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Steps for Solving Linear Equation
Swap sides so that all variable terms are on the left hand side.
Subtract e from both sides.
Dividing by -1 undoes the multiplication by -1.
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Swap sides so that all variable terms are on the left hand side.
Subtract e from both sides.
Dividing by -1 undoes the multiplication by -1.

Solve by Radical: xⁿ=c - Expii

Solving xn=c with prime factorization

Suppose c is a real number. We want to solve the equation and find the real solutions of xn=c

If n is odd, then there is always a unique real solution for x: x=n√c the nth root of c.

If n is even, we have to be more careful. First, there are no real solutions if c is negative. If c=0, there will just be the solution x=0. If 0">c>0, there will be a positive real solution and a negative real solution. x=±n√c

To simplify the nth root further when c is an integer (or sometimes a fraction), it helps to further break down c. Write c in terms of its prime factorization, we can then simplify.

For example, say c=240. We can use a prime factorization method to find: 240=2⋅2⋅2⋅2⋅3⋅5

Depending on what n is, x will be different.

If n=2, then:


So, the solutions of x2=240 are x=4√15 and x=−4√15. Note that both of these are real, not complex, solutions.

If n=3, then:


So, the real solution of x3=240 is x=23√30. (If you're curious, you can learn more about complex solutions on our site.)

Here is a graphic with the general method of solving by square roots and cube roots.

x^2=c <---> x=+-sqrt(c). Example: x^2=4 <---> x=+-sqrt(4) = +-2. Also, x^3=c <---> x=cubeRoot(c). Example: x^3=27 <---> x=cubeRoot(27)=3.

Image source: By Caroline Kulczycky

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Absolute value equations

Absolute Value Equation entered :


Step by step solution :

Step  1  :

Rearrange this Absolute Value Equation

Absolute value equalitiy entered
      |c-5| = 7 

Step  2  :

Clear the Absolute Value Bars

Clear the absolute-value bars by splitting the equation into its two cases, one for the Positive case and the other for the Negative case.

The Absolute Value term is |c-5|

 For the Negative case we'll use -(c-5) 

For the Positive case we'll use (c-5) 

Step  3  :

Solve the Negative Case

      -(c-5) = 7 

      -c+5 = 7 

     Rearrange and Add up
      -c = 2 

     Multiply both sides by (-1)
      c = -2 
     Which is the solution for the Negative Case

Step  4  :

Solve the Positive Case

      (c-5) = 7 

     Rearrange and Add up
      c = 12 

     Which is the solution for the Positive Case

Step  5  :

Wrap up the solution


Solutions on the Number Line

Two solutions were found :

  1.  c=12
  2.  c=-2
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