon C in 2015, a family of high-power LED light sources capable of delivering multiple colors from a single focal length.[10]

Lumileds LEDs are used in the Bridge of Peace, an illuminated pedestrian bridge in Tbilisi, and in the Times Square Ball made by Waterford Crystal.[11]

Patent dispute with Epistar[edit]

Lumileds had a history of patent disputes with competitor Epistar over the use of AlInGaP LED technology. However, in September, 2009, Philips Lumileds signed an agreement to license AlInGaP technology to Epistar.[12]

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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumileds
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