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Project from Camera View?

Tried for a hour and can’t find any solution that does not involve stretching or distorted result .

I attached a simple example blend with the picture to UV project on it.
Here’s what i obtain with a U -> UV Project and trying to tweak the settings from the F6 popup (i mean disabling the “correct aspect” that mess up the perspective of the projection):

-Camera size is correct (same X/Y resolution as the picture)
-Lens of the camera is good and the model fits the correct 3D space

But the result as seen in the screenshot is distorted.
Only thing i found was in a Blenderguru tutorial, after unwrapping to subdivide the model, very oddly it fixes the stretching, but if you compare the image and the mapped texture, it’s not good either (compare the house windows size to see what i mean) :
And increasing the face count of something that is a basic shape is not really good if you work with complex scenes and want to optimise the display performance.

I noticed a tutorial on Blenderguru that use “sticky” mapping to work around this annoying problem, but it’s not what i want as i want to use “uv” type of mapping.
If anyone can find a solution to get a good solution for this simple example .blend, it would be very helpfull.


Blender Camera Mapping

How To :Use camera mapping in Blender

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How To :Create 3D realistic rain within Blender

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How To :UV Map in Blender

In this Blender tutorial you will learn how to do basic UV Mapping on a box.

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How To :Pan & zoom in on images with nodes in Blender

Using nodes, this Blender tutorial will show you how to pan (more the camera side to side) and zoom in/out on a portion of an image. In fact, you can make a web video out of a static HD image, as if you had a video camera while you were there! Whether you're new to the Blender ...more

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How To :Rotate and spin images in Blender

See how to spin images using Blender. First, you'll see how to use the UV-Textured plane rig and physically rotate the mesh. Next, you'll see how to use Nodes, and then the Sequencer. This clip discusses Orthographic camera scaling, animation, and considerations about clipping ...more

How To :Do localized image distortion in Blender

See how to do localized image distortion using Blender. The rig is a simple UV-textured plane filmed using an orthographic camera. You then subdivide the plane, add some curve guides, and use proportional editing to alter an image. The above before-after shot shows a nose job ...more

How To :Add 3D objects to your videos

Software needed: Voodoo motion tracker, virtual dub and blender Open virtual dub. File, open video file, select video. You want to motion track. File, export image sequence. Export as a series of picture files. Create a project folder to keep all files. Open voodoo. File, loa ...more

How To :Use the camera with 3D and 2D objects in Cinema 4D

In this video series, our expert John Carstarphen will show you how to integrate 2D and 3D, add geometry, place geometry, do frontal mapping, alter image distortion, and match lighting. He will teach you how to place a tube object, fine tune the animation, and about keyframes. ...more

How To :Create a 4D camera move from a still picture

This tutorial shows you how to use 3D Studio Max to create a 4D camera move from a 2D still photograph. You create the illusion of movement with a few simple computer tricks. Modelling is really quick for a great result. Known as camera mapping, this technique is often used i ...more

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Jan van den Hemel writes:

Continuing from yesterday's tip about camera calibration, it's easy to go to the next step which is projection mapping! Find out how in this quick tip.

About Author

Jan van den Hemel

Hi, my name is Jan and I help companies by creating short videos for their websites and internal use, mostly as a freelancer for agencies. I post daily one-minute tutorials for Blender users and wrote the popular "Blender Secrets" e-books.


how to make easy projection mapping in blender 2 8

Is it possible to do projection mapping with blender

  • CREATE A PLACEHOLDER IMAGE: Use any drawing software that allows you to work in full screen mode. This is a must. For example Blender:

    • Open Blender, set the render size to match projector.
    • Go to Blender-> UV/Image Editor, create a new image matching the projector and render size, enter paint mode, set radius to 1 and paint stroke to line (choose high contrast background/line), and draw diagonals precisely to mark center and corners. -While still in the UV/Image Editor; go to View -> Duplicate Area into New Window. -Drag that window into the second display (the projector). -Enter full screen with the following commands alt+F9 and alt+F11.
  • DRAW GEOMETRY ON THE PLACEHOLDER IMAGE: The idea is to place yourself inside the projector so you can obtain an image of what the projector "sees". Now you must draw lines that will help you understand the scene when you import the image into fSpy. While watching the real, scene that should now have the placeholder image projected on it, trace as many straight lines as you can. Keep in mind that you need to define 2 or 3 sets of vanishing points (lines that are parallel in reality but that would eventually converge when projected to 2D perspective. Save the image.

  • CALIBRATE IN fSpy: Open the image and use fSpy to calibrate focal length, camera position, center point. Keep in mind the number of vanishing points you have, different options will give you different results. Save the fSpy.

  • IMPORT CALIBRATION INTO BLENDER: You have to install the plugin for your version of Blender. Once you import the fSpy file you should have a new calibrated camera in the scene looking at the center of the scene (which should correspond to the center point as you placed in fSpy).

  • RECREATE GEOMETRY: Set your placeholder image as a background image and. Model the surfaces you want to have mapping content, and create your motion graphics content.

  • MAPPING: Go crazy using realtime or rendered video output for sweet open source mapping. The best part is that if anyone moves your projector, you can simply repeat the calibration and match the scene with no need to alter the content.

  • Sours:

    Blender camera mapping

    Blender 2.73 Blam Camera Mapping Tutorial

    Youtube 2015-01-21 09:14tutorial  > Blender  > modeling

    Spend five minutes to learn how to map camera in Blender.


    This is a quick intro, Blam also allows you to exactly calibrate your camera to an image through use of drawing parallel and vertical lines on the image with the grease pencil. If you want to use an image with foreground elements, say a tree or a wall, you will have to go into photoshop and clean up your background plate to remove those elements,'ll find some pretty whacky stuff happens when you move into the shot past those elements.

    Author: YoutubeEditor: Michał Franczak

    Tags: blendercameramatchblam6

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    How to do Camera Mapping in Blender

    UV Project Modifier¶


    Projecting the Blender logo onto Suzanne.¶

    The UV Project modifier acts like a slide projector. It emits a UV map from the negative Z axis of a controller object (such as an empty object), and applies it to the object as the “light” hits it.

    Download an example.



    The UV Project modifier.¶

    UV Map

    Which UV map to modify. Defaults to the active rendering layer.

    Aspect X/Y

    Changes the image’s aspect ratio. Only apply when a camera is used as projector object.

    Scale X/Y

    Scales the image. Only apply when a camera is used as projector object.


    Up to ten projector objects are supported. Each face will choose the closest and aligned projector with its surface normal. Projections emit from the negative Z axis (i.e. straight down a camera or light). If the projector is a camera, the projection will adhere to its perspective/orthographic setting.


    Specify the projector object(s).



    UV Project is great for making spotlights more diverse, and also for creating decals to break up repetition.

    Usually, an Image Texture node mapped to the UV map that the modifier targets is added to the object’s material.

    Known Limitations¶

    Vertices Behind the Camera¶

    When projecting geometry in a perspective view, vertices behind the camera are not properly mapped. You can workaround this by subdividing geometry so that faces in front of the camera have correctly mapped UVs.

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